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Top 15 Most Popular Google Maps Plugins For WordPress 2019

Top 15 Most Popular Google Maps Plugins for WordPress 2019

New age shoppers feel comfortable buying anything online, even high-value stuff. However, older folks feel safer buying from a shop window. Even if they buy online, they look for a physical address to back up the web address of the shop. If shoppers can see your exact location on a map, they will know that they are not buying from some faceless entity. Having a physical address, displaying your location on your website, and putting down the exact directions for customers to find your place of business is somewhat assuring to customers. Also, it is not very hard to do, not when you use Google Maps.

It is quite easy to include an interactive map in your website. Just submit your location details to Google. This will also give your website a wider reach, and your listings will show up on a Google search. Use plugins to help add Google Maps to your website. You can embed and customize Google Maps and insert it into your pages and posts, and you can use it as a widget, too. Adding local images or landmarks will help your visitors to find you more quickly. You can add a simple map, or you can add a map with fancy features with the help of plugins.

Before you go on to embed Google Maps into your website using a plugin, you must check the API of the plugin. Google Maps uses two kinds of APIs: Static Maps API, which is just a string of code that is inserted and displays images with no functionality, and JavaScript API, which comes with all the functionalities. The plugin that you pick must have the same JavaScript API version as Google Maps. Otherwise, you must provide an API key.

You may also wonder why you need a plugin when you can download Google Maps directly into your website. Google will give you a code that you will have to insert into any page or post using the text editor. Then, your store will be on the map. That’s about it. You cannot add any details of your location, insert markers, or give directions on this map. Plugins will make your maps interactive and customizable. They will help you to totally lead your customer right up to your doorstep with landmarks, directions, or any other pointers.

There are a number of Google Map plugins that you can use, and most of them are fairly competent. You can pick your plugin from the dozen listed here depending on the features you want to include in your maps.

MapPress Easy Google Maps

MapPress Easy Google Maps will help you add an interactive map to your website. Just enter the address in any post or page, and the plugin will automatically insert a map to your website. Add directions to your address. Create markers with HTML code, and drag them about the map till you find the right spot for it. Add pictures and links as well.


MapPress is multisite-compatible and is compatible with Google Map API v3. The plugin supports street view with real-time traffic, and you can create multiple maps in a single page or post.

The premium version will let you choose from 200 marker icons to place on your map, or you can download markers from anywhere you like. To show all your locations on a single map, you can create mashups. Link the map to your pages and posts or add a widget if you wish.

To purchase the pro version, you will have to pay $29.95 for the basic license, which you can use with three sites. For a developer’s license, you will have to pay $49.95, with no limit to the number of sites that you can use it on. These licenses entitle you to one year of support and updates.

WP Google Maps

It is great to add WP Google Maps on contact page maps for highlighting a delivery area and many other similar needs. Choose from nine map themes, or create and add your own map theme. Insert markers simply by typing in the address, and drag them exactly where you want them. Add animation to the markers.

The plugin supports Google Maps Street View, street locator, localization, and map widget functionality. It also supports road map, terrain, satellite, and hybrid views. Define the dimensions of the map, and create it in no time at all. Add many layers as well—bicycle, traffic, transit, and weather.

WPGoogle Maps

This plugin is compatible with caching plugins. You can use it without being saddled with any advertising links. The store locator functionality is available, and you can filter the search for stores based on geographic location.

The professional edition does not restrict you to one map. Add markers, categories, and directions to the maps. Show your visitor’s location on the map, and make it the start or end point for directions. Hide all map markers until a store locator search is completed. The store locator search can be by category, and you can add multiple map widgets. The professional edition costs $39.99.

Google Maps CP

If you are writing a post about a location in a remote corner of the world, you would like your readers to have an idea of where the place is on the map. Google Maps CP will let you insert a map into your posts directly. You can even include markers for the related posts. You can adjust the number of markers you use in the settings.

When you insert the markers with related geolocation info into a template where many posts are displayed, post over which the mouse hovers will be highlighted. Readers can be led to the related posts. Markers are customizable and associated bubbles can open or be hidden.

CodePeople Post Map

Addresses can be stated normally or as point coordinates. The plugin is compatible with the latest Google Maps JavaScript API version 3. Google Maps in multiple languages is possible, and any change you make to one map will apply to all the maps. Normal, terrain, hybrid, and satellite views are supported.

In the premium version, points can be displayed with tags and routes can be drawn between the points. Multiple maps can be inserted in a page and maps can also be inserted as a widget in the sidebar. A visitor can get directions on the map. Style the maps and display user location if you wish. You can purchase the premium version for $19.99

Maps Marker Pro

Maps Marker Pro is a feature rich plugin that allows you to add pins to any place in your WordPress site easily. It is used on 88,412 websites. Once installed, you can add maps to your sites in pages, posts, widgets and templates using shortcode. The frontend offers the user a lot of choice.

