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18 Website Builders for Lawyers & Law Firms 2023

You can do so much for your services and law firm by using the best website builders for lawyers.

On top of that, your lawyer or attorney site must also follow all the modern standards and web regulations. After all, everyone should have a page in this day and age. You shouldn’t even be thinking about whether or not to create it – you simply must.

In other words, it should deliver a breathtaking experience to desktop and handheld device users, regardless of their web browser.

If you want to create a website, you should help yourself with website builders for lawyers. These are very newbie-friendly and allow you to simultaneously become a developer and a designer.

You do not need prior experience to ready a professional and sophisticated law firm website. On top of that, the services we have ready for you are cheaper than hiring an expert to establish a page instead of you.

Even when it comes to the more technical part, like mobile readiness, search engine optimization, and fast loading speed, you do not need to consider it. You mainly do the fancy stuff only and are ready to attract new clients sooner than you think. After all, the law website builders have it all under control.

Best Website Builders for Law Firms

1. Wix

wix website builder for lawyers

If you are planning to build your website, especially a site related to law or any legal matters, you came to the right place. It would be best to partner with one of the most excellent and easy-to-use website builders for lawyers today.

Wix is software that caters to all niches, industries, and project needs without hassle. This platform has been tested and proven repeatedly, ensuring you get the most out of it. Most of its features are thankful for Wix’s easy-to-use, highly navigable features and interface. Hence allowing fun and convenient site creation process.

You almost do not need to invest any work when you decide to work with Wix’s ADI. Artificial design intelligence does the job for you, picking up the right design for your legal practices.

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2. Hostinger

Hostinger - website builder and hosting for lawyers

Hostinger is a multipurpose website builder that works for businesses, including law. In the bundle of ready-to-use templates, you can easily find an appropriate design for legal services, saving you heaps of time and energy. For your information, everything you do with Hostinger will be a little breeze. This website-building software will never ask you for coding knowledge, making it beginner-friendly.

You can create an about page, share your practices, introduce lawyers, or even start a blog; Hostinger is here to quickly realize your dream website. Hostinger is optimized for SEO, mobile devices, retina screens, fast loading, and web browsers on the technical side. The user experience will always be of the highest degree, as Hostinger’s websites perform outstandingly well.

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3. Weebly

weebly website builder for lawyers

Weebly is amongst the top site-building software that has proven its versatility and user-friendliness over the past years. When creating your webspace, even related to law and lawyering, you should think about Weebly. The platform has been a top go-to website builder for lawyers due to its various and unique features that are easy to use and employ. You will have plenty of fun even if a complete beginner.

You can see that Weebly is a complete package of material for constructing advanced pages quickly. Weebly includes design components, diverse templates, helpful SEO tools, and third-party integration capabilities to name a few goodies. With all the necessities and many more, putting together a novel and interest-sparking page for your law needs and requirements will be a breeze. By the way, you can also update your page from your mobile device using Weebly’s app.

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4. uCraft

ucraft website builder for lawyers

With all the resources and material available online, any website is child’s play. Even when it comes to professional services, like lawyering, you can do it all by yourself no matter how skilled. To be candid, you need zero coding and design knowledge when using website builders for lawyers. One such service is uCraft. It is a multipurpose page builder with outstanding features and capabilities. You do not need to use any 3-rd party services for web hosting and domain registration; you can do it all from the comfort of using uCraft.

The successful launch of a modern page is inevitable. Some of the very many features of uCraft are neat and designer-made ready-to-use layouts, logo maker, and handy marketing and analytics integrations. You can also ask uCraft’s helpful team of experts for support at any step of realizing your law page.

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5. Weblium

weblium website builder for lawyers

With the versatility of Weblium, you can utilize this website builder for all sorts of intentions, including lawyers and law firms. It even comes with a dedicated sample that you can employ out of the box. But if you want to step up a few notches, you can modify the default appearance and tailor it to your branding directions. On top of that, the integration of artificial intelligence will take care of all the rest.

When working with Weblium, you do not need to have any experience. Not just that, but you will master this builder on the fly with ease. Last but certainly not least, Weblium makes your lawyer page mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible. It takes care of domain name, hosting, and security, too. And you will benefit from Weblium’s SEO optimization, too.

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6. Webflow

webflow website builder for lawyers

Webflow is an alternative platform for looking for a customizable site building service for legal professionals. This site editor does things slightly different compared to the rest, still, nothing complicated. Instead, Webflow offers even more freedom with web design.

