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16 Best Florist Website Design Examples 2023

Special events and occasions are lifeless without a warm, beautiful ambiance to ignite excitement. In particular, visually appealing flower arrangements effectively beautify various types of ambiance. This is where a florist’s expertise is greatly a demand. Typically, celebratory events such as weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day need such florist’ proficiency. Moreover, floristry isn’t just essential on such occasions but is necessary in hotels, homes, funerals, etc. They will perfectly enhance venues, whether applied to entire rooms or outdoor areas—no wonder many florist businesses are emerging in the market these days.

Meanwhile, most businesses these days are enjoying the benefits of online visibility. This way, accessing numerous potential clients and eventually improving business is much easier. Thanks to the power of online presence, ordering flowers are at your doorsteps. Here’s a gorgeous list of florist websites that will inspire florists and entrepreneurs.

fiorello flower website template

Looking to build a florist website?

Here are the most beautiful florist website templates for eCommerce and brand building.

Building websites isn’t that easy. But it’s not that difficult either when you have awesome website design inspirations that you can look into. Typically, your website must have an engaging and interesting design besides usability and functionality. It must also offer useful and compelling content that can include care instructions through blogs, offer online catalogs of flowers, quick and easy-to-use order forms. On top of that, florist websites must provide many communication options for customer service like email, phone number, live chat, and others.

Check out these amazing florist websites that will enhance every florist’s creativity.

Best Florist Websites

1. Koa

aurora jewelry website design

Building a website for a florist is quicker than you think when you opt for Koa. This beautiful design has it all ready to use for your convenience. You only need to focus on refining touches (and never coding!).

The default appearance is stunning, but you can modify it. Zyro builder, online store, testimonials, hosting, domain name – yup, Koa has it all.

Your flower projects are worthy only of the best!


2. FTD


When building a website, always consider its design and functionality. Hence, you can easily attract potential clients and improve business performance. FTD is a florist website with a clean, elegant design and easy-to-use elements. A split-screen design combines gorgeous imagery, a captivating headline, and a primary CTA. Specifically, this website provides an easy-to-use query for the availability of flower gifts. A website visitor can pick the type of occasion and location of the flowers. Whether you need flowers for funerals, birthdays, or anniversaries, this website can provide such flowers. Moreover, FTD also offers amazing sales and promos to entice potential customers.


3. Flower Chimp

Flower Chimp

There’s no sweeter than sending a bouquet to a loved one on anniversaries, birthdays and holidays. Wherever you are, you can always send such delightful gifts. Luckily, sending it effortlessly is much possible with advanced technology! Thanks to florist websites that offer amazing flower deliveries efficiently. Flower Chimp is one of the most vibrant and lively web designs built for the eCommerce florist website. It offers a quick and easy flower finder feature where visitors can pick the type of flowers they wish to purchase according to the occasions and budgets, shop by collection, trending, best sellers, or grab promos. The website uses a sticky header to help visitors navigate the site easily.


4. Bloomex


Vigorous and full of life, Bloomex makes a gorgeous homepage with a fabulous flower display. The website presents contents using a box-style layout leaving white spaces on both sides. It has a simple design for the hero header having testimonials, imagery display using a slider, and sidebar menu. It is important to connect effectively with potential clients, this website places the phone number and live chat on the header section. This way, locating where to connect with the business is much easier. Bloomex explicitly displays the discounted items clearly and elegantly to make content more striking. You may also follow their social media accounts for further work details.


5. Interflora


Bouquets help individuals express gratitude, love, and sympathy. That’s why the expertise of every florist is a demand all over the world. Interflora is another great florist website that can make occasions extra special! This website ensures that it will improve business reach and maximize sales. Interflora has a simple yet attractive hero header – a compelling headline, clear image, and a query for available gifts. You can find ample imagery that displays different types of flowers throughout the website.

Moreover, the website includes customer reviews to help drive more sales, a blog for publishing interesting posts, and Instagram to help connect with the audience. What’s more? This website also added the signup feature and social media integration to improve marketing strategies.


6. Teleflora


Here’s another eCommerce florist website that can help fellow entrepreneurs to build innovative and effective web presence. Teleflora explicitly displays various bouquets that indicate a warm welcome to the audience. It has a simple animation effect that triggers when the product is hovered. Placing the phone number and chat icon on the header makes it a lot easier for a potential customer to connect with the business. Furthermore, Teleflora also offers a quick and comprehensive way to order flowers for certain occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, funeral, or gratitude, Teleflora lets customers pick the best flowers to fit such occasions or events. The website’s bright and vibrant tone as a primary color makes the website feminine-looking.


7. Young Flowers Seattle

Young Flowers Seattle

Simple yet elegant-looking websites that use neutral background can outshine other brands. Young Flowers Seattle is another awesome florist website that introduces its brand gorgeously. This website showcases different types of flowers via a slider. Young Flowers Seattle promotes and markets its products via photo galleries where visitors can opt for exotic plants, gardens, orchids, etc. These categories even look great with the amazing hover effect it displays. While galleries look seamless and elegant, the services page is even more interesting with the cool parallax effect along with yelp reviews displayed in rows and columns. Knowing the essence of social media integration, this florist website never fails to include Facebook and Instagram for visitors’ easy access to such pages.


