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Education Website Builders
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20 Education Website Builders (Tried & Tested) 2021

When helping a friend with zero coding experience work on a school website, I ended up reviewing over 30 education website builders.

I didn’t want her to go through the hassle, which could make her pick the wrong one.

And I DON’T want you to make the MISTAKE either.

Thus, I decided to put together this complete list of builders for:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Online courses

With the right editor, you can create a professional educational page without a sweat. And NO, you don’t need coding and design skills.

They even cover hosting, domain names and some allow you to start for FREE.

What’s not to like?

All these educational website builders launch your page quickly and ensure amazing performance out-of-the-box.

Get creative!

Best Education Website Builders


wix education website builder
Wix gives you the freedom you deserve to create the ideal website for ANY type of project. As a result, you can utilize Wix as an education website builder and start pushing your online courses or create a solid web presence for your school or college.

The process of working with Wix will be quick and straightforward. You also don’t need to worry about spectacular experience. All Wix websites are mobile and desktop friendly.

An ALL-IN-ONE builder!

Along with a massive bundle of ready-to-use templates, Wix also comes with three fun and practical approaches to web development.

ADI, Editor and Code are the methods you can choose from. It all depends on the level of skills you have. From complete beginners to senior web developers, Wix takes care of everyone.

No coding knowledge is necessary.

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weebly education website builder
Invite potential students by showing them your educational institution or center with a KILLER website. Weebly For Education is the only education website builder you need.

No 3rd-party plugins, separate hosting and domain name. One builder to rule them all (for the LOTR fans).

The convenient software has everything related to learning and development for you.

You can create classroom websites, online portfolios for students, subject curriculums and other projects. No need to hold back if you’d like to perform customizations.

Weebly allows everyone to modify the available material to their liking.

Quickly. Without. Coding.

With a friendly interface, you could reach out to all learners from different backgrounds and different age groups. Weebly creates an environment that protects your students and encourages them to express themselves.

The best part is you get the web building service for free with no ads at all and only upgrade when needed.

Try it now and choose from more than SEVENTY templates to start with your design in style.

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uKit Website Builder

ukit education website builder
Stylize your knowledge platform to your heart’s content with Ukit. And do it at record time. Not only that but with as little effort and time invested as possible.

Is that a little too much?

uKit is an education website builder for every educator with a strong passion for teaching and uplifting those who want to learn. All templates are loved by TEACHERS, TUTORS or STUDENTS who have tried this page editor.

With 38 categories and more than 350 designs, you will find what’s best for your needs. Core features of uKit include grid base, advanced typography, unlimited files and pages, drag and drop interface and nifty color schemes.

uKit is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible as well for your page to work seamlessly on both mobile and desktop devices. No need to sort out technicalities. Hurray!

What’s even better – your site will be automatically SEO and SPEED-optimized which helps with Google rankings.

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edublogs education website builder
Like students who achieve academic excellence, Edublogs is also ON TOP of its game when it comes to web design and development.

This education website builder is powered by WordPress. It is very easy to use while maintaining quality and performance at a HIGH LEVEL.

It has student management tools that help you organize every data you store in your institution. This enables students to create an account and guarantees you to manage their input EFFORTLESSLY and SAFELY.

With Edublogs, you also get features like activity reports, global projects and other engaging tools for your academy. Don’t forget: you can kick-start your project with the FREE PACKAGE.

Yes, Edublogs comes at no cost but it only provides the basic blogging functions.

However, feel free to upgrade to a premium deal any time. Experience MORE features that will bring your educational blog to a new level of expertness.

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Ning Website Builder

ning education website builder
Schooling is important for human development. The first step is to gather your pupils using a website tool that ensures functionality and design.

Ning is MORE THAN just an education website builder. It is a companion you can depend on for your institutional needs.

Any. Time.

Online teaching begins with a website offering a combination of social networking and monetization features.

With Ning, you can connect with students and elevate the learning process in ONE platform. This builder has the NECESSARY themes for your cause, as it has an entire collection devoted to education.

Also, you will get the chance to create blogs, secure your site with SSL certification, put your school on the map, spearhead forums and polls to push interaction and engagement and more.

So MANY Stuff!

You have very many options with Ning and a website building process that will take 0 effort.

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skookii education website builder
Skookii is an education website builder that offers you a quick start in the online space. Making a page for a school or even a non-profit has NEVER been easier.

With Skookii, it takes you only a few minutes, and you can have it all set and ready to go.

No coding knowledge is necessary to start with Skookii. All it takes is to DRAG-N-DROP elements. You can style and improve the look according to your taste just by doing that.

You get an array of predefined templates, which you can modify and brand. Add your logo, social media icons and accept payments – whatever.

As for the hosting and domain name – that’s all part of Skookii. Enjoy the goodies and come out with a modern education page that will IMPRESS students and parents.

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duda education website builder
If you would like to save time and have an educational website ready to go live quickly, that’s when Duda comes into play. This remarkable website builder is stuffed with amazingness that will do you well.

