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21 Best Gaming Blog Designs For Inspiration 2023

Need inspiration for gaming blog designs? We have selected the best and most popular gaming blogs to showcase their design and give you an idea of how a good gaming blog should look.

Gaming is not just fun, exciting, and entertaining. It has amazing benefits too for people of different ages. Accordingly, it improves memory and drives quick decision-making. As gaming can motivate players to take risks and persevere through failures, it can contribute to man’s ability to handle difficult situations. With that in mind, we don’t need to wonder why numerous gaming apps, devices, and blogs are emerging in the market these days. Fortunately, you can find ample gaming blogs that do not just offer fantastic, useful news and articles but are truly user-friendly. Whether you’re a casual or enthusiast gamer, it’s best to follow gaming blogs that feature this industry’s latest news and tools. If you’re an enthusiast gamer looking for inspirational gaming blog designs for your upcoming website, you’ve just come to the right place.

Your gaming blog must deliver the latest news in the gaming industry. Hence, if you’re looking forward to being one of the blogging industry leaders, your website must convey quality content. You must ensure that your website is fully responsive, with ample space for displaying imagery, good typography, and an overall engaging design. In this list of gaming blog designs, you will have ample ideas on completing your blogging website.

So, don’t miss checking out this list and setting your goals in building the finest gaming blog.

Best Gaming Blog Design Examples

1. Jesper

jesper gaming website template

Building a successful gaming blog with Jesper doesn’t take coding and design skills. The template is ready-to-use for you, even regarding speed and SEO optimization.

You can expand Jesper with a blog section at free will or let a team of experts guide you. (They’re available all the time!)

And you can also enjoy the included hosting and domain name (1 year free), so you can really start immediately.

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2. Epic Games – Fortnite

Epic Games - Fortnite - Gaming Blog Design

Epic Games has a fantastic and creative gaming blog design that can help gaming enthusiasts to build similar blogging websites. Particularly, it utilizes bold typography and vibrant thumbnails for every post. Moreover, each article looks grandeur, organized using the masonry layout. Visitors can easily follow Fortnite’s social media accounts on this blog page. Furthermore, it’s also easier to filter the content via categories. Of course, in every article, visitors can easily share content on social media via social sharing buttons. What’s more? This awesome website enables visitors to proceed to the next article via the “next” and “previous” buttons.


3. Nextgenbase


Are you a passionate gamer who wishes to share many interesting articles and the latest news on the gaming industry? If you are, then a gaming blog is what you need. Nextgenbase is a remarkable gaming blog design that you can look into if you plan to build your blogging website soon. It utilizes hot pink and turquoise as the website’s primary colors, which makes it look vibrant and lively. Nextgenbase welcomes visitors with featured news, reviews on the hero header, and big thumbnails. It also embraces banner ads in different sizes and different spots. If a visitor is interested in connecting with its social media accounts, that’s also possible with its social media integration. On top of that, it’s a lot easier to switch from one page to another as it implements the sticky menu.


4. Attack of the Fanboy

Attack of the Fanboy

As cool as the name implies, Attack of the Fanboy is a magnificent gaming blog design. It’s worth adding to this list as it can help inspire fellow game bloggers who wish to build an audience. This website uses the off-canvas menu for efficient navigation. Hence, visitors can easily access the menu’s reviews, news, tips, guides, platforms, and other categories. Of course, thumbnails and bold and clear typography are added to each post, to make each post attractive. On the site, you may also find various banner ads that provide advertisers a way to promote their brands which serve as monetization. In addition, the social share buttons are also available in every post.


5. PC Invasion

PC Invasion

Another excellent gaming blog design that deserves to be on this list is the PC Invasion. It embraces white space elements to provide visual breathing room for contents and make the design neat and clean. In particular, this website uses maroon as the primary color, which stands out with the white space. However, if a user prefers a darker background, switching from a white to a black background is possible using the style switcher at the bottom of the page. PC Invasion added a horizontal banner ad just below the header as part of its monetization. It then welcomes visitors with their featured posts with various sizes of thumbnails. You can find more ads, and the latest news arranged chronologically on the left sidebar.


