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17 Best Mobile Friendly VirtueMart Templates 2017

17 Best Mobile Friendly VirtueMart Templates 2017

You have numerous options available for building online stores and VirtueMart templates are one of them. A complete solution for all types of eCommerce websites, whether you are just starting out or you want to update existing shop. A tool particularly crafted to go perfectly along Joomla’s popular shopping cart plugin.

This free open source eCommerce extension unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities with Joomla CMS. You can easily sell both digital and physical products, as well as all sorts of services. No matter the niche and industry you are in or you aim to get in, these VirtueMart templates will have all your needs sorted out.

With the available options, features and extension, half of the work has already been done. More likely, the major part of the online shop building process is finished. Thanks to all the VirtueMart themes, you do not have to do much work and have a fantastic and very advanced eCommerce site ready for the launch. Are you willing to bring things to the next level?

Our collection of themes will cover every request and every requirement. Be as specific as you would like and create a remarkable shopping experience that will skyrocket your business. Jump in with both feet and get things happen.


pajuh virtuemart template
For an online store, you want two things. First, it should look beautiful and have the possibility to grab visitors’ attention right of the bat. Second, aside from its pleasant to the eye design, it should also be highly functional. No need for too many features, to be frank, rather less, yet still enough for the shopper to find what they are looking for ASAP. Sounds complicated? It is not.

One theme which understands how a proper online shop operates is Pajuh VirtueMart template. It comes packed with enough material for you to construct the e-store of choice with relative ease. As a matter of fact, the whole concept is so well-structured, you won’t have a problem bringing something fresh to the eCommerce world. Configuring modules’ position is so easy everybody can do it. Adjust and modify Pajuh to your needs and begin an online project you always thought about launching.

Pick between boxed and wide layouts, create a stunning front page slideshow and use Mega Menu’s function for a useful navigation. Quickstart function imports sample content and have your site look like the live demo. Just for your information, this is also one of the options to get your store up and running super fast. But some personalization will not hurt.

More info / Download Demo


flatastic virtuemart template
Fueled with an almost ridiculous amount of features, extensions and different options, Flatastic theme is one to consider. In combination with T3 Framework with Bootstrap and a highly functional eCommerce app, you will become the e-shop building wizard. Thankfully, the interface and the amazing admin are so handy, you can do magical things without any real prior experience. It is all more or less in your creative capabilities and how far your imagination can reach. Other than that Flatastic is here to serve all of your needs.

We sure cannot miss some of the features this responsive VirtueMart template includes. There are 6 awesome front page designs along with two different slideshow creators, Revolution and Camera sliders. With improved Mega Menu, you can create a friendly guide for everyone to find what they are after in as fewer clicks and time as possible. Save them time, ensure a great experience and they might turn into loyal customers. Not only that, home page can also serve to display products in different tabs like New, Featured and Random.

Since already speaking about products, two category layouts give you a wider specter of possibilities. For products, there are two types of boxes and a quick view function, so it is possible to check item details without leaving the page. But feel free to sell specific products and increase orders with daily deals.

More info / Download Demo


glenon virtuemart template
Optimized for devices, speed, browsers and search engines, Glenon template is a product that enables full online store building with VirtueMart. Customizable so it allows you to build unique layouts while on the other hand, pick the predefined skin for a quick start. Anytime, you can get back to modifying different sections of the site and refresh your overall eCommerce store design. Become a business owner who has in control every sector of his biz. Even if you plan to be a one-man-band at the beginning, that is very doable with Glenon VirtueMart template.

A powerful theme with a full range of motion aka total optimization, is the kind of a theme you should be after. Needless to say, Glenon is definitely one of those who is advanced and complex, yet you do not have to be a skilled individual to use it. Makes for a tool with all the features and options to impress the visitors and make them hungry for more.

It is all possible with the real time theme builder, ThemeMagic. Comfortably maneuver the majority of Glenon’s CSS properties from the backend and design original layouts. Once you click save, it all appears as you created it.

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reviver virtuemart template
Where to even begin. With a theme that features literally everything, it kinda makes you speechless. Yes, it really does. An imposing VirtueMart template, Reviver, has all the functionalities of a top-notch medium for building eCommerce pages. Wishlist, product comparison, quick view, image zoom, one page checkout, you name it, and Reviver will serve you with. It also supports multi languages and currencies, is RTL compatible and helps you do amazing things with ThemeMagic. Moreover, Reviver comes with a bunch of sample material and 3 different sliders to quickly launch your desired project.

