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21 Best Free React Templates 2023

Here, you will find the best free React templates that you can use for your apps, dashboards, websites, and more. All the most powerful solutions in one place.

Nothing beats free stuff. People always love to get something out of nothing. Hence, freebies, giveaways always deliver short and long-term benefits for every business. The same goes for free stuff in web design. As talented web developers offer free tools or products, they get valuable exposure to their expertise and open greater opportunities.

We can find useful, precious free and premium React templates on the web for dashboards. And to make acquiring them easier, we’ve collected this awesome list of free React templates for your next React admin dashboard projects.

We all know how useful dashboards are to every business. Having dashboards gives you an overall view of how your business performs. Specifically, you can easily monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time. It will also help you build the app’s administration without losing precious time.

In this list of free tools, you can set up your dashboard with your business’s essential functions through ReactJS. So, don’t waste time building your own. Check out these templates and kickstart your next amazing application.

Find the perfect solution to build any small to complex app with this list of free React admin dashboard templates.

Top Free React Templates For Admin Dashboards

1. ArchitectUI

free react template

ArchitectUI is a useful, free, open-source version of ArchitectUI React Pro Template built using create-react-app, Bootstrap 5 and Webpack. It comes with more than 9 dashboard designs that are fully coded along with 150+ components and 200+ layouts/color variations. Specifically, you have enough elements, widgets, and components to cover various personal projects or apps cases.

Moreover, ArchitectUI uses multiple color schemes to help you customize the sidebar, header, footer, and main content. Each theme has more than 10 predefined color schemes so you have ample options in setting up the color scheme. Your dashboard will look good on diverse devices as it is fully responsive. Additionally, it works and looks great in any screen sizes as it is also retina-ready.

More info / Download Demo

2. Shards

Shards - react admin templates

Shards is a free React admin dashboard template featuring a modern design and many custom templates and components. It has a simple yet elegant design, perfect for any application. It’s built using Bootstrap and implemented using create-react-app to provide a solid structure for your admin dashboard. Shards utilize the Flux architecture; thus, you can build stunning client-side web applications.

This free React template is fully responsive. That means it can adapt and reflow layout to any screen device. It has a minimal design. It never fails to render a highly optimized template for blazing-fast performance apps. It also uses modern development best practices as well. Shards also support FontAwesome and Material icon packs.

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3. React Reduction

React Reduction - admin dashboard

If you need a dashboard template for your next app project, you must see these free React templates we’ve collected for you. Here’s React Reduction that’s worth evaluating for your app’s dashboard. It’s a free admin template built with React and Bootstrap 4 with a clean, sleek, and professional design. It has numerous components, cards, charts, widgets, pages, and more ready to do their functions.

This free React template is also built on top of create-react-app, so all the amazing features the tool offers are embraced in React Reduction. Ideally, this admin template has modern and colorful elements ideal for any applications you use it with. React Reduction integrates the basic Google Analytics as well.

More info / Download Demo

4. Crystal Dashboard

Crystal Dashboard for react

Built for multipurpose usage, Crystal Dashboard is built using React, Redux and Bootstrap. It contains simple and easy-to-use React components with a clean design. With such components, you have ample options for building the dashboard you need for your application.

Crystal Dashboard has a colorful and modern design perfect for different companies. It contains charts, buttons, notifications, sweet alert, Redux form, AirBnB react dates, Google map, Uber vector map, react Bootstrap table and React big calendar. For easier maintenance of stylesheet, Crystal Dashboard is written by SCSS.

More info / Download Demo

5. Material Dashboard React

Material Dashboard - free react dashboard

Building a practical admin dashboard for your apps without compromising design and functionality is challenging. However, you can lessen the difficulty of these free React templates. Here’s Material Dashboard React crafted for free, having a fresh and new design inspired by Google’s Material Design. It has stunning 30 handcrafted components, 2 customized plugins, and 7 example pages ready to fill your app’s needs.

This free React template comes with Material effects, animations, ripples and transitions that add style and elegance to the template. It also has 5 color filter choices for the sidebar and card headers. Moreover, it allows you to change the background image in the sidebar if necessary. All of these components are essential for your business.

