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19 Best Charity Websites Inspiration 2024

Let’s look at the best charity website design examples for your inspiration.

Every nonprofit’s unique brand should be revealed on its websites. You’re certainly on the right track if you’re looking for inspiration to craft the most engaging one for your organization. Check out these charity websites that will surely motivate you to build your web presence with quality and excellence.

“No one has ever become poor by giving” is a famous quote by Anne Frank that captures the heart of many people. Charity is a major mood booster that implicitly invigorates the donors’ lives. Its benefits even extend far beyond tax reductions and recognition. Accordingly, studies reveal that people who engage in charities feel more fulfilled and happier than those without. Though charities cover many missions, they all have a similar objective – to promote social welfare to the less fortunate. A good website is a must-have for these nonprofit organizations to spread awareness. We’re excited to share these amazing charity websites to help you build engaging, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate sites.

divi - charity WordPress themes

Looking to build a charity website?

Creating a website is easiest using a content management system. Here are the best charity WordPress themes that use the most popular CMS in the world: WordPress.

In this collection, you can find various charity websites ranging from health, animal, environmental, education, a global charity, etc. Some of these websites have simple but outstanding designs, while others are exceptionally creative. You probably need to see this inspiration if you’re a designer working on a project or want to redesign one. Additionally, if you’re a founder of a charity organization looking for ways to promote your cause, these websites are irresistible. So, look closely and see which features you consider for your project.

Best Charity Website Designs

1. Save The Children

Save The Children charity website

If you’re looking for the best inspiration to create an excellent website for a charity, this list is essential for you. Save The Children is an international organization with a resourceful and innovative charity website. Particularly, it focuses on large and clear images, visual hierarchy, and good typography. Hence, content always looks fresh and appealing to the audience. The hero header highlights captivating images of children with eye-catching calls to action and headlines through the smooth slider. It comes with various CTAs that can drive visitors to donate to the organization. Furthermore, the different stories of children are also seamless with the grid layout design. Furthermore, the social network icons are ready to help spread the organization’s mission.

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2. CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation

CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation

The content must deliver the message you wish the audience would grasp in building a website. However, the design and functionality should also be a top priority. With these charity websites, founders will have the idea and inspiration to spread awareness of their missions. CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation is committed to providing children and mothers with the world’s highest levels of health care. Specifically, its website is a wonderful and amazing as its mission. The homepage is equipped with awesome web elements and features that appear to be interesting. From animation upon scrolling, cool hover effects, parallax effect, bright color scheme, and white space, this charity website is ready to impress donors at a glance.

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3. Broad Foundation

Broad Foundation

Engage and inspire people to make a difference and raise awareness of your cause with an outstanding charity website. Broad Foundation’s clean and modern website design represents its mission worldwide. The hero scene is a beautiful introduction of its organization using a video background. This website also uses a nice and extensive menu, making accessing other pages easier. Specifically, it uses the sticky header for similar reasons and the logo for branding. For the presentation of its missions, it uses an attractive masonry layout. It also looks modern as it integrates a slider on it. Furthermore, the Twitter feed looks attractive and readable with its pristine layout.

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4. AMA Foundation

AMA Foundation

Simple designs are indeed the best. Always opt for a website that exhibits your cause to maximize donors for your nonprofit organization. Of course, the design and functionality should go hand in hand and have similar goals – to promote your cause effectively. AMA Foundation is a charity organization that focuses on medical research. Its website is packed with outstanding elements, ready to creatively and appealingly showcase its missions. This website uses purple as its primary color and stands out with ample white space all over the site. Similarly, the text that overlaps the images also looks creative and unique. The homepage indeed is ready to impress every audience that can turn to donors.

AMA Foundation is also one of the best-designed non-profit websites.

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5. Autodesk Foundation

Autodesk Foundation

Autodesk Foundation is a clean design of the charity website. It utilizes big and quality images combined with good typography on the homepage. This website is crafted to present their projects with style. Also, to introduce their expertise in creating innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges. It even integrates a video on the hero header to direct the audience to their goals. With the desire to help nonprofits and social enterprises scale their organizations, all the elements are presented compelling and clear. This website showcases the sustainability report nicely and innovatively to motivate other donors.

Like many websites on this list, it is built using Squarespace. If you want to create your own website, I recommend checking out these well-designed charity templates for Squarespace.

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6. Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson

A website is crucial for every charity institution as it can help make or break its reputation and credibility online. Raising awareness of your cause effectively with a website that can help promote it 24/7. Please look at these beautiful charity websites we’ve collected for your next project. Jackie Robinson is a nonprofit organization that focuses on youth higher education. It also exists to preserve the legacy of Baseball Hall of Fame member Jackie Robinson. The hero utilizes a magazine-style layout that indicates different stories. The website presents the success indicators below the header to encourage viewers to become donors.

