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17 Best Premium Dating Website Templates To Match Hearts

17 Best Premium Dating Website Templates To Match Hearts

February the month of love, right? You can see lots of deals and targeted ads in your social media accounts to help you buy the best gift for your loved one. In Colorlib we have also wanted to join the mood of love, but in our way with the templates and the themes. In this list, we have listed both the free dating website templates and premium dating website templates. So you have enough options to choose the best template for your wedding site or for your dating site.

The important things you have to note in dating website templates are whether it is mobile responsive since dating sites are the one which receives lots of traffic from mobile. So making your website mobile responsive is a must if you don’t have an app for your dating service. Some of these dating website templates give you features for membership and creating community. But it is a working membership management system, you have to make these template integrate with your membership management system manually.

Premium Dating Website Templates

In the premium dating website templates, you get a more modern design with intuitive animation effects. Plus you also get lots of variations in a single template package itself. Before getting into this list, all these are HTML templates. So basically these are raw templates, not WordPress. Most of the templates uses Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 framework. These templates are well coded, so you can use this to develop your own WordPress version if you want.


Realwed is an exclusive wedding and dating website template ideal for directory types of websites exclusive for the niche. The web design of the tool is stunning, jaw-dropping and highly performing. It is one pack that includes all the necessary material and a whole bunch more for the creation of your ideal page for couples, venues and suppliers. Realwed is based on the well-liked Bootstrap 4 Framework, is W3C valid and optimized for search engines.

Moreover, the tool is also 100% responsive to make sure it takes care of all your users. That said, no matter if they visit your page using a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop, your page will display its content seamlessly at all times. In the Realwed kit, you will also find both couple and vendor dashboards, as well as grid, list and map listing.

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the vow
These days, websites about weddings are quite popular. They are simple to put together, of course, couples want to have it all documented and presented on the web for everyone to enjoy. Not only that, the industry that solely relies on weddings, brides and grooms is quite huge. That said, it is not surprising if you are thinking about building a page about the niche, for your nuptials or other whatnots yourself, too.

If that is your aim, then you need to use a good and solid wedding or dating website template. One fine option for you to take to your advantage is The VOW. Just by its name alone, you know that it really is well-suited for a website that is dedicated to wedding and other similar intentions. No need to waste any more time. Proceed with The VOW now and craft the website you were always dreaming about running.

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Wedding Agency

wedding agency
Wedding Agency is a website template that is nothing else than for agencies and wedding planners alike. With its light, bright and romantic touches, everyone visiting your page will have a fun time skimming through the content and services you offer. Whether couples or their family and friends, with Wedding Agency template for couples and weddings, you will hook everyone immediately. Besides, you can also use this tool for announcing the big day.

The amazing, responsive and cross-browser compatible Wedding Agency comes with three main demos. They are all unique and original in their own way and come with a set of fantastic features and assets. Speaking of which, some of the goodies Wedding Agency comes with are parallax effect, video blocks, carousel gallery and a full-screen banner. You better not miss this one.

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Atish and Jhoya

atish and jhoya
Are you planning to bring into being a modern, neat and tidy wedding and couples website? If that is what you are currently up to, then you should consider Atish and Jhoya. It is a highly recommended and outstanding wedding and dating website template available today.

What makes this template so unique?

Aside from the fact that it has all the elements that you would need to build a dating or wedding website, Atish and Jhoya is also put together so it can be easily customized to match what you have in mind for your website. While the template is still quite versatile and adaptive to use it for various purposes, it is most suited for showcasing couple portfolio. Atish and Jhoya has it all, six gorgeous pages, invitation section, countdown timer, RSVP page, you name it, Atish and Jhoya delivers.

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Arlin is a large, responsive, retina ready and mega optimized website template for wedding and dating use. It comes with a total of eleven pages, a working RSVP form, blog pages and a countdown timer. Of course, all the mentioned are just a few of the assets you gain access to once you unbox the lovely Arlin bundle. There is a lot more in store that you can utilize and take to your benefit for crafting the ideal website that you are after.

