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18 Excellent Wedding Photography Websites 2023

Get a load of inspiration with this handpicked collection of wedding photography websites. Whether you’re an established photographer or an emerging one, you shouldn’t let this inspiration slip out. So, glimpse these websites and bookmark the finest ones for your upcoming project.

A wedding is one of the greatest events that every couple looks into. Most couples desire to make it more meaningful and unforgettable as it happens once in a lifetime. Top priorities should be finding the venue, shopping for the wedding dress, preparing invitations, and booking a photographer and videographer. But photography and videography are among the most suitable and effective ways to capture those precious moments. A photograph is a powerful object to remind a couple of the events and enkindle of flashing the event to memory; thus, photography has become a demand for every wedding. Hence, numerous individuals pursue a photography career to practice their technical expertise, creativity, and passion for producing and preserving images. Concerning marketing the proficiency of every photographer, an extraordinary portfolio is an effective way to advance career opportunities.

Wedding photography website design

Building your own website?

Looking to build a website yourself? Here are the best wedding photography WordPress themes to help you get started.

Building an online portfolio as a wedding photographer needs great inspiration to yield the best website. Get inspired with this inspiration and find the most creative and feature-rich portfolio on the list, then get ready to shine with yours! Regardless of the scheme you pursue in building it, this bunch of wedding photography websites is worth noting.

1. Karina and Agnes

Karina and Agnes

A professional photoshoot for a wedding is essential to keep memories alive through the years. Thanks to talented photographers, wedding moments are easily captured and preserved. If you don’t have a portfolio yet, you can get inspired by these wedding photography websites. Karina and Agnes are two photographers with a great passion for weddings. They love to witness and document weddings to create lasting memory for their clients. They have a simple yet elegant website design to showcase their awesome services. The homepage is the first page that can build a good impression. Hence, this website ensures that the images are high quality, clear navigation, and comprehensible typography. It also integrates the Instagram feed to share and connect with the audience.

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2. Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Planning the details of a wedding is challenging, especially for couples. However, that tedious task is unnecessary with the help of wedding planners. Similarly, capturing the event isn’t a problem too. With skilled photographers that offer awesome photography services, moments are never missed. Here’s Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, a useful directory of the UK’s best wedding photographers & photography. Right on the homepage is a comprehensive display of essential web elements. The hero header exhibits the advanced search form so a potential client can easily look for the perfect photographer to hire within his preferences. It also uses the grid style to showcase the photographers’ category. Additionally, it utilizes the social media icons on the footer to grow and connect with clients.

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3. Nordica Photography

Nordica Photography

Photographers need to upgrade their skills to yield amazing results. They need to master photographic techniques through the use of genuine equipment. Thus, they can capture moments effectively. Then, building a portfolio should be necessary when it comes to marketing. Nordica Photography is one of the iconic photographers, a “two-headed photography monster” in Stockholm, Sweden. Its website is as creative and professional as its services. The homepage is an excellent exhibition of their photography works organized attractively. The hero scene introduces the brand with the video integration that can be played and paused. Moreover, the successful wedding stories are indicated in dots and exhibited using the map.

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4. Mason Photography

Mason Photography

Maintaining a digital portfolio to demonstrate how a photographer works is a timeless tool for success. However, it can be the best or worst marketing tool, depending on how you deliver your branding. So, don’t miss exploring these wedding photography websites to ensure yours is exemplary. Mason Photography exists to tell the stories that haven’t been told and cut the stress as materialism out of wedding plans. As the website can well represent the brand, this website creates a great headline, “Colorful Photos for Colorful People.” The overall design is elegant and professional-looking, with black and white as the color scheme and white typography on the dark background. This website uses a nice slider with huge thumbnails to display wedding stories.