6. Niche Gamer

Niche Gamer Blog

Having a dark-tone background, Niche Gamer is a straightforward gaming blog design. It comes with banner ads on various spots on the homepage intended for monetization purposes. The site applies the amazing slider to showcase various featured articles. Then, like most gaming blogs, Niche Gamer includes attractive thumbnails to draw more users. Aside from that, social media integration is also added in the header to increase visibility. Visitors can access news, reviews, platforms, community, technology, and more categories. Moreover, the shop is also available for every visitor.


7. Gematsu


If you plan to create a gaming blog project soon, consider these gaming blog designs we’ve handpicked. Gematsu is a great website to help you finalize your gaming blog designs. Gematsu comes with stunning features a gaming blog site must-have. It uses a mega menu that presents friendly and visual options for visitors to navigate. In addition, it also offers two options for the website background (black or white) through the style switcher in the header.


8. PlayStation Blog

PlayStation Gaming Blog

Simple design, PlayStation Blog exhibit content comprehensively and powerfully. It welcomes visitors with a high-definition image. Content looks engaging and creative as categories are placed in different columns. To help retain visitors, comments and reactions on the posts are also added. Additionally, visitors can easily connect with the blog through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch. To navigate easily, this website also comes with a sticky menu.


9. Game Informer

Game Informer

Blogging is a wonderful choice if you’re an avid gamer and wish to motivate fellow gamers. Game Informer is a gaming blog site with a straightforward design. Knowing the importance of having a user-friendly blogging site, Game Informer embraces social media integration, sticky menu, off-canvas menu, search and sign in. This blogging site uses a white background that makes the content look excellent. It exhibits a full-width image that serves as a featured thumbnail. In addition, Game Informer utilizes various columns in different sections.


10. ShackNews


Accordingly, gaming is not just for fun and entertainment but helps improve brain function. No wonder many gaming enthusiasts build blogging websites to share opinions, analyses, and thoughts about the gaming industry. ShackNews is here to inspire passionate gamers who wish to build an audience. The website looks good in its center-align layout. Additionally, this website includes social media icons on the header and toggle options (white or dark background), login, register, search, and other relevant links. If a visitor wishes to read trending articles and featured videos, ShackNews showcases this interesting content on the right sidebar.


11. Touch Arcade

Touch Arcade

Greatly dedicated to cover the latest games and apps for iPhone and iPod, Touch Arcade is ever ready to deliver interesting articles worldwide. Particularly, this website has an exceptional gaming blog design. The homepage has many beautiful features, including masonry style of displaying thumbnails, slider for presenting hot games and new games. The off-canvas menu is ready to provide the essential links to other pages and the search box, login, and signup buttons. These elements can be accessed easily and quickly using the sticky header. This website’s other essential pages are the news, reviews, forums, podcast, and product reviews.


12. Kotaku


Kotaku is a seamless gaming blog site that renders reviews, news, and tips worldwide. Specifically, Kotaku exhibits four thumbnails on the hero header from different categories. Users can find various featured articles, popular posts, and banner ads on the right sidebar. Notable features of Kotaku include social media integration, newsletter, and more. If you wish to rebuild your gaming blog designs, you might as well check out this list and see which elements you’ll integrate.


13. IGN Southeast Asia

IGN Southeast Asia

You must craft compelling content and provide a neatly organized layout to build an audience with your gaming blog. IGN Southeast Asia has a minimalist design of a blogging website. Upon visiting the website, users can find a huge banner ad. Then, featured articles are placed in four columns with vertical thumbnails. Next, top news and views have shorter thumbnails in a similar layout. On the other hand, the latest news is displayed in a single column with smaller thumbnails. Furthermore, it also embraces the sticky menu where one can easily locate sub-categories.


