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19 Best Image Source Finders To Create Powerful Marketing 2023

Let’s look at the best image source finder tools you can use for free.

The impact of images in web design is timeless and beyond measure. Its power to enhance the user experience is undeniably irrefutable. Hence, more websites offer free and premium images to provide every brand’s needs. So, check out these image source finders to help you acquire the best quality images in just a few clicks.

Indeed, images are an effective and innovative medium to convey your message well. Your website will look dull and lifeless without images in your web design. Nevertheless, picking the best and suitable images for your website is challenging. While images can well illustrate the concept of any brand, those elements should be related to the brand to prove its essence. Today, we can find various image source finders that provide various high-quality images for different purposes. Thanks to talented photographers worldwide, high-resolution images are made available to intensify the marketing campaigns of every brand. Thus, crafting the UI, polishing the web app, igniting the social media interest is easier. So, whether you’re a designer working with an image source finder project or a brand looking for excellent and quality images, you shouldn’t miss this inspiration.

Find out the ideal website design to use if you plan to build an image source finder website soon. List all the features you’d like to implement and exceed the client’s expectations with a magnificent website. So, scroll through the list and get inspired!

Best Image Source Finders


Web design projects are far more successful with the right images embedded into them. Thus, acquiring the most suitable images for the project is crucial. However, picking the right ones for your campaigns is easy with image source finders. Here’s that offers beautiful, high-quality stock photos for free! Yes, it’s free yet dazzling for your creative projects. Similar to its content, this website welcomes visitors with awesome features on the homepage. Specifically, it displays a search tool on the hero scene with headline, nice background image and trending topics just below it. Moreover, the categories of the website are represented by square menu. It also uses a nice sticky header to keep the menu accessible. Additionally, the images also look awesome with the tile layout it uses. Check out other amazing features this website has.


2. Pexels


Make your web design project more interesting and appealing by adding quality images to it. Pexels one of the outstanding image source finders ready to provide high-quality and completely free stock photos. All photos are nicely tagged, searchable, and easy to discover. With the massive stock of free photos, every brand can easily handpick the most suitable images to their projects. Its website uses a simple layout with a search tool on the hero scene to explore the content quickly. Furthermore, it also utilizes a tile layout to present the trending or new images added. As infinite scroll promises a better user experience, Pexels adopted this feature to its website.


3. ISO Republic

ISO Republic

Image source finders effectively help designers, programmers, and artists alike. With the numerous and abundant supply of beautiful photos they offer, product designs, websites, apps, art, and other similar projects are empowered. ISO Republic is an independent website that provides curated collections of the best high-resolution CC0 photos and videos for commercial and personal projects. This image source finder uses an elegant web design to showcase the stock photos. Particularly, the search feature welcomes the visitor in the hero scene. Moreover, the logo, menu, and social media icons on the header are also visible. The gallery is also displayed in a tile layout with filterable options such as the latest image, people, nature, city, business, etc.


4. Gratisography


Gratisography is the world’s quirkiest collection of high-resolution free stock images, comprised of the world’s best, most creative pictures you won’t find anywhere else. It exists to provide aid in expressing every brand’s personality. Its clean hero header welcomes visitors with glee. It uses a creative image background with a search feature and a simple tagline.

Searching and downloading the image on this website is efficient too. Additionally, it uses a sticky header to improve visitor retention, display search tool, and social media icons. The user can check for similar photos on Shutterstock as well. Find the best inspiration in these image source finders for your upcoming project.


5. Pixabay


If you’d like to discover the perfect yet free images and videos for your upcoming project, Pixabay is one of the options you need to explore. Being a famous and practical image source finder, it is ever-ready to impact every project requiring quality images. The website design is pretty intuitive and innovative. Specifically, it displays the photos, illustrations, vectors and videos as part of the menu on the header. Moreover, the header contains the website branding, navigation elements, and the explore button, login and signup while the search form is at the hero header with an image background. Since it uses the tile layout in the exhibitions of the available images, it’s a lot easier to find the perfect image. Also, the image details are accessible and share a certain image.