If you are a lawyer finding ways to create yourself or a law firm a website, Webflow offers many practical features and assets you can use to your advantage. Speaking of freedom earlier, start with a blank canvas and all the required tools you need and take your online appearance to the next level.

With Webflow’s awesome and powerful components, you can easily craft a website to share your vision with the world. Henceforth, making it an ideal website builder for lawyers. Manage and maintain a website like a professional. Bring your firm to an entirely new degree and boost your clientele.

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7. Squarespace

squarespace website builder for lawyers

When choosing between website builders for lawyers, you should consider Squarespace. In making Squarespace your site building platform, you will be assured of its high performance and constant innovation. With Squarespace, you can customize your website depending on your need or intention. This is possible because of the platform’s various flexible functionalities and features. You will also find a ton of pre-made material that will amaze and impress you, make you use it as is.

Squarespace’s widely used features include ready-to-use templates, a powerful style editor, hosting, and a domain name. All Squarespace pages are also optimized for mobile devices and modern web browsers. You are assured that your law firm’s page will deliver an outstanding experience, showing your professionalism in every segment of your business. Do your thing effortlessly.

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8. WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

wpbakery website builder for lawyers

No website will be half-baked with WPBakery. It is a WordPress page builder with the capacity to cover just about any niche and industry you can think of. WPBakery is also a website builder for lawyers and law firms. You can easily integrate it with your existing law firm WordPress theme or even use the software’s content. In both cases, you do not need prior coding or design knowledge to quickly and efficiently make your ideal online presence quickly. Thanks to the superb drag and drop site builder, you can now become a pro at web development in a snap.

Multiple elements, templates, add-ons, color skin builder, Yoast SEO compatibility, and multilingual support, all this and more is what WPBakery brings to the table. Create stunning parallax sections and build an advanced RTL lawyer website, with WPBakery is possible and highly achievable. No limits!

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9. Site123

site123 website builder for lawyers

A website need not be difficult, and the process should be quick and convenient for all users. If you are a lawyer or into legal topics and plan to create your website, you should consider using Site123 as your website builder for lawyers. You probably noticed that I am using “you” a lot. I want to emphasize that you do not need someone to do it for you. You will build your desired page regardless of your design and coding background!

Site123 is considered one of the most accessible platforms, especially for beginners. Site123 requires no prior programming and website designing skills. With the ready-made templates and elements, creating a law firm website will surely be less hassle with Site123. Remember that Site123 promises that all it takes are three uncomplicated steps and that your site can already go live.

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10. uKit

ukit website builder for lawyers

Although uKit is designed as a site building platform for entrepreneurs and business personas, you can also use it as a reliable website builder for lawyers. After all, it comes with a whopping 350 designs that cover 38 different categories. In short, uKit can be for everyone, even for the picky users. Since it offers various features and functionalities, creating your law-related site will surely be a breeze with uKit. It will be fun, real entertainment if you will. Feel free to employ uKit’s predefined options and let your creativity run wild.

But first, try uKit for free and be amazed by its impressiveness. Among numerous enjoyable traits, some that stand out are mobile-friendly layouts, unique typography, grid-based style and promotional tools. Implement your branding and signature touch to the website you are putting together with uKit and let your professionalism and expertise rock the online world.

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11. 8b

8b website builder for lawyers

With the versatility and powerful approach 8b brings, you can effortlessly use it as a website builder for lawyers. It even has custom designs ready for the legal industry out of the box. Surprisingly, 8b also comes at no cost. Choose the industry, pick up the name of your website/business, and you can already start realizing your modern online presence! You read that correct; with 8b, you can craft your ideal lawyer and law firm website without spending a dime.

Even if you are busy with tons of cases daily, with 8b, you will still manage to establish a page. It takes barely any time to set it up, and you do not need to be a tech wizard to make it happen. Lastly, 8b also includes a neat mobile website builder for making edits and improvements on your page straight from your mobile device.

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12. Elementor

elementor website builder for lawyers

As long as WordPress is your go-to content management system, you can use Elementor however you fancy. You will use it as a lawyer’s website builder if you come this far. It is a fantastic, all-in-one solution for establishing first-class pages of all shapes and sizes. Also, you do not need to be an expert at web development to benefit from all the amazingness Elementor has in store. The entire building process happens visually, meaning you do not need to touch a single code string to perform particular tweaks and changes.

Elementor has over 80 design elements to speed up the website making process. Not only will you be able to build your law site quickly, but the performance of the final creation will also be fast and reliable. There aren’t any rules and regulations you need to follow with Elementor, you can do things your way.