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7. The MET 150

The MET 150

The MET is the largest art museum in the United Sta, andtithat contains an extensive collection of art, architecture, and artifacts from medieval Europe. Being a nonprofit organization, its website is ready to accomplish its goals- spreading awareness of its firm and letting people support its mission. In particular, the hero is a grandeur display of the museum’s ambiance through the video background. Of course, the header contains the necessary elements to boost the firm, such as the logo, menu, and search. This website uses a nice carousel for the art showcase, where the exhibitions look clean and organized. It also offers an easy way to buy tickets for a visit to the different locations of the museum. Other pages of the website are arrayed in alternate styles.

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8. Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is an organization that empowers women to live strong, healthy, and fulfill their dreams. That’s the initial idea of this firm. However, it has become a trusted health care provider, informed educator, and passionate advocate. Its website has a fresh and bright design and uses vibrant colors. It welcomes the audience with a bold and clear tagline and the hero’s search feature. Notably, the featured topics excel in symmetry layout with buttons and outline icons. Since the call-to-actions are helpful for the viewers to respond to the messages, this website implements plenty of CTAs. Hence, it’s easier for a visitor to connect with the institution.

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9. American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

Having a global mission to discover, interpret and disseminate information about human cultures, the natural world and the universe, the American Museum of Natural History crafted a magnificent website to promote its goal. In particular, the website is fully equipped with wonderful and engaging elements and informative content. The homepage has an excellent presentation of its upcoming events that shines with a black background. Another section looks great with the special exhibition of its Today’s Highlights. Moreover, it also exhibits blog posts, video content, online store, and other amusing articles in smaller thumbnails. What’s more? The website also uses clean typography, mega menu, nice hover effects, and white space.

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10. MoMA


Museum of Modern Art is committed to sharing the most thought-provoking, modern, and contemporary art. It aims to explore modern time’s art, ideas, and issues. Its website indicates cleanness and minimalism that is ready to kindle artists’ interest. The hero is a presentation of seamless exhibitions through images using grid layout. Other site sections like magazines, collections, events, and stores are also outstanding with minimalist layout.

Meanwhile, the sticky header provides ease in navigation. Hence, it’s easier for visitors to access the store, art, and artists’ page, plan the visit, and other necessary pages. Moreover, the CTAs on the header also play their vital roles – converting an audience to a member or buying tickets for the museum visit.

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11. Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch charity design

Steadfast in its mission, Human Rights Watch investigates and reports abuses occurring in all corners of the world. They are a team of country experts, lawyers, journalists, and other professionals to protect the refugees, children, civilians in wartime, and other vulnerable minorities. The website has a news/magazine layout highlighting the latest articles on the homepage. The header has an attractive design and useful elements, integrating an image, tagline, and CTA buttons. It also uses a nice dropdown menu for displaying the menu and submenu.

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12. Medicins Sans Frontieres

Medicins Sans Frontieres

A website is a great outlet to promote charity organizations and recruit volunteers effortlessly. Medicins Sans Frontieres provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or excluded from healthcare. The website has a magnificent design with useful elements for the charity organization. Specifically, the hero comes with a quality image, captivating CTA, headlines, and subheadlines. Moreover, the animated counter representing the success indicator adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. For navigation, it also utilizes a sticky menu to improve audience retention. As this organization works in more than 70 countries, this website showcases such countries to view those countries in a list or map style. Other useful features include sliders, awesome icons for social media, video integration, and more.

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13. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Various types of charity organizations exist to offer welfare, depending on the missions they carry. If you’re planning to build your charity website soon, you might want to check this collection. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is one of the leading organizations to treat and defeat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Its website comes with the finest features to make its cause stand out. The hero comes with a background video, descriptive CTAs, and taglines. It also integrates a useful search function for quick access to different diseases. One way to make the charity organization effective is to tell heartwarming stories. Those stories also look seamless with the masonry layout. While those elements are awesome, the science & medicine news is also striking with the sleek slider.

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14. World Vision

NRDC charity website design

For nearly 70 years, World Vision has been committed to protecting and caring for children in need. It has a clean and beautiful charity website tailored to present its cause exceptionally. The homepage is packed with super clean elements and minimalist features. The header has a refined image, clear CTA, and bold headline. Moreover, the success indicators are seamless as they overlap the hero image. Happy to introduce its 37,000+ staff in nearly 100 countries, it utilizes a clean google map to represent them.

Meanwhile, the simple and flat icons showcasing the organization’s beneficiaries are also striking. CTAs play vital roles in motivating the audience to get involved in the cause. It also has a sticky header for fast access to the works, resources, searches, and other necessary features.

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15. NRDC

World Vision

One of America’s 100 Best Charities, NRDC is a nonprofit organization that ensures the rights of all people to clean air, clean water, and healthy communities. As beautiful as its mission, its website has an extraordinary design that perfectly manifests creativity and minimalism. The header contains a marvelous image, attractive CTAs, and a headline. All over the homepage, descriptive CTAs are clear and visible. Particularly, the latest news uses a card design that shines with the slider. Furthermore, a nice and seamless donation section is added to the website. Meanwhile, the success indicators also look magnificent with the masonry layout and even cooler with the hover effect.

