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best mobile friendly website builder
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23 Best Mobile-Friendly Website Builders 2023

Nowadays, you should consider using only the best mobile-friendly website builders and avoid all the rest.

Let’s face it, the volume of mobile users is only growing bigger and bigger with nearly every passing day.

More and more people discover that all they truly need is their smartphone or tablet, and they are good to go. That means making appointments, booking consultancy, purchasing products, and signing up for services can all be done from the comfort of your handheld device.

This is why you should run a flexible and responsive website.

Make it a must!

With a flexible web design, you do not need to worry about losing potential clients since your page loads weirdly and is hard to skim through. The outcome will always be a fluent and stable page by utilizing any of the best mobile-friendly website builders you find below.

Your web presence will follow all the latest web regulations and tech trends and stand the test of time. Besides, you do not need to be tech-savvy to use any page editors we hand-collected for you. You can be a complete beginner and still achieve expert levels comfortably.

Rock the world wide web with a freshly developed page and have your online presence under complete control.

Best Mobile Website Builders

1. Wix

wix best mobile friendly website builder

Wix is your best mobile-friendly website builder, which you can utilize for any of your projects. You will experience a smooth site launch, even though you might have never built one. That’s correct, with Wix, you do not need any prior knowledge and still have the opportunity to appear on the web as professionally as experts do. Building a page all by yourself means having it all under total control. Wix cares for your web space regardless of your niche and industry.

With Wix, you get many useful features to ease website development. It is packed in one location, from the three methods of approaching your page creation to loads of predesigned templates, SEO readiness, and custom domains. Regarding the three methods, Wix has artificial design intelligence, ADI, Editor, and Code. All three are self-explanatory, so choose according to your experience level.

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2. Squarespace

squarespace best mobile friendly website builder

Squarespace is a powerful and popular software that you will find great use. It is the best mobile-friendly website builder which tells you that your final creation will work fluently on all devices. Moreover, Squarespace follows other web and tech regulations to ensure your page stands the test of time, always delivering outstanding performance. You will also want to become part of the community once you see that celebrities, musicians, and actors use Squarespace.

With its stunning web design and fantastic options to modify it however you fancy, Squarespace is one of the leading page editors. You can select from countless ready-to-use templates, enhance them with your creative touch and integrate apps and plugins to spice things up. Besides, you can also pick a custom domain or use the one you already own. Squarespace offers free and unlimited hosting and includes SSL certificate for your convenience.

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3. Shopify

shopify best mobile friendly website builder

If you are exclusively looking to design and develop an online store, Shopify is your best mobile-friendly website builder. No need to look elsewhere, this service is one of the most promising ones within the eCommerce game. We all know how big eCommerce is getting, and if you would not like to miss the train, Shopify has you sorted out with a new web store in a snap. Seriously, you will see how quickly it comes up with a fresh platform that you can later turn into an online selling machine.

You can choose between a hundred free and premium themes neatly crafted for your online store. With these, you can pretty much have your look ready immediately. Of course, you can further edit and improve your desired theme and make it your own. Add different plugins, change colors and forge a one-of-a-kind style that will wow everyone. You can even find many examples to use as inspiration or see how much is possible with Shopify.

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4. Hosting Responsive Website Builder + Hosting

Hostinger - responsive website builder and hosting

Hostinger ensures that your page stands out from the masses with its beautiful design and outstanding performance. It comes with different pricing plans, SSL certificate, hosting, domain name registration and different marketing tools to benefit from. Still, this is just a small segment of all the goodies that make Hostinger what it is – a sturdy page builder. Make it pop now.

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5. Weebly

Weebly - Best Website Builder

Are you tired of worn-out ideas and web designs? Do you need something freshly prepared and uniquely tailored just for you? Then try out Weebly, the best mobile-friendly website builder available on the market. Weebly delivers a modern, clean, simple look, yet still maintains originality and sophistication. It is guaranteed to be reliable and fully responsive, allowing your output to run on all devices smoothly. While Weebly is perfect for entrepreneurs, you can also use it as an individual or an agency.

With more than ten years in the industry, Weebly is still showing a lot of promise with its awesome features. In fact, with each passing year, Weebly only gets bigger and better, with new features coming your way regularly. Weebly is excellent at making online stores first and foremost. However, you can also use it for any kind of online presence! Customer support is also on point for questions regarding your dream site formation.