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13. Pagecloud

pagecloud website builder for lawyers

To create a site that helps you spread your message is now easier than ever thanks to amazing services like Pagecloud. Pagecloud alters to nearly any business almost instantly with the available material, countless elements, and supreme features. Even if you are a lawyer or an attorney, you can employ this website builder and get your services out there. With the drag-and-drop method and familiar keyboard shortcuts, you can get busy designing and establishing your page even if it is your first time. You will only be busy briefly, since making the final product with Pagecloud is quick and easy.

Text and image editing, videos, app integration, search engine customization/optimization and hosting, and security are all part of Pagecloud. However, this is just a fraction of all the remarkable qualities Pagecloud has ready for its users. On top of that, you are also treated to a reliable and professional support team that will help you out any time.

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14. Mozello

mozello website builder for lawyers

Mozello offers you access to its cool features and tool, making it a dependable site building software for any projects. And yes, if you are a lawyer or a law firm looking to reach a specific goal online, you surely need a high-performing website. How do you get one? One thing is for sure. You do not need to invest a hefty price tag in hiring a developer to realize it. Instead, you can use these convenient website builders for lawyers and get things done yourself. Now that was easy. Mozello is packed with features that help you achieve your dream website effortlessly.

Check all the amazing demo websites first and see the fantastic results you can expect. Of course, you can improve and enhance any layout that comes with Mozello and make it your own. Nothing is stopping you from expressing yourself in a unique and distinguishing way. The options are endless so do not hold yourself back and stand out from the masses with a banging lawyer page.

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15. IM Creator

im creator website builder for lawyers

Creating and making one-of-a-kind web spaces is a piece of cake with IM Creator. When you start using it, you instantly notice how simple the process is. Moreover, you do not need any technical background to make great things happen with IM Creator. IM Creator is a fantastic tool for lawyers, legal agencies, and attorneys that will take you on top with your refreshing website. You can use it for free and only move to a premium plan when needed.

You can prepare a fully working lawyer website for your launch in just minutes. It is hard to believe that what was once complicated and advanced cannot be executed in a snap. With IM Creator, you can make updates using the complementary XPRS mobile app. What else is there to say? Become the creator yourself and skyrocket your law business above and beyond.

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16. Tilda

tilda website builder for lawyers

Tilda is one of the greatest page builders that can cater to your needs for a law niche website without a hitch. You need a well-founded tool if you are preparing to create a page for your firm or your personal business needs. In short, you need a newbie-ready website builder for lawyers that goes by the name Tilda. You do not need to review coding or even dive into designing techniques by using Tilda as your website maker. Tilda has you covered with more than 450 blocks pre-designed for any project.

Do you know what is super awesome about Tilda? You can use it for free for as long as you want! You have other options, but use them only when you need them. Moreover, Tilda focuses strongly on your content and visual presentation. You will undoubtedly spark all your potential clients’ interests and encourage them to ping you for advice.

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17. GoDaddy

godaddy website builder for lawyers

When you’re confused or have difficulty creating your website, you should go to GoDaddy for help. GoDaddy is one of the most trusted and highly recommended site building platforms today. It has the experience and expertise to help you naturally become your page. Even if you are into legal topics and law, you can swiftly construct your law-based page with GoDaddy. In short, GoDaddy can instantly transform into one of the best website builders for lawyers through its unique and easy-to-use interface.

GoDaddy is a software that offers style for everyone, whether you like to keep things minimal or dig special effects. Chose from the available web designs, modify them to fit your requirements, and move from there. Whoever knows anything about GoDaddy, will take care of your domains and hosting, too.

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18. Strikingly

strikingly website builder for lawyers

With a name like that, you know you will do things in a way that will set you apart from the competition. Even if you are in the law business, Strikingly is still an undemanding page editor that fluently alters your wants. With very little time and effort invested, you can rock the world wide web with a banging and contemporary page. Strikingly also includes domain names, web hosting, security, analytics, and other practical features ensuring safe and stable operation.

Due to its multi-purposefulness, Strikingly is also one of the top website builders for lawyers, law firms, and agencies. You will find many ready-to-use web designs to start your project and move things forward quickly. At this point, nothing is there to stop you, jump in with both feet and never look back. Sooner than planned, the ideal page will be right in front of you, ready for new opportunities.

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  1. Your visitors ONLY care about what problem you can solve for them. The more value you can give them, the more likely they will trust you and buy from you, so it is important also for a website builder to have a professional-looking theme or templates.

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