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5 WordPress Twitter Feed Plugins For Your Website 2020

The WordPress Twitter Feed Plugins are essential to boost your social engagement. As social beings, we all love to know what is in the current news, showbiz, and everything all about social media life. As we are also now in a highly technological world, we have invented social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But we do usually use Twitter to post our little thoughts about things and share it with our friends or to the whole world.

Having a Twitter plugin on your WordPress site that would show all that all the Twitter users think or say about important things is one of the vital things to engage people to talk about something. It helps boost your advertisement, and it also helps you entertain your audiences and site visitors.

The Best WordPress Twitter Feed Plugins 2020

These are the most useful Twitter plugin in WordPress that you could install on your WordPress site to help you engage your audiences by connecting them to Twitter as they visit your website: 

Custom Twitter Feeds by Smash Balloon

Custom Twitter Feeds settings page

This plugin for twitter feed is the most customizable plugin that you could use to your website to show your twitter feeds. The custom options allow you to choose and pick your design that would match your website. The twitter feeds from this plugin also works in any kind of devices such as mobile devices as it is also wholly optimized in mobile devices. To maximize using this plugin, you should also have knowledge of CSS or JavaScript for more customization options.

One of the excellent features of this plugin is that it also allows you to show a lot of Twitter feeds from different Twitter user accounts on a lot of pages or widgets from your site. It is somehow advantageous to you if you would like a lot of Twitter profiles to showcase on your WordPress sites. Other plugins would require you to upgrade into a premium for this kind of function, but with this plugin, you could exclusively get this for free if you are looking for that kind of functionality.

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Feed Them Social – for Twitter feed, YouTube, Pinterest and more by Slick Remix

Feed Them Social demo page

Aside from having Twitter feeds, this one of the WordPress Twitter Feed plugins allows you to have more social feeds other than Twitter itself. Through this plugin, you can add a lot of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube to generate feeds from them on your website. It is easy to install and set-up.

You could add a lot of social media feeds as you want or need and post them anywhere on your site. For shortcodes, it also has one in case you need them. For additional options, the premium or upgraded account is available for setting up several feeds or posts from the plugin itself. Aside from that, they have very responsive team support. It also has options that allow viewers to share and hit like on each post from the social media feed through this plugin.

The feature for a lot of social media sites being showcased on your site is actually a good thing if you like your pages from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and all to be also posted on your WordPress website. It would cater more audiences, and it would show a variety of things as content in different social media sites varies. So there’s actually a variation and not just Twitter alone itself.

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Customize Feeds for Twitter by Weblizar

Customize Feeds for Twitter by Weblizar demo page

Customize Feeds for WordPress Twitter Feed plugins allow you to display the real-time Twitter feeds or updates on your WordPress website by the use of shortcodes or widgets. It is highly hands-on in control of setting and formatting. It is hands-on in a sense that in terms of personalization, it is allowing you to personalize the format of the plugin, Twitter feeds, and widget itself.

The free features of this Twitter plugin include:

  • Showing of tweets from Twitter on your website.
  • Controlling the number of tweets to display.
  • Customizing the layout for the Twitter plugin.
  • Customizing the display of widget on its settings.
  • It allows you to include a title and customize the size of a widget of your own Twitter widget.
  • Allows you to choose a widget theme from the options.
  • Allows you to put color on URL links from the Twitter feeds.
  • Allows you to add a show or hide tweets and follow button.
  • Allows you to submit a tweet from your website through this plugin.
  • Allows you to retweet tweets from the plugin on your own Twitter account.
  • Allows you to show images from the Twitter feed automatically.

Premium Features

Just in case you would wish to upgrade, there are a lot more options to look forward to, and these are:

  • Show twitter tweets to a sidebar or footer through a Twitter widget.
  • Display an unlimited number of Twitter feeds on your pages with no restrictions or limitations.
  • Display and organize tweets through hashtags.
  • Limit the number of tweets to show on your site.
  • Load more button to load more tweets from the Twitter feed.
  • Customize the tweet style or format in settings. These could be Twitter feed background, font color, size, and a lot more.
  • Choose a google font to use on the twitter feed.
  • Buttons for retweeting, liking, and replying in feeds.
  • Sharing tweets on other social media sites such as Facebook and Google Plus.
  • Update Twitter status through the plugin.

