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19 Best Zoo Website Design Examples 2023

Are you planning to start a zoo business soon? Get a glimpse of these zoo websites that will serve as a great inspiration to delve into. Then, you can craft yours with style and professionalism. Don’t miss the chance to unlock more opportunities when you build a website to promote your business easily and effectively.

The emergence of digital marketing empowers almost every brand from different industries. Well, who can ever ignore such a great scheme to boost business? Whether you’re a creative individual or a company that plans to build online credibility, you can always choose a good website. Undeniably, building a website is an excellent way to have a strong web presence. Favorably, various practical themes are available on the web that you can use to promote services 24/7—no wonder why the zoo industry has welcomed this tool in introducing various zoo businesses worldwide.

If you’re in this line of business, you wouldn’t want to miss these zoo websites we’ve collected for awesome inspiration. On the other hand, you can also outsource an expert web designer to create the website with your preferences. Regardless of the option you choose, these websites are valuable.

In this collection, you learn the practical designs that zoo owners prefer and implement. Additionally, you will learn to combine features that work best to deliver your message. So, don’t miss checking these zoo websites, enjoy this remarkable inspiration and discover the finest layout you can ever create!

Best Zoo Website Design Examples

1. Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo

A zoo provides a fun and exciting educational resource. Typically, it’s an excellent way to engage children in science. So, getting your brand as a zoo business to the web is a great scheme. Here’s a bunch of zoo websites to delve into. Wellington Zoo is New Zealand’s first zoo and Wellington’s oldest conservation organization, caring for animals since 1906. The website design is impressive, with vivid web elements added to the homepage. The contents are placed in tiles with bold and attractive typography, quality images, and colorful backgrounds. While the header reveals useful components, the footer corresponds to it with useful links added. Also, this zoo website displays Instagram feed in grids nicely.


2. Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo

A zoo is another delightful place that can bring families together. In addition, some animal species that are close to extinction can be saved too. More people are using smartphones to browse for brands to trust. Similarly, zoo websites are embracing this effective scheme. Here’s Edinburgh Zoo, one of the inspiring zoo websites in this list. The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland owns it. With its awesome mission, “Connecting people with nature. Safeguarding species from extinction”, this website is also crafted with superb web elements. Its consistent use of irregular shapes all over the web is unique and engaging. Meanwhile, the smooth slider presents the membership and donation buttons with call-to-action links to shop.


3. Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo

Zoos can provide fun and real educational scheme to children. They’ll get to learn more about animals and nature too. So, if you plan to build a zoo business, considering a website promoting it will be helpful. Chester Zoo is one of the awe-inspiring zoo websites from England. It’s one of the UK’s largest zoos at 125 acres. The website design appears lively and modern, with colorful elements added. The smooth slider welcomes the audience with glee as it highlights zoo-related images.

Moreover, the hand-drawn elements throughout the site add charm and creativity. Specifically, this site enables the visitors to plan their visit, meet animals in the zoo and explore other things found in the zoo. That’s not all, visitors can also check for the availability of the animals to enjoy the visit more.


4. Boras Djurpark

Boras Djurpark 

When visiting wildlife parks or zoological gardens, create unforgettable experiences and discover extinct species. Boras Djurpark is a home for 65 species, including African savannah beasts & Nordic animals with naturalistic enclosures. Specifically, this zoo website ensures that visitors can easily buy tickets, check for visiting hours, availability of accommodations, food, and beverages. The website design shows a simple layout with various useful elements like sliders, clean and readable typography, flat icons, and more. These pages are represented with medium-size squares as menus. Moreover, the header also bears the necessary logo, search, mega menu, and CTA (buy tickets).


5. Jardim Zoologico

Jardim Zoologico 

Plan your visit on a zoological garden ahead with a zoo website. Hence, zoo businesses should consider building an online presence. Here’s Jardim Zoologico, one of the websites you shouldn’t miss to check for inspiration. It’s a zoological and botanical park of excellence, a conservation center for vulnerable species threatened by extinction. The website implies a modern and professional zoo image as it implements clutter-free design and easy-to-use web elements. Particularly, a nice and smooth slider is ready to showcase images of animals, headlines, and CTAs. Furthermore, the menu enables visitors to buy tickets online, plan the visit and sponsor an animal. Meanwhile, this zoo website also offers easy and quick navigation through the sticky header.


