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18 Best Food Blog Designs For Inspiration 2023

Establish a good reputation for your brand or business by creating a clean and modern food blog. If you don’t know where to start, you shouldn’t miss these food blog designs valuable to your project. So, find the most favorable inspiration, take note of this collection’s practical features, and get ready to stand out in the industry.

Undeniably, blogging has evolved from a personal diary to a more professional, major digital information source. Today, it has become a powerful tool for managing online identity and build trust regardless of the product or service it tries to promote. Similarly, the food industry greatly appreciates and embraces this scheme as a marketing strategy. Various types of food blogging exist on the web today. Some blog for recipes, others share food and restaurant reviews, some engage in food photography, and some share opinions on food and travel. The blog design should look modern and professional regardless of your blogging type. Hence, you can share practical, delicious food recipes, amazing food adventures, and mouthwatering food photography worldwide.

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So, whether you’re a food blogger, a passionate cook, or a lifestyle blogger, these food blog designs are undoubtedly beneficial. This excellent list can find clean, creative, and modern food blogs. Thus, you can discover which layout, features, and design works best for your project. Brace yourself with this stunning inspiration, and get ready to shine with your passion!

Best Food Blog Design Examples

1. Kukbuk


Are you looking for the perfect ideas for making your food blogging more exciting and effective? If you do, you shouldn’t miss these awe-inspiring food blog designs. Kukbuk is ready to share its mind-blowing blog worldwide. Specifically, this blog shares conversations, materials created by cooking, ecology, health & lifestyle experts, recipes, and more! It uses an asymmetrical layout, so the homepage design is unique, engaging, and creative. The hero scene shines with the split-screen layout – the left side uses a slider to showcase featured articles while the other half allows the user to scroll the content. Moreover, this blog uses a sticky header to exhibit the menu, logo, and advanced search.


2. Matkonation


If you want to gain exposure to your expertise as a chef, you can make the most of it by creating a food blog. Check out these food blog designs if you need inspiration to craft your blog professionally. Matkonation is an inspiring food blog that shares its creativity as a professional food photographer and a food stylist. It has a cool and unique homepage layout where the content is arrayed in grids. The hero header shows a food shop with social icons and share buttons. Specifically, this blog features some amazing bars/restaurants they love to recommend. That’s not all, it also uses a nice off-canvas menu where the categories, about us, and download PDF are visible. In the categories, viewers can check for the best bakery, street food, vegetarian, fine dining, market, and other best places to check.


3. The Kitchn

The Kitchn 

To build authority as an influencer, you should set up your food blog professionally. Don’t miss your chance of crafting the best as you scroll through these food blog designs we’ve collected. The Kitchn delightfully inspires cooks and nourishes homes through daily recipes, tips, kitchen design, and shopping guides. It has a clean, minimalist design and uses white space to convey the message quickly and clearly. Furthermore, it also distinguishes its brand as it implements the visual hierarchy. Hence, the elements appear from the most important to the least. This blog uses the mega menu to provide easy navigation and display submenus simultaneously. Meanwhile, this food blog uses banner ads for monetization purposes too.


4. Emma Martiny

Emma Martiny 

If you have a passion for cooking, building a great food blog is best. This way, you can be an expert for people who love to learn the cooking arts. Emma Martiny is a blogger, food writer, and cookbook author that shares her experiences in her stunning food blog. Here she shares delicious recipes and interest in health & beauty – inside and outside. With the desire to reach more audiences, her blog is created with engaging content and a simple layout. It exhibits visual hierarchy, white space to keep the elements clear, and sleek typography. The hero scene displays the featured article via a nice slider. Moreover, the list of recipes also appears neat and attractive, with mouthwatering thumbnails.


5. Serious Eats

Serious Eats

Blogging can be a great source of revenue. Hence, you should take this matter seriously. Similarly, these food blog designs are truly inspiring and captivating. No wonder we see many engaging food blogs all over the web. Serious Eats is another blog that features delicious food, definitive recipes, trailblazing science, and essential guides to eating. Like most blogs, Serious Eats has a simple but comprehensive layout. The hero header exhibits featured articles like a magazine layout. In addition, the audience can easily explore the recipes available in the site via the advanced search. Most of the articles are displayed on grid layouts with enticing thumbnails. Furthermore, the video integration, sticky header, banner ads, social icons, and other elements are well organized.


