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18 Best Coffee Shop Websites For Exceptional Design Inspiration 2023

Want to gain a competitive advantage over other brands in the coffee industry? Well, you should know that a good website is a powerful marketing tool to build online credibility effectively. This ultimate collection of coffee shop websites is a great resource if you’re looking for inspiration.

Undeniably, coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. Accordingly, Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee daily, making the United States the leading consumer of coffee globally. With this in mind, it would be best to highlight what makes your business stand apart from competitors. Consequently, most brands embrace the essence of web presence in their brand promotions. Hence, upon planning the web design, you can choose coffee shop websites that will inspire you to build it exceptionally.

create your coffee shop website

Looking to build a coffee shop website?

Here are the most customizable and easy-to-use coffee shop WordPress themes to get your site up in hours.

Having a web presence for your business is essential to create a first impression, getting the brand visible online, improve credibility, and finally boost sales. In these handpicked websites, you will know which elements you should acquire and which elements you need to develop in your project fully. Most websites have a clean and neat design coupled with outstanding functionality. Thus, it will truly serve as a wonderful inspiration, whether you’re a web developer working with a coffee shop website or a coffee shop owner.

Check these coffee shop websites and make your brand shine proficiently!

Best Coffee Shop Websites

1. Campos (Drag and Drop Website Builder)

campos bakery website design

You only really need Campos to build a proper coffee shop website. Yes, that’s it. Hint: It comes with its page builder that includes hosting and domain name.

Doing all types of work is a child’s play with Campos. It truly is! (I managed to build my 3rd version in my first hour of using it.)

You can always talk to the friendly support team regarding any question you have. (They’re available 24/7 for you!)

A coffee shop website is (pretty much) just a few clicks away, so take action now.


2. Sugaro

sugaro bakery website design

Bring your cafe business online with Sugaro. This remarkable template is ready to make your location even more popular than it already is.

The design is simple, but Sugaro’s specialty will separate you from all the rest. (So appealing to the eye!)

Plus, the entire website building process will take you only a few minutes because everything is already predefined for your convenience. Action!


3. Nadia

zyro bakery website builder

Nadia is an excellent template to build a modern coffee shop website fast and effort-free. You came to the right place if you dig simplicity mixed with creativity.

It’s a template (and a page builder) containing everything you need. (You don’t even need to worry about hosting and domain name, Zyro, the platform, sorts it all for you.)

Share your tasty menu, display your exact location on Google Maps and include an online booking form; Nadia comes with everything.


4. Ceremony Coffee

Ceremony Coffee website

Coffee shop businesses need a web presence. With such an effective marketing strategy, it’s a lot easier to promote brand worldwide. Here’s a seamless coffee shop website that will inspire you to make yours extraordinary. Ceremony Office has a nice, neat, and minimalist layout. The hero header looks simple yet elegant-looking with the parallax effect. Emphasizing content, Ceremony Coffee uses ample white space, sleek typography, and visual hierarchy. Moreover, the cool animation on the coffee spectrum section adds a touch of creativity to the site. It also has a sticky header, a seamless footer, and an attractive newsletter button.


5. No Coffee

No Coffee website

Set yourself apart from the competition by building a great website for your coffee shop business. No Coffee is a remarkable and creative design of coffee shop website. The homepage is a nice split-screen layout with out-of-the-box design. Specifically, the menu is placed vertically on the center of the screen, wherein both sides changes once menu hovers. Also, the logo is a perfect strategy for branding, so No Coffee ensures that the logo will stand out on a white background. Moreover, a customer can easily shop the coffee products, tumblers, tote bags, caps, and other products available with its website.

What’s more? The blog page is also added with another clean and stunning layout. On top of that, it also has a nice navigation.


6. Equator Coffees

Equator Coffees

A website’s user interface is a vital feature of your online presence. Therefore, you must put your heart into designing your homepage and the rest of the page. Particularly, Equator Coffees has an impressive hero header. Specifically, the white title and white primary CTA stand out with a red image background. The shop section also looks remarkable, adding an animated background as a user scrolls the site. Equator Coffees also offers a cool gift set for shoppers to provide coffee lovers a great deal. Also, it showcases a beautiful limited edition of their holiday products with another attractive section. The site uses a cool slider to display the different products simultaneously to exhibit multiple products.


7. VH Coffee Services

VH Coffee Services website

One clean and simple coffee shop website design is this VH Coffee Services. It features a beautiful hero header that utilizes the beauty of unusual element’s shapes, a slider and bountiful white space. Dedicated to providing a perfectly balanced coffee brew, VH Coffee crafted its website with creativity and innovation in mind to build credibility. It offers businesses the perfect solution to coffee needs that will impress clients and employees alike. Particularly, the website uses a mega menu to showcase the menu creatively. Moreover, the footer is also added with essential information and a newsletter subscription.


8. Coffee Address

Coffee Address

Coffee shops can be a great place to spend with. So, aside from providing a tasty and aromatic coffee, you should also create a beautiful ambiance for people to stay calm and relaxed. Also, don’t ignore the perks of having a web presence. Coffee Address has a stunning homepage of the coffee shop website. It utilizes big, captivating images, elegant white space, animation upon scrolling and sleek slider. The coffee products look grandeur as each is showcased using a slider. The off-canvas menu is also added for a visitor to navigate the site well. In addition, the footer’s social media icons are ready to link those useful pages. It also showcases an amazing display of different vending machines for business needs.


