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25 Easy-To-Use DIY Website Builder Solutions 2019

25 Easy-To-Use DIY Website Builder Solutions 2019

If you like to do it yourself, you definitely need a DIY website builder. You can now create a page all on your own, without the need to hire someone.

No coding and no design knowledge required!

Yes, that is correct, you do not really need any technical background and still crush it with your web design. You, all of a sudden, become a professional although it might be your very first time building a website. No biggie, you will have it all under total control anyway.

By choosing any of the DIY website builder software that we hand compiled bellow, you are assured of a fantastic outcome. With the simple, fun and almost entertaining drag and drop process, you can quickly have the needed masterpiece ready and set for the launch. Moreover, the majority of page editors also come with ready-made templates and loads of web elements and components you can utilize and take to your advantage.

Before you know it, a fully active website, pushing your products, services or personal brand is right in front of you. And when in need to update it, again, you can do it yourself with ease. Manage and maintain a blooming website as the experts do it without anyone needing to know you are a web design first timer.


wix diy website builder
Wix offers freedom to creating anything, especially if you are planning to have your own do-it-yourself websites. It provides a wide array of functionalities and features that make it an ideal DIY website builder. Whether you are an amateur enthusiast or a seasoned entrepreneur, you can definitely make use of Wix as your site building platform. There is no doubt that your end product will be of the highest-degree, fully responsive, flexible and compatible with all modern web browsers.

This particular software offers you an option to choose between a blank slate or over five hundred designer-made templates. Do it however you fancy, the material and equipment needed are there. Some of the known features of Wix are its artificial design intelligence (ADI), more advanced customizer, Editor, and the Code, which is pretty self-explanatory. Wix gives all levels of users to shine online and start something fresh for themselves. Do it now with Wix and realize your ideas.

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weebly diy website builder
Despite the fact that you might be in need of a super niche website, you are still in good hands with Weebly. It is a quick and straightforward DIY website builder for all the creative minds out there. Whoever runs a business, plans to start an online project or even wants to create a personal page, you can now do it without hassle.

By using Weebly, you can now craft the exact page you always wanted to rock the world wide web with. Look no further, take action now and move forward. It is all about yourself and your style that defines how quick your end product will be live. Not just how quick, but how creative and innovative it will appear.

Besides, with Weebly, you can also access your page on the go, directly from your mobile device. Download Weebly app and always be present. This comes especially handy if you run an online store. Get going!

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bigcommerce diy website builder
You already know what you are getting with BigCommerce. It is a DIY website builder for online stores of all shapes and sizes. Whether a small eCommerce website or a large marketplace, BigCommerce is here to get them all done without difficulty. As you will soon find out, designing and developing a page will be way simpler and quicker than you may think. But, for some, it sure is hard to believe, so they will need to see it for themselves. With that in mind, you can go full-tilt signing up to BigCommerce and test the waters with the 14-day free trial. Notice: you will be hooked immediately.

Due to the high optimization when it comes to ROI, performance and loading speeds, naturally, BigCommerce stores tend to sell more. And if your plan is to start small and slowly and gradually scale to new volumes, BigCommerce will make sure your page is always safe and secure, working seamlessly regardless of its size. You can also connect your store with other platforms, like Amazon, eBay and Instagram.

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squarespace diy website builder
From being a plain and simple site building service, Squarespace has managed to improve itself, allowing various users to fully enjoy its up to date and useful features. Squarespace is one of the best DIY website builders today, offering unique assets that you can utilize for creating and even navigating through its numerous useful components. You will surely have a ton of fun using Squarespace and making something special out of it. It does not matter whether you are a designer, an artist, a photographer or an online business owner, with Squarespace, anyone can hammer out an enviable web space.

Along with all these striking features, preset templates and neat components, Squarespace also provides a reliable 24/7 support. It keeps you on track and makes you never feel lonely on your journey to a victorious page realization. For your information, you can also pick a custom domain and host your page with Squarespace, to manage and maintain your website from one location.

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shopify diy website builder
If you are into do-it-yourself content and niche items, you can surely benefit from the various traits of Shopify. The software is mainly intended for eCommerce business owners, small and large alike. With the stunning templates and designs, Shopify is one banging DIY website builder. Depending on your template of choice, you can choose to add contents and details without the need for extensive coding knowledge and web design skills. Customizing is easy with Shopify, allowing you more time to focus on your brand and niche.

Shopify is a great option for everyone out there who is selling and pushing his or her DIY products. In fact, Shopify is for everyone. It does not really matter what items you would like to sell, Shopify gives you all the rights to do it like a champ. Aside from that, Shopify also has a great customer service that is always there to help you out.

