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18 Best Publisher Websites With Exceptional Design 2024

A huge list of publisher website design examples for your inspiration. Here you will find the most popular publisher websites that are well designed and can serve as an example for everyone looking to build a publishing website.

With the birth of digital systems and the internet, almost all industries transformed to provide a much better experience. From education, transport, pharmaceutical, food, health care, entertainment, news, music, electronics, etc., most of these industries embrace the power of digital marketing. In like manner, the publishing industry acknowledges the potential of such a strategy in this modern era. Consequently, the scope of publishing has expanded to include electronic resources. Hence, the publishing is limited to books, newspapers, and magazines and covers electronic versions of books and periodicals, websites, blogs, video game publishers, and the like. Today, we find numerous publisher websites that reinforce marketing initiatives. Hence, companies and creative individuals who wish to distinguish themselves from the competition should submit their creative works to well-known media outlets. Likewise, if you’re looking for inspiration for similar projects, check out these publisher websites.

Building a website these days is not that hard. However, it may also not be just a walk in the park. It needs thorough research on improving your brand with such a wider exposure. Therefore, while acquiring a useful, practical WordPress theme for your publisher’s website, it would be best to have ample websites where you can opt for effective inspiration. You can find different styles, layouts, and overall designs in this list of publisher websites.

So, scroll through this list of publisher website designs and take note of the elements you want to apply for your next similar project.

Best Publisher Website Designs

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1. Agaro by Squarespace

Agaro - publishing company website example by Squarespace

Squarespace empowers publishers to create immersive online experiences that bring books to life. Customizable gallery templates, integrated review systems and engaging author profile pages enable fostering book lover communities.

Built-in mailing list and newsletter tools facilitate collecting email subscribers for marketing upcoming releases or featured content. SEO optimizations, analytics dashboards and social media promotion features empower driving traffic and understanding audience behavior.

For publishers facilitating book sales, Squarespace’s integrated eCommerce functionalities enable selling print and eBooks on your website. This grants ownership over the customer experience while retaining higher profit margins than third-party retailers.

Additionally, Squarespace’s multi-contributor CMS allows managing content posting access across teams of editors, writers and graphic designers. Smooth workflows and intuitive editing make maintaining websites effortless, even without technical expertise.

With professional templates tailored for showcasing visual media, Squarespace offers an all-in-one solution for establishing publishing brands online. Beautiful websites, marketing capabilities, eCommerce tools, and analytics provide impact far beyond the price point – perfect for bootstrapped imprints.

Preview Agaro

2. Time

published website example

With the emergence of digital marketing, different artists have greater opportunities to improve credibility and recognition. Thanks to the power of the internet, publishing literature, music, or information are just a few clicks away. Time is a clean and neat magazine publisher that provides high-quality content while maximizing profit. It also offers numerous and diverse articles for millions of readers worldwide. Time covers all these, whether politics, world news, ideas, health, entertainment, technology, or business. Notably, the website has user-friendly features to improve its look and feel. Furthermore, it utilizes the sticky menu, mega menu, slider, banner ads, social media integration, newsletter subscription, and more.


3. The Next Web

popular publisher website designs

Artists in different fields need to publish their works to shine. That’s where magazine publishers come like a hero! The clear exposure of a product, brand, or individual in a magazine would surely improve visibility and recognition. The Next Web is a grandeur magazine design that’s worth being in these publisher websites. It presents articles through a magazine layout where contents are arrayed wonderfully. Promises to publish news, deals, conferences, and events in the world of technology, The Next Web ensures visitors will have a great experience with their website. Hence, every reader can easily access this website on diverse devices as it is built with a responsive design. Since social media plays a vital role in the success of every business, TNW ensures that visitors can access social media pages on the site.


4. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Artist’s works featured in magazines are beyond measure. It will not just spread awareness but will unlock greater opportunities. Thanks to the ample magazines that do the wonders. Smashing Magazine is one of these publisher websites that can inspire magazine publishing companies. It delivers reliable, useful, and informative articles to web designers and developers. This website uses red as its primary color, associated with power, energy, and determination. It has a clear and simple menu on the header to access published articles, books, events, and jobs. While other magazines embrace the power of images to enhance readers, this website uses a simple but compelling layout. Moreover, the amazing hover effect adds a touch of creativity to the overall design.


