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bakery website design
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19 Best Bakery Websites For Your Inspiration 2022

Are you looking to build a new website for a bakery and need inspiration? These bakery website examples are exactly what you need. They feature the latest design trends that will make your website stand out.

Celebrating moments of happiness is incomplete without bakery products. These freshly baked goodies are one of the sweetest treats for almost every individual. Accordingly, studies reveal that food appearance has a great link with appetite. Delicious bread, rolls, cookies, pastries, muffins, pies, and cakes are excellent, visually appealing bread products. No wonder these products are in demand, and more entrepreneurs are into this nature of business. With the industry’s growth and the bakery business’s revenue opportunities, entrepreneurs must find ways to distinguish their brands from the competition. An online presence is one of the best ways to promote your products and services. With such a scheme, marketing your business is quite effective and innovative. These bakery website designs will benefit you if you want inspiration to build your web presence.

Regardless of the products and services you offer, you always need to put your best efforts in terms of marketing. Undeniably, building a website has become a demand for almost every brand. To create a fantastic bakery website, you can find genius developers who can help you design and development. On the other hand, you may also find helpful, user-friendly bakery WordPress themes to be the perfect solution to your business needs. While those schemes are essential, having a great list of bakery website designs will inspire you to build an outstanding design. Hence, this collection is handy for you.

Check out this list of fantastic bakery websites designs and empower your website project soon!

Best Bakery Website Designs

1. Sugaro

sugaro bakery website design

Sugaro is a top-notch bakery website design that makes all your delicious goods appear even tastier. With its clutter-free design, of course!

It’s extremely easy to use, perfect for beginners and professionals who need a quick but expert page. And the Zyro page builder ensures you get to brand and personalize it without writing code.

Note: You also get hosting and a domain name when you get Sugaro, which is a BIG plus.


2. Campos

campos bakery website design

Campos is a gorgeous bakery website design that calls for quick website creation. Your baked goods will look even tastier once you present them online with Campos. And to secure a spot, everyone can easily book a table straight from your website.

But first, let them enjoy a mouthwatering gallery and your delicious menu.

Display your location and opening hours, link Campos to your social accounts and perform any additional branding customization – Campos is here to make an immediate difference.

There are many ready-made bakery website temples available for Zyro website builder.

Don’t miss it!


3. Nadia

zyro bakery website builder

I’m a fan of Nadia because of its amazing (quite minimal!) design that beautifully puts your tasty baked good on display. You will water everyone’s mouth easily. I’m salivating right now just by looking at the live demo!

Include your must-try menu and engage everyone with your jaw-dropping food images. Note: You can create an eCommerce section to sell stuff and let your customers book a table.

A lot is possible with Nadia, so don’t miss it if you’d like to make a strong and lasting IMPACT.


4. Dubravica

Dubravica bakery website

Today, it is essential that your brand promotion schemes should include a powerful online presence. This way, you’ll have a competitive edge over other brands. Dubravica is a website dedicated to the bakery business. It has a simple and clean homepage with a full-width bakery-related image, CTA, captivating tagline, and an off-canvas menu. Dubravica stunningly showcases products. You can find a beautiful display of imagery on the hero header, big and mouth-watering baked goodies in boxes that serve as a menu and has great hover effect. Moreover, this website has a nice and well-designed career page with awesome features contributing to its overall performance.


5. Bavarian Bakery

Bavarian Bakery

Regarding the bakery business, you need to offer customers the best of your products. Then, look for ways to promote your brand effectively. One way to drive more customers is to embrace digital advertising. Bavarian Bakery is one of the awesome bakery websites design that one should look into. This website comes with exceptional contents – quality images, engaging video, optional music on the homepage, etc. It welcomes visitors with a huge logo on the homepage that works best for branding purposes. Of course, the primary CTA enables a customer to easily order baked goodies in just one click. Other features include Lightbox for modal image gallery, sticky menu, parallax effect, etc.


