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Top 20 Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes To Make Money Online 2020

Want to build an affiliate marketing website the fast way? These WordPress themes for affiliate marketers are exactly what you need. 

The modern age is a complex one, filled with vexing contradictions and routinely chaotic events. The world is rapidly evolving and adapting, and those who evolve and adapt with it, remain relevant. In this accelerated, ongoing transformation, identities blur across the board.

It can be hard to tell the difference between good choices and bad choices. Doing so online is even harder. As the intricacies of web protocols are lost on the majority of the users, leaving so many people vulnerable to their own lack of an internal compass, and a generalized lack of certainty, of “knowing” that something works because you, your users, and everyone, “knows” the product and its producer. Reputations are the make or break factor in business these days.

In this light, having a website that clearly identifies as related to a well-known, established, trusted platform, such as WordPress, instills in users an immediate sense of familiarity. Familiarity is a valuable resource, as users are more comfortable visiting and spending their money where they feel most at home. The latest WordPress Affiliate teams achieve just that, ensuring your audience knows who’s talking to them, and that they can trust what’s in front of them. Let’s have a look now.

Without further hesitation let’s have a look at the best affiliate marketing WordPress themes you can download today.


affiliate marketing wordPress themes

MagPlus is a WordPress theme with multiple demos with “one-click” install. Also, it is a tremendous multi-purpose tool that will make you stand out from other affiliate marketing websites! MagPlus comes with 40+ demos oriented to the news and communication industry. Whatever message you need to send, you will find a way to properly deliver it. Be it to publicize stores or to talk about your affiliate business. Moreover, MagPlus is visually appealing and customized to avoid coding (hurray!). It uses a MegaMenu and icons to arrange posts in 7 different formats.

MagPlus is also a fast and adaptable tool that will adjust to screen and devices perfectly. Play around by testing designs with unlimited colors, sidebars and widgets. Furthermore, the developers integrated MagPlus with third-party plugins such as Yellow Pencil, WooCommerce and Jumbo Pack. You will get nothing but the best. Updates and documentation are also inclusive; so, try MagPlus for affiliates today!

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Jevelin (Most Popular)

affiliate blog themeJevelin is a potent and pliable WordPress multipurpose theme for any affiliate website. It’s a theme focusing on providing an easygoing website building experience. Jevelin is suitable for servicing a diversity of projects—from corporate blogs to commercial online stores, business websites and professional portfolios. Jevelin combines malleable full-fledged demo websites with dozens of elements, shortcodes, and features.

You will also find a sophisticated drag and drop page builder within. That is how Jevelin puts you in control of your website’s visual detailing as well as its behavior. Jevelin offers over 40 different element animations to choose from. Customization is as easy as clicking through the awesome advanced admin panel settings. They are also packed with thoughtful features like multiple pagination options and multiple header logos. Furthermore, you can have different logos for your sticky, standard and mobile headers! 9 different header layout styles and awesome footers including Parallax await you inside Jevelin. As do beautiful slideshows powered by the Revolution Slider plugin. They draw in your audience to your content. Commercial capabilities are provided by the WooCommerce plugin suite. Jevelin truly is a well-rounded package. Get Jevelin now!

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Gillion (Trending Item)

Gillion is a WordPress theme made for affiliate marketers and alike. It uses WPBakery Page Builder as a main page builder and a powerful interface. It is also highly responsive and adapted to all screens and browsers. Gillion is oriented to magazines, blogs and writing or publishing. You will find 7 pre-built demos of edgy designs and many blog layouts too. Layout itself comes with many customizations to play with. Gillion has unlimited color mixes, several headers and even an elegant top bar. Make posting in 6 different formats quick and easy! You don’t need any coding skills for this theme! Use it now and test it yourself…Test out Gillion!

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webify affiliate wordpress theme
Let’s face, every company wants more sales. With the popularity of mobile and web traffic growing bigger than ever, offering affiliate programs is a wise decision to bring in even more conversions. And if you would like to push other companies’ products and earn a commission, you can do that with Webify. We consider it among the best affiliate marketing WordPress themes. One of the best ways is to start a blog, niche or general, and start growing an audience of loyal followers. Later on, you can easily monetize your page with affiliate links which will turn your online journal into the money machine.

