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Free VueJS Admin Templates
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19 Best Free VueJS Admin Templates 2023

VueJS is quickly gaining popularity among developers, and the VueJS admin template is its most popular category. Therefore, we have offered you the best free Vue admin dashboard options.

As a web developer, you always want to create excellent user interfaces to bolster user experience. Luckily, you can acquire free and premium tools that are meticulously crafted to fortify the web app’s performance.

Thanks to clever and genius software developers, getting started with web applications is simpler, more accessible and fun.

VueJS is a Javascript framework funded by the community on Patreon back then. Today, you may be surprised how this framework hit the market and has become one of web developers’ favorite JavaScript tools.

Moreover, popular brands trust their web apps with Vue. If you wish to utilize it for your business, you must pick from the most suitable and free VueJS admin templates for your next projects.

Meanwhile, the existence of admin templates is incredibly worthwhile and effective. These templates are precious and make it easier for developers to build an application’s backend UI.

Fellow developers will find it hard to kickstart projects immediately without these templates. Building the UI for your admin dashboards will be a breeze with this set of admin templates and the ready-to-use components, pages, and elements. Yet, it’s even more exciting and beneficial when you can grab these awesome VueJS templates for free.

Best Free VueJS Admin Templates

1. ArchitectUI Free Vue Admin Dashboard

architectui free vue admin dashboard template

Thanks to its multiple layouts, you can choose the one you prefer most. This template is also fully responsive, which means it works on any screen size with similar design quality. It also comes with 10 predefined color schemes that you can choose from. So, check this free admin template today!

More info / Download Demo

2. Vue Material Dashboard

Vue Material Dashboard

Here’s Vue Material Dashboard a beautiful, free resource built over Vue Material and VueJS. Instead of crafting your admin dashboard from scratch, you can take advantage of this list’s ready-to-use, free VueJS admin template. With the 16 handcrafted components, 7 example pages and 2 customized plugins, you’ll start developing your dashboards!

Vue Material Dashboard is a magnificent resource developers can obtain for web app projects. Hence, it requires basic knowledge of JavaScript, VueJS and Vue Router. Specifically, this template has a simple, straightforward and detailed user profile, table list, maps, notifications, search and more. Moreover, it allows you to customize the background image of the sidebar and the various color options you can choose from.

More info / Download Demo

3. Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Make the most of your admin dashboard projects when opting for Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard. It’s a free VueJS admin template crafted through Bootstrap and VueJS. If you wish to start your web apps quickly and efficiently, you can opt for this admin template that helps you develop a dashboard with little effort. It contains 16 awesome components, 2 customized plugins, and 4 pages relevant to your project.

Vue Light’s elegant-looking yet straightforward design allows you to easily customize the dashboard’s sidebar’s color and background. Specifically, you’ll have an excellent user profile, table list, maps, notifications, search, and more features when you opt for this template.

More info / Download Demo

4. Vuetify Material Dashboard

Vuetify Material Dashboard

Grab one of the cleanest and minimalist templates from these free VueJS admin templates. Then, kickstart your web application with ease. Vuetify Material Dashboard is one of the best tools you should be acquiring. It’s another free resource built over Vuetify, Vuex, and VueJS. Packed with 16 powerful components, 7 useful pages, and 2 customized plugins, this admin template is a great pick from this list.

Now you can easily personalize the look of your dashboard with style and elegance. Specifically, it lets you easily customize the sidebar’s background and color options. This admin template has a user profile, table list, maps, search, and notifications.

More info / Download Demo

5. Vue Paper Dashboard

Vue Paper Dashboard

A mobile-first admin dashboard is a beautiful tool to help you monitor your web apps without hassle, anytime, anywhere! Here’s Vue Paper Dashboard, one of the finest free VueJS admin templates tailored using Bootstrap and Vue. It’s a magnificent resource that will be an asset for your web application. With this free VueJS template, you can build awesome dashboards with minimal effort.