It is quick and efficient to install Reviver and makes your page look exactly like the live preview. It even has video tutorials for better understanding how things are done. Those with a little experience might not even need those. All the rest, videos can be of great help, especially for all the novice out there. What all this means is that you should not have any excuses whether or not you will do all the online shop building process yourself. Indeed you will.

Reviver also has this cool new feature called Polite Loading. While browsing the category page, no need to wait until all the products load. The items are displaying on the go when you are scrolling.

More info / Download Demo


structure virtuemart template
Without much saying, Structure is for architecture, construction, engineering and the like business websites. And with an incredible VirtueMart support, you can easily hammer out an e-store to expand your business with something novel. Can we call Structure a mechanism wich does extraordinary things for entrepreneur site owners? Sure, it is more than appropriate.

Joomla, VirtueMart and Structure, what else do you need in life? Just add a touch of creativity, and the game is on. Roughly said, this is all it takes to form a fully functional eCommerce website for your company. You might only start sensing the power of it once you start building and creating with it. Do not put any pressure on yourself and feel intimidated by the technical part. With a template like Structure, even a newbie can put together a professional site.

Several ready-to-use home page layouts, 8 color schemes and K2 blog component support are some of the included goodies that come with the purchase of Structure. Bear in mind, with new updates also come new designs so you will always have something modernistic to test. Who knows, maybe that new layout will convert much better compared to the one you currently use. You should always be testing.

More info / Download Demo


buyshop virtuemart template
Joomla! is a powerful free and open-source content management system supplied with all the needed for website creation. To live a stress-free life and build one with ease, you better consider a modifiable template. Especially if you are a newbie without any real web skills. In this case, go above and beyond and even create an eCommerce website with such templates like BuyShop. A professional solution for creating web shops of all kinds that everyone can use and forge an expert-looking design.

To kick it off, pick one of the predefined layouts, creative, dark or classic. From then on, add one of the available sliders, Flex, Layer or Revolution and pre-sell the shoppers with amazing offers and visuals. Get them hooked and fall in love with your store straightaway.

Things like different promotional labels, pricing filter, quick view in a popup and different sliders for new, on sale and best selling products are only an icing on an already well-decorated cake. Notice: you can also start a blog and use it for an effective content marketing. Well-informed and compelling articles will not only grab SE traffic but make readers share them, too.

Make sure you use the special features and implement them into your store for the best browsing and purchasing experience a shopper can witness.

More info / Download Demo


lovelyshop virtuemart template
Whenever I see word lovely, my first impression is cute and adorable. I dunno, that is just the way how my mind operates. When discussing eCommerce and Joomla, chances are, my impression won’t be the best fit. Still, let me flip things around. Sell something cute and adorable and I could not be more right.

When it comes to the flexible VirtueMart template, LovelyShop, you can literally sell whatever you want with it. Make it my way or sell something robust, electronics or just whatever there is you would like to sell and build an online business around. The fun part still needs to start. So far, it was only the theory it is wise for you to be aware of.

However, the actual practical part does not distance itself much from the theory. You can do nearly as many things with LovelyShop as you would like. Just that we aren’t about the reading anymore but taking action instead.

This ultimate shopping machine delivers all the necessities one needs to build the perfect eCommerce platform. Speaking of which, you get SEO tools, Ajax drop-down shopping cart, zoom on the product image, Revolution Slider and just so much more. You will only believe it once you go through it yourself and possibly a-test it by putting LovelyShop through a challenge.

More info / Download Demo


thebest virtuemart template
With TheBest template you can bring into being the best corporate websites with a great shopping solution. What you ask for is almost guaranteed that you will get it with TheBest. A complete template with more than enough features and goodies you will need to start taking orders. If one thing is for sure, you definitely will not lack possibilities. The variations in design you can create are unlimited. To be frank, the only limit is you and how original you can be.

With 6 responsive front page layouts and other pre-made material, you get a great starting point for your online project. You might use all this sample data at the beginning but eventually, you will want to modernize and personalize the theme. You do want to take things into your hands and create a custom design others will envy, don’t you? No need to answer because we all know the response.

One super cool function TheBest sports is the logo hover contact details. Many try to avoid adding the company info to make the website look as minimal as possible. Still, the info is needed and a must. In this case, once a visitor hovers the logo, a drop down menu appears with all the needed details about your store.