Other goodies are video background support, on scroll animations, amazing story timeline, gift section, Google Maps and a filterable portfolio. Wedding event section with accordions beautifully displays what will be happening during the day while the map includes links so they will find the location swiftly. No need to feel lost anymore, your page is just around the corner.

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People are using internet for all kinds of things these days. They are even usign different platforms to find love. So, if you are after cattering to the market, then you can utilize Valentina and create your own platform. It is a cool, fun and exciting dating website template that will be the best fit for Valentine’s parties and similar activities. Valentina is definitely the kind of a template that will allow you to get creative when setting up your page.

Valentina was designed and developed using the latest technologies, like HTML5 and Bootstrap and has a very modern appearance to it. All the content you find in the package is organized so you should not have any issues customizing and editing Valentina to fit your requirements. There are also a handy pop-up page for gifts and a newsletter subscription form included in the web design.

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Couple Heart

couple heart
One of the top dating website templates available today is Couple Heart. This is a versatile and customizable tool which you can use for building a broad variety of pages related to weddings. What’s really cool about the tool is the fact that it was designed in a way so even users with no coding skills can use it. Bear in mind, this definitely does not mean that by using Couple Heart template, your site will look amateur or poorly designed.

Not even close.

Couple Heart has all the web elements and predesigned material that you need to make your site look professional and advanced. With the included features, you can start modifying the existing look however you fancy. On the other hand, you can also use any of the two home page demos of Couple Heart exactly as they are, changing the content only.

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wedding responsive
If you are about to make a wedding or a dating website, you clearly have to come up with some unique ideas. The internet is getting saturated with these types of websites, so you need to make your page to stand out from the crowd. One way that you can do this is by using Wedding-Responsive template. No need to do things from scratch when templates are fully loaded with all the necessary, including an attention grabbing web design.

Wedding-Responsive scored a spot in this collection due to being one of the top in the dating website templates category. The perfect mixture of features and assets make this template one to consider. Written in clean, organized and well-documented HTML5 and CSS3 code, you will find this template to be very easy to adjust. Moreover, Wedding-Responsive also has a simple and minimal design that will smoothly alter to all your wedding and dating ideas.

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Lovely Wedding

lovely wedding
To get things going online in a unique and one-of-a-kind way and get yourself stand out a mile, your wedding page should be a killer one. No need to be wondering how you can accomplish that rather use a dating website template like Lovely Wedding. Only up-to-the-minute tools like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and jQuery were used during the development of this cutting-edge page canvas. That said, your end product will be stable and secure, working seamlessly forever.

Moreover, you can also find all sorts of cool wedding features, like countdown, couple details, love story and attractive sections for groomsmen and bridesmaids. There are fourteen layouts, two menu styles, event details, as well as full blog segment for you to keep everyone up to date with what’s happening over at your end. Do your thing with Lovely Wedding.

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Regardless of what niche you are in, building a website is not that hard in the modern era, we live in. There are tools available for everything to help you save time, effort and money. Make sure you utilize them. With the help of a wedding and dating website template, for example, you can create your page and stuff it with all the right features that you want to include. In this case, Weddy would come one of the best options you can go with.

But why is it so good?

First of all, Weddy comes with a bunch of different website layouts which all are full predesigned and ready to use. Three different home layouts will help you out to decide how you would like your page to look. Moreover, Weddy also has a number of other features, like carousel, banner slideshow, a working PHP contact form and a filterable photo gallery.

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Wedding Invitation

wedding invitation
For couples, dating, wedding purposes and other similar projects, Wedding Invitation is the solution that will serve your needs. It is a powerful wedding and dating website template with all the necessary and a ton more to choose from. For instance, just when it comes to home page designs, Wedding Invitation has more than ten at your disposal. Besides, the kit includes over twenty HTML5 pages which you can use right off the bat.