The UI takes a bit of familiarizing, and the advanced editor will open up a few more options. You can create make believe maps for gaming or for photographs. Create a marker, set the map dimensions and assign a layer and the map is almost done. Geolocation support, size and zoom level for each marker or layer can be set. You can restore default settings at any time.

Maps Marker Pro

It works on mutisite installations. Data can be accessed from Bing, OpenStreet Map or Google Earth. Niche maps like Open Cycle Map for cyclists and Transport Maps for mass transit are available. Google Adsense is integrated.

The plugin includes minimaps, maps optimized for mobiles, full screen maps that use HTML 5 and custom Google maps styling. You can purchase a Personal License for $29, a Plus License for $79 and a Professional License for $149 and you can use it on one, five and twenty five domains respectively.

You purchase a license for life and for updates, you will have to subscribe annually.

The free version of this plugin is Leaflet Maps Marker and you can download it from the WordPress plugin repository.

Google Maps Widget

If you want to display a single, fast loading image of Google Maps in a widget, Google Maps Widget is the plugin for you. The widget can be located in any widget ready area. The location is not restricted to widgets, and any page or post can also display the map with the help of shortcode.

Google Maps Widget

You can adjust the map size, type of map – road, satellite, terrain or hybrid, zoom level, pin color, size and label, as well as the position of text. Links can be in the form of URLs or lightbox.

The premium version comes with about 50 extra features. Extra pins can be chosen from the 700+ pin library. The map can be of the road or satellite type. Header and footer text can be added and choice of skin colors is available. Google analytics is integrated.

There is no fixed price for the plugin and you can pay what you think is fair.

Google Maps Easy

google maps easy plugin
To simplify the process of adding Google Maps to your website all you need is a plugin and you are ready to roll. One solution to make it happen is Google Maps Easy plugin. In just a mere minute, you can already see the result and let your visitors enjoy a new addition to your existing web space. You can also utilize three different approaches to how you would like to attach Google Maps to your page; with a shortcode, in a popup or employ the widget.

Google Maps Easy offers you to add unlimited map markers and locations and you can also add such with different media, like text, images or videos. You can also effortlessly modify this Google Maps plugin and make it follow your branding regulations precisely. There are all these other goodies that you can take to your benefit and make the most out of the tool.

Intergeo Google Maps Plugin

intergeo maps google maps plugin
Whether you are a travel agency, a travel blogger or you would simply like to showcase your company or shop location, use a Google Maps plugin and the rest becomes history. With Intergeo Google Maps, you can do just that and succeed at it even if you are without any prior experience. Installing, activating and using the extension is as newbie-friendly as it could possibly be. However, once you employ all its features, the final product will appear like a professional would build it.

Intergeo Google Maps’ feature consists of shortcode, graphic overlays, direction routes, markers and zooming. Of course, you can also adjust and fine-tune the appearance according to your preference. Follow the simple step-by-step process and you will see how quickly you will have it ready and live on your website.

WP Google Map

gmap embed google maps plugin
With all the Google Maps plugins we have in store for you, adding custom maps to your pages happens in a small breeze. WP Google Map is another spectacular tool that realizes the new inclusion to your web space without a hassle. But first, do not miss checking out the how-to video tutorial and get the gist of it. We highly recommend wathcing it if you are doing it for the very first time. However, even if this is new to you, you will soon find out how effortless the method is. Of course, it also does not require any coding knowledge whatsoever.

You will enjoy editing and customizing WP Google Map a whole bunch. After all, the add-on is user-friendly and ideal for both beginners and experts. You can drag markers to the exact location, use a shortcode to add the map in posts and pages and set preferred width and height. The options are there so do use them.

Maps Builder

google maps builder plugin
Maps Builder is pretty self-explanatory; it is a Google Maps plugin for WordPress with a super intuitive interface. Crafting custom maps will happen quickly, without the need to invest too much effort into it. For a quick Google Maps fix, all you need is to download, install and activate Maps Builder plugin. Without the need to have any background in programming, you can add a modified and fine-tuned Google Maps to your website or blog and shine online.

Maps Builder comes with a cool and practical live map builder that helps you create your masterpiece real-time. Other treats of the tool are Snazzy Maps integration, creative markers, Google Places API and full optimization with Grunt. You are one step away from including the niftiest map component to your page. The final creation will also be 100% mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible.

Advanced Google Maps

advanced google maps plugin
Advanced Google Maps is a plugin that unlocks a new horizon of possibilities when it comes to adding the most striking Google Maps to your page. The plugin has a name like that for a reason. It includes an array of features that will help you create a maps section on your page that will be of benefit to everyone.

