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13 Best Free WordPress Pagination Plugins For 2020

Numbering the pages is an important requirement for any blog that has a large number of posts. That’s why it forms a part of the core features in WordPress. WordPress offers simple pagination settings for your blog. At the end of the post, you’ll see options for moving on to the “Next Post” or to the “Previous Post“. These options allow readers to access the immediately following or preceding post. These limited options will actually suffice if you have a limited number of posts on your blog. In such a case, you may not need to install WordPress Pagination plugins at all.

But if you are an active blogger and have racked up pages and pages of content on your blog, you should offer a better option to readers to flip through your content. Without pagination, your webpages will display dozens of posts which will make it difficult for a reader. They should not have to find relevant content after wading through a great number of pages. Instead, you can enable them to skip directly to the page they want.

Another advantage with pagination is that it prevents loading all your pages at the same time. This can give a small boost to your site loading speed. Besides, it provides links to other pages on your site. When it comes to WordPress, thousands or themes are available, and many of them include a feature for pagination. But you can also use plugins if you want maximum control over pagination without having to code.

WordPress Pagination Plugins can help you number the pages on your blog and aid readers to move to the relevant page directly.

Let’ get started on our list,

Free WordPress Pagination Plugins

Many plugins are available for free in the WordPress directory to add a pagination function to your website. They can prove to be of great help in content heavy blogs. Some go even further and allow you to style the links or even include page numbers in a slider.


With close to a million active installs, WP-PageNavi is by far the most popular plugin to number your pages. It helps you create fancy pagination links for your blog by generating the template tag wp_pagenavi(). Using this template tag, you can replace the default WordPress pagination.

WordPress Pagination Plugins : WP-PageNavi

The plugin adds a new tab under Settings from where you can customize the text for the current, first and last pages, and for the number of pages to display. You can set the number of pages and customize the indicators for the next and previous pages. A few options are available to style the pagination, and you can make changes from the default style by clicking on a drop-down. It’s not necessary to display all serial numbers consecutively, you can display numbers in multiples such as 5, 10, 15. This can be helpful if the number of pages on your blog is really huge. A further option is to use CSS to style your pagination to be in line with your blog’s theme.

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WP-Paginate is another popular plugin that gives you some flexibility in offering your readers with some neat navigation features on your website. And by providing more links to your content, it improves SEO.


In the plugin settings page, you’ll find a CSS tab which you can use to add custom CSS for your pagination links. The later versions of the plugin will also paginate post comments, a useful feature if your blog is receiving a load of comments. After activating the plugin, you’ll need to replace some code in your theme files. You can customize the pagination label, and using code or plain text, you can change the previous and next post links.

A page range option allows you to set the number of links to display before and after the current page. A pro version supports multisites and includes eleven ready made layouts and a customizer.

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Pagination by BestWebSoft

Pagination by BestWebSoft is a simple plugin that automatically adds custom pagination to your posts, tags, categories, search results and author pages. In the settings page, you can choose the pagination type and location, and customize it too.

Pagination BY BestWebSoft

The plugin allows you to display arrows to indicate Next and Previous and customize them. It’s also possible to hide the pagination for select pages, and align the paginations to left, right or center. You can opt for the long or short display type – the long display lists every page number consecutively, the short type skips numbers and displays them in multiples. The Pro version adds Load More buttons and Infinite Scroll.

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SX No Homepage Pagination

no homepage pagination wordpress plugin
While all the other free WordPress pagination plugins focus on adding the feature to the page, this one does things the opposite way. Yes, it removes it. That said, if you would like to remove any home page pagination from your website, SX No Homepage Pagination is the one plugin you should put into play. As far as the initial setup goes, you upload/download it, activate it and you are ready to roll. Indeed, it truly is as simple as it sounds.

Bear in mind, even if there is no pagination, it does not necessarily mean that WordPress does not have it in the HTML header. With SX No Homepage Pagination plugin, you completely remove it without breaking a single drop of sweat. Last but not least, SX No Homepage Pagination works on all default home pages like a dream.

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Pagination Styler for WooCommerce

pagination styler for woocommerce wordpress plugin
For every online store and eCommerce platform that runs on WooCommerce, you can now fully style your pagination. And there is no need to perform any type of coding to make it happen. By simply installing and activating Pagination Styler for WooCommerce plugin, you can get things moving forward without hassle. You pretty much have complete creative freedom when designing and fine-tuning the pagination section of your online store.

Some of the features include custom pagination, text and color. Moreover, you can also change the look and tailor it to your branding regulations precisely. While many times keeping things as simple as possible wins, all the other occasions you want to customize your web space to the very last detail. Bear in mind, if you would truly like to take your WooCommerce pagination to a new degree, take the plunge and go with the premium version of Pagination Styler for WooCommerce.

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CPTA Pagination

custom post type ajax pagination wordpress plugin
CPTA Pagination is short for custom post type Ajax pagination. In other words, it is a simple to use and free WordPress pagination plugin which does the trick with barely any work and time invested on your end.