Webify includes all the right material to get you going in close to no time. Import the sample with a single click and you can start turning the default layout into a design that you would like to sport with your page. It is effortless as there will be zero programming involved.

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Genesis Framework

genesis framework - most popular marketer theme

The Genesis theme is an accessible, intuitive WordPress theme that enables everyone to quickly and effortlessly build professional looking websites in a matter of minutes.

With the capacity to handle anywhere from one to three columns worth of content, plenty of theme options, a sober, elegant color scheme, ambidextrous sidebars, customizable menus, HTML5 compatibility out of the box, and even search engine indexing optimization techniques to quickly boost your website’s ranking in search results, Genesis is a theme that will definitely capture your audience, whatever that may be.

You only need minimal skills to implement the Genesis Framework theme on any WordPress website. And instantly upon doing so, you will be rewarded with a plethora of tools and choices to alter the look and feel of your incipient website to match your desires. Quickly enabling your website with multimedia content capabilities, threaded commentary, tabbed pages, easy formatting tools, and even responsive design that alters your website to match mobile or desktop viewing devices, Genesis is the theme where good websites begin.

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steadyincome - online business theme

SteadyIncome aims to build an internet brand, and begin raking in their hard-earned profits. This theme is designed to match those needs by maximizing exposure of your content, focusing heavily on customized content presentation, and optimizing the handling of search engine web crawlers for increased ranking and better indexing of content.

SteadyIncome understands the importance of page views for a beginning online entrepreneur, and this is why it prioritizes your content with high-resolution image placement, sleek, highly readable, very impactful font choices, extensive, customizable widget support to keep your audience engaged and entertained the instant their eyeballs drift from your content. Its coding has been optimized to minimize loading times, ensuring the fastest, most satisfying browsing experience for your users, which in return increments your returning visitor rates, and lowers your bounce rates. This all in turns translates into more profit.

Added to this is SteadyIncome’s flexible and powerful subscription tool, to keep your captive audience truly captive, a featured products section to cast light on whichever content you want your users most focused on, ad revenue program optimization built right into the theme, and a responsive design that adapts your website to devices both mobile and desktop. SteadyIncome really is the full package!

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entrepreneurship - make money online blog theme

Entrepreneurship is a stunning, elegant Magazine WordPress theme, designed for – you guessed it – entrepreneurial online magazine needs of all sorts. With a strong focus on large, high definition images, hierarchical content display management, one, two or three-column style handling, categorized lists, tables and sidebars customizable with your content in multiple optional forms of thumbnail display.

Built for handling large volumes of written content as well as accompanying media files, you can use Entrepreneurship best for informal eZine formats as well as classy, traditional magazine presentations in their modern, online incarnation. With a featured section dominating the visual space, your preferred content is sure to attract the majority of your viewers exactly to where you want them to be.

Packing powerful subscription tools for continued engaging with your audience. It is compatible with WordPress reviewing features for users to rate your content and offer feedback on it. This theme allows you to continuously improve the way in which you reach them. It is enabled for multiple authors via the authorbox feature so that multiple users can contribute content to your magazine. Additionally, it is optimized out of the box for search engine indexation as well as ad revenue system management and integration. Entrepreneurship is a theme for those who have something to say, and an audience that’s listening!

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Marketing Pro

Marketing Pro is a digital market and online selling WordPress theme with 7 demos. It features more than 9 pre-built templates with one-click import for all. You don’t need any coding skills to set this friendly and intuitive theme. Marketing Pro is SEO friendly, and thus very fast and easy to handle. It is also responsive and light-weighted, making user experiences the best thing possible! Moreover, Marketing Pro has a minimalistic concept ideal to put your own touch and ideas in it. Some highlights of it are SEO full integration, testimonials, call-to-action and galleries. It also features accordions, blog pages and subscription forms. You will find anything to build either a regular business or a landing page.

In addition, Marketing Pro uses WPBakery Page Builder and is packed with Slider Revolution. It also features WPML for translation and Google Fonts for typography. Additionally, stores and all monetary transactions are made through WooCommerce plug-in. As for layout you get to play with 6 different headers, unlimited sidebars and +30 inner pages. Marketing Pro is great to affiliate marketers interested in starting a new niche. Lastly, it is well documented, provides support, social media buttons and lifetimes updates! Start your promotion business giving it the best start-up quality! Go for Marketing Pro!