There is still a considerable amount of other traits Wedding Invitation brings to the table. Five preset color schemes, dark layout, RSVP form, Revolution Slider, parallax background and more. Other than that, Wedding Invitation is also responsive, mobile and retina ready, in tune with all modern web browsers and fully modifiable. And like that would not be enough, the extended documentation will help you out on your journey to a successful website launch.

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Weddlist is something a little different compared to what you are seeing in this collection of the best dating website templates. It is a tool exclusive for constructing a wedding vendor directory for suppliers and couples. This fantastic web scheme contains a full set of 35 HTML pages of which two are enticing home layouts. You can implement the included Revolution Slider and craft interest sparking slideshow to hook every visitor in an instant.

Other valuable assets of Weddlist are row and map listing, couple dashboard, budget calculator, parallax effect and testimonials slider to name a few. Weddlist is based on Bootstrap to ensure flexibility and smooth working no matter what device they use to browse your page. Even when it comes to different web browsers, Weddlist acclimatizes to all of them instantly.

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cupid love dating website html template

Cupid Love is the freshest and new dating website template on this list. This template uses modern design layout and trendy web elements to match the love feel visually for the current generation. With this template bundle, you get three homepage versions and plenty of inner pages pre-designed for you. So you will never need to worry about adding a new page to your HTML website, you can simply select from any of the available page templates.

All the three homepage variations use full-width design layout. So you have plenty of screen space to elegantly display your website. Each segment in the homepage are separated neatly with colorful web elements. On the grayish background, the images and the texts are clearly visible in both the small screen devices and the bigger screen monitors.

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The Wedding Date

the wedding date responsive template

The Wedding Date is another modern website template with full of pleasant modern colors. With this template, you get five demo variations, but all the five follows similar design layout and as well content structure too. Where the demo variations differ is the welcome banner. If you are searching for a personal site then the image slider version will be great, for event organizing website the more generic single image will do.

Apart from the design, this template’s visual effects are cool and interactive. The scroll effects are really done with great care so that even if you move up the scroll effects work. In most of the template, the scroll effects are unidirectional, of course mainly for the down scroll. Like in the event website templates you have the option to let the user reserve.

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Sweet Love

sweet love

Sweet love is a bold website template. With the big bold letters and huge content blocks, it is easy to read the website. In fact, the user can clearly see the website texts even when they are two feets away from the desktop. The full-width design layout is smartly managed with the big web elements. The clean white background adds richness to the web elements. It is a multi-page website template, so you have all the basic page pre-designed for you.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. All these modern frameworks made this template work perfectly in any device i.e., the template is mobile responsive. The Sweet love template is also tuned properly to make the template perform well in any type of browsers and platforms.

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Sweet Date

sweet date

The Sweet date is a simple yet attractive modern dating website template. This is also a full-width design layout website, but this template smartly uses rich images to fill the screen spaces. The casual fonts and the modern design layout make this template an easy choice for casual websites like the dating site. The major color scheme of the template is red, which looks great on the clean white background. To give users a distraction free web experience this template uses the hamburger style navigation menu to the right. It is a multi-page template, so you get all the basic page like services, about us, contact and blog pages designed for you.

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Meet Big

meet big

Meet Big is an interactive website template. The uniqueness of this template, it is perfectly optimized for the mobile devices. So this template can act as a perfect alternative for the mobile dating app. The homepage contains only important info, so it is not a long homepage as you have seen in many templates in this list.

In the homepage, you have sections like social media login options, latest profiles, and features members image. This template also uses hamburger style navigation menu option. It is a multi-page template so you get the basic page like contact, about, and account registration pre-designed. The template uses modern HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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These are some of the best free and premium dating website templates you can make use of for your site. In the premium templates, you get plenty of useful features and modern web design that meets the current web design trend. On the other hand in the free template, you get only limited features. Few of the templates have modern designs that are in trend now, and few follow a most generic style without any special features. However the choices are open, it is up to you to decide which template best meets your needs.

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