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17 Best Reactstrap Templates & UI Kits 2023

If you want to work with Reactstrap templates, we deliver various options and solutions for your convenience.

You will also find a few UI kits to integrate your projects and apps easily and confidently.

In short, Reactstrap supplies you with Bootstrap components, which offer complete flexibility. With this in mind and tons of ready-made material, you can bring new projects faster, with much less effort.

Some alternatives offer a full-blown answer to your admin dashboard creation, while others deliver a complete kit of reusable elements. Remember that we bring you a combination of free and premium options. The former allows you to upgrade any time you want or even stick with it forever – the choice is yours.


As for Reactstrap, templates support all popular devices and web browsers. The code is also well-structured and organized, ensuring editing and adjusting the default look happens quickly.

Whether you are building prototypes of final projects, you will find these templates for Reactstrap and UI kits of great use. Make an impact and kick things off with everything you need to make the outcome that fits your app.

Best Reactstrap Templates

argon reactstrap template

Argon is a large and popular admin template covering everything to offer you a quick start to something jaw-dropping. With its modern and clean design, Argon easily caters to projects and applications. While you can use the default settings to a T, you can also go one step further and modify Argon to your liking precisely. The choice is yours, but one thing is for sure; the outcome will be phenomenal either way.

Just custom-made elements alone; there are two hundred. On top of that, Argon also rocks seventeen plugins and six additional example pages. Like that would not be enough already, you can start for free, see how things go, and upgrade later. If you have any other pre-sale questions, do not hesitate to contact the Argon author first and confidently enter the world of Reactstrap templates.

More info / Download Demo

Now UI

now ui reactstrap template

Now UI is a React and Bootstrap admin template with Reactstrap and a broad range of elements, components, and other useful stuff for quick project execution. You can have the outcome readily available sooner rather than later without the need to start from the ground up and plenty of customization options. Why would you even want to waste time and go through all the hassle of building things from scratch? You can now greatly profit from a ready-to-use solution that does the trick for beginner and professional web developers.

The pro version of Now UI contains 160 elements, thirteen plugins, seven example pages, documentation, SASS files, and premium support.

More info / Download Demo

Black Dashboard PRO

black dashboard pro

Black Dashboard PRO is a great solution for forging an admin with a dark look. If this is your style, drop everything and immediately go with Black Dashboard PRO. Let’s face it, from page layouts to elements and plugins, Black Dashboard PRO rocks them all to help you sort things out sooner rather than later.

Everything will work perfectly when managing and maintaining an admin dashboard with Black Dashboard PRO. Also, there is no need to think of t highly functioning admin; Black takes care of everything. Begin with creating something remarkable that will take your project to new heights, thanks to Black Dashboard PRO.

More info / Download Demo


paper reactstrap template

Paper is a Reactstrap template that unlocks the swift process of building the admin dashboard for your web app. Indeed, you sure do need to have experience. Still, whether you are a newbie or an expert coder, you will win big with Paper. This template is also powered by Bootstrap and practices all the latest web and tech trends. Paper comes with all the necessities and then some to make an impactful outcome that will help you operate your project much simpler.

The premium package of Paper contains 160 elements, fifteen plugins, five example pages, SASS and Sketch fillets, you name it. Of course, you can also start with the free version and upgrade any time you need even more features mentioned earlier. Of course, extensive documentation and a friendly support team are also part of the deal for your leisure.

More info / Download Demo


gogo reactstrap template

Gogo is a modern and minimal Reactstrap template for building an admin exactly to your liking. Why do all the heavy lifting yourself if you do not have to? Instead, save yourself time and effort with a kit of goodies that Gogo brings to the table. Not just that, but even if you are not an expert web developer, you will still witness excellent results with Gogo. But first, feel free to take a peek at the live preview demo and see what’s possible.

If you are interested in cleanness, you will have a blast using Gogo. Gogo works in collaboration with modern technologies that guarantee exceptional performance. Some of the features include a video player, keyboard shortcuts, ten color skins, three applications, four dashboards, and form validation, to name a few.

More info / Download Demo


endless reactstrap template

With Endless, you have numerous options and possibilities that will get you going in no time at all. This React admin template is equipped with material for a speedy outcome that will turn heads. After all, you can effortlessly go with the default settings, alter Endless according to your web app and call it a day.

With six dashboards, you can expect to boost your workflow over and beyond. Firebase integration, more than forty customizer options, quick search, multi-language support, different functional applications, and an array of components await every Endless user. You can also switch from light to dark mode anytime you fancy. Let Endless assist you in the establishment of a powerful dashboard now.

More info / Download Demo


ciyashop reactstrap template

Not all the templates in this collection are for admins and dashboards. CiyaShop is a multi-purpose Reactstrap template for an eCommerce website. With four homes, six shop pages, horizontal and vertical filters, multiple inner layouts, and other practical goodies, you can start the building process right from the get-go. CiyaShop also ensures a modern and eye-catchy look, with little to no distractions. You will find anything and everything to build your dream online shop for pushing any items, whether going niche or general.

Some features contain list and grid views, Instagram feed, Google Maps, slick slider, infinite scroll, off-canvas filters, etc. The layout is also 100% compatible with all modern devices and web browsers and is retina-ready and lightweight. In short, the shopping experience will always be top-notch with CiyaShop.

More info / Download Demo


universal reactstrap template

Universal has a massive package of reusable UI components and plenty of other elements to mix and match for a striking outcome. You can freely employ Universal for CMS, CRM, application back-end, you name it. The versatility of Universal ensures excellent performance in different surroundings. If you are looking for one tool to sort out your Reactstrap-based admin, Universal is the way to go.

