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18 Best Dentist Websites Design Inspiration To Explore 2022

Here are all the best dentist websites to inspire your next web design project.

Are you looking for the finest website inspiration for your dentistry profession? If you do, you shouldn’t miss these breathtaking dentist websites that will help you build your online presence with style and innovation. Discover which features you’d like to replicate in your project and outshine other brands.

A great smile is an asset and gives an individual greater confidence in their career, social life, and relationships. More importantly, good oral and dental hygiene is demanded by every individual. This way, bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease are evaded. Thanks to experienced and expert dentists, maintaining optimum oral health is possible and effective. Today, most businesses and creative individuals have built websites to promote their brands and unlock wonderful opportunities. The dental industry has not missed such an opportunity for brand awareness. If you’re in this profession and offer affordable services but don’t have the best website yet, you shouldn’t miss this collection.

When building a website, you have ample options to consider. Specifically, you can opt for premium or free dentist WordPress themes to clear the difficulty and stress of building it from scratch. On the other hand, you can also hire a skilled developer to craft the best website for your profession. However you’d like to craft yours, it depends on your preferences. But you will surely need this handpicked collection of dentist websites that will inspire you. Have a glimpse of these excellent sites and get inspired!

Best Designs Website Design Examples

1. Bryant


Poor dental hygiene might lead to various health issues. But thanks to dentists’ expertise they find ways to maintain individuals’ oral health. While dentistry requires knowledge and experience, the tools will help them perform their task at their best. Bryant Dental is a brand that supplies the dentist with next-generation technology. A good website is established with exceptional design to showcase excellent products. The homepage has a nice, unique, and creative design to impress the customers. Specifically, it implements a grandeur transitions effect once the user scrolls the page. This website denotes elegance and sophistication with a black background, white typography, and well-organized web elements.


2. Dental Brothers

Dental Brothers

Good oral and dental hygiene is essential. And dentists exist to provide such awesome dental services to those who need them. If you’re in this profession but haven’t built a website yet, then better check out these inspiring dentist websites. Dental Brothers provide above-standard services using the most modern methods and technologies. With its goal to constantly educate and monitor what’s new in dental care, it has an excellently designed website to showcase its services. The web elements shine brighter with blue as the site’s primary color with a clear white background. It also has a nice subtle animation coupled with visual hierarchy, smooth sliders, and sticky navigation.


3. Clinica Dental Escariz

Clinica Dental Escariz

Learn how to grow your profession with a highly professional dentist website. This amazing collection can find various inspirations for your web presence. Here’s Clinica Dental Escariz that promises to make dental health and well-being come first. It’s a dental firm that brings together state-of-the-art technology and exceptional dentists. Its website has a super neat and clean design that can empower its brand across the web. The homepage uses a simple slider to showcase and highlight the necessary content. It also utilizes a sticky sidebar menu that makes user-friendly navigation. As the logo serves as a powerful branding tool, this site has a clean and minimalist logo with color consistency all over the site.


4. Digital Smile Academy

Digital Smile Academy

Long-lasting dental protection is a must to maintain optimum oral health. Thanks to the expert dentists achieving that goal are possible. One of the most stunning dentist websites you should look into is Digital Smile Academy. It’s a leading clinic for implantology and prosthesis in Croatia. It intends to offer the highest standards of treatments in dentistry. Knitted to its wonderful goal, a great website is crafted to introduce its brand worldwide. Its website has a modern and innovative design. It uses the video background on the hero scene with captivating CTA and engaging headlines. The services are excellent with the grid layout it uses. It also uses the sticky header to keep the menu and the sticky social media on the side, so it’s easier to access the social media pages.


5. Tend


Provide a smooth process of setting appointments for clients with a grandeur dentist website. With such a website, an apparent boost of the business is possible. These dentist websites will probably inspire you to create the finest website for your profession or dental firm. Tend is just one of the most inspiring websites to explore. It promises a remarkable experience with the best dental treatments, a soothing environment, delightful products, and a team of dental experts. The site has an enticing video background, clear CTA, contact numbers, and a perfect headline. Moreover, this site uses a super smooth and subtle animation to make the presentation more interesting. As CTAs are powerful tools to convert a user to a customer, this site implements various CTAs all over the page.