More info / Download Demo


luxury virtuemart template
With Luxury, you can luxuriate shoppers with a stunning online shop that you can turn into next success story. But it all begins with you and your strong will to bring your idea and your dream to reality. Are you hungry enough to make it happen? From then on, it is Luxury VirtueMart template which will do the majority of work for you. It already has plenty of pre-crafted material which you can use upon theme install. Luxury comes with 7 front pages and a custom page for every section of your e-shop. Header and footers both come in 4 styles so you can easily find the one that meets your taste.

The category page is clean and smooth and displays products in a grid or a list view. You can stylize both versions to your needs and add extras to the desired version. Furthermore, product info page has a neat design and provides all the relevant details and amazing pictures a shopper needs. Compare page also comes very useful when a person cannot decide between two (or more) products. Detailed information can help them tremendously. They can even create a wishlist to purchase the items later. So many possibilities with one small investment that can completely change your life.

More info / Download Demo


rockox virtuemart template
Creative businesses and agencies which are in need of a one page template with a fully functional integrated VirtueMart shop, RockoX assists you at creating the preferred page. You are looking at a fully responsive item with beautiful parallax effects which turns your business plan into an innovative page. Bring your project idea into being and get that business going quickly and efficiently.

The main layout options are light and dark which you can upgrade to a video or a slider version. Once you grow some traffic to your page, you can test the two and see which performs better. It is the users who will give you all the data needed to adjust your website accordingly.

RockoX is built with Bootstrap3 what turns it into an entirely adaptable site which will work flawlessly on mobiles, tablets and desktops. Create an awesome experience no matter what device visitors use to browse your website.
While you need no coding skills to customize the theme, it is good to know that the code and files are well documented. Whenever required, you can easily make changes and further modify the template. However, you can always contact free support, and they will be happy to work with you on any issue.

More info / Download Demo


uranus virtuemart template
When you are after a colorful and multi-functional Joomla template for your e-Commerce website, Uranus is the template to consider. It is fully responsive, built on the up-to-date Bootstrap 3 framework and comes with retina icons for crispiness. You can adjust and modify the template in the neat admin panel and add or remove different functions. From the top and all the way to the bottom of the page, you can customize every section of Uranus and make it meet your needs. Originality plays a big role when it comes to online businesses. Make your store stand out with an eye-catching design and full functionality.

In the administrator, you can add your logo, change colors and fonts and have your complete website under control. As a multi-purpose VirtueMart template, Uranus offers you all the options to create shops in all industries. It is all a matter of a little customization task and a completely new design is ready to start bringing in sales. Simple and convenient, yet highly effective and expert-looking. A brilliant opportunity for everyone to start their business all on their own. You will see how much fun you will have with the awesome drag and drop page builder. Almost like playing with LEGOs.

More info / Download Demo


milano virtuemart template
Fantastic solution for online fashion, apparel and clothing stores (but aren’t all the same?), here is Milano. Powered by the well-known Joomla eCommerce app, VirtueMart, the flexible template supplements you with a wide variety of possibilities and customization functions. You will be impressed not only due to the extensibility of Milano but also due to the included layouts and designs. There are 9 available front pages, just enough to cover the majority of folks’ requirements. For all the rest, feel free to improve the desired one further and make it look exactly like you fancy. Helix Framework is a feature-rich and light framework for Joomla Templating.

From quick view and sticky header to Mega and off-canvas menus, RTL support and unlimited color options, it is all part of Milano. To stay in touch with visitors, AcyMailing is a great mailing solution for newsletters and marketing campaigns. Milano also comes with one of the best extensions for backups, Akeeba Backup. Once you have everything ready and set and your online store stocked with items, you sure do not want to lose anything in case something breaks. It probably will not happen, still, having a backup will make you feel better.

More info / Download Demo


marvel virtuemart template
Multipurpose and responsive eCommerce template for marvelous web design which will wow not only your visitors but you, the owner, too. The template is simply called, Marvel. Connect the dots and you will come to a conclusion that this could be just the perfect template for your online fashion project. For mobile, tablet and desktop browsers and shoppers, you are able to create a top experience which will bring them back wanting more from your collection. Do yourself a favor and put all the goodies and extras Marvel features to use for a leading design.

