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20 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes 2021

A huge list of the best AdSense WordPress themes to improve revenue and CTR of your website or blog. 

Adsense optimization is a great way to boost your click-through rate by engineering little details which really make a difference. Several companies have been working hard to deliver AdSense WordPress themes which they optimize to boost your click-through rate.

The trick is to get the perfect balance between adverts and content. The adverts must be present but not obnoxious. The content must still be king.

Adsense is by far the easiest monetization method for a simple website such as blogs, niche websites, magazines, news, and forums because it doesn’t require any technical knowledge to set up and use.

It is also the best paying CPC/PPC network due to its high popularity and high competition between advertisers. We use it for Colorlib as well but it is not our main income because developers are not the ones who like to click on ads.

AdSense and SEO go hand in hand and you can get much higher CPC from organic traffic that comes from Google than from social or direct traffic. In that in mind, you might want to check these awesome SEO-friendly WordPress themes.

Enough about AdSense itself because you are here looking for an AdSense Optimized WordPress theme and here you will find the best ones.

Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes


newspaper wordpress theme If you are searching for an excellent WordPress AdSense theme, then choose Newspaper. This product specializes in generating revenue for its owners by increasing the website’s popularity. The tagDiv Composer page builder lets you create layouts just by dragging and dropping elements from the list. You can do this with your ads, too. With Newspaper theme, you can creatively create pages and articles using the tagDiv Composer page builder and the pre-designed design templates from the amazing tagDiv Cloud Library. With this, users will benefit from more than 810 unique already built templates that you can easily import, 404, category, tags, author, search pages, or single posts. You can tweak every aspect of the design with tagDiv Composer. Add countless Big Grid style combinations, Flex Blocks, reviews, video playlists, and more elements that will make your content look fantastic.

You must strike a fine balance for your business. Furthermore, you must generate revenue from advertisements without irritating readers. Thankfully, Newspaper has implemented a modern, intelligent ad system. Now, every ad location has a specific box where you can insert codes. For Google AdSense, it automatically searches for the corresponding banner size. Newspaper comes with 18 ad locations that apply globally and will help you maximize your revenue stream. The template also lets you include advertisements on individual posts or pages, through the tagDiv Composer and the Ad Box or Single Post Content elements.

List articles are some of the most attractive content formats. However, it takes a lot of effort to publish a well-researched list. Newspaper makes time by implementing a smart list system that can automatically create top-quality lists. This theme offers a large number of useful tools, and you should certainly use it for your business strategy.

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The online world is the new frontier for ambitious entrepreneurs. Many popular websites manage to receive millions of views, and that attention can be marketed. The creators made Divi an AdSense Optimized WordPress theme. It understands online advertisement and ad placement. Its excellent design and gorgeous layouts will be able to attract scores of customers and followers. With Divi, the sky’s the limit! When attempting to generate revenue via online advertisement, you must attempt to gain mass-appeal. Divi allows website owners to target foreign demographics, given that it is fully-translatable. It even supports right to left writing.

With this theme, you can rest easy knowing that resizing errors were eliminated. Indeed, your content and ads can be showcased on the screens of smartphones, desktop computers, laptops and tablets. Cross-browser compatibility was included as well. Basically, Divi is a flexible solution for any talented business person. In terms of customization, the owner is given absolute freedom. There are literally hundreds of possible settings and options for your pages. You can either construct layouts from scratch, or import pre-made versions. Regardless of your choice, the result will look incredible. If you wish to sample Divi without having to spend any money, the developers included a live theme preview for you.

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Gillion (Most Popular)

Gillion is an incredible AdSense WordPress theme designed for news, writing, magazines and blogs. It serves a communication tool by all means. It comes with 7 demos, premium support and awesome plugins. Gillion uses WPBakery Page Builder and Unyson. It also features an admin panel built to make users comfortable. Moreover, Gillion requires no coding and it has been SEO optimized. Layout is responsive and makes this theme mobile friendly and all screens adaptable. Use its colors pallets to customize unlimited colors and introduce up to 5 blog pages. Post with 6 different formats and share it through its integrated social media icons. Gillion is the trendy, simple, and smooth theme made just for you! Go for Gillion!