6. Cobs Bread

Cobs Bread

The clean, neat and minimalist design of websites often shines regardless of the products or services. Cobs Bread’s exceptionally designed website surely belongs to this list of outstanding bakery websites. It has a unique homepage design – having a split-screen layout on the hero header, a slider on the right side and a fixed bread image on the left. The overall design, structure and red as the primary color make the website look grandeur. In addition, a slider is also utilized to present various features of Cobs Bread. Other useful features include video background, descriptive CTA, social media integration, video integration, accordion, and more.


7. SusieCakes


Although minimalist designs of a website often work, some websites look engaging with vibrant colors. SusieCakes has a great and creative design of the bakery website. It features wonderful imagery on the hero header using a slider, clear CTAs, and compelling taglines. The website utilizes different vibrant colors for every section. Since it is essential for a customer to make an order online easily, SusieCakes ideally provide such a useful feature on its site. Meanwhile, the website also provides career opportunities to bakers in different cities and states. To retain visitors on the website, SusieCakes uses a sticky menu where a visitor can access the menu, weddings, locations, etc.


8. Puratos

Puratos bakery website

You might consider this collection of bakery website designs if you’re looking for a useful tool for your upcoming bakery website projects. Puratos is an international group offering a full range of innovative products, raw materials and expertise to bakery and patisserie. The website has a classic design with essential elements added to it. It has an attractive image of the hero scene along with a call-to-action. Specifically, visitors can search the content via category, brand, or application. This way, it’s a lot easier for a user to navigate and access the product or service he wishes to avail. It also comes with a stunning structure of blog articles and recipes. The latest videos are also embedded in the website to engage more customers.


9. Hotel Praktik Bakery

Hotel Praktik Bakery website

A simple yet worthwhile bakery websites design would help a lot to the success of enthusiasts, bakers, and entrepreneurs. Here’s Hotel Praktik Bakery that you should check out. It has a video background on the hero header, call-to-action, and a logo. Mainly, this website presents contents in a box-style layout where one can access phot0 gallery, bakery experience, rooms, services, and concepts. If a user wishes to search for available hotels with a bakery, this website is easier.


10. King Arthur Flour

King Arthur Flour

Sometimes you need to think of an out-of-the-box design to achieve your goals. With the remarkable invention of the bakery website, you have a great chance to stand out and enjoy more opportunities. With King Arthur Flour, you’ll have an outstanding inspiration for your next bakery website project. The full-width, quality image on the hero header enhances the overall visual appeal of the website. That’s not all, the CTA, sticky menu, and unique search functionality look great too. This website lets users shop online, find recipes, amazing articles about baking, etc. Meanwhile, King Arthur Flour ensures that connecting with their business is quick and easy via social media integration, chat, or email.


11. Goguettebread


Having bold typography and full-width imagery with the parallax effect, the homepage of Goguettebread surely impresses a visitor. It has minimal content but is ready to provide an awesome web presence. Specifically, this website allows users to access Facebook and Instagram accounts to expand the business network visibly located on the header. As it is essential for a brand to showcase its outstanding features that outshine the rest, Goguettebread reveals reliable and healthy products it uses via images in rounded shapes. Another awesome feature is the cool animation of pouring water in one section.


12. Sidekick Bakery

Sidekick Bakery

A brand must look for the best strategies to grow its business effectively. Luckily, almost every business can embrace a web presence in improving one’s business. Sidekick Bakery has minimal elements but has an attractive design. The homepage utilizes a colorful image background, parallax effect, CTA, and social media integration. Understanding the essence of sticky menu, Sidekick Bakery ensures that a visitor will have hassle-free navigation on the site. A user can access menus, about page, hours and location the business operates and gift cards. That’s not all, it also comes with a descriptive CTA that allows a potential customer to order bakery goodies online easily.


