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easiest website builders
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22 Easiest Website Builders For Beginners 2024

Using an easy-to-use website builder makes coming up with your perfect page ridiculously simple.

You could be building a blog, a business page, or an online store—you name it. It could be anything, and you can still complete the process challenge-free. Not only that, but the website development process will take you barely any time, too.

Picking up a website builder is one thing to consider, as it makes managing and maintaining a page child’s play. Enjoy the amazing and simplistic drag-and-drop technology and stand tall. And of these, go for beginners, especially. With no coding and no design background needed, you can comfortably create a professional website that you would otherwise need to hire a programmer to do for you.

While there is a broad spectrum of easy-to-use website builders, mainly generic, many are more niche and industry-specific. From ready-to-use templates and preset blocks to awesome design tools and analytics, you have them all in one place. Choose the one that best resonates with your business and maximizes its wonders.

Your favorite site editor will help you create a responsive, mobile-ready, fast-loading page that will take your internet appearance to the next level. Skyrocket your potential and have your website under total command.

Best Website Builder For Beginners

1. Wix

Easiest website builder with beautiful templates

Wix - easiest website builder with beautiful templates

Exercise your creative freedom by choosing Wix as your site builder. Its millions of users are more than enough to prove that Wix is an easy-to-use website builder. Whether you are a professional or a newbie at web design, this builder’s features, all of which are collected in one location for your convenience, are perfect for your needs. There is no need to look for different features and extras, jumping back and forth to refine your online presence. With Wix, you do it all from the comfort of one account.

You can either seek assistance from Artificial Design Intelligence or create your own thing with Wix’s Editor. Start with a blank canvas or select from hundreds of ready-made templates, which you can simply drag and drop and arrange you however fancy. Both options do not require any coding whatsoever. The best part is that sites built with Wix are SEO-ready, so your web presence is already taken care of.

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2. Squarespace

Most beautiful website builder

squarespace easiest website builder

Squarespace is a highly popular and super-easy website builder capable of building any page. Over 3 million people have used Squarespace to build their websites. Even famous people use it for their web presence, so there is no reason why you would not want to get your hands on it, too! Stunning web designs await all Squarespace users to utilize for their sites. You can use the one you dig the most as-is or enhance it effortlessly. The amazing drag-and-drop method does the trick, allowing you to do the magic without coding. Change texts and colors, rearrange elements, and do whatever you can; Squarespace is flexible and versatile.

What’s more, Squarespace offers unlimited hosting for free, domain names, SSL certificate, super-fast content delivery using a global CDN and outstanding support. One space is needed to bring all your ideas to reality.

Here are stunning Squarespace website examples to see what this website builder can do.

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3. Shopify

Easiest eCommerce website builder

shopify easiest website builder

Shopify deeply understands that all businesses want only the best for their websites. Entrepreneurs worldwide regard it as the easiest website builder for their platform. It provides everything you need to start an eCommerce site, from an online store layout to payment and shipping methods. Shopify misses nothing! It also features an SSL certificate, automated tax rates, checkout recovery options, shipping rates, and more.

More than 100 professional themes are available, all tailored for the meticulous and detail-oriented eye. Improve your marketing standards with SEO tools, product reviews, gift cards, and discount codes. Also, you can implement email marketing and blogging, all available at Shopify. Thanks to unlimited bandwidth, web hosting will not be too much hassle. Get your brand running and sell whatever your heart desires with Shopify. You need no other tool if an online shop is what you would like to start.

Shopify is one of the most affordable eCommerce website builders out there that offers the highest level of security and performance.

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4. Weebly

Easy eCommerce focused website builder for beginners

Weebly - easy ecommerce focussed website builder

Weebly is undoubtedly one of the easiest-to-use website builders out there. Everybody can use this software — even the newbies! Of course, you do not need any technical background to use and make pages with Weebly. With a powerful tool like this, most of the work is already done for you. All there is left to decide what type of page you would like to bring into being, pick the right template, and jump in with both feet. It is way easier than you may think! It will happen in almost no time! Not only that, but you will also be surprised at how fast you will have your site ready to go live.

Creating an eCommerce website or a personal page is possible with Weebly. Moreover, Weebly also comes as a mobile app for Android and iOS. With this in mind, you can access your webspace and manage and maintain it directly from your mobile device. In other words, you can “run your business on the go.”