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6. Tilda Website Builder

tilda best mobile friendly website builder

A great website look will always win customers, but how about attracting new ones? You need an easy design on the eye and convenient to use. Tilda is the best mobile-friendly website builder, offering a complete design and optimization package. In the bundle, you will find well-made templates to meet high standards. Tilda blends well with any field, niche, business, or another purpose. It is a versatile, highly adjustable, and extendable tool that you can use for making pages of many different styles.

Tilda is adaptable and designed with great attention to detail, flexibility, and performance. It helps you create a professional website with a contemporary look that combines your rich content. Feel free to try all the options you can access and get the most out of the remarkable Tilda.

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7. Ucraft

ucraft best mobile friendly website builder

Elevate your concepts and dive into unlimited design options, buffet style. Ucraft will surely satisfy your needs, regardless of their details. As the best mobile-friendly website builder, Ucraft has everything you need to create and manage a stunning website. Speaking of which, with Ucraft, you can hammer out blog, business, sports, health, photography, non-profit and wedding websites. In addition, you can also start with a blank template and do things your way in its entirety.

Ucraft is packed with user-friendly interface functions to help effortlessly customize your site. You will discover over 65 fully customizable, unique, and innovative templates. Use what you need, avoid what’s already implemented and add new elements to your heart’s content. By the way, Ucraft even comes with a logo maker, so make sure you do not forget about designing one. In short, Ucraft is you full web presence solution.

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8. Webflow

webflow best mobile friendly website builder

Are you ready to spread your ideas to the world, even across the heavens? This might sound too good to be true, but with Webflow, you can achieve the impossible. Just think about it: you are not a designer or coder. Well, that is something Webflow is about to change, and turn you into one of each simultaneously. That’s when the impossible happens. The power to design, build and launch responsive websites visually makes Webflow the best mobile-friendly website builder. It is also based on CSS, HTML and JavaScript with loads of effects, animations and mouse motions.

With the ability to create custom pages, you are assured that your website will look exactly how you want. Following your branding to the T. Webflow is beginner-friendly, helping anyone start their site in minutes. Even if it is an eCommerce website, you can forge one with Webflow.

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9. BigCommerce

bigcommerce best mobile friendly website builder

If you think making a website takes a lot of work, think again. Due to the fast-paced booming of industries, you need a website tool that provides solutions quickly and easily. BigCommerce, the best mobile-friendly website builder, is just the one you need. Whether you are a mega business or a fledgling, this builder does not discriminate and provides the same high quality to everyone. Their revolutionary design platform enables you to create web stores that attract shoppers and earn income.

BigCommerce is an all-in-one editor that provides everything you need to run a successful online business. Simply find the best responsive template this builder offers or craft a fully custom site from scratch; the choice is yours. However, you need to know that whichever path you choose, the journey will be quick and straightforward and the outcome cutting-edge. Not only that, but BigCommerce grows with you, making sure all will work fluidly 24/7.

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10. WPBakery

wpbakery best mobile friendly website builder

Whoever uses WordPress, you surely want to utilize the magnificent WPBakery. It is everything you need to construct the ideal page you want to enter the online world with. WPBakery is one of the best mobile-friendly website builders, offering full flexibility and complete freedom. From now on, you can control your WordPress page and never worry about hiring someone to do particular improvements. It is you who can manage and maintain your site without hassle.

WPBakery is a front and back-end site editor, requiring no coding skills. Furthermore, WPBakery integrates with any WordPress theme but comes with ready-made templates, elements, and add-ons. Create your custom color skin, translate your page and always feel safe with quick and friendly customer support. Besides, WPBakery also has an online knowledge base available to access at any time.

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11. Mobirise Website Builder

mobirise best mobile friendly website builder

Those of you who like to avoid making moves in-browser, Mobirise is the right tool for you. This best mobile-friendly website builder is an offline app with Mac and Windows platforms. No matter how tech and advanced all this might sound to you, it’s all because you are entirely new to the process. But once you start using Mobirise, you will instantly notice that there is no need for a skilled professional (read coder) to do it. This is what makes Mobirise stand out amongst its almost nonexistent competition.

The entire process is very straightforward. You install Mobirise first, pick the theme you fancy and start dragging and dropping blocks to customize the look. You can also set block parameters, change texts, colors, upload your content and you are ready to see the preview of your newly designed page. From then on, it’s only a matter of going online and getting your word out.

