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22 Best Gaming HTML Website Templates 2018

22 Best Gaming HTML Website Templates 2018

Whoever is looking for some, here are one of the best gaming HTML website templates we managed to collect. To create a superb website in the gaming niche, these templates will help you out do just that. You can easily use them for all sorts of purposes, like news, reviews, blogs, stores and even for developers and companies. Put your knowledge and experience into words and amazing content and start attracting like-minded folks.

Before jumping on board, many first dig a little deeper to read the reviews of the game they are attracted by. Sometimes, more like, the majority of the time, the official video game description lacks information. Not only that, players like to read personal reviews to gain a better understanding what they are getting themselves into. As an expert as you are, provide all the needed specs and info and create an experience like nowhere else.

With the gaming industry being as big as it is, you can expect many website templates available at your service. To avoid spending your valuable time searching the web to find what fits your needs, you can find the best gaming HTML website templates right here. From those for news and reviews to eCommerce friendly and even find one to start a community with a cool forum.

Just like your time is always well-spent playing video games, spend quality time building your gaming website, too.


bravapp gaming html website template
Bravapp is one of the best solutions to push your startup and bring it in front of a global audience. It is a gaming HTML website template with dark and light one- and multi-page home variations. Besides, you also get amazing blog pages and a contact section with an active form and integrated Google Maps. Bravapp is based on Bootstrap 4 what provides the much needed flexibility for your web presence to work seamlessly on any device.

After all, you are launching a mobile game, right?

Other solid features of Bravapp are MailChimp compatibility, smooth transitions, astounding page loading speed and tidy and organized code. The web template for games is entirely customizable, retina ready and comes with fantastic support. Your presence on the web will surely be an enticing one with Bravapp.

More info / Download Demo


strider gaming html5 website template
Strider is a great gaming HTML website template for developers and studios interested in expanding their businesses. The time has come for you to showcase your incredible work and attract potential new clients solely due to the amazing page you are about to set yourself up with help from Strider. The settings process is extremely simple with Strider and it also comes with all the needed information you need for using it.

You can choose from four awesome index page styles of which each comes as a dark or light version. Particles effect, slider, video and static image are the predesigned options you can go with for the fastest site launch ever. Strider is also responsive, cross-browser compatible, includes a functional contact form and sports some really cool animations.

More info / Download Demo


gio gaming portal html website template
GIO is a multi-purpose gaming HTML website template full or practical features and ready-to-use material. In the GIO package, you get eighteen and counting HTML files which you can modify effortlessly. Four front pages are available and ready for you to use with shooter, clan and zombie games or for an online gaming magazine. Choose accordingly and blend it with other elements to complete your web presence in little to no time.

Your game or gaming community will shine on the internet with GIO. The tool is optimized for speed and comes with parallax and video boxes to spice up the experience. What’s more, GIO has a rating system, mega menu, owl carousel, AJAX contact form and smooth scroll. The outcome will always work butter smooth on all devices and platforms due to GIO’s epic responsiveness.

More info / Download Demo


escapium game room html website template
Something a little different this time, but still a perfect addition to our best gaming HTML website templates. Escapium is an escape room game template that you can use for a couple of different intentions. First, it is for all the popular real-life escape rooms where you and your friends are locked in a room and need to find a way out as soon as possible. The clock is ticking. Second, you can tweak Escapium and use it for almost any type of an event based website.

Grab their attention with Escapium’s stupendous home page and get them familiar with your rooms using the included and exclusive pages. Escapium also has a blog section, a contact page and, of course, a booking page with a form. There is little work needed on your need, just go with all the valuable material that you have at your fingertips and kick off your escape room business.

More info / Download Demo


goodgames gaming website template
Not all games are good but GoodGames is definitely right there on top. Just that GoodGames is not really a game rather a cool tool suitable for crafting amazing websites within the gaming industry. However, if you rethink everything, you can easily say that building a page is some sort of a game, too. What do you say, shall we play GoodGames? Rules are very simple, there almost aren’t any. You play with the design and that is pretty much it. Fun part? You need zero prior skills and still be able to complete in a very short time.