6. New York General Dentistry

New York General Dentistry

Strong, white teeth boost the confidence of an individual. Aside from that, proper digestion is essential for the body. Hence, the teeth should have fair care and treatment. This is what dentists aim to provide for their customers. New York General Dentistry is one of the cool dentist websites you shouldn’t miss. It offers personalized dental care with compassionate, expert, and professional dentists. Its website is crafted to improve its credibility online and reach a wider reach. Specifically, it has a simple but elegant hero scene – descriptive CTAs, headline, and a quality background image. As press coverage boosts the firm’s credibility, this website integrates it with style and elegance. Moreover, the dental services also look remarkable with the simple layout but are comprehensive enough.


7. ArchPoint


With the power of digital advancements, many brands have integrated this strategy. By building a website, marketing your business is pretty easy and effective. In this awesome collection of dentist websites, you will have ample options to build yours with quality. ArchPoint is committed to providing state-of-the-art dental implant technologies with the best materials possible. With the top 5 doctors and 30+ years of experience, ArchPoint is ready to unlock more wonderful opportunities. This website has a captivating homepage design. The hero header has a quality image background, attractive CTA, and a stunning headline. Furthermore, the cool animation upon scrolling, sticky header, and visual hierarchy add to the stunning design of the website.


8. Advanced Family Dentistry

Advanced Family Dentistry

Enhance your online presence with an outstanding website to spread your brand awareness. Promoting your business and building your reputation is effective with such a website. In this handpicked collection of dentist websites, you can acquire various ideas to finalize your design. Advanced Family Dentistry offers high-quality dental inlays and onlays for good dental health. The hero scene has a simple design with a photo of the teams, a CTA, and a headline. To show their capabilities, the introduction of the brand is added with amazing before and after images. This way, potential customers will perceive how excellent their services are. In addition, the services section also looks stunning with the cool hover effect it applies.


9. Moffitt Dental

Moffitt Dental

In this modern era, having a website is demand. With a well-built website, potential customers will have a real quick perception of your business. Studies reveal that most customers visit the website before purchasing a product. Get inspired by these dentist websites that will help you establish yours. Here’s Moffitt Dental which promises to improve patients lives through dentistry. The homepage design is comprehensive, modern, and sleek. The exciting video integration introduces the brand with enthusiasm in the hero header. It also has a user-friendly sticky header with social media icons, a book appointment button, a logo, menu, and phone number. This website’s other valuable features include the smooth slider, cool hover effect, and more!


10. Douglewis Dentistry

Douglewis Dentistry

If you have great experience in dentistry, a good website can help you easily spread your brand across the web. As most people have access to the internet, it is essential that they can access your site 24/7. Douglewis Dentistry is one of the awesome dentist websites that’s inspiring. It is dedicated to providing excellent patient experiences with modern procedures and equipment to exceed customers’ expectations. The design of the homepage is simple but comprehensive. Like other sites, it showcases random shots of people with bright smiles on the hero scene. Customers can easily book an appointment and check the business hours and the phone number. The services section also looks grandeur with the simple but captivating menu.


11. Arch Dental of Manhattan

Arch Dental of Manhattan

Finding high-quality, trusted dental services is quick. Thanks to the power of web presence, setting up an appointment is real quick and easy. If you offer similar services and don’t have a website yet, you can check out these dentist websites we’ve handpicked for you. Arch Dental of Manhattan offers a full range of dental services with quality care, exceptional service, with patient convenience. Its website has a stunning look and feel. As the homepage can create a good impression, it ensures that the images are high quality, the typography is clear, and the content is compelling. The special offers section has a cool design, a medium-size thumbnail, and a short description. Similarly, the services sections also look clean and neat with ample white space it integrates.


12. Atlanta Dental Spa

Atlanta Dental Spa

These dentist websites will be valuable if you need inspiration for your next dental website project. Here’s Atlanta Dental Spa that’s established to attract leading professionals in dentistry to work together as a team. With excellent dental services, it is ready to boost its business with an innovative website. The homepage has a visually appealing design with comprehensive web elements ready to impress visitors. In the hero header is a cool video background with the name of the firm and a captivating CTA. The online news and magazines featured their services are impressive and enticing below that section. It is essential to connect with the customers, this website ensures that the phone numbers in different branches are available and the appointment form is clear.