Equipped with 16 exceptional components, 2 customized plugins, and 4 example pages. These elements are precious and work well with any web apps you use. Your dashboard will be ready for the huge task with soft colors with beautiful typography, spacious cards, and graphics.

More info / Download Demo

6. Vue Black Dashboard

Vue Black Dashboard

Dashboards that will allow you to monitor your application with style are essential! But it’s even more interesting to acquire such tools for free! Here’s Vue Black Dashboard that you can opt for your single-page applications. Specifically, this admin template comes with 16 amazing components, 3 customized plugins, and 7 example pages. It’s an admin template built using Bootstrap and VueJS admin dashboard. This free VueJS admin template has an excellent way to manage and visualize data for your web apps.

It’s jampacked with 16 components, 3 plugins, and 7 pages. These elements, including spacious cards, beautiful typography, and graphics, are ultimately beneficial.

More info / Download Demo

7. MaterialPro

materialpro free vuejs admin template

Even though MaterialPro Lite version is pretty basic, it still does the trick when creating a handy admin dashboard. MaterialPro is ideal for everyone looking for simplicity and minimalism in a free VueJS admin template. In the bundle, you will find various goodies that will do you well, from dashboard design and over ten inner page layouts to ten UI components, Material icons, and four integrated plugins. Every MaterialPro user also gets a lifetime worth of free updates.

Moreover, this admin template is also fluid and flexible, operating smoothly on all modern devices and web browsers. If you are ready for a quick backend project fix, let MaterialPro get you going in the right direction straight away. Remember, when using MaterialPro’s Lite version, you must keep the backlink intact. You also do not get documentation and support, but you can use it free of charge forever.

More info / Download Demo

8. Vue White Dashboard

vue white dashboard free admin template

Sort out the admin panel of your application with this neat free VueJS admin template. It features a light, eye-pleasing design that ensures a great experience when skimming through the stats. The template perfectly matches all modern devices and screens, instantly adapting to different sizes.

The great collection of components ensure you a quick start to something new. Multiple elements are at your disposal, with great styling features and functions. Even though the tool may cost you nothing, the outcome will still be first-class. Enjoy the quick setup fix of your project.

More info / Download Demo

9. Vue Material Dashboard

vue material dashboard free admin template

Vue Material Dashboard is a top-notch solution for your applications and web projects. It comes with functional front- and back-ends, ensuring you to start working on the task right away. As the name implies, this template rocks a Material Design look, which, everyone knows, is very popular these days.

The big bundle of features includes sixteen UI elements, seven example pages, two VueJS plugins and a Laravel API backend, to name a few. Use and reuse the components and create a precise final solution you like. Give it a shot and take your project creation to the next level.

More info / Download Demo

10. Vue Notus

vue notus free admin template

Vue Notus is another extraordinary free VueJS admin template that delivers useful material. First and foremost, Vue Notus comes as a full UI kit and an admin panel, so you can create the entire project using this tool, front- and back-end. The design is also modern and minimal, ensuring everyone has a pleasant data browsing experience.

Moreover, Vue Notus uses over one hundred components, which you can use according to your heart’s content. You can also change the styling, making the outcome match your branding directions to a T.

More info / Download Demo

11. Vue Argon Dashboard

Vue Argon Dashboard

Are you looking for the perfect admin template you can utilize for your next web apps? Why not see Vue Argon Dashboard, a free VueJS admin template powered by Bootstrap and VueJS. This open-source and free template has awesome features that won’t fail to render a professional-looking dashboard in no time! Specifically, it has 100 handcrafted components, 3 customized plugins and 7 example pages.

These give you ample options for setting up your dashboard. All components may vary in color and can be modified using the SASS file. Moreover, every element in Vue Argon Dashboard has multiple states for colors, styles, hover, and focus that you can easily use.