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doo-affiliate-coupon-wordpress-website-templatedoo is an easy to use and modern WordPress marketing and listing website theme. It has been outfitted with a comprehensive set of powerhouse tools, premium plugins, smart features and stylish layouts and template pages meant to assist you in creating professional quality, inviting end-user experience that is both eye-catching and trustworthy. This theme is perfect for online marketing, affiliates marketing, discount or bulk item marketing and all similar, related endeavors.

With doo, you get access to a natural moneymaking theme, furnished with advanced front-end submission capabilities. These allow your users to submit their own products and content to your catalogue for listing, featuring customizable and dynamic AJAX-powered search fields, public user profiles so your users can develop reputations or set up their online outlets right off your own website, or save their searches, activate price drop notification e-mails and much more under the hood. Moreover, doo features an integrated, plugin-free Daily Deals marketplace you can extensively configure, as well as multiple dedicated shop pages for physical products, digital download products and affiliate or external product shop pages, among others. Try doo today, and see the power of a modern marketing behemoth at work!

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MagOne is a robust and reliable WordPress news and magazine website theme. It is built to easily and effortlessly put together the most amazing modern blog and magazine websites online today. Also, with a wealth of resources and features to offer your visitors all sorts of perks and a unique, tailored end-user experience, while showcasing visual and textual content in customizable spotlights that will make your every post memorable and flexible.

A great amount of diverse demo website templates are into the sophisticated Sheeit Framework. It powers all of this potent theme and empowers you to completely customize your layouts and templates or craft whole pages from scratch within minutes. It uses a drag and drop interface. Completely ready for all sorts of ad revenue system integration. MagOne features interactive ad blocks you can just drop into the fray. To easily monetize your online magazine or blog the same day you set it up. The creators included amazing MegaMenus with MagOne for your convenience, instantly organizing your content for your viewers’ delight. Try MagOne now!

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Schema is an ultra-light, ultra-fast WordPress theme, featuring the most extensive native support for SEO enhancement tools and features. Consistently found to be easy to use, approachable and accessible to all users, Schema puts the necessary skills for quickly multiplying page views and rank in the hands of any webmaster who chooses to make use of its convenient one-click installation process.

Schema deploys a simplistic design and content layout. It comes in default and minimalistic flavors. Depending on whether your content is best suited for large image-based headers or a more text-based approach to keep things simpler. But things only stay simple on the surface. Underneath the hood, Schema is also overflowing with SEO optimization features. Schema is capable of organizing your entire website. Moreover, it is readily parsed by algorithms in a way that allows them to digest and index your content in a relevant way. This means your website’s presence in search result will be ubiquitous in a matter of days!

Native AdSense integration is a must, and included with the theme, as are a number of features such as voting tools, built-in social media sharing and reviewing, and much more. Schema is the theme for today’s SEO barons to make their fortunes!

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blabber affiliate wordpress theme
When starting a blog, one of the ways to monetize it is by earning affiliate commissions. Blabber is a fully flexible WordPress theme that you can utilize for all sorts of different ideas and intentions. For your information, there are over twenty samples available, covering pretty much every niche and subject. However, with the integration of the Elementor page builder, Blabber unlocks unlimited possibilities.

Along with nifty front page demos, you also get several inner layouts that you can mix and match and enrich with your creative touch. The layout of Blabber is 100% flexible, reshaping to any screen with ease. Other specialties include Slider Revolution, social media integration, header and footer builder, search engine optimization and interactive Ajax search function. Without breaking a single drop of sweat, you can now start your thing and spread the word out professionally.

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netube affiliate wordpress theme
Netube is something a little different, yet it is still a superb affiliate WordPress theme alternative. It is an excellent solution if you would like your blog or online magazine to focus primarily on video content. With five and counting demos, Netube offers a speedy and straightforward realization of a fresh new project. Instead of doing all the heavy lifting yourself, let Netube take care of the majority of work for you. You only focus on the finishing touches.

Netube is a fast loading, optimized for SEO, mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. The installation and customization processes are also a small breeze, as there will be no coding knowledge necessary. For your information, you can also translate the theme and localize the experience. If you are king at video content, start an online hub with Netube and make an immediate difference.