6. Burst


This handpicked collection of image source finders are imposing and awe-inspiring. So, don’t miss exploring them. Here’s Burst, a free stock photo platform that Shopify powers. Burst’s photographers constantly shoot and upload high-resolution images to help users find the perfect free stock photo for their next project. The hero header displays a certain featured image with a captivating tagline and search form. In addition, collections, tips, news photos and a CTA are also visible on the header. With a slider, top free pics on the week look exceptional and engaging. Those images/pics c download the high res and low res versions.


7. Photos – Icons8

Photos - Icons8

Meaningful, high-resolution images are indeed useful for any marketing purposes. If you’d like to find such tools, this inspiration is never a waste of time. Icons8 Free Stock Photos is one of this list’s best image source finders. It’s a beautiful library of royalty-free images and stock photos for personal and commercial use. The design of the homepage is clean, modern, and minimalist; hence, visitors of the site can focus on the content. Typically, most websites utilize a nice slider on the hero scene to highlight essential content. With Icons8 Photos, the featured images are truly visually appealing. Below that hero scene is a grand exhibition of the stock photos with a clean layout. Visitors can easily filter the search form and choose from the new, rising, or top images.


8. Reshot


When building your image source finders, it is best to consider a user-friendly design aside from the quality images you offer. Reshot is another inspiration to delve into. It’s a website that offers tons of handpicked, non-stocky images free for commercial use. All those photos are in HD and royalty-free that everyone can explore and enjoy! With the mission to elevate creative projects, this site ensures quick and easy access to the needed images. Hence, the hero scene has an attractive image background and the search feature and tagline.

Meanwhile, the trending photos look appealing, with the tile layout it embraces. That’s not all, it also offers quick access to image packs where visitors can save time in downloading the curated photo packs. Check out other notable features you can experience with this website.


9. Stockvault 


There’s no better way to make the web design more interesting and attractive than adding photos to it. That’s why various image source finders are established today. Stockvault collects and archives high-resolution photographs that photographers, designers, and students can share and use for personal and commercial design projects. The homepage is remarkably similar to other image source finders. It’s pretty simple but has the features it needs to impress a site visitor. Specifically, the hero scene uses a darker background with a search form and parallax effect. Also, visitors can easily locate the stock images such as futuristic background, SEO & analytics related images, and patterns as they are presented with tile layout. It also comes with a blog page to share amazing articles.


10. Negative Space

Negative Space

Here’s another image source finder you can explore for your upcoming projects. Negative Space is where the community of photographers offers beautiful, free high-resolution images without any restrictions. It has a stunning homepage that showcases the content with elegance. Specifically, it displays the search form in the hero header with headlines and a special promo section. The stock of images is displayed well using a tile layout. Each image can be accessed with related photos in Shutterstock (having promo codes) and related photos in Negative Space. Furthermore, it uses a sticky header with the menu and social media icons. A visitor can also filter the content by photo colors.


11. SplitShire


Every graphic design work needs clever photos to make them look irresistible. So, designers, bloggers, website creators, social marketing gurus, companies need to discover the best free photo in certain projects. SplitShire is one of the amazing image source finders with a simple but inspiring design. It aims to give life to photographs that would have gone into oblivion without any utility. The homepage is full of large images with bold typography. It has different banner ads all over the page for monetization and big and bold headlines. The stock photos are represented using a masonry layout where each thumbnail represents a photo category. Furthermore, the social media icons are also visible on the header.


12. Flickr


Today, we’re sharing you an awesome inspiration to craft your website well. Here’s Flickr, a popular photo-sharing and hosting service with advanced and powerful features. It supports an active and engaged community where people share and explore each other’s photos. If you dreamed of having an image source finder as prominent as Flickr, it would be best to consider the design and functionality of your website. The homepage features a full-screen layout with headline, CTA, and featured photos displayed randomly as a background image. It offers a super-easy search form with login and signup buttons on the header. Of course, it also provides a menu on the bottom of the screen.


