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Best Website Builders For Non Profit Organizations
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22 Website Builders For Non-Profit Organizations 2021

It is now easier than ever to spread the awareness for a cause with these website builders for non-profit organizations.

Not only that, but you can also start accepting online donations and raise all the necessary funds. Moreover, with a solid and well-thought-out web space for your non-profit organization or charity, you can build trust in potential donors, too. This equates to more raised funds with your successful campaign, thanks to your striking, professional and convenient website.

In short, there is no right or wrong approach to picking the ideal website builder for non-profit organizations. Each of the tools you will find on this list is unique, powerful, practical and beginner-friendly. You will also not need to touch a single string of code while still keeping your site’s aesthetics at the highest degree. Create a website comfortably and conveniently like a pro.

Make a strong impression on all your visitors and potential contributors, and make your non-profit organization a success. As far as the first-class online presence goes, you will have a small breeze realizing it with the website builders we hand-collected for you. No need to pay a hefty rate to hire a developer and designer; a builder ensures you to have your web space under complete control.

Best Website Builders For Non-Profit Organizations


wix website builder for non-profit organizations
There are literally 1,001 options what for you would like to use Wix, probably even more. In fact, it is your imagination that is the only limit when it comes to Wix. Indeed, you can effortlessly use it as a website builder for non-profit organizations, charities and fundraisers. The software has all the necessary equipment which you can improve and adjust according to your taste. No need to be experienced at building pages either, as Wix ensures a codeless experience.

There are actually three main elements that Wix prides itself on; Editor, Corvid and ADI. The most interesting is definitely ADI, which stands for artificial design intelligence. You let ADI know about your campaign, and it will bring to the table the most appropriate web design. From then on, you can use it as-is or modify it to your likings. The final product will always be a real masterpiece.

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Shopify Website Builder

shopify website builder for non profit organizations
Present your charity or non-profit organization on the internet with Shopify. This spectacular website builder covers all the necessities and an array more of building a top-notch online presence. You can now spread the word out for a cause and raise funds with a professional website, thanks to Shopify. To your luck, you need to have no experience with page development, as Shopify never asks you for any knowledge. Even as a first-timer, you still get a chance to create an A-grade page swiftly.

With Shopify, you can not only accept donations, but you can also create an online store, selling all kinds of goods to the world. And with the option to try Shopify for fourteen days straight, you can see what’s possible without spending a dime. Create your non-profit organization’s online ambassador and get everyone familiar with what you do.

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zyro website builder
Spread awareness for a cause with a well-thought-out website. To achieve an exceptional result, all you need is a dedicated website builder like Zyro. This tool is full of amazingness that will help you enjoy a quick-start. After all, why do it all from the ground up if you do not have to? Not just that, but why paying a coder and a designer a hefty fee if you do not have to?

That’s when Zyro comes into play, an amazing page editor that is perfect both for beginners and professionals. Templates, hosting, domain name, SSL, blog, marketing tools compatibility, you name it; Zyro is here to make a difference. Zyro’s support team also always has your back, so reach out to them for additional information or help.

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ukit website builder for non-profit organizations
Selfless devotion is what Ukit offers when it comes to providing quality service. As a website builder for non-profit organizations, Ukit fundamentally imparts a welcoming vibe to your beneficiaries through calming yet striking themes. Whether you are starting up or planning to go big, its features can help you publish the best website. Share more details about your cause by posting blog articles and spread the word out in style. Add colorful images from their library or transfer them from your device.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop approach to web development, you don’t have to be a skilled coder to be able to make a website with Ukit. The tool is perfect for beginners, ensuring the creation of a sophisticated page without messing things up. With this Ukit’s features and layouts, you can reach out to sponsors more effectively and reliably. Made for all devices, you can easily view and edit your site without problems.

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squarespace website builder for non-profit organizations
Squarespace is a versatile website builder which you can effortlessly employ for forging pages for non-profit organizations, charities and fundraisers. If you would like to raise the awareness for a cause, you better have your online presence sorted out in full and show your seriousness. Out of the box, Squarespace is for just about everyone regardless of the industry and niche they operate in. It also has loads of layouts predefined for you to put into play right away. And these, you can customize to your likings and have a top-notch page up and running swiftly.