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tilda diy website builder
When it comes to your desire of having your own website, Tilda is a top choice you should think about. It is dubbed by many as one of the best DIY website builders because of its practical, efficient and easy to use features. This site building platform assures users like you of a fun, quick and easy way of creating a website where the process is being likened to a game. And who does not like to play games? I know, right!

What makes Tilda quite enticing, especially for amateur site creators, is its wide range of pre-designed blocks and templates. All the content that you get part of the Tilda package is highly flexible which you can modify easily. Tilda also has a strong focus on typography and visual content. With this in mind, you know that your users will leave your page satisfied and exciting both at the same time. Bring your material right in front of them in an original and clean way for their pure enjoyment.

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ucraft diy website builder
For a versatile and highly reliable DIY website builder, uCraft is a must try. Similar to most recent site building software, uCraft assures you numerous beautiful templates and features that require no design and no programming skills. Web development without the need to touch a single string of code? Yep, that is what’s up and you can enjoy the simplicity in full right off the bat. Since uCraft’s designs are entirely modifiable, adjusting it to your niche is very easy and fast. You can also enhance the layout of choice with your creativity and make it your own.

As part of the awesome traits uCraft comes with, you will be able to create a one of a kind logo for your website as well. Just like you have loads of templates at your disposal, uCraft’s components are almost never ending and all nicely crafted. You have a powerful tool that does loads of work instead of you for the swiftest page creation.

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jimdo diy website builder
You have everything you need and then some when it comes to Jimdo. Making a page for your business or personal project is effortless when Jimdo strikes with its elements and ready-to-use material. Before you fully dive in, you should be informed about the two approaches Jimdo takes. One is Dolphin and the other is Creator. The former is your personal artificial intelligence designer that hammers out a site for you in just three minutes. All it needs from you is some basic information and Dolphin then goes out there and sets up a website for you.

Moreover, when it comes to Creator, the name pretty much says it all. It gives you a chance to construct your own web space step by step. That could be a small business page, an online store, a blog, a resume or a hosting site to name a few. Of course, Jimdo can make loads other websites, too, so make sure you use it to the extreme. Challenge Jimdo with your uniqueness and see extraordinary things happen.

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mozello diy website builder
If you wanted to reach your goal of having an awesome website, you should consider creating one with Mozello. It is a fine and modern DIY website builder you can get your hands on and employ it straight away. Mozello takes care of all the complex technical aspects of site creation, while you enjoy using its highly valuable components. With Mozello, as your page editor, you need not worry about domain registration and web hosting, for it takes care of both for you. Hence, allowing you to focus more on the things that truly matter for your site.

Mozello is compatible with all devices and online browsers and does not shy away from translating it. You can even provide your content in multiple languages and globalize your website. On top of that, Mozello comes with handy marketing and SEO tools for you to get the most out of the web.

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novi diy website builder
Would you like to do it yourself when it comes to creating a neat page? With Novi, a DIY website builder, you can now hammer out a professional online space for your project almost instantly. With its effortless drag and drop technology, prior experience is not necessary. Novi also comes with ready-made templates and all the must-have plugins to get you online ASAP. Building from the ground up is a thing of the past. Start with the layout that Novi has in store for you and go from there.

In little time, you will sit (or stand – hurray for standing desks) behind your computer screen with a fully functional website which you put together. Although support is available, with Novi, you will need no help and succeed at publishing a dope website regardless of the online project you would like to start.

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8b diy website builder
While some DIY website builders require a small fee, there are still many available that come completely free of charge. Meet 8b. This tool is simple to use and perfect for someone who has just decided that he or she needs a website. In other words, even if you have no idea how the process works, heck, you are not even familiar with web development, you can still bring a page into fruition.

With the convenient 8b, you can set up websites of all types, like event, gaming, lawyer, real estate, restaurant and sport to name a few. Building and designing with 8b require only three simple steps and you will be fresh on the web. Besides, with the fantastic mobile website builder that 8b has included in the bundle, you can edit and update your page from your mobile device, too.

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webs diy website builder
With a do-it-yourself website builder, you will have your online presence under total control. Instead of hiring a pro to help you out, with Webs, you can comfortably approach web development all on your own. If this still sounds a bit too intimidating to you, let me just say that you need to have zero coding and design knowledge. In short, you can be a beginner and still have an opportunity to come out with a striking web space.

Along with the professional designs and drag and drop builder, Webs also follows all the latest trends and regulations. It makes sure that your pages will be mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and fully search engine optimized. Hook yourself with Webs now and, little do you know, you have a working website ready to go live shortly after. Also, Webs offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you have more than enough time to test it out and witness its power.