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12. 8b

8b mobile-friendly website builder

With any software you find in this collection, it is a guarantee that your pages will be mobile-friendly. Besides, some tools go so far, they offer you to build and edit the website from a mobile device. How exciting does that sound? One of such website builders is 8b. A simple name for a simple editor, yet the outcome will be a professional and sophisticated online presence that will help you win over more visitors, potential customers, and clients.

Out of the box, 8b comes with various web designs for agencies, lawyers, musicians, photographers, freelancers, writers, and many more. Choose the type of website you want to create, and 8b will deliver the appropriate template. From then on, all you need is to edit the layout, add your content, and you can already start experiencing the power of the online world.

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13. Weblium

weblium website builder software

For a website that follows all the modern web standards, you need Weblium. This resourceful solution has an array of terrific features that will do you exceptionally well. Instead of doing all the work from scratch, you can now pick Weblium instead. Also, there is no need to hire a coder or designer. With Weblium, you can make it happen all independently even if you lack skills.

Just templates alone, there are more than two hundred. The chance is very high that you will find the right look for your project out of the box. On top of that, you can also modify and alter the default settings so your page follows your branding directions precisely.

Moreover, Weblium includes all the technicalities, like hosting, security, domain names, search engine optimization, and artificial intelligence.

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14. Jimdo

jimdo best mobile friendly website builder

Jimdo makes things simple and easy, period. No matter your experience with web development, even if none at all, Jimdo is here to get things moving for you. No wonder why it is called the best mobile-friendly website builder! With Jimdo, you don’t even need to know the process, you just take action and experience it on the go. Jimdo is fully equipped with everything needed to make music, travel, fashion, hosting, wedding, portfolio and any other website you can think of. There are no limits when it comes to Jimdo.

The two main assets of Jimdo are Dolphin and Creator. The former is your artificial intelligence web designer who does most of the work instead of you. Just answer a few basic questions and wait for Dolphin to deliver the best suitable web design. On the other hand, with Creator, pick the design and customize it to fit your brand ideally.

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15. Webnode Website Builder

webnode best mobile friendly website builder

Being loved by thirty million users may be an understatement. However, this proves that Webnode is one of the best mobile-friendly website builders. It is a clean, contemporary, minimalist, and responsive HTML tool suitable for any business and web project. Webnode has hundreds of unique pages and layouts that suit any niche or field. The designs are 5-star quality with unlimited customization options to please even the most meticulous clients.

Webnode also includes an online store function for an eCommerce opportunity. Get your SEO fix as well and include Google Maps if necessary. In barely any time, you can customize and alter the web design you like and have it ready to go live, sparking the interest of new potential clients. To be more exact, it will take about five minutes, and you can complete your new page. Sometimes, things turn out to be simpler than you think in the first place.

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16. uKit

ukit best mobile friendly website builder

A good page must communicate with customers as if it has its consciousness. This is what uKit can achieve and deliver a fantastic vibe to everyone who visits your site. uKit is undoubtedly one of the best mobile-friendly website builders you can access for a small investment. uKit is a creative, stylish, modern, and fully functional website companion that instantly relates to potential clients. Get them hooked upon your website launch and make them intrigued to learn more about you immediately.

uKit has more than 350 designs in 38 categories, all elegant, adaptive, and pliable. It takes pride in its typography and grid-based structure, elevating the website’s visual appeal. Do not hold yourself back by enjoying unlimited pages, photos, videos, or traffic; skyrocket your potential. You can even start pushing items online ASAP and start an eCommerce page with comfort.

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17. Readymag

readymag best mobile friendly website builder

Designing stuff on the web with Readymag is child’s play. Anyone can do it – you, too! Websites, online magazines, web portfolios, presentations and other internet publications are just shorts moments away from the launch. Readymag is the best mobile-friendly website builder with all the essential functions. When you begin working with Readymag, you can forget about the tedious code. No more coding? You read that correctly. Readymag is a newbie-friendly software that does not require programming knowledge.

Get things rolling by choosing a ready-made template or even a blank page and start adding content and designing your page sooner rather than later. Track your site’s performance with Google Analytics, password protect your content, and enrich your web design with striking animations. You can also craft different forms to capture emails or manage event registrations. Readymag is ready for all your thoughts and concepts.