Of course, you also do not need to worry about hosting and domain names; Squarespace has all and everything ready for you. By the way, if you are interested in seeing what is possible with Squarespace, feel free to check out some real websites built with the software that will take your breath away.

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Weebly Website Builder

weebly website builder for non-profit organizations
An approachable atmosphere on your website would certainly attract people and possibly encourage them to invite their family and friends. Weebly, your multipurpose companion, can also function as a website builder for non-profit organizations. Visitors using any device can enjoy your website’s responsive layout which displays content flawlessly. Even when it comes to cross-browser compatibility, fast loading speed and Retina screen-friendliness, Weebly has it all sorted out for you.

With plenty of options to choose from, you could definitely say that creativity has no limitations when using Weebly. Its core features revolve around eCommerce, yet it works with any objective. No doubt, you will have a lot of fun utilizing the ready-made templates and hammer out a striking web space for a non-profit organization. Make personalized emails to get your message across through email marketing, or boost your online rankings with the SEO tool. Weebly is truly a slick tool for everyone.

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IM Creator

im creator website builder for non-profit organizations
Valuing generosity, IM Creator knows how to impart unique ideas to gain an edge. With this website builder for non-profit organizations, you can find a trendy, all-in-one platform for just about any advocacy or endeavor you wish to pursue. You can create a quick and easy website with an exceptional and professional touch to share something good with the world. It boasts features such as SEO tools, scalability, blog posts and more.

With IM Creator, you can easily start with a stunning one-page website and only later add new pages to enhance your overall online presence. However, if you are pushing one campaign only, you might be perfectly fine with a single-page website where everyone can learn all about the cause within a glance.

Looking fantastic on mobile devices and possessing beautiful typography, you can really stand out from the online crowd. Whatever device they are using, your site will still look breathtaking.

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weblium website builder for non profit organizations
Weblium comes with options and possibilities for everyone. If you are searching for a website builder for non-profit organizations, this is the tool that will get you going right away. Even if you are building a page for a charity or a fundraiser, with Weblium, you can do them all and then some. It is a simplified page builder, making sure it caters to all levels of users. That said, whether you are just starting out or a skilled developer, with Weblium, anyone can make magic.

Beautiful templates, responsive structure, search engine optimization, hosting and domain names are just the core features of Weblium. You also have access to over one hundred thousand images, style manager and multiple built-in integrations. And you can also test it out for free and witness Weblium’s amazingness first hand.

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godaddy website builder for non profit organizations
GoDaddy almost does not need an introduction. It is a massive website host and domain registrar with all sorts of additional perks that benefit its users greatly. One of them is the practical and super handy website builder. Indeed, you can use it for crafting a page for your non-profit organization, too. You have it all packed into one tool, so you manage and maintain your online presence effortlessly, even as a beginner.

From templates to marketing tools to, of course, hosting and domain names, you have it all available over at GoDaddy. Your final product will work like a dream on all popular devices and web browsers, delivering a fast and reliable performance. If you would ever want to sell products online, you can do that, too, with GoDaddy. Start for free, enjoy amazing support and take your organization to new heights.

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Morweb Website Builder for Organizations

morweb website builder for non-profit organizations
Your vision materializes in the best way possible with Morweb. This website builder for non-profit organizations offers both technical and emotional aspects of web design. Thanks to this, your website becomes more interactive and alive instead of being a mere tool. It enables you to add modules which can raise engagement and awareness to your campaigns. Morweb also lets you spearhead momentary events by providing registration, set price, seat count and coupon add-ons.

Stay protected with Morweb’s Intranet and Private Pages feature, where users can log in before entering your page. Other features include member directory, map, online donations, fundraising and a whole lot more. Morweb is an exclusive page builder for non-profits with a custom content management system. It also comes with web hosting, live support, one-on-one training and other goodies that will make you feel even more comfortable at establishing a page for your organization.