In terms of customization and personalization, this Twitter plugin would allow you for that function. It wants its users to have the most hands-on control of the design. That is true even with the style of their Twitter plugins, widget, and feeds. It is somehow a good thing to have it controlled by users. They could get a chance to choose how they are going to present their Twitter plugins. Of course, in a way that would be pleasing to their eyes and their audiences.

More info / Download

WP TFeed by Access Press Themes

WP TFeed by Access Press Themes widget setup

WP TFeed is one of the Twitter plugins for WordPress. This plugin allows you to show updates on your Twitter feeds on your website through the shortcodes and widgets. It displays twitter feeds as a little feed or in the form of a slider. One of its best features is that it takes only a few seconds just to set it up and start using. Through this plugin, you can now begin boosting your SEO, and start building your twitter audience and enhance your Twitter feeds social marketability to another level by its massive features.

Free Features of WP TFeed WordPress Twitter Feed Plugin

The free features would surprise you because it includes:

  • Getting the latest tweets from Twitter accounts.
  • Customize the number of tweets to display on your site.
  • Using cache option to prevent frequent API calls.
  • Three various design templates for Twitter feeds that you can choose.
  • User-friendly shortcodes with various customizable parameters.
  • Showing tweets through the form of a slider.
  • Customizing the tweet date and time format.
  • Additional Options for showing or hiding the full name of Twitter users.
  • Easy to use as just install it in a few minutes.
  • Highly comfortable to use the options and set-up.
  • Receiving timely updates for a lifetime without membership fees or any fees.
  • Responsive support team.

Premium Features

However, if one wishes to go for an additional upgrade, the premium features include these things. But these are not limited to these things as there’s a huge probability that a lot of functions you can add through time:

  • Handling of various Twitter accounts.
  • Twelve themes for users have a wide variety of options.
  • Customizing twitter Image embedding.
  • Customizing Twitter timeline layout.
  • More options for slider and ticker mode in a highly-customizable way.
  • More cache support for preventing API calls.
  • More responsive support through chat.

WP TFeed is a plugin that allows you to get an all one has-it-all Twitter WordPress plugin. Unlike some Twitter plugins, it gives you a smooth draft of designs already. You could choose from on how you can present the Twitter feeds and widgets.

Some Twitter plugins may freely allow you to customize designs through codes and HTML, but here, they try to give you designs where you could choose from and would want you to use the plugin with ease through simple settings and simple plugin manipulation.

More info / Download

Social Feed | All social media in one place by Web-Settler

Social Feed  All social media in one place by Web-Settler demo page

If you’re looking for a plugin that is sophisticated and simple Social Feed can provide it for you. Social Feed plugin allows you to customize. It is possible not only to your Twitter but also your Facebook, & Instagram feeds.

Simply installing this plugin gives you a lot of options to customize. You can personalize colors, fonts, and anything under the sun with the feed display. You can also have any display theme format through the designed themes for each social media feeds. Just a quick history—at first, it only worked on Facebook feeds but as time goes by and as the developer improves through time, he decided to include other popular social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram.

More info / Download

Key Takeaways

A lot of people of all ages nowadays use social media sites. Social media sites have been a part of our daily lives already. It comes to the point that one may not be able to sleep in a day without opening his or her social media account such as on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, etc. The primary platform for social life in the international world has been social media.

We must have these accounts with us. Because if not, we might not be able to get the most of what’s happening currently in the world, the fashion trends, and all that. Embedding these social media sites on our blogs from our WordPress websites would allow us to cater to more audiences. It also lets people to participate in our platform actively.

Getting connected is the new motto for 21st century socialization with the use of technology. For our viewers and audiences, their Twitter accounts would be away on how they could express their opinions on certain things.

The more people talk about it in social media is much better. Having your blogs being shared or retweeted by other people is a big thing already because it allows your blogs to be seen or read by a considerable vary of audiences. These WordPress Twitter Feed plugins will help you achieve to have more visitors on your websites.

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