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webnode diy website builder
Would you like to enter the world wide web free of charge? Now you can! Create a page with a reliable and valid DIY website builder, Webnode. This page editing service promises to users an easy to use and simple environment. And this is the reality that you will face with as soon as you become part of the gang.

At this time, you might not know yet that you already have your page up and running. All over the globe, Webnode is in use by various people with different intentions. Whether it is for business, personal or online store, Webnode guarantees the best features and functionalities to support you on the journey.

Webnode provides carefully prepared templates and designs that are fully adjustable for quick, efficient and hassle-free site creation. It takes you only about five minutes to construct a page with Webnode. Witness it yourself.

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ukit diy website builder
You have your full page building kit once you sign up for uKit. It is an advanced and features-rich DIY website builder that serves pretty much all niches and every industry. No matter what type of page you would like to start, you can do-it-yourself with uKit and shine online. With the right equipment and beginner-friendliness in mind, all the software you find in this collection is effortless to use. Everyone can successfully undergo the process of website realization. And it does not matter what is your level of experience – it could be zero and you will still succeed.

uKit comes with over 350 designs which all are modifiable to suit everyone’s needs precisely. There is no holding back once it comes to uKit. You can be as creative as you would like to be with it and forge a one-of-a-kind page that will best represent you online. Take things into your hands with uKit and stand out from the masses.

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readymag diy website builder
Whether you desire to start from scratch or simply begin with the help of unique templates, Readymag can make your site creation full of good times and straightforward. As one of the top DIY website builders out there, Readymag offers fresh and dependable features and page components for you to utilize. Regardless of the niche and purpose of your site, you can surely have one with the help of Readymag. When you see how simple all is, you will stop questioning and start executing right away.

Some of the most notable features included with Readymag are custom domain, SSL, Google Analytics integration for tracking and tested and proves password protection. Moreover, the web designs of Readymag are 100% pliable and adaptive, spiced up with animations and other special effects you can add. Connect your fresh website with social media accounts, implement video embeds and start collecting email account with the help from MailChimp, all this and loads more with none other than Readymag.

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site123 diy website builder
Want to experience a ridiculously fast website establishment process? If so, Site123, hence its name, is the best DIY website builder you can choose. You can surely count on all the elements and exclusive contents it provides since they are all refined and optimized for insane performance. But first, you need to understand that all it takes to launch your page are three simple steps and that is pretty much it. Yes, 3! Doesn’t that sound quick enough? We all know the answer.

After you pick up the style of website you would like to bring into being, you can already start editing it with your content, and before you know it, you are live on the internet. Speaking of types of websites, you can create business, online store, blog, event, tourism, health and community websites to name a few. The horizon of possibilities is broad so make sure you do things to your likings.

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strikingly diy website builder
Realizing a striking website in this day and age is fun and effortless. With the help from Strikingly, you can easily achieve your demanded page and bring into fruition all your ideas. Hence, making this DIY website builder highly sought by amateurs and professionals alike. Starting your website with Strikingly is free what makes you feel even more comfortable going after establishing your dream web space. And once you grow your online presence to a certain level, you can always upgrade to an appropriate plan and continuously run your page without a break.

What makes Strikingly a standout are many ridiculously valuable goodies it comes with. Those are social feeds, analytics, built-in HTTPS, SEO optimization, sign up and contact forms and oh so many more. Strikingly also boasts of its excellent customer support to assist you anytime. Now you know you will never feel lost on the site making adventure you are about to take. Like, now!

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zoho diy website builder
The control is in your hands with Zoho. When chatting about DIY website builders, you want to have the ability to do it all on your own, right? This is why we collected the tools that give you the ability to create stuff exactly how you want. Sure, you can pick the ready-to-use template, but you can easily improve and modify it further to fit your needs best. Whatever you do, you are assured that you will also create a compelling page that will wow everyone that visits it. Be it a website or an online shop, whatever the case, Zoho is ready for all of them.

With Zoho’s drag and drop site builder, the limits are none. Change the positioning of elements, remove some, add your custom content, set parameters and all the rest that comes along. In a short period of time, you will have the page ready and set to enter the streets of the online world. Start spreading the word out there, get your brand known and grow steadily.

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moonfruit diy website builder
You would like to do things yourself, wouldn’t you? However, you find yourself in a position where you do not feel comfortable doing it due to the lack of coding and web design skills. This is where Moonfruit comes into play. This page building service offers a 14-day trial to give you an extensive access to their features and other site components. From hosting, emails and SEO to unique stock imagery and other useful features, Moonfruit has you covered.