Preview Create Your Own

16. International Rescue Committee

International Rescue Committee website design

Let your website drive more donors to your cause as you look into these charity websites as inspiration. International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster. Consequently, this website is a simple design that discloses its cause and mission. Having yellow as its primary color, this website looks vibrant and lively. The hero header is empowered by a minimalist and brief introduction of the charity that overlaps the quality image. To present their institution well, bold yet vibrant icons look elegant too.

Meanwhile, the news & features also stand out with a superb layout. The text overlaps the image with white space all over it. Other notable features include clean testimonials, social network icons on footer, and more.

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17. Hashtag Lunchbag

Hashtag Lunchbag

Hashtag Lunchbag is a humanity service movement organized to empower and inspire humanity. It creates and uses bagged lunches to spread its mission and share experiences to inspire others. It creates a wonderful charity website to promote its goals worldwide. To increase awareness of their cause, it integrates an interesting video that serves as an effective promotional tool. The hero header uses a stunning video background to impress visitors to their website, including the CTAs and headline. It also implements the sticky header to improve audience retention and sticky social media icons on the sidebar.

Preview Create Your Own

18. Cancer Research Foundation

Cancer Research Foundation design

Cancer Research Foundation supports groundbreaking research projects in science for over 60 years. It raises funds from individual donors and provides startup funds and early cycle grants to the local chapters. With such goals, it creates a modern website whose mission is clear and straightforward. The website welcomes the audience with a candid design of the homepage. The overall design shines with the animation upon scrolling and white space and parallax effect.

Moreover, the Instagram feed implies sophistication as the latest posts are arrayed beautifully in a grid layout. What’s more? This website uses an off-canvas menu for navigation, so it’s easier for an audience to access the programs, podcasts, news, resources, etc.

Preview Create Your Own

19. Ovo Foundation

Ovo Foundation website design

Ovo Foundation has vibrant and colorful website elements. As delightful as its design, this foundation focuses on the most complex social problems such as youth homelessness, educational inequality, and access to energy. Emphasizing visual hierarchy and good typography, the content and layout is awesome. To make the hero scene welcoming, it integrates video background with a bold headline and clear CTAs. It also applies the animation upon scrolling and cool hover effects on some elements. The website utilizes a clean and vibrant sticky header to easily access other website pages. Check it out!

Preview Create Your Own

Essential Charity Website Features

Mission Statement

A clear and concise mission statement is essential for any charity website. It communicates the organization’s purpose and goals, and it’s often the first thing visitors look for to understand what the charity stands for and who it aims to help. This statement helps to inspire trust and aligns the audience with the charity’s cause.

Donation Options

Charity website donatione xamples

An easily accessible and secure donation feature is crucial for converting visitors into supporters. Multiple payment options, including one-time and recurring donations, should be provided to accommodate different preferences. Transparent information on how donations are used can further encourage generosity.

Impact Evidence

Where money goes in charity

Tangible proof of the charity’s impact, such as stories, statistics, and reports, shows potential donors the direct results of their contributions. This transparency builds credibility and demonstrates accountability, vital for maintaining donor trust and support.

Programs and Projects

charity website project examples

Detailed descriptions of ongoing and completed programs give visitors insight into the charity’s work. This section should highlight specific initiatives and explain how they align with the organization’s mission, providing a deeper understanding of the charity’s efforts and achievements.

Volunteer Information

charity volunteer website example

Many people are willing to offer their time and skills. A dedicated section for volunteer information, including roles, requirements, and the application process, can help mobilize a community of supporters and maximize the charity’s reach and impact.

Newsletter Sign-Up

email subscription form for charity website

Capturing email addresses through a newsletter sign-up lets the charity inform supporters about news, events, and campaigns. Regular communication helps to nurture the relationship with donors and volunteers, keeping them engaged and ready to support when needed.

Social Media Integration

Social media links and live feeds enable visitors to connect with the charity on various platforms. An active social media presence can expand the organization’s reach, foster community engagement, and provide real-time updates on the charity’s work.

Contact Information

A clear and accessible contact section, with an address, phone number, email, and possibly a contact form, ensures that visitors, donors, and potential partners can easily contact the charity for any inquiries or collaborations.

These elements create a trustworthy, engaging, and user-friendly charity website. They help communicate the organization’s message and needs and provide the tools for visitors to become active participants in the charity’s mission.

How to make a charity website?

I hope you found these charity website examples inspiring enough to start your own website. For that, we recommend looking into the best WordPress themes for non-profits. A simpler alternative is to use a drag and drop website builder for charities. Once you are done, please show us your results in the comment section below.

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