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VueJS Admin Templates
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9 Best VueJS Admin Templates 2023

VueJS and other JavaScript frontend frameworks are taking over the world. Therefore, we present you with the best VueJS admin templates you can use for your SaaS.

Building apps is not an easy task. You must ensure that the apps you develop have excellent user interfaces besides the functionality it embeds. Upon creating your web apps, you’ll need tools to empower them for the utmost functionality and user-friendly UI.

That’s where frameworks are extremely useful.

These frameworks help develop your application faster and smarter. Today, we can find powerful, practical, resourceful, and innovative frameworks on the web, including VueJS. VueJS is one of the best JavaScript frameworks you must evaluate. To help you pick up the most suitable one for your web application, we have compiled these exceptional VueJS admin templates. They are all built with innovative tools and best practices to yield stunning dashboards.

Dashboards are crucial for web applications. Without having a visual presentation of how the app performs, it’s difficult to tell how to improve it. Building your dashboard through VueJS is awesome as it is simple, easy-to-use, and flexible.

Many experienced developers prefer VueJS due to its simplicity and clarity. It’s even more enjoyable with Vue as it beats all the bulky frameworks like React.js, Angular.js, and Ember.js regarding the file size.

Focus on monitoring the key performance index of your apps rather than their look and feel. So, pick your favorite VueJS template and kickstart your web applications with innovation.

Best VueJS Admin Templates

ArchitectUI Vude admin dashboard templates

If your application requires real-time updates, you must consider VueJS. It will help you create excellent Single Page Applications without much hassle. In that case, ArchitectUI can be one of the top options from this compilation. ArchitectUI is a Vue.js Bootstrap 5 admin UI dashboard template with a clean, modern, and responsive design. ArchitectUI is a product of hard work, excellent tools, creativity, and good design.

Specifically, this VueJS admin template comes with 9 different dashboard designs, 50 handpicked Vue widgets, 150+ components, and more. These priceless components augment the performance of apps with a seamless admin dashboard. With the multiple layouts and options, 5 icon packs, 10 card styles, and 9 different color schemes, you’ll surely build a unique admin dashboard in no time! ArchitectUI has various applications that include Mailbox, Chat, FAQ Section.

More info / Download Demo

Piaf VueJS

Piaf VueJS

VueJS is a powerful JavaScript framework suitable for simple and complex applications. That’s why many developers love this tool for their projects. VueJS received the highest stars on GitHub out of all JavaScript projects. If you think you need it for your next app, you should see Piaf VueJS.

It’s a VueJS admin template that embraces popular and powerful frameworks and libraries. Specifically, it uses the Vue, Bootstrap Vue, Vue CLI, Vuex, Firebase, SASS, and Webpack. Piaf VueJS is an excellent combination of good design and quality code. When it comes to color scheme, this admin template will provide you ample options as well. This pack includes 10 color schemes, 3 applications, 2 panels menu, many components, etc.

More info / Download Demo


sofbox vuejs admin template

Sofbox is a powerful admin template in multiple versions, including VueJS. If you are on the hunt for this, you will find Sofbox of great use. It is a neat solution with many features and functions to put into practice. With the available twelve demos, you know you will quickly find the right look for your needs.

Moreover, Sofbox also comes in three different light, dark, and soft styles. Internal pages, charts, animations, countdowns, contact forms, and Google Fonts are other specialties that Sofbox delivers. In short, it’s all in the bundle, so you mix and match.

More info / Download Demo


xray vuejs admin template

XRay is a niche VueJS admin template since it caters to the medical industry. If you need something more specific, XRay comes into play, all set with a vast collection of goodies. You can choose between five stunning and eye-pleasing demos out of the box.

Other features of XRay are Wow animations, AmCharts, Slick slider, and hover effects. The layout follows all the latest standards, ensuring full flexibility and responsiveness. Enjoy the practical features and sort out an admin quickly with XRay.

More info / Download Demo


oneui vuejs admin template

OneUI does not limit you in any way, shape, or form. Instead, it offers you a full-blown foundation to create your admin dashboard without starting from scratch. A VueJS admin template works for many intentions, like website back-ends, applications, CMS, etc. You can always tweak and fine-tune the default settings to your needs, making them fit the project you are working on.

OneUI’s core features are Sass, clean code, many plugins, layouts, and blocks; it’s all at your fingertips.

More info / Download Demo



VueJS proves its worth as it becomes increasingly popular for web development. If you plan to use it for your admin dashboard, this VueJS admin template, Vuely is an interesting choice. Vuely is built using VueJS 2 and VuetifyJs. This template comes with various versions that you can evaluate for your project. It has VueJS Laravel version, VueJS Laravel Passport version, and more.

Vuely is fully responsive – carefully crafted to make it mobile-first. Particularly, Vuely comes with 6 awesome demos for different dashboards. In addition, it has 200+ UI elements, 78+ custom widgets, 1500 font icons, and more. These demos are handcrafted to produce a useful admin template for eCommerce, web analytics, magazine, news, agency, and SASS. It also comes with beautiful pages that are essential to your apps.

More info / Download Demo



With the simplicity and flexibility features of VueJS, more and more developers get hooked on this tool for their projects. Adminify can be a great pick if you’re one of them. Adminify is a VueJS Bootstrap 4 Admin Template with a stunning design. Built to provide a hassle-free development experience, Adminify comes with 2 useful admin dashboards, 500+ UI elements, 15+ awesome widgets, 34+ unique pages, and applications. This VueJS admin template is fully customizable. You can edit the layout and choose the one that suits your taste.

You may also change the sidebar through the sidebar color variations. You can utilize the fonts most suitable for your projects from the 1500+ font icons (Themify, Material, and FontAwesome). It’s also mobile optimized, so you don’t have to worry about your project’s look when viewed on mobile devices. It also features the awesome drag and drop feature.

More info / Download Demo


materialpro vuejs admin template

If you are scouring the web for a powerful and practical VueJs admin template, consider MaterialPro. This versatile tool comes with various materials that will do you well out of the box. The bundle gives you six dashboards and four impressive demos to choose from. In addition to that, you can also benefit from the collection of over one hundred predefined pages and more than three hundred UI elements and components.

There’s even more.

MaterialPro delivers all the necessary and then some to create the required admin for your application. No need to start from scratch anymore, as MaterialPro takes care of all the heavy work for you instead. The layout is perfectly in tune with all popular devices and instantly acclimatizes to different web browsers. You can even use MaterialPro with RTL languages.

More info / Download Demo


skote vuejs admin template

Skote is an impressive VueJs admin template that lets you quick-start your application or website’s dashboard. Out of the box, there are multiple different styles of layouts at your disposal to put into practice. You can also choose between dark and light modes and play with other colorways. To be more precise, there are eight main samples, all compatible with additional customization tweaks if necessary.

Moreover, Skote supports LTR and RTL languages, rocks a responsive and fluid layout, and comes with a lifetime of free updates. Some other treats of Skote contain three different chart styles, data tables, eCommerce support, invoices list, and Sketch files, to name a few. Avoid building everything from the ground up when you can greatly benefit from the Skote instead.

More info / Download Demo
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