Being a sophisticated and advanced DIY website builder, Moonfruit can easily cooperate with your grand plan. Since it is highly flexible and customizable, users like you will not have any difficulty creating a website according to your niche or field of interest. It is all there, packed into a cutting-edge kit of goodies that help you manifest the superb web space you want to own. Moonfruit is for everyone, every business and every idea, you just need to put it to use and see the cracking final result happens.

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bookmark diy website builder
Bookmark has tons of practical and uncomplicated characteristics and features you can employ as soon as you get on board. One of the most stand out asset of this superb DIY website builder is AiDA. Right now, you probably have no idea what AiDA is. Basically, it is an artificial intelligence design assistant that helps you out creating your page. You read that correctly. Besides, it only takes two minutes for AiDA to sort you out with an impressive web design that you can rock on the web. And it can even be an eCommerce page, and AiDA will still manage it with ease.

Other traits of Bookmark are drag and drop editing, search engine optimization, built-in photo editor and unlimited storage and bandwidth. Indeed, every final product you create with Bookmark is mobile- and retina-ready, as well as harmonious with popular web browsers. Introduce your original personal touch and see the difference.

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IM Creator

im creator diy website builder
IM Creator considers itself as a state-of-the-art DIY website builder, packed with modern features and employing all the latest technologies. The best part about this editor is the fact that you can use it for free. Of course, there is a premium part of the deal as well but you do not need to use it. In a short time, IM Creator also helped millions of users built their pages. Obviously, they are doing something right.

You can create and manage your site with IM Creator through their ready-made stripes and polydoms. The results are Google friendly and responsive, exactly how a page should be in the era, we live in. IM Creator also comes with blogging and eCommerce capabilities for better connectivity, interaction and customer reach. With the addition of the XPRS app, you can update your site on the go from your handheld device what comes very convenient.

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pagecloud diy website builder
Pagecloud provides users a complete design flexibility, allowing both beginners and experts to create their own pages almost without limit. The tool boasts of its drag and drop editor which ensures a comfortable, fun and clear environment. If you are not satisfied with the drag and drop method, professionals can also go beyond it by source code manipulation.

Apart from the newbie and professional editor that Pagecloud has in store, users can also take advantage of many other features. Speaking of which, benefit from tons of ready-to-use elements, predesigned templates, SEO support, analytics and amazing customer support. In between, you will discover a lot more that will help refine your web space to the fullest. You will need to invest very little energy to achieve jaw-dropping results with Pagecloud. Mobile sites, hosting and security are also included, just like custom domains. Start for free for the first fourteen days and be blown away by the website you will craft.

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godaddy diy website builder
It is almost impossible not to know what GoDaddy is. However, if you truly are new to the entire online game, let’s quickly get familiar with it. GoDaddy is a giant amongst offering domain registration, web hosting and all the rest to help you get online as quickly as possible. On top of that, GoDaddy is also a DIY website builder that gives everyone a chance to become designers and developers and get creative with their web space. No matter how picky you might be, you will surely find the best fitting solution for your project and niche.

You can start by choosing a template that suits your idea best. Retail, real estate, services, blog, you name it, there are numerous styles available for you to study first and select second. GoDaddy’s GoCentral website builder also offers email marketing, social media and search engine optimization tools for your convenience. Do it yourself in its entirety from one handy location.

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volusion diy website builder
Another interesting DIY website builder you should try is Volusion, the all-in-one eCommerce solution. Volusion is more than just a site building platform, for it considers itself a community of over 180,000 entrepreneurs from all over the globe. With its responsive themes and comprehensive site editor, making a website with Volusion is swift and straightforward. If you want to see significant results concerning your niche or brand, Volusion might just be the answer you are looking for.

Selling and pushing items online becomes effortless with Volusion. Some of the features you should be aware of are inventory management, payment collection, rating and reviews, newsletters and integration with Amazon and eBay. Obviously, not all perks are available in each plan, but if you are starting small, kick things off with the cheapest option and go from there. After all, Volusion easily grows with you, so you do not need to worry about your page ever going offline due to the sudden massive volumes of traffic.

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webstarts diy website builder
Starting on the web with Webstarts seems a legit plan to execute. It is an all-around DIY website builder that provides the most appropriate tools and features that allow users to create their desired pages. If you are not yet sure on whether Webstarts is perfect for your niche or brand, you jump in with both feet for free first and upgrade to a specific plan later. Be it a blog, an online store or any other niche-related page, Webstarts helps you bring your plans to realization.

Webstarts does not ask for much work since the majority of work is already done for you. Mobile ready (of course!), automatic domain setup, super fast content loading due to a speedy CDN, awesome styling controls and so much more await every Webstarts user. You can even add a custom favicon and edit images without the need to use any 3-rd party software. Do your thing with this supreme do-it-yourself website builder and shine.

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