6. Asia Street Food

Asia Street Food

When you build a remarkable food blog, expand your reach and start these modern food blog designs. Asia Street Food is a mouthwatering blog featuring Asian recipes, stories, cook boxes, country kitchens, pantry, etc. The blog design is pretty attractive, with clear imagery all over. It welcomes the audience with a random display of delicious-looking cuisines with the logo on the header and the menu. While recipes are handy, this blog exhibits new books via big menus. Specifically, the images and videos are more interesting and appealing than mere text, this food blog displays not just clear photos but colorful ones too. Other interesting features include social links, parallax effect, and awards.


7. Food52


Food52 is another magnificent food blog on the web. It is ready to provide thousands of popular recipes, sell kitchen products, give advice, tips and tricks for its audience. This food blog ensures that the audience gets the most of its resources, hence a user-friendly blog design is utilized. Like most inspiration, clean and minimalist design creates a good impression. Therefore, Food52 arrays the content in a well-organized manner. Food52 never ignores the essence of beautiful imagery, so you can see many wonderful images in the blog. Furthermore, it uses a visual hierarchy where the elements are arranged orderly. The more quality images you embed in your blog, the more interesting and impressive it is.


Nina’s Vegan Recipes

Nina’s Vegan Recipes

The popular adage says “Let thy food be thy medicine,” is a great principle originating from Hippocrates. With the horrible diseases that spread easily today, it is best to have a good immune system. Nina’s Vegan Recipes is a delightful blog featuring vegan cuisines to introduce her healthy lifestyle and passion for cooking. The overall design is outstanding and elegant, with black as the main color and background of the blog. The hero scene shines well with the blog’s name and a carousel highlighting the featured vegan recipes. Upon setting up your blog, the navigation must be clear and user-friendly. Therefore, this blog ensures that the combination of sticky and mega menus is excellent. Other features are an attractive Instagram feed, social links, and more.


8. Love & Olive Oil

Love & Olive Oil

Some people love to learn to cook. Luckily, the birth of digital advancement enables passionate cooks to share mouthwatering recipes worldwide. If you’re one of them, you can browse from these food blog designs that we’ve handpicked for you. Love & Olive Oil is a blog sharing Lindsay and Taylor’s culinary adventures. They’re committed to providing quick, flavorful dishes that don’t hurt the wallet. This food blog is perfectly knitted to its goals and manifests elegance, modernity, and minimalism. The featured latest post occupies the rest of the hero header. Additionally, the subscription block and social icons are visible on it too. Other useful features include banner ads, search, sticky header, and more.


9. Alexandra Cooks

Alexandra Cooks

Get the most valuable inspiration from these food blog designs. Whether you’re a passionate chef or homemaker, these websites are worth checking. Alexandra Cooks is a blog sharing simple, fussy, seasonal recipes. The homepage looks great with the boxed layout it implements. Typically, websites feature the latest blog posts on the hero header, but this food blog exhibits a simple subscription block. Every post has clear and beautiful images to make it look enticing. While the header contains useful web elements (clear menu and social links) the footer also has the necessary features. The user can access the recipes, cookbooks, and shop pages with wonderful content.

Preview d shop pages that has wonderful content too.

10. Pinch Of Yum

Pinch Of Yum

Here are other simple and inspiring food blog designs you shouldn’t miss. Pinch Of Yum is dedicated to sharing fresh, flavorful, healthy recipes that the author cooks and eats. Specifically, this food blog uses the boxed layout; the designs will always look clean and neat. The blog welcomes viewers with the three latest posts in equal sizes. Moreover, other posts are displayed one after the other. Also, the top posts are exhibited in the right sidebar. This blog shows the header’s social icons, search, and menu. Hence, the user can easily locate the recipes and shop pages. The recipe page also appears clean and modern with the grid layout.


11. The Dining Advisor

The Dining Advisor 

Make real connections with your prospective customers with a good food blog. Start by exploring these food blog designs and learn how to create yours with style. The Dining Advisor is a comprehensive new food guide designed to feed your food obsessions. You can find honest reviews by a powerhouse quartet of Singapore’s top foodies. The website design appears clean and modern, with useful and delightful features to inspire others. Headers are usually full of practical web elements to help establish the brand. This food blog ensures that the brand name, the short menu, the off-canvas menu, and the search feature are visible. Moreover, the hero header complements it by highlighting its latest articles via a slider.