Hint: Duda never asks you for coding and design knowledge. (What a legend!)

Even if you are a complete beginner, you will still SUCCEED at it, coming out with a top-notch page for your school or other education intention.

Kick things off with a suitable sample and you can already see how the outcome will look. At this time, you can perform additional customization tweaks to modify Duda’s material.

Some more goodies that you get with Duda are practical navigation, photo editor, gallery, mobile editing and blog.

The design of your website will also be mobile-ready and search engine optimized.

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squarespace education website builder
If you have ever shown interest in building a website yourself, there is a good chance that you came across Squarespace. (A giant amongst this type of software.)

First and foremost, Squarespace is a very versatile, adaptive and EASY TO USE drag and drop website builder for any objective.

In OUR CASE, we will use Squarespace as an education website builder to create an enticing web space for online courses or universities.

You can easily ENHANCE the experience and introduce your signature style to the web design it offers you. Indeed, Squarespace comes with a HEALTHY collection of ready-made templates that will help you quick-start your project.

You will look like an expert from the get-go when building with Squarespace.

You also do not need to worry about the domain name, hosting, mobile-readiness and cross-browser compatibility. Squarespace covers it all and then some.

Just GO WITH THE FLOW and employ Squarespace to its full potential.

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Jimdo Website Builder

jimdo education website builder
Jimdo is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to the best website builders, and you will soon find out why.

It is software with an eCommerce platform suitable for ANY school, institution, e-learning or personal purposes. But you can go way beyond that with Jimdo and construct a website that suits your needs and likings to a T.

All the pre-built templates are responsive and EASILY customizable.

No matter how tech-savvy you are or an utter newbie, with Jimdo, anyone will succeed online. You also get full access to the HTML and CSS of your online presence. This makes it easy to manage even after the website has been published.

With Jimdo, you can introduce a blog and add custom content for PERSONALIZATION.

Keep track of your learning community with analytics and export reports to ensure your continuous progress.

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bookmark education website builder
Make your vision come true and make your platform more interesting to students by getting Bookmark.

This education website builder suits all forms of learning avenues. From online teaching to school establishments.

There are MANY themes to select from, all fully responsive, easy to customize and designed to inspire.

Merge multiple font and color styles to satisfy your branding needs. Aesthetic versatility is what this builder promises as you can view it on any browser or device with its pixel-perfect approach.

Bookmark also offers a fantastic feature called AiDA. This is your own ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE design assistant to establish the page you desire in just two minutes.

That’s 2!

This might sound impossible but is not quite like so when you have access to Bookmark. You can also watch a live presentation to get the gist of it first before you DIVE IN full-tilt.

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Zoho Education Website Builder

zoho education website builder
Highly-rated websites that promote knowledge will always grab more learners. Zoho is an education website builder that exemplifies first-rate quality when it comes to web design.

It is ideal for ANY LEARNING institution, as it aims to put its students in the spotlight.

It has hundreds of fabulous templates and offers plenty of opportunities to utilize. These choices let you highlight your services further.

It has a customizable and clean code and it is built with a trendy online store (just in case).

Zoho also contains HTML and CSS editors if you’re more oriented to coding. However, for the most part, you will enjoy its visual page editor the most.

This allows you to test different variations and come up with the ideal look WITHOUT THE NEED to touch a single string of code.

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webflow education website builder
Discover possibilities that extend endlessly by choosing Webflow for your site. This education website builder has a modern, elegant look perfect for your school, college, university, e-learning and other projects.

It offers you a GREAT ADVANTAGE to build excellent and student-oriented websites. Speedily.

Webflow has an adaptable, responsive, flexible and pixel-perfect layout for all browsers and devices. It features hundreds of top-notch templates which guarantee you the style that you need.


Webflow encourages you to start with a blank canvas. Activate visual coding (0 skills necessary) and create a striking design like a CHAMP.

Add-on features include unlimited fonts, parallax and scroll effects and so much more. You can also make blogs for content marketing.

With easy yet cutting-edge editing options, you can design your site while simultaneously DOING GOOD for the community.

More Info


ucraft education website builder
Establish your learning foundation artistically with uCraft.

Nowadays, you do not need to hire a PRO to build a website for you. You can do it YOURSELF! This education website builder provides all the necessary layouts and equipment to place your site right on top.

uCraft is enhanced with the latest technology which lets you drag and drop files instead of coding them.

How awesome does that sound?

Choose from hundreds of designer-made templates and start making noise online.

This modest, minimalistic site-building software is very easy to use, perfect for both beginners and experts in web design.

From the first interaction with uCraft to launching the outcome, you will have A LOT OF FUN throughout the process.

Other core features include logo maker, online store, blog pages and many other designer tools. It is SEO and speed ready as well.

Expect a welcoming support team to help you with your concerns at any time you find a need for additional assistance.

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websitebuilder education website builder
Expand each student’s knowledge capabilities with the help of Websitebuilder. It is a reliable, responsive and flexible education website builder to get you rolling ASAP.