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blurb affiliate wordpress theme
If eCommerce is your cup of tea, Blurb is the affiliate WordPress theme that will do the trick. With the three all-around and highly flexible demos, you can now start your project in little to no time. After all, every sample works fantastically well outside the box. If you dig the default look, you can start stuffing it with your items almost immediately. There are also over thirty inner page layouts predefined and ready for you to put them into play.

Moreover, Blurb comes with the Elementor page builder that offers anyone to style and improve Blurb according to their taste. Other goodies contain product details, wishlist, coupons, reviews, product comparison and slider, to name a few. Blurb is also 100% responsive, so your affiliate store operates on all devices without a hitch.

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yosemite minimal viral theme

Yosemite is a stylized, clean cut, handsome WordPress theme, designed taking inspiration from Apple’s Yosemite OSX aesthetic. Prepared out of the box to handle layouts both with and without a sidebar, your audience is sure to quickly fall in love with this elegant, familiar theme and the way it presents your content to them, with slim, attractive headers juxtaposed with an almost whispered content in a naturally intimate way, owing to the minimalistic design and the unmediated connection it fosters between content and target.

You can best use Yosemite for dynamic webmasters looking to get their start in the blogosphere. Yosemite is the theme of your blogging dreams.

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kupon-daily-deals-affilate-wordpress-themeKUPON is a feature-rich and responsive WordPress online commerce and daily deals marketplace website theme. It’s the perfect ally for everyone from all walks of life who wish to create modern online commercial outlets for products of all kinds.

KUPON is perfect for affiliate marketing websites that need a capable framework for presenting multiple catalogues tied to partners, affiliates and providers to a massive online audience. It allows for sophisticated categories and filtering, seamless AJAX powered sorting capabilities and custom search functions, user and affiliate accounts and profiles and much more under the hood, without having to write a single line of code. End-user posting interfaces allow your subscribed affiliates to upload their own products into their catalogues, greatly simplifying your workflow and allowing you to focus on your marketplace’s look and feel, which can be extensively customized through advanced theme settings as well as a built-in page builder plugin. Gift certificates, group purchasing and seamless checkouts are all part of the KUPON experience. Try KUPON today!

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Expert – Blog WordPress Theme for Marketer

marketing expert WordPress theme

Marketing Expert is a professional WordPress theme. It is suitable for the specific needs of experienced marketing specialists looking to establish a strongly designed website for marketing their products to a massive audience of any combination of demographics.

Jam-packed with features, the developers also constantly Marketing Expert, which explains why so many webmasters choose it and never look back. An ever-growing number of demos coupled with endless possibilities for customization means your website is sure to make an indelible imprint in your audience’s minds, and its warm color schemes and custom fonts will pull at their heartstrings (and purse strings) instantly and potently.

Customized widgets and multiple compatible plugins empower your website in handling subscriptions, forms, and newsletters, so there will be no end to the ways in which you can interact with your potential customers. Elegant hover animations will enamor your audience, while collapsible buttons, menus, and bars will offer them a dynamic scrolling and browsing experience, riddled with interactive features that engage prospective business your way. A highly responsive screen ratio and design layout, seamless multimedia integration, native social media handling sharing. Dollar for dollar, the Marketing Expert theme really sells itself!

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tokoo affiliate wordpress theme
Multiply your earnings by attracting potential partners. You can possibly do this with Tokoo, an affiliate WordPress theme that not only specializes in electronics, but you can also use it in any other dropshipping niche. There are a bunch of themes that claim to be the same as Tokoo, but in reality, they just can’t fare well. This is because Tokoo is pretty much alive, displaying the latest innovations in web design like reduced fonts, minimalistic headers, upgraded eCommerce tools, improved navigation, and lesser whitespace.

Choose freely from five homepage layouts, seventeen blocks, four header styles and six preset color skins. Tokoo is also optimized for speed and search engines, as well as compatible with mobile devices and modern web browsers. The sky is the limit with this theme, so make sure you utilize Tokoo to its full potential.

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sensational - simple affiliate blog theme

Sensational is an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, colorful and bombastic WordPress theme, one which boldly embellishes all content it presents with its gorgeous design elements. Additionally, it is designed for everyone in need of attracting as many eyeballs as possible. Whether through titillating headlines or stunning large high-resolution images, everything under the Sensational umbrella is rendered glossy and beautiful by this theme.