More info / Download Demo

12. CoPilot


Having a modern and innovative admin dashboard is unrivaled. With CoPilot, you can create a responsive and adorable dashboard using Bootstrap and VueJS. It’s highly customizable and effortless to use for your projects. Moreover, you can utilize various devices as it is fully responsive. It fits many screen resolutions, from small mobile devices to layer desktops.

CoPilot has an excellent structure scaffolded by Vue-CLI and uses the webpage package. This free VueJS admin template features browsers support so you can access your dashboard regardless of your browser. What’s more? There are also notifications, search features, tables, and more to explore for this amazing freebie.

More info / Download Demo

13. Xtreme Vuesax Admin Lite

xtreme vuesax admin lite

Xtreme Vuesax Admin Lite is a free Vuejs admin template with a clean, modern, distraction-free design. You can utilize the tool for various applications and projects as it easily caters to various objectives. Whether you are working on your thing or your client’s, with Xtreme Vuesax Admin Lite, you can now take care of the admin panel sooner rather than later. Avoid starting from the ground up when you can benefit from a powerful and free template.

You are all set to take charge and overview your project with the convenient admin. Additional goodies include page layouts, UI components, plugins, free updates, and chart options. And if you ever want more from your admin, you can always upgrade to pro and make an instant difference.

More info / Download Demo

14. CoreUI


CoreUI is another gorgeous and free Bootstrap admin template you need to create outstanding user interfaces. This open-source Vue and Bootstrap-based template has 50+ ready-to-use and customizable UI components. Hence, this will effectively speed up the development process by 50%. For your dashboard to fully work its task, useful components, widgets, charts, tables, forms and other relevant elements should be present. With this free VueJS admin template, you have many essential elements that are ready to fill their tasks. It also comes with a premium version if you want to acquire the more feature-rich version.

More info / Download Demo

15. Vue Element Admin

Vue Element Admin

Are you looking for the most suitable admin template for enterprise applications? Why not check out Vue Element Admin for your upcoming apps? Here’s Vue Element Admin which is based on Vue and the UI Tooltkit Element-UI. It’s a front-end solution for admin user interfaces. Moreover, this free VueJS admin template has many features to help you build a large, complex single-page application. The template is also cross-browser compatible to access the dashboard on different browsers.

More info / Download Demo

16. StarAdmin


StarAdmin is a free VueJS admin template based on Bootstrap and VueJS. It’s completely responsive and mobile-first, providing an excellent foundation for web apps. StarAdmin is very flexible and highly customizable, offering the best assistance in crafting your admin panel with amazing UI and user-friendliness. It contains excellent widgets, tables, icons, forms, and other essential elements. This admin template includes excellent notifications and sample login pages, register, 404, and 500. Check out other useful features of this free template.

More info / Download

17. Vuestic Admin

Vuestic Admin is another wonderful, fully responsive admin dashboard template that VueJS and Bootstrap power. It has a cool, attractive design with a fresh green color scheme. This free VueJS admin template has 36 elements, 18 pages and 18 custom font icons. These elements are built with a simple yet powerful design. Notable features include forms, form wizards, UI elements, chat, tables, charts, notifications, icons, progress bars, maps, and more!

More info / Download Demo

18. Vue Material Admin

Vue Material Admin

Vue Material Admin is built using Vue and Material Design. It’s a free resource that you can utilize for your personal and commercial projects. This template has workable apps like chat, inbox, widgets, pickers, forms, etc. Its bunch of components is also integrated into the template so it can contribute to its awesomeness.

More info / Download

19. Vue Admin Dashboard Template

Vue Admin Dashboard Template

Here’s another free and responsive admin dashboard template built using Bootstrap, VueJS, and Material Design. It is made with Material Design for Bootstrap. It has a powerful and free UI kit with 400+ material UI elements, 600+ material icons, 74 CSS animations, and more. It contains different styles of dashboards, data presentations, and numerous insightful components. It’s ideal to use for personal and commercial use.

More info / Download Demo
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