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charityadvantage website builder for non-profit organizations
The act of giving is very timely and relevant, and will always be. With CharityAdvantage, a website builder for non-profit organizations, you can raise funds for your important platform. How so? Through its tools, of course! Simply offer 15 bucks a month, and you will get the best features you can find on a non-profit website. Specializing in fundraising, this builder lets you run donations, organize multiple campaigns, collect offerings, register events and so much more.

Get involved and see for yourself how generous CharityAdvantage is. You can now hammer out a custom non-profit, charity or fundraiser website like a champ. Other goodies include, but are not limited to, custom form builder, advanced CRM, live chat support, beautiful mobile-ready layouts and many more in between. While CharityAdvantage is ideal for beginners, the end product will surely look like that of a professional.

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moonfruit website builder for non-profit organizations
Completeness and effectiveness are two factors that organizations are looking for in a website, and Moonfruit just has both of those. In fact, this website builder for non-profit organizations can provide more than that to exceed your expectations. Spread your advocacies online by adding content blocks, managing templates and styling pages with fonts and color schemes. Since Moonfruit intends to be the best web designer, expect top-notch features that will modernize your site.

Moonfruit is also built around cultivating your web engagement using convenient search engine optimization tools. Select from numerous well-designed templates that suit your concepts best and go from there. Moonfruit supports all types of fundraising campaigns, and it’s even ideal for those with demanding tastes. Kick things off with a 14-day free trial and experience the powerful and practical features and functions Moonfruit has in store for you.

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jimdo website builder for non-profit organizations
A friendly and dependable online presence would definitely leave a strong, stable impression on your visitors. This is what Jimdo is all about. Your empowered ideas, combined with the features of this website builder for non-profit organizations, can make the world an ideal place to live in. It comes with slick layouts that are exceptionally prominent and aesthetically pleasing. This builder’s core tools support and promote any purpose you would want to present.

Jimdo follows a responsive layout, so designs are absolutely elegant and functional. In other words, your non-profit website will look stunningly on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Customization is a breeze as well. Jimdo rocks a codeless process of setting up a website what makes it super newbie-friendly. It also features neat content blocks, media integration, SEO tools and more. For any additional guidance, reach out the support team anytime, anywhere.

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site123 website builder for non-profit organizations
Site123 surely makes the process of realizing your dream page as simple as 1 2 3. Hence the name, you also don’t need to have prior experience in web development and design to have a chance to forge an enticing website successfully. Even if you are in the non-profit organization space, you can take Site123 to your full advantage and shine online with a new page relatively quickly. Raising awareness for a cause has never been easier than it is with the right website builder for a non-profit organization.

First thing’s first, choose the ready-made template that best represents your ideas. From then on, you can utilize the handy Site123 editor and modify the layout according to your regulations. Site123 also offers free hosting and custom domain names, as well as search engine optimization. In brief, undergo three steps and you can already be live on the web.

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Doodlekit Website Builder

doodlekit website builder for non-profit organizations
Let your organization rock by solidifying your brand identity further. Tweak your web design with Doodlekit, a website builder for non-profit organizations optimized for charitable purposes. Discover its wide variety of flexible themes, all of which are customizable and simple to use. Adjust elements with cropping tools, overlaying plate designs and image slideshows. The visuals are fully responsive, designed to fit all screen sizes and resolutions across all devices and platforms.

Ensure easy navigation to convey a seamless and highly functional user experience. Since it is mainly acting on goodwill, you can avail everything free of charge. This gives opportunities to spread the love and the priceless act of sharing to everyone. Doodlekit is here to help you establish a lasting website that will easily stand the test of time. Make it yours and expand your reach to a worldwide audience.

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webstarts website builder for non-profit organizations
Do you want a template that represents the value of kindness? Look no more, Webstarts is just the right choice for you. With numerous happy partners worldwide, this website builder for non-profit organizations is unquestionably the one you will ever need. Webstarts is a highly recommended companion if you are looking for a mobile-friendly and professional design for your website. It has tons of free themes which are trendy and modern for online standards. You don’t need to worry about any of the technical aspects of your online presence, let Webstarts take care of it.

Get full domain support with SSL certificate, web hosting and practical design tools. Go against the grain with themes that are not boring and enrich them with your signature style. Webstarts’ customer service provides 24/7 assistance so any concern will be addressed in no time. Note, you can also start free of charge and upgrade later.