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5. Hostinger

Best AI website builder with a simple user interface

Hostinger - easiest and most affordable website builder with hosting

Hostinger is indeed one of the easiest website builders available on the market today. You don’t need any knowledge; even if you don’t know coding, you are good to go. All the material is at your disposal and readily available to start immediately. With Hostinger, you will learn quickly and create a powerful, modern, professional website without a sweat.

Hostinger takes care of everything, from site designs to hosting and domain names; it’s all part of the bundle. Hostinger can nearly any website you think of, including online stores, blogs, portfolios, resumes, and landing pages. Of course, different packages are available, ensuring something for every user. You can also enjoy the friendly support team for any extra assistance.

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6. Ucraft

Easy to use website builder for simple websites

Ucraft - easy to use website builder for simple websites

One should not underestimate a website’s look. A company can stand out when everyone else offers the same thing. Be professional and high-quality in all segments of your business and your web presence. This is exactly what Ucraft is known for. Unlike some that solely focus on features, Ucraft prioritizes convenience, making it the easiest-to-use website builder you can find today. Additionally, it dedicates itself to providing the wow factor by making your website feel alive and energetic.

How is this done?

With high-resolution graphics, of course. Not only that, but the final page you are about to bring to reality with Ucraft will also have a cutting-edge and attention-grabbing design. Many businesses do not take this seriously, but it should be noted that a web page is the online ambassador of your brand, so make it as seamless as possible. No coding is required and it is a beginner-friendly website builder.

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7. WPBakery Website Builder

WordPress specific website builder for beginners

wpbakery easiest website builder

For WordPress users specifically, WPBakery is the easiest-to-use website builder out there. It is a tool used by millions of users worldwide. This alone tells you that the developers surely are doing something right with WPBakery. Formerly known as Visual Composer, WPBakery is a magnificent product that will suit all users, regardless of their experience with web design and code. Since I just brought it up, WPBakery does not demand any technical background from you. You can be a first-timer and still have a chance to develop a unique website for your online project.

WPBakery works on the back- and the front end, allowing you the freedom you deserve when establishing your perfect website. Furthermore, it also works with all available themes on the market and even comes with a series of custom mobile-ready layouts that you can use however you fancy. Build your custom color scheme and benefit from the innovative grid builder.

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8. Elementor

Most popular website builder for WordPress

elementor easiest website builder

Usually, site builders offer many layouts and themes and hope their clients find something appealing. Many do not, as they are grounded from these limited options. Elementor will never be a problem forging the right web design for your online space. It has the ultimate collection of ideas and formats that can almost overwhelm you as an easy-to-use website builder. It is good, especially if you are picky with your choices. Elementor has something for everyone. And if not, you can easily tailor it to your needs.

Companies and individuals who push incredible content will surely love this editor. Elementor has hundreds of website concepts, including widgets, fonts, shortcodes, etc. Everything is unique and original, so experiment with them to your heart’s content.

You can also read the thorough Elementor review and better understand how amazing it is.

With over 5 million active users, it is the most popular page builder for WordPress.

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9. Weblium

Effortless website builder for small websites

Weblium falls in the easiest website builders you currently find on the market. After all, you do not need to do much work, as Weblium’s artificial intelligence takes care of the major part of it out of the box. With that, you know that even if you have no experience building pages, you can still do it with the jaw-dropping Weblium.

Over two hundred templates are creative, modern, and responsive. Of course, all the designs allow for further improvements and enhancements, allowing you to brand and personalize the website accordingly. What about web hosting and domain names? That’s all on Weblium, search engine optimization, site security, and SSL. Look no further and enjoy yourself all the perks of Weblium.

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10. Novi

Easiest HTML website builder with drag and drop

novi mobile friendly website builder

Novi is a page builder that anyone and everyone can use. Is it easy? You bet it is! This tool will never ask you for coding knowledge. With the drag and drop technology, you will have a lot of fun customizing and styling the template to your wants. Speaking of templates, quite a few are available to take advantage of and speed things up. With Novi, you never need to start from square one.

Novi also comes with all these practical plugins to help spice things up. Swiper Slider and social plugins to owl carousel, Google Maps, countdown timers, and functional contact form are all part of the deal for your convenience. Novi also keeps on improving itself frequently with new updates and whatnot. Finally, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its plans.