5. The Cut

The Cut

Electronic newspapers and magazines are already embracing the power of web presence in their business growth. Consequently, it has become a popular media outlet of brands striving to excel. The Cut’s clean and minimal design suits these best publisher websites. It emphasizes visual hierarchy, good typography and white space. The website features a wide banner ad on the header for monetization purposes. Mainly, it exhibits the featured article on the hero header with the latest articles on the left sidebar. To make the content look lively and creative, some sections of the website implement various columns and thumbnails sizes. It also integrates social media for users to easily connect with those platforms.


6. Electronic Arts (EA)

Electronics Arts (EA)

Video games have become a popular recreation of both young and adults. As a result, various video games are emerging in the market. In turn, the need for video game publishers is high. Electronic Arts is one of these publisher websites that disseminates information to the general public. It features a simple website design where visitors can browse games, play for free, shop or subscribe for the latest news. The site improves its retention rate through the use of a sticky menu. As the hero header is the first element that a visitor perceives, EA showcases its current promos and a CTA. Particularly, this website exhibits featured games, latest games and latest updates in the video game world.


7. Ubisoft


As technology advances, so does entertainment. Today, you can find a huge list of video games you can enjoy in just a few clicks. Fortunately, great publisher websites are eager to provide the latest games ready to lure avid gamers worldwide. Ubisoft is one of these websites that has an inspiring design. Using a slider, the site welcomes visitors with a smooth and lively hero scene.

With the desire to showcase video games strikingly, this website presents them using a sleek carousel. Furthermore, the clear imagery on the header truly entices a visitor to check on the video games available on the website. On the other hand, a user can also access the latest news displayed using a magazine layout, while the presentation of games also looks cool as they are placed in a stunning slider.


8. Square Enix

Square Enix

Almost all established brands today have a website to showcase products and services. In like manner, publishers also adopt this type of marketing as it can truly reach more people and the growth of the business is real. Square Enix is a publisher website that discloses interesting video games worldwide. Square Enix implements a visually appealing magazine layout. It uses a full-width image on the hero header with CTAs and headlines. This website exhibits featured games using boxes. Users can access the available games on the site and the news and store page. If the user wants to connect with Square Enix’ social media accounts, it’s much possible with social media integration. It also uses the sticky menu for user retention.


9. WB Games

WB Games

Video games are not just fun but improve cognitive skills. Studies reveal that video games can slow down aging and increase cognitive function. Hence, abundant video game resources are published on the web. WB Games is one of the publisher websites that has a striking design. The dark-tone homepage looks elegant with well-designed content. Specifically, the hero header utilizes the video background, so it looks fun and exciting. While that section is compelling, the presentation of the latest video games also looks fantastic with its amazing hover effect. It also comes with an advanced search for users who wish to find the best games to play with. Other useful features include social media integration, a newsletter, a sticky menu, and more.


10. Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital

If you’re looking for video games publisher websites, you probably shouldn’t miss this list. Devolver Digital has a dark-tone and creative design of a website for video games. It comes with diverse publishers such as magazine publishers, video game publishers, and books publishers. It has a remarkable image background with featured video games and CTA. It also offers a cool search option for users to discover the games on the website. Specifically, a user can choose which platform he prefers or sort the gallery with the newest video games. To reach more audiences, Devolver Digital integrates social media on the header.


11. Digerati Games

Digerati Games

Launch your video games more effectively and innovatively with publisher websites that can do the work for you! Digerati Games is an exciting video game publisher that has an aesthetic appeal. It has a stunning hero header – clear, fullwidth image, CTA, and tagline. Furthermore, with white space, this website stunningly showcases the contents. Specifically, a user can easily browse games or scroll the list using a smooth slider. Moreover, it exhibits the established brands that trust Digerati Games to show off the site’s credibility. Other pages of the website include services, contact, and blog page.