It is even there where eyes don’t go. SEO optimization means search engine algorithms can understand different sections of your website and index them more efficiently. Additionally, it matches your website with more relevant user searches. Thus, it brings in a lot more traffic, a lot more views, and most importantly, highly relevant, contextual users, who are far likelier to be returning and become a captive audience. Should they decide to do so, your Lightbox multimedia showcase, integrated social media sharing with fast loading technology and the always handy “related posts” feature are sure to keep them bouncing around for a long while, for the benefit of your integrated AdSense management, included. Sensational really goes full circle here!

More info / Download Demo


comre - discount listing theme

Comre is an entrepreneurial, visually stimulating, and easy to use WordPress theme. The creators aimed its design philosophy at covering the needs of marketers and entrepreneurs managing coupon campaigns and websites. This also includes affiliation code campaigns and websites, and other operations of a similar vein. Comre features a spartan sense of content layout aesthetics contrasted with vivid images. This paints the picture of the website for your audience. The included WPBakery Page Builder WordPress builder will allow you to hand-craft your website to match your every specification, with limitless color combinations and clearly annotated underlying code, easily expanded upon. Also, the developers added a full and detailed documentation.

With capabilities for handling coupon indexation and organization, product display layout, searchable product and category listings, featured products bars and tabbed pages, Comre can set you up right out of the box with a fully-fledged, professional-looking coupon code website. Were those capacities insufficient, Comre comes fully integrated with store functionality, allowing your users to purchase premium codes or any other products or services you can think of right off your website, via the popular “WooCommerce” eCommerce plugin. Customers will be walking out the virtual door with your coupon products within minutes of installing this intuitive and easy-to-use theme. Fully responsive design will adapt your website to any device screen displaying it, meaning, no loss of business due to incompatibilities anymore. Algorithms will index your website’s code in a more effective way. When you buy Comre, you’re definitely getting more bang for your buck!

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couponxl - special deal listings

CouponXL is an all-encompassing and powerful coupon WordPress theme. The developers designed it for everyone building coupon and discount deal aggregating websites targeted at massive audiences. The tools and features provided with this theme make handling thousands of customers, orders, payments and communications a breeze.

Packing a full membership system, CouponXL will help you sustain a captive audience of return customers, securing your revenue. Sending out thousands of mailers is an effortless task particularly when coupled with the powerful MailChimp feature. Natural theme integration with platforms as diverse as Skrill, Stripe and PayPal means there’ll no money and you’ll be turning down any time soon. Discrete affiliate cloaking keeps your partners private, an open front end for user submission of deals and coupons, modes to manage websites focusing on both or either specifically, advertising opportunities integrated into the theme, a complete payment administration system for both sending and collecting monies, modern social media registration features, CouponXL is a bag full of endless ways to monetize your coupons and deals website.

Limitless color, background and font customization, native SEO optimization and friendliness, with permanent links for easier indexation, geolocating capabilities for stores, deals and coupons, the features seemingly never stop with CouponXL, and neither will the profits. If your goals are big, CouponXL will make your results larger than life.

More info / Download Demo


voice - product review theme

Voice is a pristine, engaging, and dynamic WordPress theme. It’s designed specifically for the needs of news & magazine websites with a clean-cut aesthetic and stimulating, prominent usage of images and attractive, head-turning headlines.

Boundless options for color and layout mean infinite opportunities for strong visual branding. Also, you can now make a distinct impression in the sea of bland news websites out there. Moreover, you can combine customizable headers, sticky headers and over 150 content listing possibilities. Use these combinations to match the style of any niche-savvy or general-purpose magazine or news website. A gorgeous and eloquent design transmits its fundamental philosophical value: freedom of expression. Voice is a versatile soapbox as much as a sophisticated curator—its range is that broad, and broader!

Extensive and diverse features, widget capabilities and compatible plugins turn Voice effortlessly into a multi-purpose theme. These make Voice suitable for generalized mass content distribution and communication. Voice bends to the will of the webmaster, deftly handling social media, reviews, and so much more. Smart post listing modules organize your website in a category based hierarchy. It has customizable sections such as fresh content, top content, most popular, category or tag based aggregation. It also has limitless possibilities due to an amply annotated, easy to read, easy to build upon code. Unlimited sidebar combinations and associations personalize your website beyond imagination.