13. St. Paul Dental Center

St. Paul Dental Center

Set apart from the competition with an awesome website that will provide a lasting first impression. Whatever your option in building your website, it is necessary to have ample inspiration to explore to exceed customer expectations. These amazing dentist websites are a great source of inspiration. St. Paul Dental Center offers high standards in personalized dental care and comfortable and gentle dentistry. It has a simple but engaging website to showcase its services. Specifically, it uses a stunning image on the hero header with clear CTAs and a great headline. Aside from the smile gallery, it also integrates videos for patient education. Moreover, this website also offers a nice and attractive special offer section with a charming image and a compelling copy.


14. Smile and Company

Smile and Company

Indeed, teeth are one of the best sources of great confidence. That’s why they should have the best care possible. And dentists should have quality websites to showcase such awesome dental services. Smile and Company is one of the ideal dentist websites to examine. Its amazing website will truly impress the potential customers to trust its firm. Specifically, the hero scene displays a captivating grayscale video background with the brand name. The overall design of the homepage is quite simple but elegant and sleek. They are seamless from video integration, flawless slider, excellent hover effect, and smooth and subtle animation. Furthermore, the sticky header has an elegant design with the logo, off-canvas menu, and a phone number.


15. Grand Street Dental

Grand Street Dental

Optimize your marketing strategy with a creative website to spread your brand across the web. With such strategy, you can freely advertise your brand and earn recognition almost effortlessly. See these dentist websites if you’re looking for great inspiration for your upcoming dental website. Grand Street Dental provides top-notch care in a state-of-the-art facility with dentistry’s most modern and trusted technologies. The homepage has a creative and vibrant design with consistent web elements. Specifically, the semicircle shapes all over the homepage are visually appealing. In addition, the white space this website utilizes makes the content look interesting and readable. That’s not all, the testimonials also appear extremely attractive with the slider.


16. Alemany Dental

Alemany Dental

Reach new audiences and trust your patients to build an exceptional dental website. Here’s a bunch of inspiration that you can consider for your upcoming projects. Alemany Dental is one of the inspiring dentist websites. With over 13 years of dental experience and hundreds of cases completed, this dental firm provides exceptional care to every patient. The overall design and content of the site look attractive and creative with the split-screen layout. As the user scrolls the page, the left and right sides of the screen move in the opposite direction – upwards and downwards. Each site section has a clean and modern design, making the content stunning. Furthermore, the blog page has a minimalist layout that can boost the site’s search traffic.


17. South San Francisco Dental Care

South San Francisco Dental Care

Find ways to set your brand apart from the competition. Indeed, a good website is one of the most effective ways to unlock more opportunities for your business. If you haven’t built yours as a dentist, here is ample inspiration to delve into dentist website. South San Francisco Dental Care offers convenient, reliable, and enjoyable dentistry with a team of dentists and specialists. Its website has a superb design with essential web elements. The hero header highlights some lovely images that serve as background with CTA and headlines. In like manner, the services also look clean and neat, emphasizing good typography. Meanwhile, video integration is also used to showcase the firm’s establishment tour.


18. The Dental Suite

The Dental Suite

Grab the best features you can replicate to your dental website project with these remarkable dentist websites. The Dental Suite is one of the most elegant designs to consider. Specifically, the hero header highlights images with headlines through a slider. Cool video integration is integrated for the introduction to make the homepage more engaging. Similarly, a creative presentation of the dentists is visible on the homepage. The image is revealed on the left side by hovering over the dentist’s name. In like manner, the testimonials appear excellent with the slider and readable typography. Moreover, the awesome services are arranged stunningly with cool hover effects too. Check out other useful features on this dental website today!


How to build a dental website?

There are many ways you can create a website for a dental practice. The easiest approach is to use a drag-and-drop website builder such as Wix, Squarespace or Zyro. All of them have dozens of amazing starting templates for dentistry. These are DIY website builder that doesn’t require any previous experience. You can easily create a website within a day.

Another approach to creating a website is by using CMS such as WordPress. It is a bit more complex because it requires hosting, domain name, theme and plugins. However, once everything is up and running, you will have way more control over your website and it will cost less in the long term if you are ready to do the required work upfront. If you are ready, here are the best WordPress themes for dentists that will serve you as a foundation for your website.

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