13. Death To The Stock

Death To The Stock

If you’re searching for unique stock photo resources for your branding or web design project, looking at these image source finders will benefit. Death To The Stock is intended to support artists, entrepreneurs and other creative individuals in authentic stock photos and videos. To fulfill its goal, this website offers a simple license where the subscribers can have unlimited download and full access to 4500+ photos. The homepage has a neat and creative layout; most sections have a split-screen design. The hero scene displays huge, bold typography, clear CTA and images in grids. Other necessary sections look grandeur and elegant with sliders and simple animations.


14. Unsplash


Grab the best photo for your branding or other web-related projects. You can check out these image source finders if you need such awe-inspiring images. Here’s Unsplash that comes with over 1 million free high-resolution images from the world’s most generous community of photographers. It has a beautiful and sleek homepage design with deep regard for user-friendliness. It has a startling hero scene with the featured image as the background, search form and a neat header. Specifically, the header bears the logo, search form, login and signup buttons and menu. As it uses the sticky header, the usability and aesthetics of the website are further improved. Hence, the website users can easily access the photo or image they would like to acquire. It also uses an infinite scroll for the display of the images.


15. Foodiesfeed


Almost all restaurants these days have websites to grow their business. Hence, the need for quality photos is high. Foodiesfeed, one of the image source finders is a great resource of awesome, naturally-looking food photos that are free to download. Food photographers worldwide join their creative works on this website and enable them to login and signup for an account. The homepage has a nice and beautiful design with essential elements for managing an image source finder. Aside from the search form, categories also look seamless with rectangular boxes as menu. It also comes with a sticky social share on the side and social media icons on the header. The stock photos look bright and attractive as they’re arrayed in the tile layout.


16. Life Of Pix

Life Of Pix

Feast your eyes with these amazing image source finders that are ready to inspire and unleash your creativity for personal and commercial projects. Here’s Life Of Pix, a collection of free high-resolution photos that’s ready to inspire its audience. It has an excellent website homepage design and comes with awesome features. It allows easy and quick access to high-resolution photos with a search form on the hero scene. It also has creative typography on the headline and showcases featured images through a slider. While other image source finders utilize small images to showcase the collections, this website display featured images through large photos one after the other. It also integrates banner ads to display advertisements for monetization.


17. Kaboompics


If you plan to build a website or redesign your promotional tools, having many quality photos is beyond measure. Kaboompics is an image source finder with numerous free stock images for personal and commercial projects. It has a modern, clean and professional design ideal for inspiration. Typically, the homepage uses thin fonts and minimalist typography, a neat and organized layout for presenting the stock images. Trying to promote premium photos, Kaboompics indicates the promotional banner and ensures it engages with the red color. Moreover, the testimonials also look great with the slider to showcase various testimonies. This website also ensures that the menu, search and social media icons are ever visible.


18. Free Images

Free Images

Make your marketing tools look professional and innovative with seamless images added to your tools. Here’s Free Images, an excellent image source finder that offers over 300,000 free stock photos. With this website, anyone can quickly find free, high-quality stock images. It has a nice hero header with a search and background image with a slider. Like other sources, the stock photos are presented using a tile layout. Related images are displayed from iStock, tags, and similar images for the individual image page. It also uses a dropdown menu for displaying other submenus. Moreover, it also allows the user to signup or sign-in into the website.


19. Pic Jumbo

Pic Jumbo

Bloggers, designers and marketers, all of these professionals, can never create an exceptional piece without images that will polish them. Here’s one popular website that offers beautiful, free photos and images without watermark, Pic Jumbo. It’s a free stock photo site created by designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek. The website design is pretty clean and minimalist. It also offers dark and light modes to provide a useful option for every user in browsing. The header also includes the search form, CTAs, social media icons, and menu. Additionally, the stock images look awesome with the tile layout it uses to present them beautifully. Banner ads are also added for individual images, social share, and more.

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