With GoodGames gaming HTML website template, you can easily create a variety of pages for various purposes. You can start an online store, a news page, a massive gaming portal or use it to create a personal blog. Whichever the option you are after, GoodGames will have you sorted. The template includes all the most important elements to create an expert-looking page. From gallery and forum to different blog layouts, news and clan wars. It also comes with other internal pages along with many original elements (shortcodes) to modify it to your needs. Indeed, GoodGames template is also responsive and retina ready for a smooth look on all devices.

More info / Download Demo


plume gaming website template
With more than 400 UI elements, PLUME HTML5 template will give you everything you need for a solid gaming site. Whatever you may want to build, let PLUME help you out. It is suitable for nearly any type of page from app, to news, to the online shop and everything in between. It comes with 49 predefined demos but you can always take the time and craft a custom one. You will not believe how easy it is to adjust the template and add different elements to it. So simple, anyone can do it with ease.

To attract visitors’ attention but still not disrupting them, 9 different notifications will do the trick. Moreover, there are also 14 headers available along with 6 footers and 5 different copyrights. Only by combining these numbers you get a whopping amount of variations for your freshly created gaming website. PLUME gaming HTML website template also includes cool features like Disqus commenting, Slider Revolution and Isotope.

Roughly said, you have an unlimited amount of possibilities with PLUME multi-purpose template. Take all the goodies to your benefit and start creating the ultimate game-focused page. You can achieve so much with the template, still, you can later refresh the design and create something completely different. The choice is yours.

More info / Download Demo


godlike gaming website template
For creating something really stunning, GodLike template will come very handy. Not only does it come with many cool features, but the overall design is also mind blowing. Perfect for the gaming world. Based on Bootstrap 4, GodLike is a gaming HTML template which you can enjoy building distinct sites with. Nothing is stopping you from putting together an online store, a loyal community or something similar to a landing page, showcasing your game. A modern web design with unlimited layout combinations sounds very intriguing.

When you take the plunge and decide GodLike gaming HTML website template is the one, you are treated with more than 65 HTML files. To add more to it, the navigation is swipe ready, you can amaze the guests with astonishing slideshow using Revolution Slider and enjoy the power of Mega Menu. Total responsiveness is also one important factor that any modern premium gaming template needs to offer and GodLike is fully equipped with it.

Go all in with GodLike template and add fun effects to the site like background audio, parallax and a background video. No need to be stopping here. You can do so much more with the template and bring something revolutionary to the market.

More info / Download Demo


bboots gaming website template
When you are after building the best community of like-minded people, let BBOOTS template do the thing it is best at. Building a forum like none out there. Of course, you need to play the game of putting your creativity to use and truly forge an outstanding forum. But that is something what everyone is capable of. Other than that, you need no coding skills and no prior experience.

BBOOTS is based on Bootstrap Framework for full functionality. The template adapts smoothly to all screen sizes and is compatible with all the browsers. Consistency is key. There are also many plugins added to the template so you can use them for your forum needs. Furthermore, 20 color presets are available, however, you can create a custom one at any time with Colorize feature.

To get ranked in search engines, BBOOTS follows best SEO practices. Make your forum popular and full of organic traffic. With fast loading speeds and clean and modern design, visitors will be excited to look around the forum what translates in great bounce rate, or should I say, low percentage bounce rate. Let search engines know your website is full of quality stuff and provides a ton of useful information to the browser.

More info / Download Demo

Game Forest

game forest gaming website template
Setup a website where people will gather and hang out, enjoying your gaming content. Game Forest is a gaming HTML website template which you can use for blogging, streaming, video and overall a gaming website. It includes all the necessary elements for the best user experience. Special widgets for games, posts, newsletter and friends will be very useful to add more options to your web design. In your downloaded file, you will find more than 70 HTML pages, plenty custom components to be able to spice things up. These are tables, progress bars, various buttons, countdown timer and more. It also comes with a chat component.

