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16 Best Fashion Designer Blogs For Inspiration 2023

Are you a passionate blogger who can hardly resist fashion design? If you are, then why not unlock more opportunities for your passion? Don’t miss the collection of fashion designer blogs to help you express individuality with style and innovation.

Fundamentally, clothing is one of the basic needs of humans for warmth and protection. It can even protect the body against cold and hot weather conditions. However, fashion has influenced how men and women dress from time to time. While fashion is the art of applying design, aesthetics, and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories, it has become a popular expression in different times, places and personalities. Furthermore, fashion plays a significant role in expressing one’s beliefs too. Today, numerous fashion designers create extraordinary ways to promote their products. One of the effective ways they choose to boost their credibility online is to create a blog. Today, we’ve handpicked creative, contemporary and practical fashion designer blogs to inspire fellow fashion designers online.

Blogging offers bountiful benefits not just for companies but also for personal or professional life. Bloggers will earn more exposure and eventually build a professional network. Thus, you won’t just have the opportunity to express yourself but can even make money with your passion.

So, sit back and relax as we exhibit these cool blog designs that are truly impressive and creative enough to inspire you to create yours with similar quality or surpass them all! Enjoy!

1. John Frieda

John Frieda

Accordingly, fashion is a famous aesthetic expression, especially in clothing, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body. John Frieda is one of the amazing fashion designer blogs focusing on quality results for dazzling cuts and styles for hair. Its website is creative enough to demand attention from the audience. Passionate about having the perfect hairstyles for customers, this website offers quality products that target and transform deputies styling problems coupled with useful articles. A smooth slider is ready to highlight the beautiful images of women as background images with headlines on each. The website has a unique presentation of its products and blog articles. Check out how awesome this inspiration is!


2. Good On You

Good On You

Most people opt for apparel that reflects their personality. Therefore, designing functional and aesthetically pleasing clothes is necessary to meet every individual’s demands. Good On You is established with a global mission to lead the way towards a more sustainable and fair fashion industry. With such goal, its website is totally clean, minimalist and modern. The homepage has ample articles arrayed well in a magazine layout. The hero is a simple but elegant combination of a sleek image with a title and a little description that overlaps it. Other articles also look interesting with various sizes of thumbnails. Furthermore, a flawless slider is utilized in the presentation of fashion-related images. Other useful features are the off-canvas menu, newsletter, split-screen layout, etc.


3. NSS Mag


Fashion designers have great influence trends for the current and upcoming seasons. These fashion designer blogs are useful if you’re looking for inspiration. NSS Mag is an online magazine established as a reference point all over Europe regarding street culture, sneakers and fashion communities and enthusiasts. The homepage has an aesthetically pleasing layout with comprehensive features needed to make a magazine shine in a highly competitive market. Its fashion webpage appears clean and minimalist with the abundant use of white space. Each post also looks great with thumbnails and bold font titles. Moreover, it also uses a sticky header to keep the navigation at hand.


4. Flacon Magazine

Flacon Magazine

Fashion is not just about clothes, it’s also a style that concerns hair, makeup, etc. Flacon Magazine is a cool and interesting inspiration to look into when working with a fashion designer blog. It’s an online magazine that enables the free exchange of information between all participants in the beauty industry. The blog design is pretty nice and creative too. The hero header is a wonderful display of images that looks stunning. Part of the hero scene is the presentation of different stories posted by the blog’s authors. Multiple posts are displayed using a slider and each one looks superb. Aside from that, a clear menu is also utilized so it’s easier for the audience to access other articles. All in all, the website is innovative and creative with the use of GSAP animation.


5. Elle


Fashion designers work for apparel manufacturers to create designs for men, women and children’s fashion. These fashion designer blogs are essential if you’re a fashion designer searching for inspiration to build your blog excellently. Elle is a worldwide lifestyle of French that focuses on fashion, beauty, health and entertainment. Specifically, it features runway shows from the hottest fashion designers. The homepage is loaded with essential articles on fashion and beauty. The audience can easily navigate the site using the sticky header and off-canvas menu. It also uses ample white space, awesome hover effect, monetized banner ads, and more.


6. Who What Wear

Who What Wear

The fashion designer’s work is challenging. Specifically, they help individuals appear visually attractive. Here’s a remarkable list of fashion designer blogs that will serve as beautiful inspiration. Who What Wear is a creative blog focusing on affordable, size-inclusive, and trend-forward clothing and accessories. Its website features clean and modern design perfect for inspiration. The hero header features a nice photo of models wearing stylish apparels with a small box that overlaps it. Similarly, the top stories also exhibit interesting layout using card designs. Meanwhile, various banner ads are added to the website for monetization purposes. For the navigation, this blog uses a sticky header with simple typography.


7. Corporette


Corporette is a fashion and lifestyle blog ideally crafted for women lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants, and others who wish to look professional and fashionable. It has a simple design of a blog with easy-to-use elements. Particularly, the homepage is a wonderful exhibit of numerous articles. It welcomes the audience with a nice slider highlighting different posts or articles. It also comes with a sidebar menu having attractive colors. Furthermore, banner ads are also visible on the website for monetization, while the press icons that feature their works are also visible on the bottom of the homepage. What’s more? The online store is also accessible along with shopping guides and recent recommendations.