8. Pro Flowers

Pro Flowers

A website that has a clean and user-friendly design will shine. Pro Flowers is a well-structured, neat, and clean florist website that has ample website design elements. It comes with a vintage-looking background with a stunning headline and descriptive CTA. It uses a clean and minimalist display of flower designs for different occasions. Moreover, Pro Flowers also embraces simple, flat icons to represent different website categories. What’s more? It also includes social media integration, subscription feature, mega menu, advanced search, and more!


9. Floom


When building a website, you need to consider the design, content, and navigation. Floom is a simple yet comprehensive florist website. A simple two-column hero header welcomes the audience with compelling elements such as powerful headlines, descriptive CTA, and categories. It also has clean, readable content and a visual hierarchy to emphasize the element’s importance. This website utilizes the sticky header for better user navigation. Floom also offers a floral trends report that forecasts annual trends. Of course, the testimonials effectively boost credibility, so Floom never ignores its essence. Particularly, the reviews are exhibited in a cool slider. It also includes video integration, ample and clear CTAs, newsletter subscription, social media integration, and more!


10. Scotts Flower NYC

Scotts Flower NYC

Booking a flower delivery online plays a powerful scheme in connecting individuals distant from each other. That’s where the expertise of a professional florist is amazingly useful. Of course, it would be great for such expertise to shine through the web presence. Scotts Flowers NYC defines an aesthetically built florist website. It has a clean and neat structure that makes it user-friendly. Scotts Flowers NYC has a fantastic slider on the hero header with a clear CTA. Other notable features of the site include sticky header, an amazing display of florists, a drop-down menu, and more! Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or other celebrations, this website offers not just a luxury flower delivery but has an outstanding website design.


11. Arena Flowers

Arena Flowers

Birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and other occasions deserve excellent flower services. Fortunately, you can find numerous ways to connect with professional florists anytime, anywhere! Thanks to technology, ordering the best flowers is just at the tip of the finger. Arena Flowers embraces an exceptional hero header with an amazing flower background exhibited using slider and captivating headline. Specifically, this website applies a sticky header to promote customer retention. Moreover, it uses a mega menu for displaying subcategories for quick and easy queries of the visitors. You can shop by price, occasion, variety, color, gifts, and more. It also offers subscriptions by weekly and monthly.


12. Bloomnation


Flowers do make occasions extra special. Hence, it would be best to provide a marketplace where people can easily discover and send gorgeous bouquets that expert florists craft. That makes Bloomnation a great tool to deliver fresh and adorable flowers for any occasion. This website enables a visitor to signup and login. That’s not all if a certain florist wishes to join the marketplace, that’s also possible with this website. The website showcases different flowers available in different places. Individuals can easily create an order online with product descriptions, reviews, and other details. Visitors can also look for flowers with price specifications, occasions, flower type, color, style, and other details.


13. The Bouqs

The Bouqs

Here’s another outstanding florist website that will inspire fellow florists worldwide. The Bouqs is a great florist website with a clutter-free, minimalist, and elegant design. With this website, it’s much easier to shop flowers online and deliver them fresh and lovely. Visitors can easily signup, login, or login via Facebook. Since contents must look comprehensive, this website ensures that all the website sections are clear enough to comprehend its messages. Since promos are one of the most enticing strategies that work best for old and new customers, the website welcomes visitors with an engaging, limited promo. In displaying different categories, flower thumbnails even look more interesting with the cool hover effect. It also has testimonials, a blog, a sticky menu, and more!


14. Bloomiere


When flowers bloom, they glamorize the ambiance and make the audience happy! But they’re even more adorable when a professional florist touches them with artistry. Bloomiere is an outstanding florist website that utilizes a neutral – black background. It has a beautiful display of flowers that the business is offering. This eCommerce florist website enables customers to order flowers for different occasions easily. This website has notable features that florists must consider. It uses the parallax effect on the hero header, carousel, cool hover effect, accordion, subscription, JavaScript image zoom when hovering and more!


15. The Flower Farm

The Flower Farm

The Flower Farm is a florist website with stunning and elegant design. It has a beautiful logo that could represent the brand across the web. Its clean and minimalist design enhances the look and feel of the website. This eCommerce florist website can provide customers with flowers of different arrangements, occasions, types of flowers, and colors. Such services can include birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, corporate events, special events, and funerals. With this website, sending your loved one the flowers they deserve is as easy as counting 1,2,3!


16. Bunches


Brace yourself with these awesome designs of florist websites that will serve as a wonderful inspiration to your floristry business. Bunches is one of the most engaging websites that will help unleash creativity in you. It has a simple yet user-friendly design. Particularly, flower products are displayed in different categories. Each category uses a beautiful carousel to capture the interest of your target audience. Other notable website features include social media integration, newsletter subscriptions, quick flower query and more!

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  1. These are really good website examples. But, teleflora website is the best of all. Great job whoever created it!

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