With the handy live customizer, you can quickly fine-tune Universal and make it look your way entirely. Six different layout variations are available, with an option to go either light or dark. Other specialties include an animated weather icon, custom widgets, range slider, data table, and chat application. Start on the right track and avoid the hassle using resourceful Universal.

More info / Download Demo


zest reactstrap template

Zest is a Reactstrap admin template for multiple intentions, even if you decide to use it. Zest also includes variations for eCommerce, hospital, blog, music, CRM, university, more, and the general dashboard. There are nine in total. But it does not end here. Each sample is also editable and customizable for you to make it your own to the last detail.

The whole structure of the template is fully fluid, meaning it instantly adapts to different screen sizes. Other features come in color schemes, calendars, widgets, icons, graphs, Google Maps, and the list goes on and on. Zest also updates regularly, so you know your admin will work for years. Take all the Zest kit’s content to your advantage and shine with an impactful admin.

More info / Download Demo


slek reactstrap template

Slek has a sleek design that grabs everyone’s attention in the snap of a finger. It is a clean, modern, and engaging template for creating a chat or messaging platform. Core features of Slek are React Hook, Reacstrap, Sass files, and a very straightforward code. Even as a beginner, you will witness great success with Slek.

Other specialties of Slek come in the form of RTL layout, dark look, email template, ready-to-use modal screens. By all means, experience Slek first-hand by visiting its live demo preview and go from there.

More info / Download Demo

Best Free Reactstrap Templates

Black Dashboard React

black dashboard react

We already talked about the premium version; however, the Black free dashboard template will do the trick for many. It all depends on how many features and functions you need for your admin. Also, you might be prototyping and testing things out – in many instances, the free option of Black will be more than enough. Even if you are learning to work with Reactstrap, Black has you sorted out again.

Sixteen different elements, three plugins, and seven example pages form a starter kit that makes your life easier. Moreover, organized code, documentation, and SASS files are also part of the bundle to take to your benefit. The dashboard also comes in two versions, of which one is, obviously, dark and the other light. Start your project strong with Black.

More info / Download Demo


argon free reactstrap template

You have met the premium version; the Argon free Reactstrap template is now available. Even though this tool might not cost you a dime, you can still expect a horde of amenities for a sensational end product. You also receive five plugins and six example pages, which you can mix and match according to your liking. Performing customization tweaks is also a possibility.

Due to the multi-purpose approach, Argon works with projects and intentions. The code is easy to work with, thanks to the fantastic organization that Argon delivers. Making prototypes for full-blown admin dashboards is possible with Argon free template.

More info / Download Demo

Now UI

now ui free reactstrap template

People over at Creative Tim have many premium tools available in the free version, including Now UI. Now UI operates without a hitch on all modern web browsers and displays content beautifully on retina screens. It is a responsive Reactstrap template, working on smartphones, tablets, and desktops flawlessly. You can use it for CMS, CRM, project management systems, general admin dashboards, and the list.

Different plugins, sample pages, and SASS files are also part of the deal. Everything is optimized to work outstandingly well in unison, and you can also perform additional customization tweaks and improvements.

More info / Download Demo

Argon Design System React

argon design system react free

Along with the free and premium templates, Argon also comes as a UI kit, full of great design elements and components. There is a whopping collection of one hundred individual tools that you can use when setting up a new or even improving web application. In short, it is a full-blown design system for Bootstrap 4, React and Reactstrap. If you want to avoid creating custom elements from the ground up, enjoy using Argon’s kit. Each component comes in different variations, too.

You receive goodies, like buttons, inputs, menus, navbars, tabs, pagination, carousel, and more. You can also flip through the comprehensive documentation, which you get part of the bundle. Mix and match the available, introduce your creative touch if necessary, and have the product ready to go quickly and comfortably.

More info / Download Demo

Now UI Kit React

now ui kit react free

Now UI Kit is an amazing collection of fifty practical elements combined with three templates. Everything is based on Bootstrap 4, using both React and Reactstrap. You can implement any components and reuse them however you fancy making the outcome precise. And you sure will, as it sports a multi-purpose approach, easily adjusting to different projects and web apps. After all, Now UI Kit is entirely free of charge, readily available for you to find good use of it.

Working with Now UI Kit will be a little breeze thanks to the excellent coding. Of course, do yourself a favor and take a peek at the live preview demo first. You can see all the material you get and variations of each detail.

More info / Download Demo

BLK Design System React

blk design system react free

If you are interested in a UI kit but dig the dark look, BLK Design System is the way to go. You can utilize these components from prototyping to building applications at free will. More than seventy are coming in different variations and colorways to get the hype going strong. On top of that, you can also make modifications using SASS files, which come with the bundle. Why complication and go through a tedious process if you can save time with predefined elements?

Let BLK Design System do the trick and get you moving in the right direction immediately. If you ever decide to go all-in, you can always upgrade to the premium package, which unlocks 1100 elements and tons more other specialties.

More info / Download Demo

Paper Kit React

paper kit react free

For a UI kit that feels very soothing, Paper Kit is the way to go. With an excellent combination of colors and beautiful designs, Paper Kit ensures every component is integrated into your project or web applications. All the material is built on Bootstrap, using React and Reactstrap. You receive fifty elements, four plugins, and three sample pages, all working together like a charm.

Of course, you can take the extra mile and implement your creative touch to make the outcome follow your regulations and requirements precisely. Play around with different options and possibilities and have the final creation ready to roll sooner than later. You can reuse each piece of the puzzle to your liking without breaking a single drop of sweat.

More info / Download Demo
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