More info / Download Demo


gloss affiliate wordpress theme
You can easily dive into the affiliate marketing space with Gloss. It is an easy-to-use WordPress theme which is perfect for news and review websites, blogs and even online magazines. The topic and niche are not really important, as Gloss alters to any out of the box. You can go specific or you can go generic, with Gloss, all is possible in a snap of a finger. And you do not even need prior experience due to the codeless web development process. Pre-defined samples are also at your disposal once you unbox the Gloss kit.

Gloss is powerful and practical, ideal for novice and experts users. It is super fast loading and optimized for search engines, too. Other goodness of Gloss includes Elementor page builder, Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7, MailChimp, store section, three header styles and more.

More info / Download Demo


nutrico affiliate wordpress theme
If you are passionate about health, nutrition, fitness and wellness related topics, you better check out Nutrico. It is a versatile, modern and user-friendly WordPress theme which fully supports affiliate marketing. In other words, you can easily introduce different products and services into your content and link them using your affiliate ID. And if you would like to go against the norm, you can also employ Nutrico for hammering out landing pages which you can use in your paid marketing campaigns. In short, the options are very many when you gain access to Nutrico.

In the bundle, you will discover five headers, three homes, extensive documentation, drag and drop page builder, Slider Revolution and over thirty custom-made elements. Easily alter the default web design of Nutrico to fit your requirements and start your online project in next to no time.

More info / Download Demo


yolox affiliate wordpress theme
Yolox is a more topic-specific WordPress blog theme, focusing on startups, IT and tech business-related subjects. Still, Yolox is quick to fine-tune and alter to something entirely different, too. In other words, if you dig the contemporary and mobile-friendly layout, feel free to keep the style but use it for something out of the ordinary. With the integration of the well-liked Elementor website editor, making changes, improvements and edits is kids’ stuff. Not to mention, feel free to use Yolox as an affiliate WordPress theme, too.

A collection of several different homes await every Yolox user. Pick accordingly and enrich the layout with your creative touches. What’s more, Yolox comes with Instagram Feed, GDPR Compliance, Google Maps, powerful shortcodes and ready-to-use headers. By the way, you can also translate Yolox with the help from the WPML plugin. Without really needing to perform much work, you can start making moves on the web with Yolox.

More info / Download Demo


throne colorful seo optimized magazine

Throne is a bold and extroverted WordPress theme. The developers built it for websites that want an unusual combination of intimacy and professionalism. Niche bloggers with a dedicated following, authority bloggers and influencers, corporate blogs, creative blogs, in general, can utilize this theme. Even magazines, in particular, can all deploy this theme to great success. A couple of adjustments and Throne becomes a powerful multipurpose.

Elegant while eloquent, Throne is unafraid of raising your voice amidst the hubbub of modernity. The developers built Throne on branding through personalization. The advanced theme options will make your website recognizable and unique, along with custom logo and icon fonts. These also include the custom headers, stickies and sidebars galore, all the perks of social media integrated sharing and discussing. The integrated theme translation and language translation tools widening your audience tenfold overnight certainly come in handy. Yet, the main draw to Throne is its power to showcase content in a deeply intuitive, understated hierarchy. You can decide exactly how much of a light should shine on each content you or your users may contribute. Throne is the theme that makes sure you are king of the hill.

More info / Download Demo


newsmag product reviews magazine

Newsmag is an advanced, feature-dense, extremely customizable WordPress news magazine theme. Dedicated to websites housing online magazines and news portals of all varieties, Newsmag offers unparalleled degrees of flexibility. This theme can be flexible and have a powerful visual impact at the same time. It aims to display and distribute great amounts of media-heavy content to a mass user base. Newsmag incorporates a range of features as vast as they are convenient, from clever drag & drop image galleries, to an ambitious, fully deployed internal WYSIWYG WordPress style editor, making your website truly and unerringly your own, and ensuring each post is picture-perfect before even saving it.

You can entertain your readers with the customized Lightbox with smart caption display, smart menus, and social media counters. They can also enjoy the bars and lists, and video playlist integration with both YouTube and Vimeo. Moreover, the subscription capabilities out of the box will keep them coming back for more. Nine different post sample styles will diversify the look and feel of your content. Also, intelligent ad systems and smart categorization will maximize your profits from ad revenue streams. You can amaze your viewers everywhere with stunning visual effects tuned to your heart’s desire. Newsmag is the news that no magazine can be late to report!