From multi to single location maps, interactive maps and route direction maps, Advanced Google Maps has a bunch of different solutions out of the box. You can also choose from several different layouts and freely customize and adjust the default settings accordingly. You can change color, heights, width, tooltip font color and more. Additionally, create custom markers and make Google Maps follow your branding regulations to a T. What’s more, you can change the language and implement convenient info window card. Look no further and see Advanced Google Maps in action by heading over to the live preview page.

Google Maps With Multiple Markers Addon

google maps-with multiple markers addon for wpbakery
If you are a fan of WPBakery page builder, you will definitely enjoy using Google Maps With Multiple Markers Addon. Build custom maps with unique markers in a snap, minus coding. That’s correct, all the Google Maps plugins that you find on this list are skipping coding entirely. Meaning, using, building and creating is available to those just starting out, as well as pros. Google Maps With Multiple Markers Addon is no different.

Core features of Google Maps With Multiple Markers Addon are ready-made templates, mobile-readiness, instant installation and browser compatibility. Besides, you also gain access to comprehensive documentation that will help you out on your journey to the successful creation of a custom Google Maps. Like that would not be enough, friendly and professional support is also available at any given time of the day.

Interactive Google Maps

If you want to create many interactive maps and display them, Interactive Google Maps maybe a good choice for you. It is a suitable plugin when you want to show many places around the world, and so if you have a requirement to show your office locations the world over in a corporate website, or the projects your NGO is involved in various locations or the places of interest in a travel website, you now have an idea which plugin to pick.

Interactive World Maps 2

You can highlight regions in a map by coloring or by using colored bubbles as markers in the region. When a visitor hovers at a particular spot, a tooltip with information will appear. Different actions follow when a user clicks on an active area. A new URL may open, or a message may appear. If you are familiar with JavaScript, customized action on clicking is also possible.

Many maps of the world, continents, regions, and parts of a country are already included. Plenty of options are available. You can change the background color, the borders, and the dimensions of the map, as well as color inactive regions. With Visual Composer, there is a lot you can do. You can include maps anywhere, including in a widget in a sidebar or in the template using php. The maps will display in Mac products as well.

Purchase the plugin from CodeCanyon for $21.

WP Google Map Plugin

WP Google Map Plugin is yet another feature-rich plugin, and it comes in two versions: lite and premium.

The lite version will allow you to show any number of Google maps on a single map and to decide on the latitude/longitude bearing at which the map must be centered. On clicking a marker, a URL may open up or a message window may appear.

WP Google Map Plugin

The maps can display in many ways. The default Road Map view, Google Earth Satellite images, a blend of normal and satellite views, terrain view, real time traffic view and show bicycle paths.

In the premium version, the location details are in the message window and the lists are according to address, category, or location. Also, the start and end locations are on the direction tabs. If you have too many markers, you can enable marker clusters.

As a premium purchaser, you also have access to Snazzymaps and access markers from external sources. You can add any number of maps on pages and posts using shortcode or in a sidebar using widgets. You can also use shortcodes to add unlimited locations by address or by latitude and longitude bearings. Searchable and paginated location listing is possible. Display polygons and polylines and modify existing ones.

Purchase the premium version from CodeCanyon for $28.

Geo Mashup

Geo Mashup will turn your WordPress into a GeoCMS. This free plugin prioritizes customization options over ease of use. User-requested features have been added over the years.

Geo Mashup

Save location information on pages and posts, and then present it on maps in many interesting ways. Access other map providers, like OpenStreet and Leaflet. You can also filter global maps by category, custom taxonomy, or custom post types.

Further, you can display the distance between the start and a searched location using a GeoSearch widget. You can put the markers in clusters to present a neater appearance, and connect the category markers with a colored line.

Click on a location, and you get the address. This is possible with reverse geocoding. Geo RSS is automatically added to the feeds.

Simple Google Maps Short Code

I almost didn’t include this plugin, but changed my mind on seeing the perfect 5 star rating, the sheer simplicity and over 10,000+ active installs. There is no setup page of any kind with this plugin. You simply have to paste a shortcode in a page or post, fill in the address and save it. Done, your map is ready. No customization is possible.

Simple Google Maps Short Code

Simple Google Maps Short Code will enable a shortcode that will help to embed Google Maps in any page or post. The codes will deliver cached maps with little impact on the performance of your website.

Which is the plugin for you?

The simple fact is that there is no one choice. Many good plugins are not on this list. This collection is only representative.

If you are looking at extensive features, try Maps Marker Pro, WP Google Maps, or MapPress. WP Google Maps is also for those who want only a single map that is both simple and functional. For a no frills and fast loading plugin, take a closer look at 5sec Google Maps. If you want to show all your locations all over the world attractively, try Interactive Google Maps. If it is a simple, free and functional plugin you are looking for, Simple Google Maps Short Code or Google Map Widget should work just fine.

Have you tried any plugin that has worked out great for you ? Your feedback is welcome.


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