Game Forest template will never let you down. Once you start putting all its features to use, you will be impressed how much you can create with a powerful HTML template. You can add a video as a background, experiment with sliders, different effects and benefit from the free updates. You most definitely will not be lacking goodies and extras once you start testing things out and see what Game Forest is made of. Customize it to its extent and individualize the layout so it will meet your gaming website needs.

More info / Download Demo


youplay gaming website template
The name fits very well in the gaming industry, Youplay template is a great way to bring your passion online and be in charge of it. You create the website and be in total control of every single element. So when it needs to be improved and changed for whatever reason, you immediately know how to access it. Instead of starting from scratch, Youplay gaming HTML website template features 4 demos to meet a variety of tastes. You can choose the one you like the most and easily customize it further. No need to stick to the default version in case you would like to add your personal touch to it. Feel free to do things your way and stand out from the crowd.

Some of the key features of Youplay template are working Instagram and Twitter feeds, ajax contact form and Revolution Slider. In the package, you get layouts for an online store, blog and coming soon pages. You also save money with the included Isotope. Plus, if it is in your intention to start a forum, Youplay allows you to build one, too. Gamers, it is time to start an online project and put your enthusiasm for video games into words and amazing content.

More info / Download Demo


hotmagazine gaming website template
It gets very hot when you publish something no one has ever talked about. Or it is something a bit more controversial which helps you get viral. Sometimes, you need to think outside the box to attract more visitors and get the word out. If you are full of this fantastic ideas, bring them to life with Hotmagazine gaming HTML website template. Share industry news, publish what is hot at the moment and provide your two cents about a specific game which is taking the world.

Hotmagazine template has a modern and stylish design which is fully customizable and ready to take new challenges. In other words, if you have a special idea for a news or magazine website, it is Hotmagazine which surely will bring it to realization. With the template, you will not have a problem designing a fully functional website which will entertain huge amounts of traffic.

To speed up the process, pick one of 6 ready-to-use front page layouts and arrange all the sample data in the exact order. All types of internal pages are at your service, 8 single post layouts and a working contact form. Aint this more than enough material for you to hammer out a website in a crazy short amount of time? Indeed it is.

More info / Download Demo


team gaming website template
The ability to create eSport and gaming websites is inevitable with Team HTML template. It serves you all the needed functions and options for you to develop a website for teams, a fan site, a tournament page and the like. The template includes a whopping 256 page views to feed just about any taste. There are also graphs and diagrams included in the package for showcasing the results and statistics. Following all the modern HTML5 and CSS3 standards, you can expect Team template to be flexible and working smoothly on all devices.

Although the template is already very colorful, with new updates, the team of professionals will release new color presets. Enjoy a refreshment in your design with beautiful colors which will ensure a great website experience. Make it appealing to the eye and memorable, and visitors sure will return to see what is going on.

Never underestimate a powerful gaming HTML website template. It will help you speed up the process of bringing your idea for an online project to realization. Either from a hobby point of view or business perspective, it does not matter, templates like Team will always fulfill all of your demands. Not only will you be satisfied, but the visitors who land on your page, too. As well as the client who you might be building a page for.

More info / Download Demo


forca gaming website template
In Italian, forca means power and that is exactly what you are treated with with this responsive template we are about to introduce you to. Meet Forca gaming HTML website template. Perfect for news and magazine sites where you can share all and everything about the industry you are the most passionate about. You know more about the games, the trends and everything in between than anyone else. Why wouldn’t you want to share this knowledge with the world? Why don’t you bring your gaming experience online and help others learn from it? In case you are considering starting a website, Forca template is the one who will make it happen for you.