6. Zoo Antwerpen

Zoo Antwerpen

Improve your zoo business when you opt for a good website. If you don’t know how to build yours, you can find features from these zoo websites we’ve collected. Zoo Antwerp is a zoo in the Dwyer of Antwerp, Belgium, located next to the Antwerpen-Centraal railway station. It’s the oldest animal park in the country and one of the oldest globally. The homepage design is pretty simple. A magnificent video background welcomes the audience on the hero scene with an attractive CTA, logo, and menu. Furthermore, the news section looks awesome, too, with the card design layout.


7. Sedgewick County Zoo

Sedgewick County Zoo

Zoos are meant to educate and entertain too. As more people use smartphones to access websites, zoo businesses or wildlife parks must turn to online presence regarding responsive design. Sedgewick County Zoo is an award-winning wildlife park and attraction. It’s home to 3000+ animals that delight the whole family. The website’s homepage design is outstanding, with exceptional web elements combined to achieve a single goal. It uses a cool hero scene with a logo, image, menu, and search feature. Other notable features include the parallax effect, awesome hover effect, social media links, and more. Visitors can easily plan a visit, become a member, or learn stunning adventures below this section.


8. Oklahoma City Zoo

Oklahoma City Zoo

Several animals have become extinct these days. Hence, wildlife parks and zoological gardens exist to provide excellent care and protection to animals in their care. Most of them have embraced digital marketing. This post motivates others to create theirs with professionalism and creativity. Oklahoma City Zoo is a living museum of 1900 animal species with expansive botanical gardens and over 26000 members. The web design is captivating with high-quality videos, nice typography, and a great visual hierarchy. Like most established websites, OKZ renders a seamless video compilation of the animals in their park. Furthermore, the rest of the website sections reveals harmonious combinations of web components.


9. Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo

Zoo websites don’t need to be dull. The website design should be as attractive as the animals living in the zoo. Here’s plenty of inspiration to consider before you finalize yours. Bronx Zoo is located within Bronx Park, New York. It’s one of the largest zoos in the United States by areas with 265 acres of parklands and naturalistic habitats. Big and clear elements will surely make the content shine. With Bronx Zoo contents are well organized. The hero header welcomes the audience with big and bold typography, quality images, and captivating CTAs via a slider. While visitors can access other pages via the sticky header, this website also offers an attractive menu by using a card design layout. It also displays the testimonials via slider to help improve the zoo’s credibility.


10. Apenheul


Find the best zoo websites to cherish for your upcoming project. Never miss the opportunity to create the finest web design by exploring this inspiration. Apenheul is a forest full of primates roaming freely. Over half of the primates roam freely among the visitors in this beautiful, green zoo. The website design looks lively and vibrant, with orange as the site’s main color. The header contains the logo for branding, buy the ticket, search, contact, route, and the off-canvas menu.

Furthermore, other interesting site contents are arrayed using card design via a carousel. That’s not all, the brush strokes that separate the sections adds creativity to the design. It also uses the mega menu for displaying the submenus and social media integration for further digital marketing.


11. Taronga


Taronga believes that wildlife and people can share this planet. Thus, people are responsible for protecting the world’s precious wildlife for generations. Its website is impressive and ready to provide visitors with the most important information regarding the visit, accommodation, news and more. The homepage design is visually appealing, with components arranged clutter-free. The hero header reveals some interesting features, including the Taronga TV (to bring the two beautiful zoos directly to the audience), the announcement of temporary closure, and the support option via donation. That’s not all, the two different zoos are displayed in huge squares via split-screen.


12. Zoo Berlin

Zoo Berlin

With the mobile-friendly websites out on the web today, people are easily hooked to various online transactions. These are just a few of the many online transactions that people love, from online shopping, restaurant reservations, setting an appointment, or booking flights. Here’s Zoo Berlin, one of the finest zoo websites worth checking. It’s Germany’s oldest zoological garden and home to the world’s largest variety of species – over 20,000 animals of around 1300+ species. Its website lets visitors check directions, buy tickets, opening times, and other necessary details. Each is represented via a square menu with line icons and colorful background. The sticky menu, social media icons, cool hover effects, slider, and more are valuable features.


