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WordPress Visitor Counter Plugins
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7 Best WordPress Visitor Counter Plugins 2022

Are you thinking about adding visitors counter on your website to display the number of active users on your home page? If so, you found the right place. You don’t need to go over hundreds of plugins online before choosing the perfect one for your site. We did some reviews and curated each to see the features and functionalities. Of course, the first thing you need to remember before downloading or purchasing WordPress Visitor Counter Plugins is responsiveness. Aside from that, it should be up-to-date, and the visitor numbers are exact. Having this plugin on your website adds to its credibility. You see, as more people visit your page, the more individuals get curious about what your site offers.

The Best Visitor Counter WordPress Plugins

1. WPS Visitor Counter Plugin

WPS Visitor Counter Plugin

One of the best features of this template is the visitor counter for the day, month, and year. It will display the traffic status of your website. Having this type of plugin adds to its credibility. You don’t need to tell them that you have hundreds or thousands of visitors each day in your blogs. This add-on will do that work for you.

This plugin is different from other counter plugins. It displays the current visitors and the users on the previous day or the entire month. It’s up to you what data you can include on your display. Rest assured, the data this plugin count is accurate.

It is helpful not only to your visitors but also to yourself. As more visitors see the increasing traffic, they want to see more of what you can offer them.

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2. The Visitor Counter Plugin

Simple WordPress Visitor Counter Plugin

This simple plugin comes with basic but reliable functionalities. It counts the current visitors and displays it on your home page or any section on your website. You can change the title into your desired captions. Furthermore, you can also customize your background and text colors to complement your site’s layout.

The perk of using this visitor counter is that it is simple with hassle-free navigation. That only means you don’t have to learn coding skills or hire a developer for your website. It supports the latest WordPress version so you can set it up without any problem.

With this new plugin, you can display it using either widgets or shortcode. What’s more, the installation and activation are effortless. Click on the Plugin and hover on the ‘Add New’ menu at the WordPress admin dashboard section. You can search the title “The Visitor Counter Plugin,” which will appear on the search results. Just click on the Install button, and you can activate it afterward.

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3. Advanced Page Visit Counter

Categorized WordPress Visitor Counter Plugin

You might want to use this plugin if you want a more advanced visitor counter. It comes with more features and functionalities with simple steps for configuration. You can opt for the premium version to get more out of it. But if you think the free one serves your needs, then there is no need to upgrade.

You have the option to show visit counters in different layouts. You can also display it on the website’s front end, the bottom of the content, above the content, or use the shortcode to generate it on your page. Aside from the number of visitors, it reads the data to show the top visitors by browser, top visitors by the operating system, top 10 articles, and more.

The display includes the wise country report, monthly report, weekly report, top referrer, and the latest trend for the week. Furthermore, you can customize the widget or visitor counter’s section.

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4. Live Visitor Counter

Functional WordPress Visitor Counter Plugin

This free visitor counter plugin allows you to display all your live users on your website. It is basic and lightweight, so it doesn’t have any other complicated features. This only does its primary purpose – to read the data of visitor’s numbers coming to your page. Also, it comes with a unique and beautiful layout to add colors to your site.

This plugin displays the number of current visitors, live visitors, and total visitors. Since it is simple and basic, it inevitably runs fast and smoothly. It also has a dark mode for better viewing and to reduce eye strain. You can also move your numbers from previous counters. For better website performance, this one is a must.

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5. Real Time Visitor Statistics & Analytics

Labeled WordPress Visitor Counter Plugin

Do you want to track your website without the assistance of external services? It is possible when you use these real time statistics. This plugin is easy to install and activate, so you can use it instantly as soon as you finish the installation process. You can use this one to display the number of online visitors showing more detailed statistics.

Aside from this plugin’s accurate statistics and analytics, you can display the counter to your new visitors. It has advanced features and functionalities to add to your site’s performance. It includes an interactive map of visitor’s location, comprehensive overview page, GDPR compliant guidelines, and more.

On the other hand, you might want to go with the Pro version. It shows the online counter, recent IP visitors, data’s shortcode, statistic reports, etc. The only downside is that it only has the English translation, but not a real problem since it is universal.

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6. StatCounter – Free Real Time Visitor Stats

StatCounter – Free Real Time Visitor Stats

This free WordPress Visitor Plugin has several features to assist with your website’s needs. It has a configurable counter to keep track of your daily, monthly, and yearly visitors and the active users visiting your site several times.

Why is StatCounter essential? When you start your online business, you need to see if your website improves over time. If not, understanding the real number of visitors can help you see what goes wrong and come up with possible solutions. What’s more, it tracks paid traffic and points out click frauds.

This plugin also notifies you through email or phone number when an individual revisits your page. Seeing repeat visitors helps you see which would be the next target market for your email marketing or other online strategies. Overall, this item should be on your website.

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7. SRS Simple Hits Counter

Minimalist WordPress Visitor Counter Plugin

This plugin is simple, with terrific features. It has a minimalist design that can run smoothly on your website. It automatically counts the number of your daily visitors, and you can display it using a widget or shortcodes. You also have the option to show both of these two on your page. Another thing, if you are not yet enabling the widgets, the plugin continues to counter the exact number of your users.

Using this, you can reset the counter anytime you want. Moreover, displaying the widgets or shortcodes anywhere on your website is possible. It comes with a monthly and weekly graph for live updates. Just edit it on the settings menu, and you are ready to go. The shortcode for unique visitors is [srs_total_visitors], and [srs_total_pageViews] for page views.

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The Final Takeaways

These WordPress Visitor Counter Plugins add to your website’s credibility. It also allows you to see the visitors’ updates that would give you better ideas on how to improve your online presence. Most of the items above are free, but you can see its full potential with the Premium version. Nonetheless, the plugins show amazing functionalities.

If you have an online business, you can use the Counter live visitors for WooComerce to keep track of your product’s visitors. Counting the views brings more curiosity to your target market’s mind. On the other hand, if you want simple and necessary plugins, you can opt with The Visitor Counter Plugin, Live Visitor Counter, and others.

The choices for advanced functionalities are WPS Visitor Counter Plugin, Advanced Page Visit Counter, and more. These plugins allow you to save money and improve your website’s performance. The irony of having these visitor counters is that it adds more visitors when they see a lot of individuals getting crazy over your website’s page.

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