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webflow website builder for non-profit organizations
If you are looking for an exciting way to get your non-profit organization online without the need to pay a designer and developer to make it happen, Webflow is the option for you. With its modernized visual editing, you can construct and fine-tune the exact website layout that you would like your organization to rock. Due to its versatility and adaptability, you can, of course, use Webflow as a website builder for non-profit organizations, as well as charities and fundraisers. In short, regardless of your campaign, you can push it forward with Webflow and attract more donors.

From keeping things simple and minimal to adding different effects and animations, with Webflow, you can do it all and then some. Get your imagination racing and let Webflow realize all the ideas you have for a professional, sophisticated and engaging web space.

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websitebuilder website builder for non-profit organizations
If you prefer a specific look for your fundraising website, then WebsiteBuilder is the clear option for you. Being able to publish a sophisticated webpage puts this website builder for non-profit organizations on top of its competitors. In short, WebsiteBuilder works best for any association, so there is no need to worry about not getting the right web design.

It is loaded with features that harmonize into an extensive all-in-one platform, putting your cause in front of your target audience. While WebsiteBuilder comes with a nice set of templates, you can also add your custom twist to the one you dig and make it yours in a snap. Personalize your site to your heart’s content without breaking a single drop of sweat. Truly, the sky is the limit with WebsiteBuilder. Additionally, it comes with free hosting and domain name to get your project out there successfully and instantly.

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Strikingly Website Builder

strikingly website builder for non-profit organizations
Is it possible to make your voice be heard online and be remembered for it? Of course! Not only that, but can you make it happen if you are not tech-savvy? The answer is right in front of your eyes. With top design variations and features, Strikingly just lives up to its name. This website builder for non-profit organizations utilizes cutting-edge tools to elevate your webpages above and beyond. Customize your website with a plethora of tools, integrations, color schemes, layouts and more.

Whether you are a first timer or a pro, Strikingly can and will fulfill your needs. There’s no need to code stuff at all, as this builder lets you publish a website in a few clicks without the coding work. You can also get ahead of the competition by optimizing your website via SEO and boost your popularity with social media integrations.

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webnode website builder for non-profit organizations
You might think five minutes is a bit of a stretch when building a website, but it is possible with Webnode. With millions of users giving this website builder for non-profit organizations a thumbs up, there is no question why it is the ultimate tool you can rely on. Choose a fascinating design from their astonishing collection of templates, add and modify content easily and you are all set.

With Webnode’s user-friendly interface, you will never need a developer to set up your fundraiser. All themes are clear as day with their straightforward approach. Track your metrics with analytics tools and optimize your online space for success. In this way you can be sure of being on top all the time. You can get fantastic features for affordable prices with no hidden charges and no BS, so check Webnode out and move forward.

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pagecloud website builder for non-profit organizations
By having a solid online presence, you have a much greater chance of winning over new donors and sponsors. With that said, PageCloud is totally winning with clients that are happy with its performance. This website builder for non-profit organizations provides groundbreaking technology to collect donations and funds effectively. Build a gorgeous website without a hitch and turn visitors into sponsors.

Each template is Google-friendly, so you will get the best out of search engine optimization right off the bat. It will take you barely any time to create a website, as the entire process is very brisk. Some additional features worth mentioning are automatic image resizing and compression, custom headers, social media integration and analytics. You only need to create one account from where you will victoriously manage and maintain your non-profit organization page. Make it stand out from the masses and spark their interest.

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Duda Website Builder

duda website builder for non-profit organizations
With Duda, you will never run out of choices as the design opportunities are never-ending. This website builder for non-profit organizations has a voluminous selection of outstanding templates. Duda also lets you explore different color themes, fonts and components, so designing will not be a boring experience. In fact, when doing the work with Duda, you will have a lot of fun.

Moreover, Duda has an array of features which users can play around with and take to their benefit. Collaborate with your team and manage your clients easily with their tools. Build a database for your visitors to track which ones engage with you the most. SEO and fast loading speed will never be an issue as well. There are many more features to discover, so give Duda a visit and expect all the rest to become history.

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