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5. Kirsten Noelle

Capturing the moments in a wedding is challenging especially when you don’t have the skills and passion. Hiring a photographer is one of the best courses to enjoy the event and ditch the anxiety. If you’re a photographer, always opt for a web presence in marketing your services. Kirsten Noelle is a wedding photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a simple portfolio to showcase her expertise and experience worldwide. The hero header is a beautiful display of web elements such as a wedding background image, call-to-action, and captivating headline with rotated text animation. To improve visitor retention, a sticky header is utilized on the site.

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6. Mango Studio

Mango Studio

Showcase your works to a wider audience as you create a beautiful wedding portfolio website. So, grab the finest features in this collection and bookmark the site. See what features you’ll grab from these wedding photography websites. Mango Studio is a Toronto wedding photography studio with award-winning photographers and artists. They have over a decade of wedding industry experience with branches in different countries. The homepage has a remarkable design and useful web elements. The hero header has a monochrome image as background, the enticing CTA, and the brand’s name. This website allows visitors to easily connect with the brand through social media links and a contact number. The featured weddings also look superb with the grid layout it utilizes.

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7. The Arroyos

The Arroyos 

The existence of photography is a timeless discovery to make moments last. No wonder why many individuals pursue this type of career. Well, every wedding deserves a skilled photographer to document the events seamlessly. In turn, photographers must have a portfolio to exhibit their expertise and experience in the field. The Arroyos is a wedding photography website that has a fantastic design. Particularly, the homepage is loaded with outstanding images to prove their works. Various wedding photos are featured using the simple slider for the hero scene.

Moreover, it also embraces video integration to exhibit the brand’s credibility worldwide. That’s not all, the carousel adds beauty to the design as it displays some quality images they’ve captured. It also adds the Instagram feed at the bottom of the page.

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8. Susan Shek

Susan Shek

A website showcasing your works is vital if you’re in the photography business. Specifically, wedding photographers should display their expertise to impress potential clients and let them browse the works well. Susan Shek is based in New York and provides modern wedding photography and videography services. She is passionate about documenting engagement shoots and weddings and is ready to build credibility online. As images play essential roles in conveying every brand’s message, this website has ample images on the homepage to represent the content. Specifically, the portfolio appears stunning, with big thumbnails connecting engagements, weddings, and destinations. It also integrates social media icons and an Instagram feed.

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9. Jenna Brisson

Jenna Brisson

A dream wedding is incomplete without an expert photographer who can document the event without hassle. Well, photographers need to have the most acceptable portfolio to spread awareness of the brand. Jenna Brisson is a Vermont wedding photographer for candid, honest, and dynamic imagery. Her site is one of the awe-inspiring wedding photography websites to explore. Putting more emphasis on images to do the marketing, the hero scene exhibits 20 wedding photos displayed using a slider.

Moreover, the latest work is presented using tile layout too. In the portfolio page, the category looks great with big thumbnails. It also uses the sticky header for quick access to the menu. Hence, Jenna’s different works (couples, weddings, elopements) are much easier to access.

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10. Gruper Photographers

Gruper Photographers

Every precious moment in a couple’s life shouldn’t be missed. From proposals, engagement to wedding ceremonies, they ought to be captured. This is where expert photographers are in demand. Gruper Photographers is an award-winning luxury wedding photographer in NYC. This firm specializes in wedding ceremonies, receptions, engagement, proposals, and events. The hero header comes with various wedding photographs showcased using a slider with navigation and branding on the header. The services are displayed by categories using a simple tile layout. Moreover, the team of photographers also looks grandeur with card design and monochrome images. Other notable features include social icons, newsletter, sticker header, etc.

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11. Ryan Chard Smith Photography

Ryan Chard Smith Photography

In this collection, you’ll find simple but engaging wedding photography websites. You wouldn’t want to miss the valuable features in your upcoming projects. Ryan Chard Smith Photography is a wedding and elopement photographer for the untraditional and adventurous couple. His website is one of a kind with a modern, minimalist and clutter-free design. Like most websites today, this brand uses the slider to highlight the photographer’s awesome works. As it implements the animation upon scrolling, the overall design looks remarkable. While the sticky header provides easy access to the other pages, the weddings, couples, and portraits are well structured using the square menu. The blog section also looks stunning as well as the Instagram feed.

