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5 WordPress Weather Plugins Which Are Definitely Worth A Try

Have you ever come to some point in your lives that you care so much about the weather and would need some real-time updates for you to be able to do your work in maybe assignments in geography classes or whatnots and having a plugin in your own blogs is definitely a must-have? That’s why you need one of these WordPress Weather plugins.

The weather plugins are essential for news websites to keep the visitors posted about weather updates. It will also have a better impact on your audiences. First of all, when you search for the add-on you can on your page, you need to ensure its compatibility. That’s why we searched for the best ones with excellent features and functionalities.

A weather widget would also help your readers to know the weather from your website, instead of visiting others. Moreover, it is visually appealing. Once you include it in your page, they’ll know what to expect the next time they visit again. It will give them the impression that you provide their needs, blog information, and a weather update.

Through the plugins we already searched on, you can integrate the weather from CodeCanyon to your website. It gives regular updates about the current weather situation in a specific place. The truth is, you can search for other weather plugins on the internet. However, it could be challenging, especially if you just run across them.

So, where can you use this type of plugin or widget? You can probably use it if you have a news page. Most newsreaders are actually curious about the current situation, and that includes the weather on their location.

Here are the five most current weather plugins in WordPress that’s definitely worth a try:

TK Event Weather by TourKick (Clifford Paulick)

TK Event Weather Customization Page

Have you searched for weather plugins for WordPress? You will probably ever come across with this particular plugin by the tourkick, (Clifford Paulick), the developer. Among all the weather plugins, the reviews and ratings were good.

The negative comment is just the sales and advertisement pop-outs which talks about for an add-on upgrade. But you can just close those popups and focus on improving your page’s settings. Besides, a few advertisements wouldn’t hurt, given that you can use this plugin for free.

Looking through the bright side of everything, this plugin has a responsive developer for your queries and feedbacks. Recently someone asked for help in having APIs to have the plugin work on his site. Gladly, the developer responded and resolved the request with a thank-you feedback review from the user.

Response and responsibility are essential things for developers who seek for app’s improvement. It is vital for a usually always-changing world.

Key Features

For the record, this plugin also uses weather information from the Dark Sky. With this, users need to register on the Dark Sky. They also need to get some API keys for their location. It will help them to run the plugin on their sites.

However, things have downsides. TK Even Weather no longer accepts new signups for Dark Sky API. They will only resume until 2021, with maintaining the registered plugin users before the announcement.

This plugin can be tricky when it comes to the technicalities. One of these is how to make a blog work with all the HTML stuff. It requires extensive knowledge of how programming works, but you can watch for the tutorial and ask for customer’s support.

More info / Download 

Weather Station by Pierre Lannoy

Weather station settings page

If you want a weather plugin that just definitely works once you download it, this plugin is perfect for you. Download it, copy-paste the HTML codes, and you would have a weather plugin just as you want on your website. It is ideal for non-programmer WordPress bloggers with minimal knowledge HTML stuff work would find it easy to use.

It also uses a lot of weather and geography information. For example, it has BloomSky stations (Sky1, Sky2 & Storm) which offers accurate sky weather information. Another one is the Netatmo station (all modules) which uses the CO2 sensor to measure indoor pollution levels. It also has a distinct feature of alerts by providing users with info (i.e a danger in the air). That would help them know precautionary measures or actions before weather bad things happen.

More Features

It also uses Pioupiou wind stations which monitors specifically the wind movements; The WeatherFlow station which is a techy one, a fully wireless, no hassle to install for everyone’s convenience. Most importantly real-time and accessible online and all geolocation from our popular OpenWeather Map. There are many more platforms. These are stations on Ambient Weather Network, WeatherLink Network, and software like Cumulus, Weather Display, WsWin32, MeteoBridge.

This is one of the most remarkable items on the lists of all the WordPress weather plugins. It receives positive reviews from the users, and with the most active installation (6,000+ active installations). What’s more, it is friendly for all new bloggers. Especially for those who want things automatically set up right after downloading and setting them up.

Probably because the plugin is flexible to use. It also says that it does not require vivid programming knowledge—a basic knowledge will probably do. You might have some problem getting rid of the app’s footprint after you delete it. This time, you would need technical knowledge and skill in programming. It also includes all the alien things about programming. As this plugin always sticks around even if you leave them, it may not want to leave you yet.

However, you can just message the developer himself for some little help.

More info / Download

Location Weather by ShapedPlugin

Location Weather WordPress Weather plugins preview page

If you want a minimalist, design-wise weather plugin, this one would work best for your website. Talking about minimalism, this one is also by far the most simplistic, complex free weather plugin. It is also loved by bloggers because of its friendly features.