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CheerUp is a WordPress theme fully oriented to blogs, magazines and story writing. It comes with more than 200 awesome handcrafted layouts. You will get it with several demos and more constantly on the way. CheerUp is compatible with all browsers. Use its live customizer and admin panel advanced options to change things quick and easy. The design is also responsive and retina ready. CheerUp uses high-resolution graphics and yet it is light weighted and fast. Set up your businesses with subscriptions and stores. Use MailChimp and WooCommerce, completely integrated.

CheerUp has lots of headers and footers styles available with icons to add. Social media sharing buttons and search toolbars are also found. Play with 5 beautiful sliders and tons widgets. CheerUp aims for versatility and visual appeal to make readers crazy. If you are looking for a new edge on your business or website, this is for you. CheerUp features multiple sidebars, an off-canvas mobile menu and logo space settings! It is SEO and Contact Form compatible too! Have fun with its lots of typography and icons to choose from. It uses well known Typekit and Google Fonts. Get its premium support and documentation to get started! Start using CheerUp!

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jevelin-minimal-wordpress-blog-theme Jevelin is a colorful and mobile-friendly AdSense WordPress multi-purpose blog and magazine theme. Its features include more than ten different and imaginative portfolio layout combinations that you can import with a single click to showcase your finest visual works, greatest professional accomplishments, your most delicious dishes and meals or any other content you want to show off to the world at large. With multiple portfolio overlays as well as multiple portfolio single item layouts you can fiddle with, you will never run out of ways to impress your audience. Try Jevelin today, and see for yourself!

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MagPlus is a clever and modern responsive WordPress blog and magazine website theme. It is the ideal platform for putting together eloquent websites for any industry. MagPlus is an intuitive framework for the coding-free design of effective business blogs. WPBakery Page Builder makes customization quick and seamless. A range of premium plugins provides plentiful functionality for your every page. 150 handcrafted elements let you build anything you can dream up. 40 demo websites, dozens of templates and headers, and infinite layouts await within. Fast and lightweight, MagPlus keeps server loads low with fast-loading, optimized code. Responsive Bootstrap coding lets you reach every user on any device and browser. Best of all, MagPlus is AdSense-ready out of the box. Monetizing your content has never been easier or faster. Grow your audience with powerful SEO enhancements and maximize your AdSense profits. Get MagPlus today!

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webify adsense optimized wordpress theme
Once you grow your online space to a certain volume, you start to brainstorm what would be the best approach to monetize it. With an AdSense optimized WordPress theme, it is pretty obvious that you would want to add Google advertisements to your website. Thanks to Webify, the tool has all and everything predefined for you. What’s more? Webify is also fully compatible with all modern plugins that you can integrate at any time you want, expanding your online project to new territories.

Without the need to give it a second thought, indeed, Webify is responsive, instantly reshaping to all devices. Moreover, Webify is also compatible with web browsers and retina screens, fast loading and optimized for SEO. You can craft the exact page you want without a sweat. While yesterday was the best moment to start something new, today is the second-best time to finally kick off your project like a pro. Do it with Webify and never look back.

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In many ways, the web is like the Wild West: only those with an entrepreneurial spirit can survive. GoodLife is an AdSense WordPress theme for users who understand the demands of the market. It allows you to craft jaw-dropping websites that are sure to impress many visitors. A fine balance must be struck with advertising, because too many ads can actually discourage people from frequenting your page. Successful owners realize that the placement of ads is the most important factor. Thankfully, the WPBakery Page Builder plugin makes it easy for website owners to organize advertisements and customize their layouts.

Upon installation, GoodLife will have perfect Jetpack and Social Integration. Social media profiles are retrieved in intervals which are determined by the administrator. You can even track your position on search engine rankings, due to the Rankie WordPress plugin. Despite its $16 price tag, it was added free of charge. In addition, this theme has the Essential Grid plugin, which allows users to showcase multiple content formats in a personalized grid. GoodLife is also compatible with any device, regardless of its screen size. Be sure to access the theme preview, for more information.

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The Voux

the voux clan magazine theme

The Voux is a highly responsive, retina-ready and comprehensive magazine theme for WordPress. Pages are fully customizable through the WPBakery Page Builder from which user-friendly headers may be created, together with mega menus which make use of tags, sub-categories and/or categories as a source. Position the ‘Home’ header either at the center or on the left of the page and also include an ‘In news detail’ page header.