Select from tons of themes that are truly ENGAGING and ATTRACTIVE. Customizations are possible with this editor to make sure your website is of the highest degree and stands the test of time.

You can go from not having a website to running a full-blown web presence in just three simple steps.

YES, working with Websitebuilder and all the material it comes with is that simple and quick.

You can use the ready-made template as is. Or, you modify it as you wish and differentiate yourself from the masses by improving it with your CREATIVE touch.

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elementor education website builder
If you are using WordPress as your content management system, Elementor is the drag and drop page builder that you will enjoy using. It is packed with a TREMENDOUS COLLECTION of goodies and web designs that will do you good.

No matter what type of page you plan to work on, Elementor is the one education website builder that will realize all your ideas and wants.

Do not hold back and go as creative as you want with Elementor for a “WOW” final product.

All Elementor-built websites are responsive, pixel-perfect, cross-browser compatible and visually appealing.

Keep things simple or enrich it with special effects and other enticing animations. With Elementor, you can DO IT ALL and more.

You can truly edit every single detail of your website and benefit from over 80 out-of-the-box design elements.

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Weblium Education Website Builder

weblium education website builder
Are you looking to start an educational website, or would you like to create a page for your school? Regardless of your educational project, you can HAMMER out a neat and sophisticated online presence with Weblium.

This education website builder has no problem realizing your ideas. It offers you to get on the web as fast as possible.

With Weblium, your website WILL FOLLOW all the latest trends and regulations. In other words, responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility and high performance are guaranteed.

Moreover, with Weblium, YOU CAN CREATE pages for online courses, programs, teachers, contacts and more. Even if you would like to sell products, you can make it happen with Weblium, too.

You can also use Weblium to beautifully display your video lectures, podcasts, worksheets and a the like. Choose the right ready-made layout and go from there.

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My School Design

my school design education website builder
In the modern era we live in, your school or university needs a website. You can use it for all sorts of different purposes, making sure you capture the attention of EVEN MORE students.

With My School Design, an education website builder, you can make the right web design for your school today.

Yes, you read that right.


My School Design is so simple to use that anyone can have a fully functional page complete in a breeze.

As soon as you enter the world of My School Design, you get to pick the layout that best resonates with your school. From then on, you can IMPROVE it further and make it your own hassle-free.

By the way, you can try all the amazing features of My School Design for free for fourteen days straight.

And if you would truly like to take your school website to another level, you can expand with a striking mobile app. (A mobile app? Yep!)

The options are there, you just need to utilize My School Design and SEE the MAGIC happen.

More Info


simvoly education website builder
Another cracking tool that will do you well is Simvoly. You will save a lot of time and money, having an equally SOPHISTICATED and PROFESSIONAL website like the one of a professional web developer ready shortly.

Simvoly allows you to manage your webspace from one location. Extra convenient!

You all have the opportunity to come out with a stunning and mobile-ready education-related page due to codeless editing. Chose from the very many pre-built web designs and see IMMEDIATE results.

Simvoly delivers three different plans for ONE-PAGE websites, as well as for MEDIUM- and LARGE-size pages.

In short, there is something for everyone.

More Info


wpbakery education website builder
To continue with the WordPress HYPE, we bring you another spectacular website builder which you can use for your education project: WPBakery.

Regardless of the theme you use, WPBakery integrates with all of them. Of course, WPBakery also comes with its own collection of templates to get you going right off the bat.

Once you have the web design, it is the drag and drop function that will TURN YOU INTO A PRO at coding and designing instantly.

You know it already! No need to touch a single line of code.

WPBakery is both a front- and back-end editor, making sure you can craft your exact page without having any prior experience. You will have a breeze editing every section of your website, tailoring and fine-tuning it to your needs to a T.

Enhance it with custom colors, fonts, content and other specialties that will PLACE your educational website AHEAD of the competition.

More Info

Educator Pages School & Education Website Builder

educator pages education website builder
Being a teacher is more like a devotion. Dealing with hundreds of students a day can be a pain already.

If you are one of the hardworking educators who want to STREAMLINE their load, then here is an education website builder just for you.

Educator Pages is suitably named for all teachers in the world.

Not only that, administrators and IT departments can greatly benefit from this builder as well. Start developing your site IN MINUTES and see an instant difference.

Educator Pages contains intuitive, familiar tools. It takes no software to download or install at all. You also get features like premium file upload, voluminous media gallery, custom domain names and more.

The options are there, at your fingertips, so benefit from them greatly and utilize this smart website builder.

Get things rolling NOW.

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  1. We use the Divi theme in word press and have almost 200 school websites – mostly South Australian Department for Education Schools

  2. Weebly and Zoho have been our favorites for a while now. We are surprised to see many platforms offering interesting options for education. I would love to try Strikingly for our academy courses. Social media integration makes it all the more appealing accompanying good SEO boost and enhanced security features.

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