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20 Awesome Website Designs for Inspiration 2023

Some websites are awe-inspiring to resist its influence. Well, you can add an extra flair to your design as long as you keep the features and functionality of your website logical. We’ve handpicked these awesome websites to give you a spectacular view of brands that want to leave a lasting impression on their audience.

The primary objective of building a website is to gain a competitive advantage. Likewise, web presence helps brands get more leads, create a professional brand, and boost sales. But building an awesome website with intuitive, innovative and modern features is not as easy as one may think. Hence, the help of expert developers is a demand for such projects. In this collection of awesome websites, brands who want to stand out in their respective industries will get brilliant web design ideas. If you wish to hire adept web designers to create your website or acquire outstanding themes and templates, these awesome websites are worth reviewing.

You can find in this collection a variety of awesome websites built for different purposes. Although they differ in products or services, they have outstanding features and brilliant animations that make them stand out. So, check out these websites and get inspired!

Awesome Web Designs

1. Rally Interactive

Rally Interactive

Indeed, a website can provide a demographic reach for brands that take digital marketing seriously. Rally Interactive stands out as one of the awesome websites with a great mobile-friendly design. It’s a small digital product studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, with an experienced team of designers & developers. The website is warm and welcoming with mesmerizing homepage animation and a unique scrolling experience. Thanks to the power of GSAP, animations are indeed breathtaking. With such a presentation, the works look simple yet striking. The social media icons are also visible in the off-canvas menu. Other notable features include a slider, visual hierarchy, and more.


2. Awesomed


Brace yourself as you discover wonderful features in these awesome websites we’ve collected. Awesomed excels in its interactive elements on the homepage. It is a digital marketing and design firm based in San Francisco that offers a data-driven approach blended with creativity and innovation. With the power of white space adopted into the homepage, the design grabs the attention, though it looks simple and minimalist. By embedding GSAP into the design, smooth animation spreads throughout the site. Since testimonials increase the brand’s credibility on the web, the testimonials section is enticing, along with the display of the logos.


3. Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive

As its name implies, Awesome Motive’s site is worth including in this list of awesome websites. It is a technology company that helps small businesses grow and compete with the big guys with their remarkable tools and training. With the grandeur services they offer to their clients, they deserve to show their capabilities on their website. Indeed! The homepage design is ready to create a good impression. While the white space gives enough space for the web elements to breathe well, the visual hierarchy is applied to organize and prioritize content effectively. Aside from the client presentation, the success indicator is another way to improve the brand’s reputation. And on this website they’re apparent!


4. Genrod


With the huge variety of themes and templates available today, setting up a website is just a few clicks away. But it takes expertise to create an excellent website that stands out. Genrod is truly exceptional and flawless when it comes to web design. It’s an industrial company that develops, manufactures, and markets solutions for secure electrical installations of the highest quality. While the display of the products is seamless through slider, the presentation of their services never impresses visitors. Genrod draws the audience’s attention with enticing and creative animations.


5. DM Home

DM Home

Crafted to boast its ultra-luxury website, DM Home truly belongs to these awesome websites. This catalog-based site is designed to present top furniture brands in its portfolio. The website reveals diverse animations in every section with the desire to dazzle potential clients. Thus, making the design more visually appealing and worth exploring. The stunning animations added on the hero header exhibit the product collections uniquely and creatively. That’s not all, the unique way of scrolling animation surely boosts the site’s creativity. Additionally, the brands they use to make their works excellent appear flawless and sleek.

DM Home is a fantastic portfolio website example.


6. Long Story Short

Long Story Short

With the latest web technologies emerging these days, it’s not hard to find awesome websites as inspiration. Today, we’re glad to share with you these truly amazing websites. Long Story Short is a digital agency based in Brighton. It features a graceful and awesome animation ready to welcome the audience. The contents look grandeur with a nice scrolling experience.

Additionally, the cool hover effect guarantees a better experience for the users. Specifically, the projects are presented creatively and intuitively with images, short descriptions, and clear CTAs. The off-canvas menu is also added to the website and is fixed for quick access to other pages.


7. Interword


In building your website, it’s easier to overdo it with overwhelming animations. However, it takes a lot of inspiration to create exceptional ones. These awesome websites are worth sparing time with. Here’s Interword, a web, and marketing agency with unique and innovative website design. Tailored to boost the web presence of this marketing agency, it has beautifully built its website that deserves recognition from Awwwards. The homepage features a full screen layout with video integration, social icons, logo, search, and the off-canvas menu. While the services it offers are presented uniquely, the awards even look exceptional, adding extra credibility to the brand.


8. Shape


If you haven’t embraced the power of digital marketing in your business, perhaps it’s time to shape it up. Here’s Shape, one of the inspiring and awesome websites you must check out. It’s an award-winning web design agency based in Manchester, UK. It specializes in web design, development, eCommerce, and organic SEO. The web design is modern, minimalist, intuitive, and sleek, emphasizing visual hierarchy combined with the awesome GSAP animation. Committed to shaping up their clients’ brand, the website is built with professionalism and innovation in mind. Furthermore, the testimonials look great and informative as they use video integration.


9. Sliders


These awesome websites will be valuable if you want to keep them minimal or extraordinary. No matter what type of website you’re planning to build, it is always best to consider other established brands that manage to stand out. Sliders in Copenhagen is a restaurant and takeaway business that offers delicious mini-burgers with cosy atmosphere. The homepage reveals an attractive image with a creative logo on top. It shows off its awards as “Best Burger in Town” with icons representing them each year. The black grunge texture makes the background look elegant and sleek. Additionally, the menu appears remarkable with simple but attractive hover effect.


