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20 Best Weebly Websites (For Inspiration) 2023

Are you searching for the best Weebly websites to gain some inspiration before you create your website?

Welcome to our carefully curated list of beautiful, professional websites in multiple niches.

While these websites are great examples of what’s possible to achieve with this fantastic website builder, you can create a unique version with your added creative twist.

Weebly is a powerful website builder software to make your online presence for businesses, portfolios, eCommerce or even blogs – without coding!

You also won’t need to worry about responsive web design. Weebly takes care of all the tech.

These are our twenty favorite Weebly websites that we carefully reviewed to ensure each has something original that’ll inspire you.

They sure did us!

Best Weebly Website Examples

1. Chairigami


Chairigami is a clean online store website with a full-width slider above the fold and call-to-actions. It also features a practical product carousel for quick action. (User’s time matters!)

We also like how well they incorporated case studies, creating an individual page for each, which every business can benefit from.

Also, the newsletter form with cool animation is present on every page because they don’t want to miss the opportunity to collect new leads.

Note: Don’t be too salesy; make it more personal, like Chairigami.

2. Leo Edwards Photography

leo edwards photography

We firmly believe that every photographer’s website should be clean and minimalist, just like Leo Edwards Photography.

His Weebly website features no fluff, just his phenomenal images, broken down into multiple categories.

The full-screen free ebook download exit intent is also really cool about Leo Edwards Photography’s site.

Note: First impressions matter, and that’s what Edwards knows very well by adding a photo of a “staring” old lady on the home page.

3. Ashleigh Green

ashleigh green

Any illustrator and designer can create a catchy website with Weebly, and Ashleigh Green’s version is a fantastic example.

The grid home page presents some of her projects, which is an excellent strategy if a potential client wants to learn more about your work quickly.

And what’s best, all grids are clickable, revealing more details about the illustration, project or campaign.

Need more inspiration? Check our list of the best portfolio websites.

Note: Ashleigh Green is a great storyteller, which shows through her website. Something you should consider implementing, too.

4. Yaak River Base Camp

yaak river base camp

Front page business presentation is something Yaak River Base Camp does very well through text and images. But the strategic usage of CTA buttons also plays a big role here.

Sticky navigation allows users to visit different website sections anytime without scrolling back to the top. Plus, the footer area is enriched with Google Maps, contact details and a subscription form.

Note: Yaak River Base Camp is a great example of creating a fantastic presentation of activities that any outdoor business can apply.

5. Wall’in


Wall’in has an extensive home page where you learn all about the business and its products. The superb distribution of text and images creates a pleasant user experience.

Plus, the slideshow comes with call-to-actions that take you directly to product pages or categories.

Note: If you plan to add a lot of content on your home page, use a back-to-top button like Wall’in.

6. Debra Lanning

debra lanning

Using your website as a storytelling hub for your art is easily achievable with Weebly. Debra Lanning is an impressive yet simple online portfolio with detailed stories behind each project.

The floating header with a search bar and minimalist menu works in the visitor’s favor but doesn’t distract the viewing experience and reading of the content.

Note: If you don’t want site navigation to ruin your artwork, you can easily hide it as Debra Lanning does on her website.

7. Red River InterVarsity

red river intervarsity

Great homepage overview with an excellent explanation of what you do is oh so necessary for every professional website, including campus or university.

Red River InterVarsity’s online presence creates pleasant scrolling with two individual sliders (that you can pause) side-by-side and a clickable video presentation.

Note: A campus website doesn’t need to be boring! Red River InterVarsity is proof of an intriguing page that’ll bring more students on board.

8. Colorado Market & Bakery

colorado market bakery

Delicious images, a food menu and a story are key factors that make Colorado Market & Bakery’s website so much better than many other bakery sites.

We like that the home page is pretty simple, strategically promoting daily and bakery menus and custom orders. (The only thing we’re missing are prices.)

We also have an extensive collection of bakery website design inspirations.

Note: If you run a bakery or any other food business, take high-quality images that’ll water your visitors’ mouths.

9. Stanley Hotel

stanley hotel

Stanley Hotel is one fine Weebly website with an excellent presentation of the stay, dining, events, activities and more.