12. Gimme Some Oven

Gimme Some Oven

A picture is worth a thousand words. Hence, your food blog shouldn’t miss its most appealing imagery. Recipes look a lot better with quality photos. Gimme Some Oven is one of the modern and minimalist food blog designs on the list. It’s a place where you can find recipes that bring people together. It uses a boxed layout, so the contents are all in the center of the screen. Of course, the header usually bears the navigation, social icons, and brand name. With this food blog, those elements all appear wonderful and neat. The three different recipes represented by thumbnails welcome visitors to the hero header. Twos display other posts with enticing thumbnails to make them look interesting. Meanwhile, social media links also help promote the brand across the web.


13. Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes provides amazing recipes to encourage people to cook at home and make feeding the family more enjoyable. It’s a food blog that features numerous recipes for different cuisines. The blog design shows well-organized content with attractive images and great consideration to visual hierarchy. Like most of stunning websites, this food blog uses a slider to highlight the featured posts. Moreover, the header bears super useful elements such as the logo, easy browsing for recipes, savings, and shopping cart. Meanwhile, the most recent posts, banner ads, and social icons look perfect together in a similar section. That’s not all, the quality images and high-resolution videos are integrated into the blog to make the content visually appealing.


14. The Stay At Home Chef

The Stay At Home Chef

If you’re a passionate cook who loves to share awesome recipes worldwide, you probably don’t want to miss these food blog designs. Looking at this inspiration gives you ample ideas for building your upcoming blog. Rachel Farnsworth spearheads the Stay At Home Chef to share her restaurant-quality recipes. The design looks modern, minimalist, and clutter-free. Hence, the content will stand out more beautifully especially since it uses a boxed layout. The blog ensures that the homepage’s social media pages are clear and accessible. All blog posts are displayed with thumbnails, so they all appear magnificent. It also comes with useful banner ads for monetization.


15. Down Shiftology

Down Shiftology 

If you love what you do, many better opportunities await you. Similarly, food bloggers who love to cook will surely get wonderful new opportunities. So, in case you need help in designing your blog, you might want to check these food blog designs we’ve handpicked. Down Shiftology is a real food lover and a meal prep fanatic. This is where you can find wholesome recipes, healthy travel tips, kitchen advice, and cooking tutorials. It has a clean and modern design with boxed layout. The latest post is featured on the hero header to welcome every visitor with glee. With the search functionality of this blog, it’s a lot easier to browse recipes that are perfect for you.


16. A Couple Cooks

A Couple Cooks

A Couple Cooks is another inspiring food blog design you should look into. It uses boxed layout to make the content look appealing. Similarly, the posts have thumbnails that make them look enticing too. The homepage has outstanding web elements, including video integration, sticky header, banner ads, social media icons, and more. Sonja & Overhiser delights in sharing their healthy vegetarian recipes worldwide. With over 1000 recipes in their blog, visitors can easily discover the best recipes that work for them.


17. My Cupcake Addiction

My Cupcake Addiction

Do you love to bake cakes lately? Perhaps you’ve learned to love baking. Why not check out these food blog designs and make your products shine. Elise Strachan has touched the hearts of millions with her awesomely mouthwatering recipes. My Cupcake Addiction, as its name implies, is a food blog that focuses on sweets. The website welcomes the audience with a video background on the hero scene with an attractive CTA and a tagline. Specifically, this blog uses the sticky menu to reveal recipes, stores, tools, community, and other related pages. Furthermore, this blog enables other users to submit their recipes. Notably, the sweet recipes look superb with the grid layout to display them.


18. Slender Kitchen

Slender Kitchen

Slender Kitchen shares meal plans and delicious recipes worldwide. Thanks to this food blog, the 1000+ calories and nutritional information are presented with style. To create an enticing homepage, delicious-looking photos are added with sleek typography. The logo and the menu looks great in the center with a compelling freebie (free 7-day meal plan) on the hero scene. Since the magazines that feature this food blog can help improve its credibility, the logo of those magazines are pretty neat and clean. Similarly, the blog uses a sticky top bar to display promo meal plans.

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