It’s easy to understand, no additional or unnecessary design that hurts the eye, and good for organized and flexible individuals. Anyone can also opt in to upgrade with additional and cool features. However, other premium things are not free. This app may just work perfectly great if you pay the upgraded version.

Pro Versions

One of these features is more access to tools such as changing the date format and other site personalization settings.

Some of the premium features are the unlimited choice of colors, fonts, and text on the weather plugin’s design. It also comes with auto-detect in the user’s location. The customer support priority is also on the pro or the paid version of it. There’s one truth about apps, plugins, or any sort of tool developed by developers—if you want better, pay for it.

The developers designed it in default use of Celsius and not Fahrenheit, on detecting local weather temperatures. If usage of Celsius and Fahrenheit is an issue—then you would need to pay for the upgraded version. That will change the settings into Fahrenheit. If you are willing to pay for an additional premium, you could get this cute weather plugin for your website. It comes with additional special key features and access to it.

More info / Download

Awesome Weather Widget by Hal Gatewood

Awesome Weather widget preview page

This is the most minimalist WordPress weather plugin. However, it requires a correct Open Weather City ID (they have 2,300,000 customers). So that it could provide your site with weather information such as Fahrenheit, Celsius, etc.

Talking about minimalism, this one is also by far the most simplistic, complex free weather plugin. It also comes with friendly features and functionalities. It’s easy to understand, no additional or unnecessary design that hurts the eye, and good for organized and flexible people. Anyone can also opt in to upgrade with additional and cool features.

You can set up the plugin correctly, with all the correct Open Weather API City ID and other vital stuff. It would probably work out fine. Not unless there’s not really weather information on your location nor Open Weather API City ID.

Main Features

You can find the Open Weather API ID City through registration from the website of Open Weather. Cities have particular IDs which runs out important weather information embedded on the plugin. Some fail registration wouldn’t work if you set it up incorrectly. So, you would also need ample basic knowledge of programming. You also have to learn how to run sites to be able to make this plugin work perfectly.

If you have a problem with the installation, simply contact the developer to help you. By the way, Open Weather is the source of all the weather information. That’s going to run on the plugin and any misinformation regarding the accuracy of the info.

On the bright sight of it, Open Weather supports more than 2 million customers. 2 million customers is actually a lot to convince that if more people rely on this platform. Chances are it’s also nice to have it. It is also free to use, which would be perfect for most people whose tight in the budget. Moreover, it updates an hourly weather forecast. Especially if you are the kind of person who always wants to know the weather changes from time to time.

Most developers also use this platform for weather information since it is free. They can also just opt in to upgrade into adding more weather locations info if they want.

Additionally, reading through most feedbacks from it—and by summing it all up, it may work fine. Most especially for people who know how to register free key access to the Open Weather.

More info / Download

MetGIS Weather by Bergwerk Web & Multimedia OG

MetGIS Weather Preview Page

This is one of the most recently launched weather plugins on WordPress. It doesn’t have reviews yet and has 50+ active installations. A useful one for some who want a simple yet personalized weather plugin for their site. Also, it uses MetGIS which is proud of having the most precise weather data existed.

As most geographers know that geographical information systems or GIS are one of the most used tools in geographical studies. It would always be best to use accurate information if we are dealing with the stuff that needs rigorous details. It’s definitely worth a try.

Speaking about being worthy of a try, this plugin aims to have the most accurate weather information. Even in the remote areas which may not be a goal for most popular weather plugins. Aside from that, it has its own MetGIS data for itself. That only means it does not depend on any free platforms such as OpenWeather and other similar platforms.

More Features

It has its own platform and website which runs for accurate geographical information. It aims to be the best one in terms of accuracy and systems management in terms of weather information. Since it uses latitude and longitude for specific locations, it may have accurate information. Contrary to those plugins with just the general one as most weather info platforms do. 

You may be the kind of person who values accuracy 99.9% for all of your weather-related or info works. Well then, good job to you because you’ve found the best weather plugin that could help you out there.

More info / Download

Final Takeaways

Most of my observations with all the plugins I have checked were updated within 7 months or one year. They also have thousands of active installations. Probably, those plugins do work perfectly just fine. So, developers had become so complacent to not updating the plugins anymore even if they do good and a lot of plugin users have been actively using their plugins.

They work just fine based on the number of users. These WordPress Weather plugins need to update from time to time. Developers also fix some bugs to adapt to the current WordPress layout and set up. More so, each weather plugins have distinct features that compete on the market. It prides itself on its own, in which most users can be either convinced or perfectly jive with what best they need.

The good news is that the plugins and widgets we presented in this article have the essential features and functionalities that you surely need.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.
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