The home page has a beautiful promotional video, call-to-action buttons and all the specialties that make you want to stay at the hotel.

Lastly, the full-screen menu can take you anywhere with just a click.

Note: Using a background video is a great engagement booster that can benefit any accommodation business.

10. Pointblank

pointblank studio

Keeping things minimal and modern is what Pointblank does so well.

This Weebly website gives an immediate impression of a professional digital agency, which increases the likelihood of gaining more business deals.

Unique slideshow, scroll down and up buttons, animated statistics, etc.; Pointblank’s site is truly special.

Note: Adding catchy scrolling animations will increase your website’s user experience, especially if you operate a modern agency. (Or check more animation websites for alternative ideas.)

11. Sail Alameda

sail alameda

Sail Alameda doesn’t complicate with the design, keeping it basic, but with the great addition of the parallax effect.

It also features Google Maps for location and a subscription form to sign up for events and more.

Note: If you rely on donations, Sail Alameda has a Donation button in the navigation bar that’s always present, even on scroll (read sticky menu).

12. Bitzy Sites

bitzy sites

A single-page website is one of the best ways to promote your services. Bitzy Sites does a top job with full-width and split-screen sections that are easy on the eye.

We really like the section with real-life examples that act as a “live” portfolio.

Note: Don’t miss including your examples or case studies so that people can see your work.

13. Schonell


Large images work well in promoting software, service or app, and Schonell is a website example that does a great job at it.

The scrolling experience is also enriched with animations and a back-to-top button. However, the latter almost isn’t necessary because of the practical (transparent) floating navbar.

Note: Schonell’s extensive product pages are also a nice example of a fantastic and persuasive presentation.

14. Kiko Rodriguez

kiko rodriguez

Kiko Rodriguez’s website hits you right in the eyes with its awesome collection of (colorful) designs. The hero section is also bold and with a notification of what’s coming next.

Note: A grid-style online portfolio with clickable elements (directing you to individual projects) is a smart way of sharing your work with the world.

15. Whiskey Ball

whiskey ball

Whiskey Ball website is a fantastic example of simplicity that works well in eCommerce.

Also, the “Shop Best Sellers” button in the hero section is great for bettering your visitors’ user experience.

We also like the categorized product selection (time-saving!) that doesn’t require jumping from page to page.

Note: If you don’t have too many products, the filterable “portfolio” selection works excellently, like in the Whiskey Ball case.

16. Readydesk


With a few products in their lineup, Readydesk created an elegant Weebly website with a home page that displays the essentials and then some.

Instead of using a slider above the fold (a common practice), Readydesk uses it towards the bottom to enhance your scrolling experience.

Note: Instead of fluff, it’s sometimes great to go straight to the action and selling on the home page, like Readydesk.

17. Alibi Interiors

alibi interiors

Alibi Interiors’s website gives the user a warm and personal feeling when viewing its content and products.

The simplicity doesn’t cause distractions, while somewhat amateurish images give it a feeling as if a friend would show you the items.

Note: The less is more principle for web design works well for DIY businesses. Thanks, Alibi Interiors, for the inspiration!

18. Arrowhead


Arrowhead is another accommodation business with a welcoming website that calls for superb promotion.

The home page is all about their rooms, apartments and suites, with reservation buttons (with animations) for quick bookings.

But the floating menu is always available if you want to research further.

Note: Arrowhead lightbox gallery is a nice presentation of different units that everyone can check without leaving the current page.

19. Hanny Allston

hanny allston

Once you start scrolling Hanny Allston’s website, you quickly learn a lot about her. Which is precisely what a personal website should aim for.

As a runner, writer, podcaster and event organizer, you can learn a lot from Hanny and her simple but impactful page that starts with a quick, full-width hero image.

Note: If you’re an athlete in the process of building a website, let Hanny Allston influence you.

20. Merchant Method

merchant method

Merchant Method is another terrific example that goes straight to the point with its message and a call-to-action for a quiz above the fold.

The home page lets you learn more about Chirs, the Merchant Method founder, testimonials, different services, and more.

Note: Solo business owners offering services (even freelancers) can copy Merchant Method’s large testimonials section from happy clients.

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  1. Great article. Been looking at getting into Weebly for a while now. These templates definitely help.

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