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18. Site123 Website Builder

site123 best mobile friendly website builder

It all happens quickly when Site123 strikes heavily with its powerful features. That said, sit tight unless you want it to blow you away. Site123 is one of the best mobile-ready website builders you can use at no cost and still reach the level of professionals. Besides, you don’t need any talent for page development, Site123 is code-free. With the intuitive site editor and ready-to-use template, you will see how insanely fast you will have a 100% functional page up and ready to go live.

You can effortlessly create an eCommerce site with Site123 and start selling online. Site123 also comes with free hosting, SEO tools, custom domains and an addition of an online store. Moreover, Site123 is a multi-lingual, features a schedule booking function, and creates custom forms and handy drop-down menus. Whatever you do with Site123 assures you a stable and secure internet presence no matter your niche and industry.

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19. Elementor

elementor best mobile friendly website builder

Elementor is a mobile-friendly website builder for WordPress specifically. It integrates with most available themes on the market and comes with numerous predesigned templates that you can use to your advantage. Of course, any web designs you see in the archive is entirely elastic and adjustable for you to customize it to your needs and likings. With Elementor, you can make moves visually what gives you a chance to see instant results in real-time. No need to press the preview button anymore, make a change and see it appear right in front of your eyes.

Of course, there is no coding skills and no design talent needed when using Elementor. This makes Elementor easy and comfortable for both beginners and professionals. What’s also pretty cool about Elementor is that you can design and save all the creations that you can later export and import to use with other websites.

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20. Strikingly

strikingly best mobile friendly website builder

Engage prospective and active clients by trying out Strikingly. The best mobile-friendly website builder offers multi-faceted functions that millions of entrepreneurs and individuals love. Strikingly comes with dozens of designer templates for choosing what fits your concept best. In addition, it looks perfect on various mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Strikingly’s pages are compatible with modern browsers as well. With that in mind, Strikingly assures a steady flow and a banging experience for all your users.

Moreover, Strikingly includes many different add-ons, like an animated background, contact forms, social media integration, and a simple store. Keep your visitors enthused with compelling blog posts and start content marketing simultaneously. Detailed documentation and friendly support make Strikingly a reliable builder that makes you look like a pro from the moment you start using it. Get your name out there, build a brand and start crushing it online.

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21. Pagecloud

pagecloud best mobile friendly website builder

Let your customers feel the anticipation for the next big thing. Get Pagecloud for your business and you will never be disappointed. Awaken your imagination with help from the best mobile-friendly website builder and shine online. Explore a horde of features, fonts, integrations, variations and templates. Pagecloud has a pixel-perfect platform and a versatile design for multiple purposes. It always provides fast-loading websites that look great on all devices and browsers. It also has a feature to integrate more than 70 apps and widgets to upgrade your website.

Evaluate and track the performance of your website with tools like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Crazy Egg. Moreover, advertise your business on social media platforms by linking your page to your accounts and show the world how friendly you are. You can always contact Pagecloud’s team of experts for additional support and guidance.

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22. Mozello Responsive Website Builder

mozello best mobile friendly website builder

Do you want an astounding look yet not too heavy on the eye? It is always thrilling to see something new, and Mozello always does it. This mobile-friendly website builder is a real charmer for crafting portfolios, business, agency, and even eCommerce websites. All pages based on Mozello sport a responsive design and do not require any technical skills. You can create almost unlimited design combinations with many templates, icons, and fonts on its arsenal. You know how it goes; your imagination is the only limit.

You can attain all your plans and goals with a fresh, advanced, sophisticated and extraordinary page you are about to bring into reality with Mozello. It has a dedicated support forum that can address your concerns almost anytime. You can also expect new features to arrive with updates that will improve and increase your website’s value over time.

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23. Bookmark Website Builder

bookmark best mobile friendly website builder

An original aesthetic is your decision; Bookmark will let you materialize that goal. With assistance from the best mobile-friendly website builder, you are guaranteed the right choice. It is fully responsive and modern, suitable for all creative and business fields. Bookmark features artificial intelligence to build your website from start to finish in just two minutes. Showcase your portfolio, promote your agency and launch an online store once and for all!

Creativity is all about passion, which separates Bookmark AI from other builders. AiDA is your personal artificial intelligence design assistant who will work hard for you. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on developers and designers when you have a reliable and functional design assistant with authenticity and technicality.

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