You are looking at a 100& responsive and retina ready design with an assortment of features for crafting the perfect news oriented online platform. Is that something you see yourself running and be in charge of? Look no further, Forca template is here to please your requirement and help you realize even the smallest details. Aren’t we all fascinated by the details which encourage us to keep browsing and reading? However, at the end of the day, it is the quality content that matters the most. Impress everyone by your capacity for hard work.

More info / Download Demo


indigamer gaming website template
Based on the Skeleton Grid, Indigamer is a gaming HTML website template with a stunning layout that will cause many visitors’ eyes to bulge. And that is exactly what you should be aiming for. Still, the content is just as highly important as the overall design is. To be frank, without a high-quality content, you will not be able to attract many guests. Create only the best of the best so not only will the gamers be interested in visitings your website, search engines will also give it some shine by ranking it higher. Fair enough.

Indigamer template comes with 10 HTML5 files and offers you the option to customize it and construct multiple layouts. Those who like writing video game reviews will absolutely love Indigamer. Truth be told, you can use the template for all sorts of review sites. You just need to modify it accordingly. Meaning, adding different images and making it look relevant to the niche. But what is relevant? It does not hurt to go completely against the grain sometimes. As a matter of fact, sometimes, you should consider taking an entirely different path and avoide the one industry dictates. With responsive site template, Indigamer, you can achieve all that and more.

More info / Download Demo

Game Devs Redux

game devs redux gaming website template
Playing games should be fun, right? And so should be building websites. No need to be tormented by the endless lines of code that you do not entirely understand. A gaming HTML website template which knows how to play the game right is Game Devs Redux. This joyful and fantastic theme will serve creative agencies, startups, gamers, studios and any other individual. Start to experience the same emotions as you do when playing the game. But those emotions that feel good, not the ones that make you angry and you just want to punch into the wall.

While many use Bootstrap to develop HTML5 website templates, Game Devs Redux uses Foundation 6. You are in total control of the template and eventually your web page. Do what feels right to you and your online project and start creating the fantasy page. In the zip file, you get the HTML template along with the design files and a thorough documentation. Use the latter to get familiar with the theme and start forming your very first web design. With a quality guide, you will not have any issues establishing a site and releasing it to the online space.

More info / Download Demo


dragonic gaming website template
To go straight to the point, Dragonic might not be the cheapest on this list of the best gaming HTML website templates. Soon, after you go through template’s specifications, you become aware why a slightly higher price. In short, because it deserves it. With this unique, one-page premium gaming template you will achieve spine tingling sensations in every single person who visits your site. Whatever game you would like to promote, Dragonic will do its best to present it in the finest light possible. It especially puts a ton of focus on those small details we all love so much.

Optimized for high loading speeds and ready for mobile screens, Dragonic template creates a great user experience. The full-screen mode will take everyone’s breath away while intro and heroes feature will share more information and details. Three more things and you will become a guaranteed fan: video gallery, shop integration and reviews. Video galleries are complemented with images and reviews section also allows you to share your contact. When it comes to the online store, sell both digital and physical products to your loyal readers.

You really need to dig deeper to find such a beauty. No need for you to spend time browsing, we did all the hard work for you. Here we are with Dragonic template and it clearly is one which will go beyond expectations.

More info / Download Demo

Escape Room

escape room website template
It is not always only about computers, mobile phones, tablets, a pair of headphones, a keyboard and a mouse when speaking about the gaming world. What about physical and real-time adventure games? Ever thought about that?

To offer you something a little different compared to what we featured on this list of top gaming HTML website templates, we present you Escape Room. For all the logic games enthusiasts who are in the escape room business, this template will be a perfect solution to further promote your rooms. Do you have something unusual that cannot be found elsewhere? Are you opening a brand new location? Attract a wider audience of folks interested in your services by putting your creative mind to use and start engineering a splendid website. Use Escape Room template to help you out.