Browsing through news articles on the page is conveniently designed for users as the next article loads while they scroll down. The link on the browser also updates as the page being viewed changes. This feature is possible courtesy of infinite scrolling. Besides news articles, this theme also showcases stylish full-screen galleries.

Moreover, The Voux incorporates social networking plugins such as facebook, twitter, google plus, and pinterest which is a first for ThemeForest. Sharing data is stored via WordPress and visible even on the backend. Cache period for the data and preference of social networks to be used can be modified through Theme Options. Finally, you can view the theme on all devices without compromising the quality of the page or any of the elements.

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Developed by an elite author, Herald is an excellent AdSense theme for WordPress websites. It offers a modern and charming design, with more than 500 articles listing layouts. There are also numerous customization options, and there is no need for programming knowledge. Even novice users can install Herald by simply following the informative setup and installation videos. Furthermore, the creators built this theme for speed and lightning-fast loading times. What’s more? Users can easily upload images for articles in various formats and aspect ratios. You can either select a pre-determined size, or implement custom parameters. Of course, there are many monetization settings. It is possible to place ad banners on the website homepage, articles, or posts.

Readers will also be able to access content directly from their different devices. The layout is fully responsive, Retina-ready and cross-browser compatible. Writers no longer have to tie themselves into their desk chairs, as Herald allows them to work from their phones, while on the move. You can also create your own professional online store by using the popular WooCommerce plugin. Selling your merchandise has never been easier. You can assign every category in a different layout color, making it easier for readers to navigate your page.

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zoxpress adsense wordpress theme
With ZoxPress, you can grow your news sites to the extremes. Not only that, but once you would like to monetize it, you can do it effortlessly with AdSense integration. With fifteen predefined demos, you can start working on your online project right away. You do not even need to have any coding skills – ZoxPress is very beginner-friendly.

Parallax inline ads, night mode, sticky elements, rich snippets, auto-loading posts, and mega menu are just some of the treats that ZoxPress covers. Of course, you can also introduce your creative touch to it and unlock complete creative freedom.

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tinysalt adsense wordpress theme
TinySalt is an AdSense optimized WordPress theme exclusive for food bloggers. If you would like to share your delicious recipes with the world, TinySalt is the right tool to make it happen. It comes with many jaw-dropping home page samples and a whopping three hundred and counting theme options. However, you can easily exceed that once you introduce your creative twist to it.

Full-blown recipe management system, tons of inner pages, video support, WooCommerce compatible, instant search and views counter, TinySalt truly delivers many features that you can play with. But first, experience it first-hand by visiting its live demo preview.

More info / Download Demo


newsblock adsense wordpress theme
Newsblock – hence the name – is a modern and impactful WordPress theme for online magazines and news websites. Being AdSense compatible, you can insert ads and monetize your page at any time you want. However, first start with selecting any from the available demos, all fully adjustable to your needs and regulations.

Other cool features of Newsblock are night toggle, custom widgets, AMP support, lazy loading and video background, amongst many more in between. You do not need to be tech- and design-savvy to be able to work with Newsblock. Use it to create jaw-dropping sites for your compelling news successfully.

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malina adsense optimized wordpress theme
If you want to make a blog and you also want to make money with it, it should be a long-term plan. Of course, not that money should be your main objective for building a blog. You should have fun along the way, and if you can later monetize it, that’s even better. With an AdSense optimized WordPress theme, like Malina, you can get things going on the web like a pro without a sweat. Malina comes with a bunch of different home designs for you to put into play right away. If it happens that the demo suits your style, you can expect a speedy site realization.

Moreover, Malina sports various custom-made widgets, grid layout, one-click demo data installation, five headers, Instagram feed and support for Contact Form 7. Every Malina user also gets access to free support, in-depth documentation and regular updates.

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The Issue

the issue adsense optimized wordpress theme
One of the best ways to monetize an online magazine is by doing it through AdSense. If you are in the process of starting a new project, you can now make it happen with The Issue and seventeen different samples it comes with. Whether you would like to create a niche or a general online magazine, The Issue supports all project ideas you have. Along with home demos, of course, you also get all the necessary inner page layouts to mix and match.