The installation and activation process is exactly the same compared to any other plugin you have going on on your WordPress website. From then on, you have two custom options you can take to your advantage. First, CPTA Pagination includes a shortcode for custom post type pagination only. And second, you also have access to a shortcode that creates custom post type pagination with category.

The tool is quick and straightforward to set up, lightweight and highly effective if you would like to create custom post type Ajax pagination. At the end of the day, it is free of charge, meaning, it costs you nothing to try it out and see how it impacts your existing page.

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Alphabetic Pagination

Alphabetic Pagination is useful to display search results in a single page or post. Working with the post editor and inserting shortcodes, you can filter pages, posts, WooCommerce products, media, authors or anything in your content. The results can be displayed in a single page or post in an alphabetical order.

Alphabetic Pagination

This plugin is a great option for music websites, book stores or eCommerce websites. Or you can use it to list users or manage member profiles. Some of the features are available only with the pro version of the plugin.

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Page-Links Plus

Page-Links Plus extends WordPress’ native pagination features by including a single page option for web content. This option allows readers to view the article in a single page. This feature is free and this free version of the plugin acts as the framework to add pro features.

Page-links Plus

The Pro version packages relies on Ajax to improve user experience and SEO. The plugin adds Next Page breaks in page content neatly, without breaking sentences and words. Using the plugin you can also integrate custom links scrolling pages easily. The plugin helps site admins and WordPress users to easily set up, customize and manage pagination.

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Premium WordPress Pagination Plugins

Only two plugins are featured in the premium plugins section. They offer a number of customization options and make it easier to add and manage pagination on your website.

Next Post Fly Box

Next Post Fly Box adds a floating popup box on the left or right side of the window. The floating popup box will allow a reader to navigate to the Previous or Next post, depending on the conditions selected in the options panel of the plugin.

Next Post Fly Box

The plugin supports custom post types and post categories. A number of settings are available on the Admin area, where you can sort post settings and adjust dimensions of the box. The plugin is jQuery powered.

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Youtube & Vimeo Pagination Gallery

youtube vimeo pagination gallery wordpress plugin
If you are looking to add an enticing YouTube and Vimeo gallery to your website with pagination, you can now realize your idea effortlessly with this plugin. The tool creates responsive, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible grid/wall galleries with a bunch of different features and functions. You can set columns, rows, spacing, breakpoints and a bunch of other operations that will together form a remarkable video gallery.

How does the plugin actually collect videos from YouTube and Vimeo? Fairly simple. On YouTube, it works on a playlist, channel and keyword level. And when it comes to Vimeo, you can fetch videos by albums, channels, groups or a simple keyword search. You can use the plugin on any page and post you would like. Create a new gallery and add the appropriate ID to generate the shortcode which you can then append to the blog post.

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Floating Links

floating links free wordpress pagination plugin
Floating Links is a flexible and highly practical free WordPress pagination plugin with an array of options and possibilities. First and foremost, Floating Links adds a new extension to your website that every user always has access to. This could be next and previous post, back to top button, random post links, you name it. If that is something that sparks your interest, adding great pagination function to your website, now you can with the handy and easy to employ Floating Links.

Some of the features of Floating Links include a primary and secondary bar, enabling navigation in the same category, next and previous post data on hover, an option to show or hide selected buttons and an icon that shows a feature to copy current URL. Of course, Floating Links also comes with a set of customization configurations for you to style it according to your liking.

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sogrid free wordpress pagination plugin
Sogrid is a great alternative that offers way more than just pagination. This post and page grid layout builder is a pack of goodies that will get you going in little to no time. Once you install and activate the plugin, you can already start using ten of its jaw-dropping blocks within the Gutenberg block builder. Of course, you can also add pagination to your grids, offering excellent navigability through your content.

Moreover, the final design that you are about to bring into being with Sogrid will be entirely responsive, reshaping to handheld and desktop devices instantaneously. Each block is also highly customizable, so you get to tailor it according to your website’s regulations precisely. Last but not least, you will never need to touch a single line of code when styling your page with Sogrid.

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Epic Split Post

epic split post-content splitter wordpress plugin
If we offered you a free page break WordPress plugin earlier, her is a premium alternative. Epic Split Post is a powerful and practical tool that unlocks many different options when it comes to splitting and breaking content in half, thirds or any other custom variations. Get rid of endless content that takes a minute to even scroll to the bottom and deliver a striking and unforgettable experience with Epic Split Post.

In the kit, you will find a whopping collection of twenty different layouts to choose from. You can split content pretty much however you fancy. There are also three content load methods; normal, slider and Ajax. Additionally, you can customize colors and set custom headings. The final product will be a stunning and mobile-ready design that will beautifully decorate your website.

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Wrapping Up

WordPress can handle simple pagination by default. The plugins on this list add additional features that improve the navigation of your website content. They make page management easy and can increase revenues by adding a number of pages where you get to place ads also. It improves your SEO by increasing page views and counting moving on to the next page as page views, instead of a bounce. But it’s also advisable to not break up content into too many pages to avoid being considered as thin content by Google. Use Pagination wisely and it will surely enhance user experience, a small boost in SEO rank may be a bonus.

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