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11. Voog

voog easiest website builder

Voog is an easy-to-use website builder that you can use to start a simple page, blog, or launch an online store. Whatever your online business plan is, Voog is here to make things happen with a striking page that everyone will be amazed with. While it approaches web design very simply, Voog is still a super-powerful software you should use to its full potential. Ensure you have an open mind and not let your imagination stop you. Voog is here to get things moving in the right direction, no matter how creative or basic you want your outcome.

Voog is an out-of-the-box service for building exceptional websites with zero coding involved. The drag-and-drop feature is the one that makes things work out for everyone despite their skill level. Upload your content, change colors, texts and edit the look however you feel suits you best. Voog is here for you, with their support team ready to assist you any time.

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12. Webnode – Easiest Website Builder

webnode easiest website builder

You know the gist of it by now. All the services you find in this collection are easy-to-use website builders you can currently find on the market. Swiftly, yet professionally, you can create your must-have pages in the shortest period. Webnode is another fantastic, remarkable, and awe-inspiring site editor that brings your business plans to life regarding your neat web presence. You know Webnode is doing the right thing with millions of active users. With that in mind, you are guaranteed to witness a successful launch of a brand-new website.

Magnificent and ready-to-use templates and a user-friendly interface allow you to go online in five minutes. That is how fast you can act with Webnode. The process also does not require installation or advanced configuration, making Webnode perfect for those just starting. Personal, business, and eCommerce websites, you can materialize them all with Webnode.

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13. uKit

ukit easiest website builder

Bring back the fun element in creative design by choosing uKit as your web design building platform. Simply the easiest website builder in the market, it has over 350 designs in 38 categories. All this tells you is that uKit sure has something for you, even if you are very selective with your choices. uKit is also packed with various features such as typography, color schemes, universal grid and the handy drag and drop function. Not only that, but you can start your online store immediately, as well.

In addition, you can set up order forms for your customers and stipulate delivery and payment methods. Lastly, you can grow your business and online presence with promotional tools like search engine optimization, newsletters, and statistics. Use the latter to know how your website is doing and optimize accordingly. No other builder offers a complete package like uKit, so check it out.

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14. Mobirise

mobirise easiest website builder

Mobirise is different. While most of the easiest website builders are online services, allowing you to build your page in-browser, Mobirise is an offline software. That is correct; you download it to your computer and use it entirely for free! Of course, Mobirise is compatible with both Windows and Mac users, so you don’t need to worry about it. Moreover, you don’t need to question whether your website will be mobile-ready and compatible with modern web browsers – it simply will be. Thanks to Mobirise, all the pages you make with it are of the highest degree, performing all the time excellently.

The employment of Mobirise is very straightforward. With its numerous pre-designed blocks and layouts, you do not need to code but rather drag the content to your page, set parameters, change texts, colors and upload your material. That is how simple it is! And before you are ready to go live, preview your web design first and then hit the publish button. You can even check your website’s appearance on different devices before releasing it online.

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15. SITE123 Website Builder

site123 easiest website builder

SITE123 is a spectacular tool with countless amazing features and assets you can profit from — including the incredible and super practical page editor and the many ready-to-use templates fully customizable. You do not need to be quick with your site development, but you cannot avoid the speedy site launch when using SITE123. And why should you? It is one of the easiest website builders, giving you a free hand on your project. But the freedom all these site editors offer makes them score the inclusion in our collection.

You read it before, but SITE123 is another killer website builder that gets you online in three steps. SEO tools, custom domains, free hosting, mobile-friendly, online store ready, you name it, SITE123 has the capacity that makes it unlock a new horizon of possibilities for you. However, the estimated launch time depends on how creative you want and what extra sections to add to your website (read online store). Like mentioned earlier, it never takes long with SITE123.

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16. Jimdo

Jimdo - cheap website builder for beginners

Combining groundbreaking features and reliable customer support would win you many customers. No wonder why Jimdo has been doing so well, being the easiest website builder. Every template has a modern, professional look with a fully responsive and extendable design. Jimdo also has its own powerful creator tools with many useful options to manage your site like a pro. Choose from either Jimdo Creator or Jimdo Dolphin to start building instantly. The amazing software is built with passion and love related to its customers. Applying the latest web technologies adds more to Jimdo’s winning formula.

Let’s learn more about Jimdo and its creator. There is nothing complicated about the two. The latter is pretty self-explanatory: you are the creator. Artificial intelligence does most of the work after asking you easy questions about yourself and your business.