Socal integration, ten header styles, over ten custom widgets, lightbox galleries, complete control over typography and nifty reactions are some of the distinct features of The Issue. When it comes to AdSense, The Issue has strategically placed banner locations across the design to get the most out of it.

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Sahifa is the WordPress equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife. The developers packed this theme with amazing features, each implemented in order to improve your website. Sahifa offers the best of both worlds, as it is powerful, yet beautiful and intuitive. Such innovation usually comes at a cost. With other themes, many complex website elements can have trouble adapting to the smaller screens of mobile devices. Thankfully, Sahifa has eliminated all resizing and compatibility problems. Tablet and smart phone users will be able to easily access your content. In addition, the layout will work with any browser and operating system. There is no limit to this theme’s adaptability.

Also, your website layout will have 3 variations: Boxed, Wide, and Framed. You can swiftly change these settings at any time. For many online companies, merchandising is an important part of their business plan. Moreover, Sahifa has incorporated the WooCommerce plugin, allowing for the creation of online commerce stores. This is a very reliable product, given that thousands of websites from worldwide have chosen WooCommerce. Massive pages can only grow if they can accommodate a large number of users. With WPML capabilities, you can now target people from non-English speaking audiences, in order to increase your view count.

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gorgo adsense optimized wordpress theme
If you fancy a minimalistic web design, you will surely dig Gorgo. This WordPress blog and online magazine theme is a perfect starting point to kick off your project in style. And once you grow it to a desirable volume, you can easily monetize your website with Google AdSense.

Gorgo has very many different styles to choose from, light and dark look and even comes with the addition of an online shop. Yes, with Gorgo, you can actually sell digital and physical products, too. However, that is something you can expand to later on or even introduce paid or free membership programs. This only tells you that Gorgo brings to the table tons of options and possibilities.

What’s more? Gorgo also comes with tons of integrations, like MailChimp, Contact Form 7, Instagram Feed, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO and WPML. Kick off your own thing with Gorgo and boost your potential through the roof.

More info / Download Demo


vidorev adsense optimized wordpress theme
Designing a website is truly an art, and it is only natural to have it your way to characterize your brand even better. With VidoRev, you can be in total control. This AdSense optimized WordPress theme is the coolest platform concept for everyone who wishes to build a video review website, but you can use it for an assortment of other ideas, too. You can now create a quick online magazine or a blog with the available material that VidoRev brings to the table.

VidoRev has a minimalistic appeal yet it looks professional and attention-grabbing. Looking fanciful on retina devices and loaded with impressive features, this theme lets you stand out from the masses. Additionally, VidoRev allows you to automatically import YouTube videos and even start a community, thanks to the integration of BuddyPress.

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kolyoum adsense optimized wordpress theme
Normally, creating a website comprises a bunch of coding. On the contrary, Kolyoum goes against the grain, ensuring you an easier website building without inputting any of it. No coding and no prior experience needed! Spontaneous and flexible are the characteristics that make Kolyoum the definitive AdSense optimized WordPress theme. Choose from this theme’s wide variation of pre-defined demos, all looking contemporary and slick. Its collection caters to several niches like gaming, technology, news and so forth.

Naturally responsive, you can access your website on all devices. Kolyoum promotes publishing pristine visual content that anyone will love, making sure your users have an unforgettable experience. Loads of ready-made demos, RTL support, SEO and performance optimized, you name it, Kolyoum makes sure you are fully sorted out. Thanks to the WPBakery page builder, you can effortlessly create a custom version enhanced with your signature style.

More info / Download Demo

True Mag: AD & AdSense Optimized Magazine

truemag adsense optimized themes
True Mag boasts ultimate monetization. In practice, the adverts do slip in and out, weaving between the content and edging into your peripheral vision. The creators made this theme responsive, ensuring the presence of ads regardless of the device. It comes with two different skins, depending on the tone of the website you might want to either use light or dark. What’s more? This theme is compatible with WooCommerce – how’s that for ultimate monetization? They also written the code properly and made it conform to W3C standard so you can tweak the theme right at the source. In fact, most of the praise received is regarding their incredibly clean code. That makes a change from some other theme providers.

More info / Download Demo

AdSense Plugins for WordPress

Most users don’t want to change a theme in order to maximize their AdSense revenue. Therefore, here is a list of best WordPress plugins for AdSense ad management on your website.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.


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