9. Little Skips

Little Skips

Little Skips is a remarkable coffee shop website to inspire entrepreneurs and coffee shop owners. It has a straightforward design of the homepage having glamorous images exhibited using a smooth slider. It presents different coffee shops using grids. With such a menu, visitors can easily easily access each coffee shop. It also displays apparel, travel mugs, accessories, edible and literatures in an attractive style. On the header, a simple menu is added on the left side, a logo on the center, and social media icons on the other side. Furthermore, if a visitor wishes to purchase an item, this website offers a super clean layout to provide a seamless shopping experience.


10. Couvee


Adding a handful of best-selling items and high-resolution photos to impress visitors with your coffee shop website will never fail. Couvee is a great example of distinct coffee shop websites. The hero scene has a cool zoom-out effect as the user scrolls down the homepage. In addition, other website elements also manifest eye-catching animations. Since the navigation needs to be accessible, Couvee ensures that all other pages can be easily accessed using an off-canvas menu and sticky header.

Moreover, it allows users to easily shop for different products in the store. What’s more? The Instagram feed and the promo section also looks superb.


11. Ground Central

Ground Central

Unique and creative designs of websites often shine on the web. When it comes to coffee shop websites, you can find remarkable designs ready to wow the audience. Here’s Ground Central which has an out-of-the-box design of a coffee shop. It features a smooth slide transition effect for all its content. However, a user can also access the relevant pages through the off-canvas menu. The fullscreen image, logo, and social media icons are ready to impress the customers on the homepage. Moreover, it also features a super clean and neat store page containing the brand’s different products.


12. Oslo Coffee

Oslo Coffee website

Expand your local reach when you build a website that will help you promote and sell products or services. Oslo Coffee is a coffee shop that once aimed to serve the best coffee in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Its website has a simple layout but has comprehensive content. Specifically, the hero header features a subtle video background of a hot-served coffee, CTAs and headlines. To provide ease in customer’s shopping of their favorite coffee, Oslo Coffee allows the smooth purchase of their products. It also displays the different coffee shops to visit on different places.


13. Vertical Cafe

Vertical Cafe

Most commonly, coffee shop websites look clean and minimalist with light backgrounds. With Vertical Cafe, the dark-tone background complements the white typography it utilizes. In particular, the website welcomes every visitor with a great video background that provides a CTA that links to the coffee shop’s menu. Since your website must indicate the business’s opening hours, Vertical Cafe didn’t ignore such feature. In addition, testimonials are also added to the site to establish credibility using a nice carousel. What’s more? Blog is an essential part of every website’s success, hence this brand never fails to include such a powerful feature.


14. Biowilly’s Beans

Biowilly’s Beans

Most people trust brands that have websites. If you’re in the coffee business, a website ready to present your style and personality as a brand is a demand. Biowilly’s Beans is an interesting and exceptional coffee shop website ready to inspire coffee shop entrepreneurs. The homepage is jampacked with elements that can shine the website in the industry. These elements are testimonials exhibited using a slider; brand’s introduction through video integration; different coffee products using a single-column display, off-canvas menu; clutter-free online store, and more. A great and user-friendly layout complements the useful content, which this website guarantees to every visitor.


15. Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme

A quality website is a great marketing channel for your business. If you need the inspiration to craft such a coffee shop website, you might want to consider Coffee Supreme. The hero scene has a cool slider, unique menu, and a logo. It showcases multiple gift products via a slider, another for all coffee products, equipment, and merch. These all look clutter-free as they’re all arrayed in similar layouts. Meanwhile, the subscription, locations, and the team pages are represented with huge boxes that look remarkable too with thumbnails. Because it is proven that a blog can increase a brand’s visibility, Coffee Supreme never fails to add it to this website.


16. Mokarico


Unique, minimalist and elegant, these words can best describe Mokarico. It’s one of the best coffee shop websites that will provide designers with a modern look and feel web designs. The hero scene features a stunning split-screen layout with a smooth slider on the right side and an attractive image on the other side. It is an eCommerce website, it provides an easy and quick shopping experience to customers worldwide. It also comes with a striking design of buttons as they hover. Having an asymmetrical layout, Mokarico conveys the message in a clutter-free manner.


17. Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee website

Need the inspiration to craft the best coffee shop website? Well, you probably need to see Campos Coffee. This website has an excellent design, super clean layout, and awesome features that you might want to embrace to your project. The hero scene utilizes a video background that has something to do with the upcoming holidays. This can well present the special offers and promos intended for the holiday season. Since the hero scene is the first section of the website that can stimulate the visitor, the CTAs should be descriptive and clear, Campos Coffee never fails to include such features. It also uses a sticky header and integrates awesome blog articles, an online store, and more.


18. Blue Tokai Coffee

Blue Tokai Coffee website

Here’s another superb coffee shop website that will help you create the best website. The asymmetrical layout of Blue Tokai Coffee greatly conveys how creative this website is. The hero scene exhibits various images using a smooth slider with a CTA. Each menu is represented with square boxes that come with CTAs. The sticky header bears the menu so other essential pages can easily access. Specifically, this website enables visitors to purchase coffee products, visit the cafes, check out the farms list, and stay updated with this website through the newsletter subscription.

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