More info / Download Demo

6. Light Bootstrap Dashboard React

Light Bootstrap Dashboard React

Building admin applications is challenging unless you have free React templates to help you out. In that case, this Light Bootstrap Dashboard React is an outstanding tool. It’s an admin dashboard template with a beautiful, simple design built using ReactJS and Bootstrap. Equipped with more than 30 exceptional handcrafted components, 3 customized plugins and 7 example pages, this admin template is a perfect solution to your business needs.

With these numerous elements, you can construct the most valuable dashboard for a successful application. It is best used for admin panels, project management systems, web applications backend, CMS or CRM.

More info / Download Demo

7. Xtreme React Admin Lite

Xtreme React Admin Lite - free templates

Having free yet useful dashboard templates are indeed priceless. It’s even more interesting to acquire outstanding, free React templates. React provides you with awesome features to create exceptional interactive UIs. It is beautifully handcrafted built using the latest Reactstrap version. Xtreme React Admin Lite has 10+ UI components, 7+ page templates, integrated plugins, ready-to-use widgets, and 100+ font icons.

This template is very easy to customize and its model and modern design. It’s also fully responsive so accessing your dashboard in different devices is much possible. Moreover, Xtreme React Admin uses SASS base CSS and Material icons.

More info / Download Demo

8. AntD Admin

AntD Admin

Have you considered a React admin dashboard for your business? If you need one to kickstart your apps, you might want to see these gorgeous and innovative free React templates. Here’s AntD Admin that’s built using Ant Design and UmiJs. It is tailored with powerful internalization features to extract translation fields from source code, loading language packs, dynamic permissions, etc.

More info / Download

9. Tabler React

Tabler React

Easy-to-use admin dashboards are useful and essential for monitoring business performance. Here’s Tabler React, a free admin dashboard template with a simple yet elegant design and many custom components. Tabler React is built using React and Bootstrap. Using React templates for your dashboard, you’ll have a powerful tool.

Crafted to provide you a useful admin template, Tabler React has minimalist and clean components, widgets and elements. Specifically, it has cards, charts, pricing cards, maps, icons, forms, pages and gallery. Available pages include profile, login, register, forgot password, email, RTL, etc.

More info / Download Demo

10. Material Dashboard React Nodejs

material dashboard react nodejs free react template

You can kick things off without spending a single penny, thanks to Material Dashboard React Nodejs. This powerful and resourceful solution has many great features and functions for offering you a quick-start to something novel and impactful.

This remarkable alternative includes many components that will move you in the right direction without breaking a single drop of sweat. Also, Material Dashboard React Nodejs is structured to be light and easy to work with, ensuring you experience great results sooner rather than later.

Treats include thirty front-end components, effects, animations, and catchy transitions. Look no further and take things into your hands with Material Dashboard React Nodejs.

More info / Download Demo

11. ReactJS Director Admin

reactjs director admin free react template

Building stuff from scratch seems so old-school today, even with admin dashboards. ReactJS Director Admin is a great alternative to keep you on top without needing to start from the bottom. Build an admin panel for your application or website happens speedily once you access the right tools. How cool does that sound?

ReactJS Director Admin sports everything, from beautiful design to many features. Progress bars, statistics, tabs, alerts, drop-down menu, and time and date are just some of the goodies of the bundle. All these elements and components to ReactJS Director Admin ensure a quick realization of an admin.

More info / Download Demo

12. Notus

notus free react template

Notus is a free React template with a full-blown UI kit. You can make it happen with this resourceful front- and back-end alternative. Notus also practices a modernistic design that creates a pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, the layout is 100% fluid, instantaneously adapting to different screen sizes.

You can tailor the outcome with a broad collection of one hundred individual components. Notus also presents comprehensive documentation to simplify executing an admin creation. But first, peek at the live demo preview and let Notus blow you away.

More info / Download Demo

13. React Admin Dashboard Template

React Admin Dashboard Template

You may have plenty of dashboards to find on the web. But the free ones are a cool choice. Here’s React Admin Dashboard Template from these free React templates that is free, responsive, and innovative. This admin dashboard template contains different dashboard styles, data presentations, and numerous components.

Built using the latest Bootstrap, ReactJS, and Material Design, this template will give you the best solution for your app’s management. Moreover, it is fully responsive and will always look stunning regardless of your project’s device.

