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18 Best Sports Blogs Design For Inspiration 2023

Here are the best designed sports blogs for your inspiration.

If you’d like to have fun while keeping your body fit and well, you better engage in sports. Accordingly, sporty individuals are more likely to have a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the perks of playing sports are obvious. Specifically, it can help reduce body fat or help control body weight; effective in fighting depression and anxiety; and improve general health and well-being. With such facts in mind, no wonder why many individuals engage in different sports.

If you plan to create a website for your sports blog project, you might need these sports blog designs that will motivate you to build an online presence effectively. Consequently, numerous bloggers create general sites covering various sports and sport-specific blogs. This way, bloggers can easily present views and personal opinions while turning sports passions into a full-time career.

To excel in blogging, you need to opt for your passionate niche. Whether you’re an avid fan of football, basketball, rugby, hockey or any other sports, you have tons of options to write about. Picking the best niche for you depends on the sports you’d never get bored and exhausted. Ideally, making your website user-friendly and easy to navigate would be best. Aside from making your posts visually appealing, embracing the essence of social media marketing would be best. You shouldn’t ignore this list if you want inspiration to craft your sports blog website.

Check out these sports blog websites that we’ve handpicked for you.

Best Sports Blog Design Examples

1. Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs blog

If you need inspiration in building your web presence for your sports blog project, you might want to check Ryan Giggs. It is a sports blog website that is visually oriented. This website features a dark-tone color scheme and implies elegance, sophistication, and power. It utilizes a sidebar menu for easy and quick navigation while the hero header looks cool and awesome with a slider highlighting the featured stories. Moreover, the presentation of other articles looks clean with the grid layout this website implements. For monetization purposes, banner ads are added between those articles and social media integration. What’s more? As awards and recognitions can boost the website, Ryan Giggs exhibits its awards simple yet engaging.


2. USports

USports news site

USports has an out-of-the-box sports blog design that stands out on the web. Covering multiple leagues, this website is truly a demand for sports enthusiasts. It features a split-screen layout on the hero header – a high-quality image on the left and article title on the right – that slides to showcase featured articles. Meanwhile, the presentation of the latest news also looks outstanding as they’re exhibited using square boxes with thumbnails. In addition, the website also features different athletes’ profiles with a smooth slider too. If a visitor wishes to learn of the current results in different sports, that’s also visible with USports. Other contents include upcoming events, top 10’s (men and women) in different sports categories, social media, off-canvas menu, and more.


3. Wilderness Today

Wilderness Today

Sports blogs vary from different angles. If you plan to build a sports blog, you’ve just come to the right place. This list includes diverse sports or leagues that a sports blogger can utilize for his upcoming website project. Wilderness Today is a perfect sports blog that offers informative articles for hunting, fishing, survival and other outdoor sports adventures. It features a huge featured image on the hero header and small boxes that link to other interesting articles on the website. Recent posts are arrayed in rectangular thumbnails and banner ads on the sidebar. It also implements the sticky header for easy navigation of web visitors.


4. Pontypool Rugby

Poonty Pool Rugby

Blogs would be more interesting and engaging when you add high-quality images and have a well-structured layout. Pontypool Rugby has a nice and creative sports blog design. It applies consistency as part of its branding. Specifically, it uses red as the primary color with a parallelogram shape on its different web elements. The hero header comes with multiple images showcases using a smooth slider. In addition, the news section looks clean with a simple thumbnail and a brief description. It also features fixtures and superb results with a dark tone image background. Moreover, the website exhibits tickets for seasonal and international events. This inspiring sports blog design can check out other useful features you can acquire.


5. Texas Football

Texas Football

Whatever type of sports blog you plan to build, the design and functionality should exceed the audience’s expectations. Texas Football is here to inspire sports bloggers all over the web. It has simple but full of features that sports blog websites should have. This website highlights the contents with style as it integrates a smooth slider on the hero header. It also features the latest news on the sidebar to engage the audience and improve retention.

Moreover, this website showcases a banner ad just below the header, so it’s a lot easier to notice by the audience. It also implements the sticky menu for quick navigation to other blog pages. What’s more? The website also offers e-magazines that are available for purchase online.


6. Manchester City

Manchester City

As you craft your sports blog website, you must consider your personality to reveal your brand’s identity. A simple but comprehensive design is ready to provide the latest news on football based in Manchester. It features a big thumbnail on the header that sophisticates the audience. Other articles have smaller thumbnails but look stunning with diverse sizes. It also showcases the fixtures and the latest results on the sidebar. For monetization, Manchester City integrates ample banner ads to display ads nicely.


7. Rugby Dump

Rugby Dump

Rugby Damp offers easy and quick access to the latest news on rugby sports with a simple sports blog design. The website utilizes a full-width image background on the hero scene. It showcases various options for the audience on the header, including live, played, and upcoming games. This way, it is easier for a visitor to check for the availability of such games. While the featured story looks superb with a bigger thumbnail, other articles also look neat on smaller ones. The audience can access the trending articles arrayed one after the other on the sidebar. There are also various banner ads on different website spots for monetization purposes. Other essential website pages include shop, training videos, great tries, social media icons, and more.