12. Lockwood Publishing

Lockwood Publishing

The website you build represents your brand across the web. Hence, always opt for the best design to create the first impression. Lockwood Publishing is one of the most creative publisher websites that you can look into for inspiration. It is a leading independent and top mobile games developer in the UK. It is also a well-designed website with innovative elements integrated to impress the audience. Lockwood Publishing implements good typography, design hierarchy, and other useful elements to create a user-friendly website. Specifically, a user can access the news page, team, careers, avakin life, and other essential pages. Interesting features include a sticky menu, animation upon scrolling, social media integration, and more to explore!


13. Issuu


You should publish your work to stand out in your industry. And if you don’t know where to go, Issuu is here to lend a hand. It’s a modern media company that can quickly upload and distribute its publications worldwide! You can easily convert a website visitor to a potential client with a high-quality, user-friendly website. Issuu’s website is a great tool to improve its business. With a good design and a comprehensive copy, Issuu is ready to shine in the competition. Specifically, this website comes with stunning hero headers – slider, CTA, and headline. It has an engaging display of statistics with an excellent image background. Statistics also improve the brand’s credibility; hence, this website never ignores its essence.


14. Green Leaf Book Group

Green Leaf Book Group

If you’re a book publisher who wishes to gain recognition on the web, then you should build a superb website. If you haven’t idea of finalizing your design, perhaps these publisher websites will help you refine your final design. Green Leaf Book Group has a clutter-free design and essential elements to impress the audience. Using green as the website’s primary color and abundant white space enhances the site’s appeal. In particular, sliders are a great way to highlight the contents of your website without using much space. Hence, this website utilizes it in different sections such as featured clients, best sellers, and testimonials. Important site pages include success stories, works, learning center, publish your book, etc.


15. Mendo


As a writer, you always want your works to be published. With a great time, effort, and resources you’ve spent in finishing your book, you’d always want it to return the favor. Well, you can find numerous publisher websites to disclose your artwork. Mendo is one of the most unique and out-of-the-box designs publishers should consider. It has an asymmetrical design that makes it look attractive. The header looks superb with a logo in the center and a menu on both sides. The hero header looks cool and elegant, with boxes arrayed one after the other. Meanwhile, the featured book section looks grandeur and innovative using a smooth slider. The presentation of the most popular books also adds a touch of creativity to the site.


16. Volume


Here’s another publisher’s website that has a clean and minimalist design. The overall design of Volume comes with great white space and minimal elements. The hero header has a colorful background image, CTA, and a featured campaign. Volume is a publishing platform especially built for creators and lovers of books on visual culture. The sections look clear and simple as diverse background colors emphasize content.


17. Lulu


If you’re looking for inspiration to craft your publisher’s website well, then Lulu is an exceptional example. It’s a publisher website that can provide you with a remarkable experience of sharing your expertise, unleashing your creativity, and opening greater opportunities. This website uses much white space to look neat, modern, and minimalist. Specifically, it enables users to shop books, create a book, sell books and even share creative works on blogs, forums, etc. The hero header has huge icons inside the boxes serving as a menu. It also impresses an audience with Lulu featured in different magazines. So, whether you’re an author, artist, educator, or you’re in a non-profit organization, you can always reach out to Lulu with its user-friendly website.


18. Salt Publishing

Salt Publishing

You’ve put so much effort into finishing your book, which deserves recognition. Well, you probably need the help of publishers who can easily do the work for you. Salt Publishing is an excellent website that publishes books from different authors. It comes with a great website to showcase products engagingly. The hero header comes with a nice slider where different products are highlighted. In addition, it utilizes the sticky menu for easy access on the authors’ page, books, blogs, and even social media pages. This list is beneficial if you’re a designer looking for inspiration to craft your publisher’s website.


19. Mashable

published website design

In this modern age, creative individuals need to publish their artistry worldwide. This way, they will gain a competitive advantage. Mashable is a digital magazine that best fits this collection of publisher websites. Mashable’s remarkable magazine layout adds a creative aura to the contents. Specifically, this magazine site publishes different types of content such as videos, entertainment articles, culture, technology, science, etc. The contents are arranged in columns of diverse sizes. Mashable utilizes a sticky menu and social media integration for easy and quick navigation. It also utilizes the mega menu to accommodate many options at a glance.

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