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18 Best Car Dealer Websites For Inspiration 2024

Today, we’ll look at the best car dealer website designs to understand what works and doesn’t to build a successful car dealership website.

Transportation is vital for economic growth and globalization. Without it, travelers and cargoes are impossible to transport. Although different modes of transportation exist worldwide, cars are the most prominent mode of transport that promotes mobility and independence. Specifically, cars eliminate hassles in public transportation. Cars are perfectly convenient whether you use it for work or to run errands. With such ideas, we need not wonder why most people want to own a car. Various car dealers also emerged to supply the market’s demands. Accordingly, the global auto industry will sell approximately 80 million automobiles in 2024. Today, numerous car dealers build websites to efficiently sell automobiles nationwide or worldwide. If you own a car dealership business and wish to build your web presence, you might want to consider these best car dealer websites we’ve handpicked for you.

In this modern age, most brands have websites to connect their business to customers easily. In like manner, a car dealership embraces this marketing strategy to empower their businesses. This list of best car dealer websites has remarkable designs, useful elements, and compelling content to inspire fellow car dealers regardless of race and nationality. Don’t miss checking this collection of car dealer websites and grab the best tools to build an outstanding website for yourself or your client.

Best Car Dealer Website Designs

1. Toyota

car dealer websites

Create a wonderful first impression of your car dealership business with an exceptional website design. Toyota impresses an audience with its super awesome website. It has a clean, clutter-free layout without compromising functionality. The website has red as the primary color and ample white space to improve comprehension and design tone. It has numerous features and elements that the best car dealer website must have! Specifically, a visitor can search the website’s content, access different types of vehicles available through the drop-down menu; opt for local specials, search inventory, request a quote, view brochures and so much more to explore! Other outstanding features include social media integration, blog, awesome slider, and more.


2. Dodge

car dealer website design

Show off your personality as a business with a website that speaks well to your brand. Of course, customer experience is essential when building your web presence. Dodge is another awesome car dealer website that you should check. It has a stunning, asymmetrical design that looks unique and creative. Specifically, the hero header impresses visitors with a cool slider combined with the striking design of CTAs, attractive images and engaging promotions.

Moreover, it showcases different types of vehicles that link to each essential detail. Particularly, this website provides a great display of the product’s exterior, interior, packages, power train and summary. It also comes with useful tools such as pricing and finance calculator.


3. Chrysler


Video content has become one of the essential tools in digital marketing. Being one of the best car dealer websites, Chrysler embraces captivating video backgrounds visitors can scan via a slider. Typically, the hero header immediately arrests the visitor’s attention; hence, the CTAs and special offers can well deserve this spot. Particularly, Chrysler presents featured vehicles neatly using the vehicle’s image linked to their detailed pages. In addition, Chrysler’s website ensures that a user can easily search inventories, access the “build & price” functionality for checking the interior, exterior, packages, etc.


4. Chevrolet


Building a web presence can empower your brand across the web. Yet, a good website is one of the most valuable marketing assets to help you improve your business. Chevrolet’s straightforward design can inspire car dealers to craft a wonderful website. It showcases multiple images or copies on the hero header using a slider. Specifically, it uses monochrome icons for linking to search inventory, current offers, build & price and trade-in value.

Additionally, displaying awards on your website can help build strong credibility with your products and services. Hence, Chevrolet integrates the Awards page with a clean and minimal layout. Likewise, this website integrates social media platforms and blogging for SEO.


5. Infiniti


When building a website, it is best to consider the white space to provide breathing space for elements to increase interaction. With Infiniti, it never ignores such a great feature. The homepage looks super clean with full-width images on the hero header, primary CTA, tagline, and a header with a white background. This website exhibits well the featured vehicles using clear, neat tabs. Each vehicle is linked to another web page for its details and specifications. Since easy navigation plays a great role in the retention of the visitor, Infiniti embraces the sticky header where he can access the list of vehicles, shopping tools, build & price, etc. Furthermore, this website implements nice hover effects on the elements on the other pages.


6. Alfa Romeo USA

Alfa Romeo USA

Most people today are using smartphones to surf the web. Therefore, all brands that wish to have an online presence consider a mobile-friendly design or fully responsive websites. Alfa Romeo is one of the best car dealer websites to inspire fellow car dealers who have not yet built a website. The homepage has minimal content yet provides quick navigation to other essential pages using the sticky menu. In particular, a visitor can easily access the vehicles page using the mega menu, shopping tools – build & price, find a dealer, current offers, and search new inventory. The logo represents the brand, so this website ensures that it is visible at the center of the website.


7. Rolls-Royce Motorcars

Rolls-Royce Motorcars

Rolls-Royce Motorcars is one of the amazing designs of car dealer websites. To quickly deliver messages and drive more traffic into the website, Rolls-Royce Motorcars applies the essence of video background into the homepage, particularly in the hero header. One of the coolest features of this website is the out-of-the-box cursor effect. The box-style layout also adds to the grandeur look and feel of the website. Since navigation is a vital website element, Rolls-Royce implements the sticky menu to access the off-canvas menu, logo, and inquiry button. Meanwhile, some pages look fantastic with split-screen layout, video integration, and hover effects for the images, buttons.


8. CarDekho


Packed with the necessary features a car dealer website must have, Cardekho can be the ideal tool to utilize for your next car dealer website project. The website utilizes the search feature to highly motivate users or visitors to use your website, placing it on the sticky header. The website uses white space and orange as its primary color improves its look and feel. CarDekho adds a simple, well-labeled form for another awesome, detailed search functionality to drive more customers. To give potential customers the idea of which products are popular in each category, it filters the content via the most searched cars, latest, popular and upcoming, then displays it in boxed layout.