There are two pages you can choose from and start bringing things into being. The template is responsive and cross browser compatible, so it will appear beautifully to every visitors no matter the device or browser they use. Since you are a very skilled individual anyway, bring that skill to the online world, too. Put together a mysterious website which will be an attention grabber.

More info / Download Demo

WordPress templates for the gaming industry

Whoever out there is in need of a complete solution for their game or any other project related to gaming, below you will find world’s best WordPress game templates. In most of the cases, you install these tools with just one click and start improving them per your request straight away. Fast and reliable solutions for a professional online appearance that will boost your user base.


cloux gaming html website template
No matter the type and style of your game, Cloux is here to sort you out with a web space for it. A great selection of eight home pages is at your disposal to use out of the box or a customized version of them. The theme customizer and handy page builder give everyone a chance to modify Cloux to their likings. And no, you do not have to be an experienced coder to do it.

The options you have with Cloux are almost endless. From game listing and publicity to compatibility with bbPress, WooCommerce and WPML, Cloux sure can do many things for you. You can also put to use blog section with review system and expand your reach above and beyond. Advanced search, login and register forms, SEO optimized and the ultimate header and footer builder, do things your way with Cloux.

More info / Download Demo


arcane gaming html website template
Arcane is a WordPress gaming template with an incredible selection of predefined material and assets. Grow your gaming community to new levels and reach your goals way quicker than initially planned. Your users can easily create teams and tournaments to challenge others and keep track of everything. Arcane offers you to swiftly create tournaments and team wars and get the action going.

Parallax effect, animations, rating system, WPML and bbPress ready, you name it, Arcane truly delivers an experience of its own. Every template user also receives access to the support forum and comprehensive documentation for smoother building process of your gaming website. Even if you are new to page development, Arcane is insanely simple to use and edit without the need to touch a single line of code. Game on!

More info / Download Demo


eldritch gaming html website template
For gaming and eSports, Eldritch could not be a better template to use. It surely will spark your interest once you start browsing its live preview page.

It is absolutely stunning!

Every section and every detail of Eldritch is carefully designed and developed for the best performance on all devices and platforms. If you need epic, then you need Eldritch.

Six first page designs are at your disposal and ready for you to either use them as they are or improve them per your demands. Eldritch is also eCommerce ready for selling games using the power of WooCommerce. Moreover, it delivers loads of other inner pages for matches, about and contact sections. You also get a coming soon page to start the hype early and grab their emails with the newsletter subscription widget. Start something extraordinary in the gaming industry with Eldritch.

More info / Download Demo


esport gaming html website template
Needless to say, eSport is a gaming website template with numerous amazing characteristics. Although it comes with a lot of immaculate ready-to-use material, you can still do things your way and modify the look of it. By using the powerful tool, Visual Composer, it only requires some dragging and dropping and you can create custom layouts with insane ease. And it does not ask for any prior knowledge.

Unlimited games, fixtures, players and sliders, sponsors section, forum ready, the list of assets could go on forever. eSport is something you should most certainly consider if this is the type of a website you plan on launching. For games and gaming community, eSport is an ideal tool to realize all your ideas and bring into being something out of this world. But first, download the template and install it with one simple click. It does not get any harder.

More info / Download Demo


powerup gaming html website template
PowerUp is a neat and tidy gaming website template for bloggers and online journalist who are passionate about one thing only: video games. It sports an eye-friendly dark and clean web design that intrigues everyone to start investigating the published content further. PowerUp is a very straightforward website developing tool that brings a ton of joy to both the webmaster and the end user aka reader.

The code of the template is clean and light for fast loading speed and tremendous performance. It is, of course, 100% mobile-ready for your websites to fluently adapt to any device, from smartphones and tablets to desktops. Handy multi-level drop-down menu offers users to find the content they need quickly with as little clicks as possible. Moreover, PowerUp makes you feel comfortable building your page due to the full access to the documentation and team of experts. Whatever there is you would like to put together, you can certainly do it with PowerUp.

More info / Download Demo


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