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shopify marketplace apps
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12 Best Shopify Marketplace Apps in 2023

Instead of exclusively relying on one channel, you can now expand your reach over and beyond with these powerful Shopify marketplace apps.

What’s cool about any apps we have here for you is how simple it is to use. You can distribute your products to different marketplaces if you sell through your eCommerce website. For instance, you can sell on Google Shopping, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc!

Moreover, even though you might sell on several different marketplaces, managing and maintaining your online business will still be a breeze. Orders syncing is real-time and quick, so overselling is not worth worrying about.

Also, you get to track everything from the comfort of one location. Very convenient and easy, if you will.

Some of the Shopify marketplace apps in the collection below offer you to sell on one market exclusively, while the others are compatible with multiple. But all are in tune with all the popular Shopify themes, guaranteeing smooth integration.

If you want more eyeballs on your products, now you know where to start. First, kick things off with one marketplace, avoid spreading yourself too thin, and go from there.

Best Shopify Apps For Creating Marketplace

1. Google Shopping

google shopping shopify marketplace app

If you would like to showcase your brand and your products across multiple channels, Google Shopping is the Shopify marketplace app. It is a powerful, easy to use solution that offers you to kick things off for free. The bundle includes Google Shopping listings, Google Ads, and Google Shopping actions. You also do not need to go through all the hassle yourself, as their support team is ready to offer you a helping hand.

A convenient dashboard gives you a complete overview of your online business. The free plan manages up to one thousand SKUs, real-time inventory, pricing syncing with Google content API, and more. Additionally, you have three premium packages at your disposal once you want to take your Shopify store to an entirely different degree.

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2. Multi Vendor Marketplace

multi vendor marketplace shopify marketplace app

If you are curious how to turn your eCommerce website into a full-blown marketplace, hence the name, Multi Vendor Marketplace will do the trick. This powerful and practical Shopify app has many features and functions, allowing beginners and pros to get the most out of it without a sweat. With the tool, you can add/accept unlimited sellers and products and sync products from other stores.

Multi Vendor Marketplace covers all the necessary and then some with the vast collection of basic and more advanced features. You can set global commissions for all sellers or even set individual ones. Moreover, complete invoicing structuring, multi-location compatibility, SMS alerts, slot pricing, you name it, it is all in the kit. Multi Vendor Marketplace also includes three different pricing plans, suitable for smaller and larger marketplaces.

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3. Bonanza Integration

bonanza shopify marketplace app

As the name suggests, this Shopify marketplace app allows you to comfortably sell on Bonanza. Whatever you plan to market on your striking Shopify store, you can now push on Bonanza. List products and manage orders like a pro. Even if you are a first-timer, you will still see success with Bonanza app. The tool is a little breeze and comes with a 7-day free trial. You can thoroughly test the waters first and go from there.

No more manual work for you and no more struggle with orders and keeping things organized. Why complicate things if you can automate them? Some features include product uploads in bulk, auto-import orders to your Shopify store and real-time updates. You also get 24/7 support for any additional assistance you might need. Make your brand and products more visible by selling on Bonanza.

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4. Tophatter Integration

tophatter shopify marketplace app

Selling your Shopify products on Tophatter just became a whole lot simpler. Whether you are new on the market or want to test out new channels, let a simple Tophatter integration do the trick. With the app, you will never need to worry about the organization of your products and sales. Let Tophatter app take care of that for your convenience. With this, you save money and time and effort, too.

All sorts of handy features come with the application for your benefit. If you already have many products you would like to sync with Tophatter, you can upload them in bulk. The app also has this cool auto-acknowledge order feature, so you do not always need to be present to accept a new order. Instant notifications, recurring updates and quick synchronization are just a few extras that come with Tophatter app.

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5. eBay Marketplace

ebay shopify marketplace app

With eBay Marketplace, you can now bring your products and your brand in front of the eBay community. In short, this Shopify marketplace app lets you sell on eBay – that’s it! Integrating the app to your Shopify store and syncing your products to eBay is as easy as pie. Not just that, but you can even start for free and see how it goes. On the other hand, you can always upgrade to any of the three premium plans when things get serious.

eBay Marketplace works with any Shopify or Shopify Plus store. Due to its simplicity, users of all skill levels can take it to their advantage. There are also flexible templates that you can tailor to your needs precisely. When considering expanding to eBay, do it with this remarkable tool to make an immediate difference.