More info / Download Demo

14. React Admin

React Admin

React Admin is a wonderful tool to acquire for building admin applications. It is built using ES6, React and Material Design. If you wish to build your admin dashboard using the popular ReactJS tool, check out these free React templates.

This template is flexible and highly customizable for any application you use. You can customize the dashboard, menu, layout, and form. Specifically, this is powered by Material-UI, Redux, Redux-Saga, React-Router, and more.

More info / Download Demo

15. Datta Able

Datta Able

Looking for an innovative and useful yet free admin dashboard template? If you do, check out this list of free React templates we’ve handpicked for you. Here’s Datta Able, a magnificent free admin dashboard template built using React, Redux, and Bootstrap 4 framework. This template has well-structured code styles and passes the W3 Validators to help developers easily customize it for their needs.

Its design and code are flexible and easier to utilize for your projects. It has top performance in Google Speed, Pingdom, and GTMetrix, so you’ll have a blazing-fast dashboard when you opt for this template.

More info / Download

16. Argon Dashboard React

Argon Dashboard React

Argon Dashboard React is a free dashboard for Bootstrap 4, React and Reactstrap made with create-react-app. It contains 100 handcrafted components, 5 customized plugins and 6 example pages for your apps. These components have color variations that you can easily modify through SASS file. So, instead of crafting your dashboard from scratch, why not use this wonderful free React template for your apps. This template has awesome icons, maps, tables, search, user profile, etc.

More info / Download Demo

17. Black Dashboard React

Black Dashboard React

Black Dashboard React is another great tool for managing your apps. It is a free Bootstrap 4 (Reactstrap) Admin Dashboard with stunning components to help you manage and visualize your business performance data. This template has 16 handcrafted components, 3 customized plugins, and 8 example pages ready to provide you the features you need to create an admin dashboard.

This free React template utilizes cool colors, spacious cards, awesome typography, and sharp graphics. With the plugins it integrates, you can create a light, easy-to-use, and powerful dashboard in no time! Moreover, this template offers dark and light versions of the dashboard. Other notable components include icons, map, notifications, table list, etc.

More info / Download Demo

18. Paper Dashboard React

Paper Dashboard React

Paper Dashboard React is an awesome dashboard template crafted using Reactstrap. It utilizes soft colors and beautiful typography, spacious cards, and graphics. This nice-looking template has 16 outstanding components, 4 awesome plugins, and 7 light and easy pages.

This free React template allows you to change the background color and active sidebar. Thus, you can easily create the color scheme you prefer for your apps. Furthermore, it has useful components, including icons, maps, tables, and more.

More info / Download Demo

19. Now UI Dashboard React

Now UI Dashboard React

Here’s another exceptional dashboard template from these free React templates. Now UI Dashboard React is an admin dashboard template using Reactstrap. It has a great collection of features that will offer multiple possibilities in building your dashboard’s app. This template has 16 handcrafted components, 5 customized plugin and 7 pages.

This template lets you customize the sidebar background from these awesome colors: orange, blue, green, yellow, and red. Also, this template includes 100 awesome Nucleo icons, maps, notifications, tables, and more. It is fully responsive and perfect for admin labels, project management systems, CMS, or CRM.

More info / Download Demo

20. SB Admin 2

sb admin 2 free react template

Building a dashboard is a necessity when it comes to web applications. To save time and energy, you can greatly benefit from a free react template, like SB Admin 2.

Even though SB Admin 2 costs you nothing, it still delivers a pretty serious collection of amenities for you to put into practice. The modern design and very many features will trigger your interest immediately. You can even peek at the live preview of the template to see it in full effect.

The author also guarantees a well-organized template that is easy to work with. Even if you are a beginner web developer, you will undoubtedly witness great results with SB Admin 2.

More info / Download Demo

21. CoreUI


Build awesome user interfaces as you opt for ReactJS admin template. With these free React templates, you can achieve that wonderful goal. CoreUI is an awesome option to utilize for your admin dashboard. It is an open-source React and Bootstrap based template. It comes with more than 50 ready-to-use and customizable UI components.

This free template contains useful components, buttons, editors, forms, charts, icons, maps, tables, widgets, extras, and notifications. CoreUI is fully compatible with FontAwesome icon packs for the flexibility of styling your dashboard. It is also compatible with simple line icons, flags, and other useful CoreUI icons.

More info / Download Demo
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