10. Appetite Creative

Appetite Creative

The website generate more leads for the business. That’s why if you consider this marketing strategy, you must look for awesome inspiration. Appetite Creative is a multi-award-winning technology company that delivers effective, global, branding and digital campaigns. As it brings advertising to life and is committed to delivering quality results, the brands that trust this company are visible on the website via logo presentation in black and white through grids. With the integration of GSAP, this website promises subtle and charming animations. Moreover, it manifests a clear content exhibition as elements are arranged according to importance.


11. WSP Anticipate

WSP Anticipate

You will surely find this list awesome from modern minimalist, trendy styles to unique and creative websites. Discover the best features you can find in this collection and enjoy it! WSP Anticipate anticipates trends to propose innovative ideas for their clients and meet business objectives. Its website manifests aesthetically appealing design with a touch of elegance and minimalism. The slider welcomes visitors with various articles and different background images. Moreover, the featured articles appear attractive in the asymmetrical layout and video integration. Stunning animation is also visible upon hover on various elements.


12. Runaways


Never settle for less when it comes to inspiration. You can look for awesome websites that vary in design, purpose and style in this collection. Runaways are a unique group of specialists in communication in social media. Determined to value an innovative approach and creativity, Runaways created a website to empower their brand. The contents are presented via a slider that shows their services and credibility as a social media agency. Each slide renders useful web components that are pleasing to the eye. From line icons, stunning images, to clear call-to-action buttons, they’re exceptional. It also embraces the sticky header for the logo and menu accessible and the social media icons.


13. Emanuele Papale

Emanuele Papale

Emanuele Papale’s website as a web and graphic designer is worth including in these awesome websites for inspiration. His portfolio is tailored with unique, modern, and intuitive design to draw more clients to his profession. Each of those projects has detailed webpages that can introduce it more fully. It may look simple, but the site also enhances its look and feel with a brilliant hover effect.


14. Limely


While it is ideal for a business to provide optimum client services, its website must exceed its expectations. That’s what Limely thinks upon building its website. It’s a UK-based web agency that prides itself on providing clients with digital excellence and a flawless web experience. Its website is loaded with remarkable features that make the brand more enticing, worth remembering, and of course, one of the awesome websites to cherish as inspiration. It stands out with the smooth movements of web elements and its readability. Additionally, promoting one’s brand may vary from one style to another. With Limely, their clients’ logos stand out in grids and in grayscale.


15. WP Configurator

WP Configurator 

Perfect to use for online stores, WP Configurator is the best tool in the market to create personalized products. Typically, it allows brands to create product configurations and arrange them creatively, neatly, and professionally in their online store. Being part of these awesome websites, this landing page powerfully introduces the products. The web elements convey the message whether the brand needs a theme or a plugin. Of course, the clean and minimalist design enhances the design of the landing page to shine. The excellent visual hierarchy also plays a vital role in the exhibit of the products. In addition, the sticky header allows the customer to access other detailed web pages.


16. Maximilian I

Maximilian I

This historic brand of sparkling wines of Cantina Di Soave excels with its sparkling process and territory. Maximilian I adopt the innovative design of introducing its brand across the web. The website is added with flair through smooth movements of food particles as though they’re sprinkled from the top to make it look excellent. The website itself is awesome with a lively and charming slider representing one section at a time as the user scrolls the page. Meanwhile, the vintage logo and the off-canvas menu is fixed so customers can easily check the necessary pages included in the website. Social media icons are also added to the off-canvas menu for further marketing and brand promotion.


17. 7H34


There are plenty of awesome websites you can find on the web for effective inspiration. So, whatever the purpose of your website, if you wish to be distinct, this collection is worth exploring. 7H34 is a graphic design studio based in France. It has tailored a colorful and creative website to bring meaning to aesthetics and give the clients the best design. Each project is presented in a split-screen layout (a combination of plain color and an image on the other side) with a clock dial that indicates when the screen transitions to the next slider. Of course, each project has nice detailed pages that potential clients can look into. The logo is also visible on the header to play its role in branding.


18. Ronin Amsterdam

Ronin Amsterdam

Are you stuck in your web design lately? Perhaps you haven’t explored plenty of awesome websites. Why not have a glimpse of these websites to help you unleash your creativity. Here’s Ronin Amsterdam that you can examine if you’re working with a digital studio website. It’s an independent studio dedicated to digital design. The homepage design is creative with a slider to highlight the featured projects. The GSAP integration makes the web design more appealing with smooth and lovely animations. Graceful page transitions also add charm to the website.


19. Ma True Cannabis

Ma True Cannabis

Ma True Cannabis is an eCommerce website that sells natural weed, nicotine-free, and 100% Swiss-made CBD. It features a delightful, brilliant experience as the website manifests exciting animations and attractive and vibrant colors. No wonder it is one of the brands that stand out on the web today. Aside from the awesome design, the contents also look interesting by prioritizing structure, navigation, and smooth movements of web particles. Other notable features on this website include a sticky header, lovely slider, and others. This eCommerce site has a seamless display of products on the shop page where customers can easily purchase and check their details.


20. Dog Studio

Dog Studio

While functionality is important on a website, the design creates the first impression. So, don’t let these awesome websites slip out, explore them and get inspired! Dog Studio is a multidisciplinary creative studio at the intersection of art, design and technology. The website reveals the quality of services they provide for their clients. Typically, excellent projects can boost the credibility or reputation of the brand. With Dog Studio, the featured projects look simple but attractive. Moreover, animations also appear stunning, thanks to GSAP technology. Adding finesse to web components is impressive.

Dog Studion is an excellent example of responsive website design.

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