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12. Atken Photography

Atken Photography

Promoting your photography business online is effective and powerful with a well-built website. You can find valuable features to boost your business in this list of inspirations. Atken Photography is a wedding photographer on Bark, serving Bridlington and surrounding areas. It aims to capture those natural, joyful, spontaneous events through amazing photographs. It comes with a fullwidth image on the hero header with CTA. The featured stories look great, with the grid layout to represent each story. As a brand needs to showcase its credibility, this website ensures that the established firms who feature their works look clean and neat.

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13. Frankly Steve

Frankly Steve

A good website can promote businesses as well as the careers of professionals. Individuals can reach more clients with a good portfolio and display outstanding works. Check out this relevant inspiration for your upcoming wedding photography website project. Frankly, Steve has a superb website that reflects his honest approach, humble and no-frills style in photography. His website has a unique and creative design with ample clear images to highlight his works. Each of the web elements has borders to represent the outer edge. Specifically, the hero scene reveals various images through a slider. The categories of his works look appealing with large thumbnails and links to the stories page. The latest stories are also presented with huge photos that serve as thumbnails.

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14. Purple Tree Photography

Purple Tree Photography

A professional photography website is a great medium to improve the brand’s recognition. However, building it needs ample resources, tools, and inspiration to make it extraordinary. Here’s a useful list to explore if you work with wedding photography websites. Purple Tree Photography is a team of passionate photographers who turns their passion into a career. The homepage has an appealing design, embedded high-quality images, credibility, and branding. The hero header features clear visions of their works using the slider. This brand presents social icons below the hero scene to connect with potential clients. Additionally, the wedding stories in grids also add elegance to the design. It also displays the brands that featured their works via icons.

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15. Ryan Flynn Photography

Ryan Flynn Photography

See wonderful ideas in building your portfolio as a wedding photographer with this awesome list. Get inspired and start soaring high with an exceptional wedding photography website! Ryan Flynn is a film and digital photographer that professionally shoots for 12+ years. His website is a great tool to market his expertise and reveal his credibility with style. The homepage has a neat and minimalist design with the necessary features. The hero header highlights high-quality, fullwidth images using a smooth carousel. With ample wedding photography experience, the stories he has successfully documented are truly interesting with the tile layout.

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16. Mary and Dean

Mary and Dean

Majestic photographs can truly add to the perfect wedding photography website you put up. A wedding photography website can bolster career opportunities with a clutter-free design and awesome functionality. Check out this collection, and don’t miss out on noting the one you prefer as an inspiration. Mary and Dean have one of the finest designs to look into. They are wedding photographers that are passionate about capturing precious moments. The website speaks of its credibility via high-quality images on various style layouts arrayed well. The hero header has a fullwidth, monochrome image, CTA, and the brand’s name. Additionally, the rest of the homepage looks great with the presentation of the works via grid layout.

This website is built using one of our popular photography WordPress themes.

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17. Amini Photography

Amini Photography

Beautiful and functional wedding photography websites can withstand the highly competitive photography industry. Hence, photographers must find ways to make their website as engaging as possible without compromising their functionality. Amini Photography specializes in weddings, engagement and corporate events. It has a simple homepage design but can contribute to the growth of the business. The hero scene displays clear images through the use of a slider. To keep the menu accessible, this website uses a sticky header. Moreover, the different works of the photographer also look superb with the medium-size thumbnails.

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18. Mirjam-Photography


Let your visitors find your site user-friendly with a wedding photography website with a few features to enjoy. Mirjam-Photography has a minimalist design website that is crafted to empower the brand. It features nice typography, attractive images, and a clean layout. The hero header displays some of the inspiring works of the photographer. Furthermore, the portfolio presentation looks grandeur as they’re arrayed in grids. To quickly access the navigation menu, a sticky header is used. Social media plays a vital role in the brand’s success, social links are also embedded in the footer.

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