8. We Wore What

We Wore What

Blogging is a wonderful chance for a designer to show off a particular aesthetic, mood or point of view. Check out these fashion designer blogs that can take your blog design to the next level. We Wore What is founded by Danielle Bernstein, a leading style influencer with 2.2 million Instagram followers. Her website is built with simplicity but is fully resourceful regarding fashion. Passionate about fashion, its website enables potential customers to shop her apparel from top to booties. For the hero scene, it uses a smooth slider where visitors can easily scroll the apparels and check the items one by one. It also integrates the Instagram feed to showcase amazing outfits and apparel. The blog also looks great too with a simple layout having small thumbnails.


9. Not Your Standard

Not Your Standard

Take a look at these fashion designer blogs that will turn your dull designs into eye-catching and interesting ones. Kayla Seah is the inspiration and creativity behind Not Your Standard blog. It exists to share her personal style in fashion, beauty, health, etc. Her website has a super clean and minimalist with an asymmetrical layout. Right there on the homepage, the audience can easily shop for the recommended products. It utilizes a sticky menu on the left sidebar with a mega menu that makes it look unique and elegant. A super neat and clean layout for the fashion page is ready to entertain every website visitor. Likewise, visitors can also shop for the items found in the article.


10. Style Rave

Style Rave

Don’t miss these fashion designer blogs capable of inspiring your blogging career. Style Rave is a leading fashion and lifestyle platform serving Africans and people of African heritage worldwide. Trying to keep an eye on its goals, it acquires a simple but super elegant blog design. Particularly, it impresses visitors with the clear manifestation of visual hierarchy, utilization of quality images, good typography and awesome hover effect. The articles look interesting with white space throughout the website and a great layout. Additionally, the video integration and clear images also add sophistication to the overall design. Other useful features include the sticky menu, social media icons, parallax effect, and off-canvas menu that designers can implement in their projects.


11. Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules

Simple designs are appealing. Probably, Sincerely Jules earnestly understands the power of simplicity in web designs. Well, its website is a cool inspiration to review for fashion designer blogs project. It has an understandable layout on the homepage yet is compelling enough for fashion enthusiasts. Loaded with clear and quality images, visitors can easily shop the items indicated on each post. Each post comes with a title, descriptive CTA, and smooth slider for the clothing, footwear, or accessories showcase. It also integrates the Instagram feed to inspire visitors with the latest product she’s trying to promote or recommend.


12. Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy has found the best career and has never lost sight of her passion with love for fashion. Trying to make a difference, she has managed to put up a website where she can showcase her love for fashion. Her website Wendy’s Lookbook is truly an exceptional inspiration for similar professionals. This fashion designer blog contains creative design and practical elements. The homepage is a crucial tool to impress or disappoint a visitor. But this website is more than just a mere blog. Its layout never looks boring but makes an impressive showcase of its products with style. From excellent photos to good typography, this blog is comprehensible. While the footer showcases the necessary links, other site pages are crafted with creativity.


13. With Love From Kat

With Love From Kat

Kat Tanita is one of the most established fashion and travel influencers globally. While working in the fashion industry, she began sharing her personal, style, beauty, and travel musings in her blog. With Love From Kat is a fresh and elegant fashion designer blog. As the homepage is the virtual front door of a website, it should convey the elements with style. The elements are clutter-free, embracing the white space all over it. Thus, making the content breathe and is comprehensible. Each post has a seamless thumbnail added with stylish typography and simple hover effect on the titles. It also uses the mega menu, sticky header, nice slider, etc.


14. Penny Pincher Fashion

Penny Pincher Fashion

Starting a fashion designer’s blog is an effective outlet and can be extremely beneficial for self-promotion and image-making. Some individuals quit their jobs and work as full-time bloggers. For fashion designers, blogging can be an effective and free advertising tool. Penny Pincher Fashion is a remarkable inspiration for fashion designers who wish to share their amazing stories. It utilizes a black and white color scheme, making the overall design elegant. Most of the elements on the homepage have sleek and thin line borders to separate sections, which adds creativity to the design. This blog uses a sticky menu added with attractive social network icons to provide ease in navigation.


15. Jadore Fashion

Jadore Fashion

Blogging is a great platform for self-expression. Indeed, no doubt why many professionals love to share amazing tips of their passions through blogging. You’ve landed on the right track if you’re searching for inspiration in building your fashion designer blog. Jadore Fashion is one of the sophisticated fashion designer blogs you need to examine. Specifically, its homepage showcases interesting articles about fashion, lifestyle and motherhood. Like most websites these days, its hero header utilizes the useful slider to showcase and highlight multiple posts at a time. It also adapts to the power of white space for better understanding of content and readability. Furthermore, each post has smooth sliders for product display while the Instagram feed looks fabulous.


16. Color Me Courtney

Color Me Courtney

Color Me Courtney is a bright and colorful fashion designer blog worth your time checking. It’s not just colorful but is creative as well as the GSAP animation powers it. The homepage is a cool manifestation of creativity and sophistication with the desire to impress the audience. The hero header appears fabulous with the slider that highlights the featured posts. The elements are vibrant, and buttons have a super cool animation effect. Each post is also added with social share, making it easier for an audience to share the content with different social media platforms. Moreover, this blog also allows the audience to browse the content by category. Check out other interesting features of this blog today!

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  1. Design isn’t just about garments, it’s additionally a style that worries hair, cosmetics, and so forth. Flacon Magazine is a cool and intriguing motivation to investigate when you’re working with style planner blog. It’s an online magazine that empowers the free trade of data between all members in the magnificence business. The blog configuration is truly quite inventive as well. The legend header is an awesome showcase of pictures that looks dazzling.

  2. Such an amazing collection of blogs from fashion designers.

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