8. The Athletic

The Athletic

For newbies, blogging can be an interesting hobby. But blogging can turn into a full-time job if you truly persevere and work diligently coupled with effective strategies. To build a superb sports blog site, you must check these sports blog designs we’ve handpicked for you. The Athletic has a cutting-edge design that will wow every audience. Its website has a dark tone background with white and minimalist typography. It offers articles on different sports that the audience wants to read. Whether it’s football, motorsports, boxing, golf, hockey, etc., an audience can truly enjoy reading from its clean and readable content. Moreover, the website offers an option to search and browse for stories or writers a visitor to read. It also integrates video content, podcasts, and more.


9. Sports Blog

Sports Blog

If you need inspiration to build a sports blog, you should see breathtaking designs. Here’s a clean and simple layout of the sports blog website. Sports Blog welcomes every audience with a featured story on the hero scene with a wide image. Specifically, this website brings the latest and resourceful articles on basketball, baseball, soccer, auto racing, and other exciting sports. Meanwhile, other top stories are also arrayed in different columns. Another wide thumbnail represents the featured story with a similar layout to the top story section for the trending stories. To maintain the website, banner ads are added in different spots.


10. The New York Times

The New York Times

The New York Times is a website with a super clean and readable sports blog design. A good design emphasizes visual hierarchy, typography, and other user-friendly features. This website exhibits the latest news on sports, including baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis and other sports. This section offers various articles that are visually appealing. Since the header is the first section the audience encounters, this website never fails to integrate its logo on the center of the website. Moreover, the huge banner ad is added to the hero scene to improve monetization. Also, the social media icons, search function, and off-canvas menu are ready to provide quick navigation to all audiences.


11. The Lines

The Lines

Find the best sports blog design that you prefer for your upcoming project. The Lines is a resourceful and minimalist website design dedicated to sports articles. Particularly, this website presents articles in columns with square thumbnails on the hero scene. As it integrates the sticky header, an audience can easily access different website categories. In addition, The Lines offer informative articles for football, basketball, golf, baseball, fantasy, and more. Those sports categories are easily distinguished as each icon has a visible logo that an audience can easily perceive. The sidebar presents the Football Betting while the content on the center represents the latest stories in different sports categories.


12. Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated news site

With the emergence of digital marketing, the sports industry has never failed to embrace such a strategy. Consequently, numerous sports blogs also emerged to provide the latest news on sports worldwide. Sports Illustrated is dedicated to covering different sports on its website. In particular, it covers NFL, NCAAF, NBA, Fantasy, Soccer, NHL, NCAAB, and MLB. The hero header presents the most recent article published with a medium-sized thumbnail and a clean scoreboard on top events on the sidebar. Other recent stories have smaller thumbnails arrayed in a single row. Other amazing features of this sports blog website include off-canvas, a search feature, a sticky banner ad on the bottom, and a wide banner ad on the header.


13. SBNation

SBNation sports blog

To create a sports blog website, you need the inspiration to craft it seamlessly. SBNation is one of the clean and awesome sports blog designs you can look into. It is a comprehensive sports blog with an innovative design. Specifically, the layout of the hero header is similar to a magazine style. Whether an audience wishes to read the news on basketball, football, soccer, golf, or other sports, SBNation has covered it. Other articles are displayed in one column, one after the other. Since banner ads can help monetize, SBNation embeds banner ads on the sidebar.


14. Bleach Report

Bleach Report sports blog

Another stunning sports blog design that sports bloggers need to examine is the Bleach Report. Websites with huge and high-quality images often stand out in the competition. Bleach Report implements the power of images on its website. The hero header utilizes a big and clear image and a brief description in a square box. It also includes banner ads on the header and on other sections of the website for monetization. The website uses square boxes with black background color to display the trending articles. In addition, the website also integrates the video content, sliders, social media icons, drop-down menu and more.


15. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports

Sports are not just for fun. They’re truly a great course of entertainment. Today, many people are entertained with websites that carry the latest sports news to the mass. Yahoo Sports features a clean, neat layout that inspires bloggers to craft their projects. Instead of just a few featured articles on the hero header, various articles are displayed to embrace the amazing vertically slide slider. Trending headlines also look neat on the sidebar, while another slider exhibits podcast. Like most sports blog websites, Yahoo Sports covers most of the sports available for the audience.


16. Detroit News Sports

Detroit News Sports

Detroit News is one of the popular news websites that deliver quality and resourceful articles to the web. Its sports blog design is simple but can inspire other bloggers while impressing sports fanatics. It features a sticky logo for branding on the header and the menu for easy navigation. The website is ready to provide different interesting topics with quality images and amazing video content. Specifically, an audience can access scorecards, most popular articles, and other useful content.


17. 247 Sports

247 Sports blog design

Another inspiring sports blog design with a clean and modern layout is 247 Sports. The overall design looks great with a clean and white background. The hero scene showcases different sports stories with clear thumbnails. It uses the sticky menu so visitors can easily locate other website content. Like other sports blog websites, it covers numerous sports news to deliver fun and entertainment worldwide. Specifically, trending news, polls, and player rankings have cool and innovative styles contributing to the website’s awesome look and feel.


18. Tennis

Tennis blog

Another amazing sports blog design that’s worth sharing is this Tennis website. As the name implies, Tennis is a sports blog dedicated to tennis. The overall design is excellent, with a touch of white space, visual hierarchy, and exceptional images. Each section of the website looks seamless, with sleek and subtle borders. Moreover, the cool hover effects add a touch of creativity to the design. Other notable website features include social media, video integration, off-canvas, menu, search, and more.

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