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17. 8b

8b easiest website builder

With the many available solutions, we only bring you the easiest website builders. And, of course, 8b is one of them. This website building software is easy and simple to use and comes at no cost. Yes, it is 100% free, if you will. Whether you want to create an agency, event, gaming, hotel, medical, music, portfolio, restaurant, or travel website, you can make them all with 8b. The options are endless when it comes to 8b.

Also, 8b will never ask you for any coding knowledge; that makes it very newbie-friendly! The interface is user-friendly and perfect for any user. Moreover, 8b guarantees that the website you are about to establish will work smoothly on all mobile devices and web browsers. Kick it off with the right ready-made template and make a difference.

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18. GoDaddy Website Builder

godaddy easiest website builder

While GoDaddy is a humongous web hosting provider and domain registrar, it also includes a neat and easy website builder for your convenience. With GoDaddy, you can start a blog, push products online, create an agency website and even build a business page. In short, the options you have with GoDaddy are endless. It only takes one account to run your website like a champ. More or less, it is your imagination that is your only limit. Think outside the box and see the magic reveal right before you.

GoDaddy delivers layouts and elements in the kit that you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Also, the web designs GoDaddy has in store for you are customizable. Thus, you can make a page that follows your branding regulations precisely. Other features of GoDaddy include online appointments, social sharing, search engine optimization, email marketing, you name it. With four available pricing options, you will easily find the one that best suits your requirements.

Here are some real-world examples of websites made with Godaddy website builder.

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19. Readymag

readymag easiest website builder

Nothing should hold you back when you unlock your access to Readymag. This is a fantastic and one of the easiest-to-use website builders you can find on the market of page editors. It is everything you need for your websites, online magazine, web portfolio, or any other type of internet publication you would like to start. First and foremost, Readymag advises you to fully forget about the code and anything related to design. Now it’s getting interesting, right? With the innovative builder, Readymag allows you to create pages without tech knowledge. Indeed, it is super simple to use, after all.

Readymag gives you two options: either start by choosing a pre-designed template or start with a blank skin and go from there. No matter what you do, with Readymag, it is guaranteed that the end product will be a cutting-edge piece of web art that you and no one else will set up.

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20. Strikingly

strikingly easiest website builder

Most businesses with a certain niche look for specific designs. Some want it flashy, while others prefer a more minimalist look. Whatever category you fall under, Strikingly has it covered for you. It has been trusted by millions of global marketers and creatives, which calls for another easy website builder. Strikingly applies technologies that enable you to construct websites without coding and design practice. Every end product will be responsive, pixel-perfect, and compatible with any mobile device.

With hundreds of designs, you can never go wrong with what Strikingly offers. You can develop a professional and sophisticated look, like a breath of fresh air. Domain registrations, SSL, analytics, social feeds, contact forms, online store, and blog are some of Strikingly’s assets. You can be certain that this tool will amaze and impress you.

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21. PageCloud Website Builder

pagecloud easiest website builder

Do you need a sleek theme for your website? Then gear up for the newest craze in town. Presenting PageCloud, the easiest website builder best suited for entrepreneurs and imaginative minds. It is all organized, simplistic and super effortless to understand and manage. Doing customization tweaks and updates is duck soup with PageCloud. Some of PageCloud’s features include the convenient drag-and-drop page builder, auto image optimization, app compatibility, and hosting, to name a few.

PageCloud’s mobile-ready layout builder lets you hammer out pages naturally. That’s not all; PageCloud also ensures your website follows SEO practices. You are treated to meta-information, custom URLs, page titles, redirects, and all the other principal activities. Measure your overall page performance with Google Analytics and optimize it accordingly. You are in full charge of your web presence, so ensure you always progress, executing improvements to deliver the best possible experience.

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22. Tilda

tilda easiest website builder

If you are looking for an easy-to-use website builder, you came to the right place! On this list, you will find very many and, without a doubt, the one that will be the best fit for you. It does not matter how picky you are and how little experience you have; you are still in good hands. Tilda is one cracking software that will assist you in sorting out your best page regardless of your niche. It is a highly adaptive service that creates beautiful pages without changing a single code string.

Tilda has more than 450 ready-to-use blocks and even allows you to create custom variations with Zero Block. Tilda also has a strong focus on content and typography that might be ideal for you. With loads and loads of pre-made templates, you will quickly find the right style you want to rock your page with. Tweak and adjust it to your needs, and you can go live with a mobile-ready webspace.

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