9. Dealer On

Dealer On

A business must apply effective marketing strategies to reach more people and gain more customers. Dealer On is one of the best car dealer websites to consider in building its website. It exists to provide the best class, highest converting website platform and digital marketing services for car dealerships worldwide. Dealer On adds a powerful hero header with a compelling tagline, attractive CTAs, and stunning images. It provides ample ways to connect with the business by displaying different phone numbers on the header. The split-screen layout of other sections makes the content look awesome and improves the website’s visual appeal.


10. Tesla


Upon planning the design of your car dealer website, always make sure it will help you shine and open new opportunities for your business. Tesla promotes its brand well across the web with its impressive website. In design and functionality, Tesla’s website truly shines. It has a simple, yet comprehensive and elegant homepage layout. With a remarkable logo, descriptive CTAs, an off-canvas menu and full-width, high-quality imagery, this website deserves to be on this list of stunning car dealer websites.

Meanwhile, its cool and innovative transition effect makes it more interesting. What’s more? The video background, super clean inventory/build & the price page never impress potential customers.


11. Volvo Cars Manhattan

Volvo Cars Manhattan

Provide a great user experience with the seamless design of the car dealership website. Volvo Cars Manhattan has an excellent car dealer website design. It has a sleek and clean layout with ample white space. The hero header has a nice image, CTA, and an advanced search feature. This website has a specific display of phone numbers on the header to easily connect with the business.

Additionally, chat and text features are also added to the website. Moreover, Volvo Cars Manhattan has a sticky menu to access the website’s important pages. Particularly, this website presents featured cars cleanly and neatly using a slider.


12. South Infiniti

South Infinity

Having a website can truly improve advertising effectiveness. If you’re working with car dealer websites, you can check out South Infiniti as one of your web design inspirations. The website utilizes black and white as the color scheme, enhancing its visual appeal. The header contains useful elements, including phone numbers, logo, and a sticky menu. Specifically, South Infiniti displays its menu on the hero header via buttons with a fixed image background. It also comes with boxes layout to display more features of the website. Since reviews improve credibility and enhance rankings, this website exhibits numerous customer reviews using a nice slider. Other notable features include social media integration, accessibility, video integration, off-canvas menu, and more.


13. Lexus of Las Vegas

Lexus of Las Vegas

If you’re looking for enhanced exposure and sales, that’s much possible when you build a website exhibiting your business worldwide. If you need inspiration to build a car dealer website, you probably need Lexus of Las Vegas. Typically, customers wish to acquire the product information easily, hence this website integrates a search functionality with an image background on the hero header. It then embraces the sticky menu and the essential phone numbers on the header for quick and easy navigation. This way, potential customers can easily connect with the business. Other wondrous features include slider, social media, accessibility, drop-down menu and more.


14. Subaru


Expand your market and promote products and services effectively. Subaru’s website is a cool combination of good functionality and seamless design. Having the essential features a car dealer website must-have, this website can surely build a reputation. The website has a full-width image, a fixed sidebar menu with icons, and a sticky menu. The animation upon scrolling also adds a touch of creativity to the overall design. Meanwhile, contents placed on boxes look amazing with the background. If a user wishes to find a showroom with Subaru brands, that’s a lot easier to schedule a test drive, pricing tables, promotions, sales inquiry and request a brochure.


15. Segrex


A website improves business reach. But a good website increases conversion rates. Hence, if you plan to build a web presence for your car dealership business, consider these best car dealer websites. Segrex is an excellent and innovative website example that car dealers should examine. It has a striking design of header – stunning logo, map, phone number, and social media integration. The hero header also looks superb with its creative display of imagery using a slider. Particularly, the website showcases available cars in the business via boxes. It also remarkably exhibits specials using another cool slider. What’s more? The website also utilizes the captivating parallax effect on some of its sections.


16. Carmax


Finding the best car that suits the budget is quite hard. But not when you have Carmax to help you land on the perfect car for you. Carmax enables a user to sell or shop cars online. The website looks outstanding with its usability and user-friendly features. Specifically, a visitor can easily search for the car he prefers to buy on the homepage.

On the other hand, if a user wishes to sell cars via Carmax that’s also possible. As simple as it may seem, this website provides various options for a customer in shopping. He can shop by brand, type or price of the car. Moreover, it also provides a category where a user can shop via lifestyle – a commuter car, eco-friendly, family or outdoor. Check out other amazing features this website offers.


17. EDealer


Online marketing is essential for most businesses these days. A brand can promote its products and services effectively with such a strategy. EDealer smoothly provides marketing technology for car dealers across Canada. It has a well-structured website with compelling content and awesome features. It has a beautiful homepage, striking images, nice typography, visual hierarchy, appealing animation upon scrolling, and much more.

On top of that, EDealer has a smooth and beautiful display of testimonials through a slider. Likewise, this website enhances its look and feel by stylishly presenting a portfolio. This way, potential clients are easily impressed with such a great design and layout.


18. AAA Auto

AAA Auto

AAA Auto deserves to be added to these best car dealer websites with a clean and neat design. It utilizes ample white space that improves readability and implies sophistication. It comes with an advanced search functionality on the homepage where potential customers can look for the specific car he’s looking for. On the other hand, if he wishes to shop by category or makes, that’s also possible with AAA Auto. Furthermore, the website looks great with the sticky menu, descriptive CTA, clear imagery, and creative sliders.


How to Create a Car Dealer Website?

There are many ways to create a website for a car dealership. Arguably the easiest way is using a drag and drop website builder. With a website builder, you get a domain name, hosting, ready-made templates and drag and drop user interface, which is beginner friendly and doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

If you feel more adventurous, you can create a website using a car dealership WordPress theme. This is a more advanced solution and will require some tinkering, but it will cost you very little to create and maintain your website.

Happy building and selling!

Which car dealer website designs do you like the most and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

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