More info / Download Demo

Affiliate marketing is not the only way how you can make money online and we recommend to read this awesome guide to find out more about different website monetization methods. Colorlib uses many different monetization methods. In line with this, we are open to share our experience and help you to make money online as well. Feel free to ask any questions below and we will be happy to help.


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. After graduating with BBA he self-though frontend web development. Mainly CSS/HTML/JavaScript(React, Vue) and some PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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    1. None of these themes are free or even premium themes. If you are looking for free WordPress themes you can find them here and here.

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    I use the sparkling theme and I think it’s a great theme for anyone who’s starting out!

  18. Hi there,
    i like voice theme very much as it is the top themeforest selling theme. Ans has vast customization option as well as the speed.

    So i will go for the Voice THeme.


  19. shaik mudabeer rehman says:

    I’m looking for theme to work as affiliate for big ecommerce websites please suggest

    1. Any of above listed ones will work perfectly fine. Also, WooCommerce powered themes can be used for selling affiliate products instead of your own. The best WooCommerce themes can be found here.

  20. Gary McGeown says:

    Hi Aigars,

    great list, thank you. I like Yosemite and Genesis.
    I’m just beginning to rank a basic amazon affiliate site, and thinking about using Gillion. Have you heard of it?



  21. Algars what in your opinion is the best theme in this list for someone new to blogging and just starting out in Affiliate Marketing? For blogging only. Thanks!

  22. This list is a great collection and i really like the Quadrum theme with its fantastic layout.

  23. Sorry but this list is nothing special at all. Some generic themes of which most of them have nothing to do with affiliate marketing or marketing in general. Did you actually go through this list? Sometimes it is not enough to put a bar chart as a background within a banner. A good affiliate marketing theme should promote features that can be used by affiliates. You can do better.

  24. Nice, Well-put together Collection of themes for Affiliate Marketers. Valuable Opinion for me too. Because I also want to start my career as affiliate marketer.



  25. Nella Murazik says:

    I like Gillion, it is clean and fast loading.

  26. Hey Aigars, great article. I am looking forward to use Javelin theme for my site. Hope to get some help from you once I use it. Keep up the good work!

  27. Jaswinder Kaur says:

    I am looking for Multipurpose theme, which is free and have paid version.
    If any ideas, please reply?

    1. Jaswinder,

      The problem with freemium themes is that it is difficult to move from Lite version to Paid version and I would recommend choosing the one for you from the very beginning instead of thinking about upgrading down the road. Freemium version works well for theme sellers/developers but now for the end user. That’s why go with a completely free theme on choose premium theme from day one.

  28. Wow, the first place goes to “MagPlus”. Now I am using the MagPlus theme for the affiliate marketing. And thanks for sharing another 19 WordPress themes. These are 100% genuine WordPress themes.

    This blog is helpful for beginners. Keep sharing.

  29. Maria Hernandez says:

    Best themes i never seen this type themes I like magazine pro themes, Thanks for sharing. It’s useful to every person

  30. Best themes Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hafizur Rahman says:

    Thank you so much for making such a beautiful list. I got the name of two great themes.

  32. I am going to start a new website for affiliate marketing. Can you suggest me some themes that are eye-catching?

    1. If you would ask for some particular functionality it would be much easier to suggest a theme. “Eye-catching” for each individual is different. For me those would be Jevelin and MagPlus but you might have a different opinion.

  33. These themes are very helpful for affiliate marketer’s website, for outsourcing these themes might be very helpful to give a boost to the business.

  34. Inspire Sayan says:

    Genesis Framework is Awesome for Marketing and but not good for AdSense earning

    1. I disagree with you. AdSense will work perfectly well regardless of the theme you use. Either Genesis or any other. The main thing is ad placement, how targeted is the traffic and what is your target audience.

  35. thanks for the helpful list. Isn’t it necessary to buy a WordPress plugin to have a successful affiliate website?

    1. Not necessarily. We are running a very big network of affiliate websites but most of the plugins we use are free and none of them are related to affiliate income at all. Just contact forms, SEO, caching and so on.

  36. Pay plugins all. No free themes. Put it in tittle…

    1. It doesn’t say anywhere that this is a free list or inlcude any free products. Our listicels with free item are clearly marked as “free”.

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