13. Zoo Kobenhavn

Zoo Kobenhavn 

Spread awareness of your zoo business via a website that can help you create a strong online presence. Zoo Kobenhavn loves to overview the zoo’s research and nature conservation efforts. It provides details on breeding collaborations and zoo’s projects in the wild. The website design helps create a good image and reputation of the zoo across the web. The overall design is super neat, clean, and modern. Thus, the content is compelling and easy to comprehend. Specifically, green implies nature, fresh and eco-friendly combined with consistent orange, rounded buttons. At the same time, the stunning flat icons add elegance to the hero header, the news section that comes after it looks superb with the card design layout it uses. The sliders, parallax effect, seamless social links, sticky menu, and more are other awesome features.


14. Columbus Zoo

Columbus Zoo

Whether it’s a nonprofit or business, a zoo website will benefit. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a non-profit zoo located near Ohio, United States. Its website is tailored with exceptional design, ready to impress visitors. The hero scene shows different images of the animals with CTA and headlines via smooth carousel. By having a web presence, spreading awareness of the zoo is effective.

This site uses a mega menu to display submenus for awesome navigation. Similarly, the site’s different pages are represented using a card design layout and look unique with the cool carousel. That’s not all, the upcoming events are also arrayed horizontally using slider.


15. Nyiregyhaza Zoo

Nyiregyhaza Zoo

The zoo industry has adopted the power of websites to spread awareness. Thankfully, zoo owners can pick plenty of themes and templates. However, these zoo websites will never a waste of time. So, please spend some time checking them. Nyiregyhaza Zoo was awarded the title of the best zoo in Europe in 2021 with extremely special animal collection. It has the 30-hectare oak forest with 5000+ animals living on it. The hero scene welcomes the visitors with a cool video compilation of animals on the park. Small diagonal shapes present some pages with images and flat icons.


16. Waza


Check out these zoo websites that are tailored to promote the zoos across the web and can be an exceptional inspiration. Waza (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums) is the “umbrella” organization for the world zoo and aquarium community. The website uses a stretched layout to display the web elements neatly. As the logo is an important tool for branding, Waza ensures that the logo is excellent. Specifically, the slider highlights different animals with headlines and little descriptions. White space throughout the homepage makes the content look outstanding and appealing. While video background enhances the site’s appearance, the parallax effect, even more, improves it.


17. Zoos Victoria

Zoos Victoria

Start your zoo business by exploring these zoo websites and finding the best features you should be adding to it. Zoos Victoria is the world-leading zoo-based conservation organization with its stunning zoo website dedicated to fighting wildlife extinction. The design is simple but comprehensive so people can easily access the necessary pages and content of the site. Specifically, the hero header ensures that the three different zoo locations are clear. Hence, the visitors can easily check the details of the zoo and buy a ticket too. Each zoo has descriptive CTAs on each column for quick navigation. In addition, the amazing cool hover effect also adds creativity to the site.


18. Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo is another breathtaking inspiration for zoo enthusiasts. It’s a 42-acre zoo in Queen Kapi’olani Park in Honolulu, Hawaii, US. It’s the only zoo in the United States to be established by grants made a sovereign monarch. The site is pretty clean and modern with the stretch layout it uses. The overall homepage appears exceptional, too, with the bold typography it implements. Also, the big and striking web elements complement the design too.


19. Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza 

Brace yourself with these remarkable designs of zoo websites. Take note of the finest features you can find to polish your zoo website project well. Here’s Pairi Daiza, a privately owned zoo and botanical garden located in Brugelette in Hainaut, Belgium. This 65-hectare large animal theme park is home to over 4000 animals. The website design is unique and creative. The homepage is a full-screen layout that displays the animal’s photo with CTA, headline, and a timeline. The idea is that once the user scrolls the site, the next image is revealed and the timelines move to the next dot. Other notable features include the mega menu, off-canvas, overlapping of web elements, and so much more.

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