13. Windy Ridge Bakery

Windy Ridge Bakery

You probably need to make your business available online if you offer freshly baked goodies with delicious taste and excellent quality. This way, you can open greater opportunities for your business efficiently. Windy Ridge Bakery has an amazing design, good layout and visual hierarchy. The homepage looks great with delicious and delightful-looking bakery products in a full-width display. Moreover, it even looks innovative as it implements the parallax effects. Of course, it’s still important that customers can easily read the contents you wish to convey. This website, showcases readable content with white space as its background. Other features are the newsletter, social media integration, and more.


14. Mah Ze Dahr

Mah Ze Dahr

If you produce one of the finest bakery products in your location, you might want to expand your business via an online presence. Mah Ze Dahr is a great website worth including in this list of bakery websites design. It has a stunning, classic homepage design- dark-tone images and light headlines. Particularly, Mah Ze Dahr enables visitors to shop best-selling products and bakery goodies for different occasions online. On the other hand, if a visitor prefers to inquire about catering services, this website allows such services with well-labeled forms. Other notable features include a sticky menu, off-canvas menu, accordion, etc.


15. Boudin


One of the best reasons to build a website is to offer customers a quick and easy way to connect with the business. Boudin never fails to impress the audience with the perfect and eye-catching CTAs on the header. Notably, the potential customer can choose for pickup, delivery, or catering services Boudin offers. It also has a nice slider on the hero header- ample, attractive, and mouth-watering images. Compelling copy also looks grandeur with awesome borders around it and high-quality images. The website also showcases the featured menu with a simple yet engaging style. Since social media is a must for almost all brands today, this website never ignores its essence. Therefore, it integrates social media on the footer.


16. August First

August First

Nowadays, buying and selling stuff online is just at the tip of the finger. Likewise, most customers expect to order food online. August First is an awesome inspiration to look into for bakery websites design. It has an engaging and striking homepage – clear CTA, delicious-looking image, and powerful tagline. The website also implements social media on the homepage and an amazing slider. Since it is necessary to provide a clear view of how to connect with the business, August First added the contact number and social media icons on the parallax section. Moreover, a potential customer can easily check the menu and a captivating button to order easily.


17. Terra Breads

Terra Breads

Sometimes, daring structures and designs of websites can easily stun visitors without compromising functionality. Terra Breads makes a stylish arrangement of elements on its webpage. It utilizes a grid layout of images and menu options. It also uses the sticky header where social media accounts and the off-canvas menu is located. Specifically, a visitor can access the menu and locations of the business, how to become a partner with Terra Breads, products and more. In like manner, the Instagram feed is presented creatively too. This way, potential customers can easily check tasty, delicious-looking products and events on Instagram.


18. Tiff’s Treats

Tiff’s Treats

Indeed users love stunning imagery. Hence, always pick the best shot in your gallery to introduce your brand well. Tiff’s Treats embraces a lovely display of imagery on the hero header through the slider. It also uses thin yet attractive and readable typography too. This website provides ample ways to navigate through the content. You can access the menu on the sticky header, look into the different menu available or slide the images. It also uses ample white space to carry a strong visual force. In addition to that, the website stands out as it utilizes blue as its primary color.


19. The Little Tart

The Little Tart bakery design

Instagram plays an essential role in marketing your brand. Hence The Little Tart implements a seamless and magnificent display of imagery on the Instagram feed. Images play vital roles in website design. Therefore, images should be of high quality to improve marketing. The Little Tart has a spectacular display of images through a slider on the homepage. The website has an excellent fixed background and a few smaller boxes leading to other pages. In particular, this website also comes with a sticky footer where the contact page is linked along with “join our team” and “order an e-gift card”. Check out other features of this bakery website!


How to create a bakery website?

Now that you have seen all the best bakery website examples, how about building your own website? Here are the best drag and drop website builders to get you started. They all come with domain name hosting and dozens of bakery starter templates. These tools don’t require any previous knowledge and you will be able to setup a beautiful and professional website within a few hours.

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