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6. Wish Marketplace

wish shopify marketplace app

An array of marketplaces is available to help you push your products and brands to new heights in this day and age. Another fairly popular alternative is Wish. Everyone who wishes for something new, they head over to Wish Marketplace to see what’s hot. You can now be part of the platform, too, with this convenient Shopify marketplace application. Why do all the work yourself if you can let machines do you?

Upon installation of the app, you can already start working on listing your products on Wish. As simple as that. Some more features include orders management, custom pricing, Wish feeds, threshold inventory and auto-cancel orders, to name a few. And if you are already using Wish, there is no need to add your products again – the app will sync them.

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7. Fruugo Marketplace

fruugo shopify marketplace app

When you are starting, extra exposure always comes in handy. You would want to distribute your products across different channels and marketplaces to spread the word. Fruugo is another great alternative that can push your items amongst its users. Thanks to this nifty Shopify marketplace app, you can create new listings hassle-free. After installing the application, you can start importing your products to Fruugo. It takes little to no time to make it happen.

Of course, all these other features come with the Fruugo app for you to take advantage of. Managing products, orders and inventory will be easy, as you do it from one location. You can upload products individually or even in bulk. Moreover, you can also set discount prices and get more potential buyers’ eyeballs on your products. Start selling on Fruugo now and enjoy the rewarding results.

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8. Walmart Integration

walmart shopify marketplace app

Is selling on Walmart something that interests you? Well, now you can. And no, you do not need any professional or knowledge to get the ball rolling. With Walmart Integration app, all it takes are a few clicks and you are ready to go. You can manage and maintain all your Shopify products on Walmart and your store from one location. Real-time syncing automatically changes in the admin, so you can track inventory and other details without running into issues, like overselling.

Other specialties of Walmart are instant notifications, promotional pricing, threshold inventory and compatibility with different logistics app. Also, you can import up to 10,000 SKUs (that includes product variations) for free. CedCommerce, which is behind the app, also offers excellent and fast support when in need of help.

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9. Catch Marketplace

catch shopify marketplace app

You might realize that there are all these marketplaces you have not even heard of. That’s right, and there are loads more. However, we are focusing on the largest ones that will help you take your business to new levels of success.

Catch is another solution that you can now integrate into your Shopify store. With this easy to use Shopify marketplace app, you need to undergo just a few clicks and have it all set and ready to go. From then on, adding your listings, managing orders and all that comes along happens flawlessly. After all, Catch does all the heavy lifting for you.

Profiling, complete product management control, build uploads, and currency conversion are just a few of Catch’s amenities for you.

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10. Newegg Marketplace

newegg shopify marketplace app

If you focus on selling electronics and gadgets, you might want to go the extra mile and sell on Newegg. Instead of only relying on your Shopify store, you can now trade on the marketplace with this effortless integration. With the right Shopify marketplace app, listing items and managing all the orders become undemanding. No more manual work, let the application perform all the work of including products to Newegg for you. No worries if you are new to this process, as 24/7 support is always available.

With real-time synchronization, pushing products on your store and Newegg becomes as organized as possible. No overselling, no mess, as Newegg does things automatically. If you are ready to try new territories to raise your sales, consider selling on Newegg. This is a premium app, but it offers you a 10-day free trial.

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11. Etsy Marketplace

etsy shopify marketplace app

If you already started your handcrafted project to sell your products with Shopify, expand your reach and go to Etsy. However, instead of manually uploading each product first to your Shopify store and then to your Etsy store, this marketplace app will help you avoid double work. You can now sync to Etsy with the products you already have on your eCommerce and all the new ones in just a few clicks. From then on, let the app do the work for you. For instance, once you receive an Etsy order, the application will immediately sync it and update your Shopify store.

Etsy Marketplace Integration app also includes all these other handy features and functions. Inventory management, currency converter, profiling and handy analytical dashboard offer more options.

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12. Omnivore

omnivore shopify marketplace app

Instead of solely relying on your online store, you can distribute your products to other marketplace giants. With Omnivore, a Shopify Marketplace app, you can now sell on eBay, Catch, Amazon, Trade Me, Google Shopping, etc. Instead of doing all the work manually, let Omnivore do all the hard work, saving you time and energy. With Omnivore, everything becomes automatic, which keeps the organization at an all-time high.

Selling on different marketplaces becomes a piece of cake. Omnivore updates your listings on any platform of choice and notifies you about the sales directly in your Shopify store. Even though selling on other marketplaces, you still enjoy the convenience of operating your business from one location. Omnivore has a monthly subscription of $74.95 and a 30-day free trial.

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