14. Eurogamer


Eurogamer is a clean and minimalist gaming blog website that reveals interesting news and reviews in the gaming industry. It looks great with blue as the primary color and white background. It added a horizontal banner ad just before the articles are presented too. Highlights are also added to the header. On the left sidebar, you can find popular articles, in the middle are the latest articles and vertical ads on the right sidebar. Meanwhile, there are also editor’s picks that come with smaller thumbnails.


15. Mynintendonews


Here’s another great gaming blog design popular in the gaming industry. Mynintendonews features news and reviews for Nintendo. This blog utilizes three columns in showcasing the articles. The white space separates the content well and improves the look and feel of the website too. Mynintendonews enables users or visitors to share posts via social media platforms to spread content efficiently. The user can easily access social media on the homepage and banner ads.


16. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is another remarkable gaming blog design that can inspire fellow gamers and entrepreneurs. As the name implies, this Green Man Gaming applies green as the primary color with the dark-tone background. It showcases different thumbnails for the featured posts in the hero header. The rest of the articles are displayed using a single column. Meanwhile, visitors can also connect with the firm through their social media accounts in the header. Moreover, it also uses the sticky menu where users can access the news, team, games hub, community, and store pages. Users can also share content/article on different social media platforms in every post.


17. Push Square

Push Square

To create a great gaming blog design, one must consider the aesthetic appeal, content and design. Push Square has simple yet powerful content created for gamers worldwide. Since most people utilize mobile in surfing the web, your website must be accessible on mobile devices. With Push Square, you don’t need to worry about mobile optimization, it’s mobile-friendly and responsive. For monetization purposes, Push Square embraces banner ads in various sizes. Knowing the essence of visual hierarchy, this website ensures that contents are readable and elements are exhibited effectively. Meanwhile, social media has greatly influenced every brand’s success. Therefore, Push Square exhibits its social media followers and social media links to encourage further engagement.


18. The Game Fanatics

The Game Fanatics

Building an online presence for your brand is a wonderful choice. Specifically, it needs time and resources to implement a stunning website fully. Furthermore, you may also need inspiration to craft it seamlessly. The Game Fanatics has an exceptional gaming blog design that stands out in the gaming industry. This website impresses a visitor with five featured stories along with awesome thumbnails. The Game Fanatics provides an easy way for a user to connect with its social media accounts added in the header. Moreover, it has a visually appealing design having green as its primary color. Useful features of the website include newsletter, video integration, affiliation, and more.


19. 8BitDigi


8BitDigi is another simple gaming blog design that can inspire gamers and game fanatics. It simply showcases the featured article on the hero header with full-width imagery as a thumbnail. The rest of the articles are presented in columns. 8BitDigi also implements banner ads to clear the display of ads above the header. Moreover, this website incorporates social media integration on the header as part of marketing strategies to increase awareness of brands. Essential pages of 8BitDigi include special events, top lists, opinions, community, reviews, and more.


20. Monster Vine

Monster Vine

Monster Vine is an excellent gaming blog design. It features a dark-tone header with a white background on the body. The logo, which plays a great role in branding, looks outstanding at the center of the website. It showcases five different articles with diverse sizes of thumbnails. It also uses a sticky header to provide an easy navigation scheme for every website visitor. Visitors can access reviews, previews, news, podcasts, giveaways, and featured articles. It includes banner ads, search, off-canvas menu, social media, etc.


21. GamingPH

GamingPH Blog

Exceptional designs of gaming blogs serve as a great tool for every gamer and entrepreneur who wishes to build their website. GamingPH is one of these amazing gaming blog designs that should be on this list. It has an exceptional layout, visual hierarchy, good typography, and attractive imagery. Having blue as the primary color of the website improves its visual appeal. It comes with an engaging slideshow of recommended articles or the latest news to pique visitors’ interest in the website.

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