For a nearly instant launch of the web store, you can pick demo content for home pages, shop/category pages, blog pages and more. Blog? For when you will want to expand and put more effort into content marketing. Marvel is optimized for search engines and cross browser compatible to ensure you high rankings.

Mega and mobile menus are valuable navigations to quickly bring shoppers to the needed section of your store. Provide all the must product information with grand photographies and in-depth text. Ajax off canvas shopping cart and quick view create an even more flawless buying adventure. Blend together Marvel’s mega functionality and your creativity for the ultimate online store.

More info / Download Demo


homeshop virtuemart template
It feels like at home, comfortable and enjoyable, just that you are in the online space. With another one of the premium VirtueMart templates from this collection, you can create online retail stores with ease. To bring back the comfy part, Homeshop gives you the feeling of coziness by placing you in the shoes of a web designer. Just a moment ago, you might felt like this is not the job for you. You thought to yourself, “I am unable to design an online store all by myself, it is too intimidating.” However, with Homeshop’s user-friendliness, you will become a professional website builder. The level of your expertise is not essential. For as long as there’s will, there is power to bring that online project to life.

Homeshop is a multi purpose template which covers all the niches of all the industries. Highly modifiable, flexible and ready to take on any challenge, it will help you put together a true web design masterpiece.

Displaying and sorting products, providing useful information, promoting special daily deals and other whatnots is what Homeshop is expert at. Your shoppers will always be treated well and enjoy the pleasant time spent on your site buying or just sniffing around.

More info / Download Demo


shoppystore virtuemart template
Joomla enthusiasts, welcome to ShoppyStore. A template built with Bootstrap 3 and enhanced with VirtueMart e-Commerce solution. From shops selling clothing to stores offering gadgets, bikes or any other type of products, this is the template for every business owner. Existing and established online stores and those which are yet to be launched, ShoppyStore is perfect for all demands. The former can refresh their existing stores while the latter can build a high-standard online marketplace.

With 3 highly characteristic home page layouts and 6 color presets, you can quickly setup a draft for your project. With the supreme Mega Menu, you can create custom columns which help you display categories and products with different effects. You can also add images, descriptions and even videos in the menu. Use promotional banners and link them straight to the offer. Just with the header and with an ultimate menu, you can do so much to persuade each unique visitor and turn him into a customer.

The countdown timer on products with special labels will definitely increase the conversions. Plus, customers can get familiar with the product of choice without leaving the site by using the quick view method. Create compelling product details pages so the shoppers get all the necessary information.

More info / Download Demo


hoki virtuemart template
Hoki is this unique VirtueMart template with which you are able to design the most notable stores in all fields. You might be into selling T-shirts, accessories, shoes, skateboards, bikes, even electronic devices, Hoki has you furnished and supplied with features and extensions needed for creating such stores. With any of the templates we hand-picked for you, you do not need to limit yourself only to one type of products. You can even create a mix of categories and construct a super shop if you will.

Upon installing Hoki, you can use one of 5 front page layouts and continue building your shop by picking the most suitable version of 3 available categories. Lastly (not really), the template comes with 2 predefined product pages, one with full page view and the other with product carousel. There is enough sections to describe your product in great detail. Heck, you can even share a story how it’s made or your exciting experience involving the product. Make something different and grab visitors attention with great product pictures and an entertaining story.

If you truly are a story-teller, introduce a blog section to your shop and use it for a variety of purposes. From pure entertainment to marketing.

More info / Download Demo


nation virtuemart template
One product with all the components to create nearly as many websites as you would like. Use it for portfolio, agency, one page, multi page, business and last but definitely not least, for shop. Nation is a responsive and multi-functional template with many ready-to-use home pages, headers and more than, listen carefully, 200 internal page designs. It even includes premium Revolution Slider and comes with K2 blog extension. Do you need more?

Nation VirtueMart template supports RTL languages, is fully optimized for search engines and comes with approximately 1,500 fonts and icons combined. Still not enough? Cross browser compatibility, off-canvas menu and countless color variations are just some more additional features that will have a huge impact on your template decision making process.

Sometimes, you have to do something special. Something that will be so eye-catching, visitors won’t be able to resist it. They will be all over the place, getting familiar with your eCommerce site and with the products. Eventually, they will start acting in mass quantities so you will have a hard time handling all the orders. When this happens, you know you did things the right way. Thanks to Nation, you can achieve it all with this simple and minimal in design, yet so powerful in functionalities, Joomla template.

More info / Download Demo


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