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21 Best Free & Premium Dating Website Templates To Match Hearts

21 Best Free & Premium Dating Website Templates To Match Hearts

February the month of love, right? You can see lots of deals and targeted ads in your social media accounts to help you buy a best gift for your loved one. In Colorlib we have also wanted to join the mood of love, but in our way with the templates and the themes. In this list, we have listed both the free dating website templates and premium dating website templates. So you have enough options to choose the best template for your wedding site or for your dating site.

The important things you have to note in dating website templates are whether it is mobile responsive since dating sites are the one which receives lots of traffic from mobile. So making your website mobile responsive is a must if you don’t have an app for your dating service. Some of these dating website templates give you features for membership and creating community. But it is a working membership management system, you have to make these template integrate with your membership management system manually.
Premium Dating Website Templates

In the premium dating website templates, you get a more modern design with intuitive animation effects. Plus you also get lots of variations in a single template package itself. Before getting into this list, all these are HTML templates. So basically these are raw templates, not WordPress. Most of the templates uses Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 framework. These templates are well coded, so you can use this to develop your own WordPress version if you want.



Cupid Love is the freshest and new dating website template on this list. This template uses modern design layout and trendy web elements to match the love feel visually for the current generation. With this template bundle, you get three homepage versions and plenty of inner pages pre-designed for you. So you will never need to worry about adding a new page to your HTML website, you can simply select from any of the available page templates.

All the three homepage variations use full-width design layout. So you have plenty of screen space to elegantly display your website. Each segment in the homepage are separated neatly with colorful web elements. On the grayish background, the images and the texts are clearly visible in both the small screen devices and the bigger screen monitors.

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Glanz is one of the famous dating website templates as well as a wedding site template. It is the most interactive website template on this list. With the modern design and subtle animation effects, it encourages the user to keep on scrolling your pages till the end. Not only with the visual effects, this template is also done a great work with the design. You can name any of the modern web elements like parallax effects, trendy fonts, animated web elements and be it be any other element, this template has all for you.

With this template, you get more than fifteen demo variations all related to related to wedding and dating. So it is a complete package and value for your money. The interesting web element in this template is, near the back to top arrow you have a music icon, which you can use to add your personal favorite love beats. I don’t know how this music website template element will be useful in a dating website. But it is there, you can use it if you want.

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VerDate is a perfect online dating website template. It has all the features and the options you might expect in a dating website template. With the long homepage design, you have enough space to describe your website and your services. The logical design of the template helps the user to get a good understanding of your site in a glance.

This template is a well multimedia supportive website template. Which not only gave you enough space to add images but also help you add videos to the template easily. It is a multi-page website template, which includes all the necessary pages and features to run your website as a community site. With this templates default feature, you can set up a social media like online dating website easily.

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The Wedding Date


The Wedding Date is another modern website template with full of pleasant modern colors. With this template, you get five demo variations, but all the five follows similar design layout and as well content structure too. Where the demo variations differ is the welcome banner. If you are searching for a personal site then the image slider version will be great, for event organizing website the more generic single image will do.

Apart from the design, this template’s visual effects are cool and interactive. The scroll effects are really done with great care so that even if you move up the scroll effects work. In most of the template, the scroll effects are unidirectional, of course mainly for the down scroll. Like in the event website templates you have the option to let the user reserve.

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Sweet Love


Sweet love is a bold website template. With the big bold letters and huge content blocks, it is easy to read the website. In fact, the user can clearly see the website texts even when they are two feets away from the desktop. The full-width design layout is smartly managed with the big web elements. The clean white background adds richness to the web elements. It is a multi-page website template, so you have all the basic page pre-designed for you.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. All these modern frameworks made this template work perfectly in any device i.e., the template is mobile responsive. The Sweet love template is also tuned properly to make the template perform well in any type of browsers and platforms.

More info / Download Demo

Sweet Date


The Sweet date is a simple yet attractive modern dating website template. This is also a full-width design layout website, but this template smartly uses rich images to fill the screen spaces. The casual fonts and the modern design layout make this template an easy choice for casual websites like the dating site. The major color scheme of the template is red, which looks great on the clean white background. To give users a distraction free web experience this template uses the hamburger style navigation menu to the right. It is a multi-page template, so you get all the basic page like services, about us, contact and blog pages designed for you.

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Meet Big


Meet Big is an interactive website template. The uniqueness of this template, it is perfectly optimized for the mobile devices. So this template can act as a perfect alternative for the mobile dating app. The homepage contains only important info, so it is not a long homepage as you have seen in many templates in this list.

In the homepage, you have sections like social media login options, latest profiles, and features members image. This template also uses hamburger style navigation menu option. It is a multi-page template so you get the basic page like contact, about, and account registration pre-designed. The template uses modern HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Best Day


Best day is a full page website template. This template is packed with four demo variations, but most of them follow same design layout with slight variations. In the header section, you have a big hero image with a glittery animation to give a lively feel. The scroll effects are also great. With this template, you get features like an interactive slide, hover effects, elegantly designed reservation form, and social media profile links.

More info / Download Demo



The Wedding is an album style full-page website template that you might have seen some photography website template. This template is also like the wedding date website template, which uses bidirectional scroll interface. Since wedding is the main theme of this template you get all the web elements used for the wedding related functionalities. But these features and the web elements can also be used for the dating website templates as well.

The Wedding template is bundled with more than ten demo variations. All the templates almost follow similar website design only where the templates differ is at the visual effects. Each template uses different elements like flowers and particles for animation, to give a lively feel to the template. Other best thing about this template is, it has a separate shop page demo, so if you have any idea about merchandises or other products on your dating site, this would help you.

More info / Download Demo



iLove is the best template for both the dating websites and the wedding websites. It is a perfect blend, the smart design of this template make its web elements useful for both type of websites. This template includes two main versions, one for a wedding event and other for the dating. Both the variations follow different design layout and content alignment. The two template variations follow full-width design layout with interactive scroll effect. The only downside of the iLove template is, it is a one-page template. For dating service, one-page template may not be a better option. You need to get some help you customize and extra pages to the website. But for personal use and even organizing, this template is perfectly ready to use as it is.

More info / Download Demo



Belle is an interactive one-page website template. If you are running a dating service and want to showcase your services, then you can use this template. But if you are purely focusing on online dating with user login features, then you won’t find this template that much useful.

In the header section, you have a big static hero image with casual font texts. Other useful elements you get with this template are animated counters, accordions, gallery section and custom icons. This well coded website template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is also a flexible website template which gives you the option to change the color of the template.

More info / Download Demo



Luv is a classy looking website template. With the grey color scheme, the template clearly shows the images and the texts elegantly to the users. The flexible website template also provides you the option to change the color scheme of the template. Speaking of the color scheme, this template does not give you an unlimited color option, you have to choose within the four given color options. Again this a single page website template, in which you can showcase your services. Other features you get with this template are parallax effects, neat visual effects, and an interactive map option to help the user reach you easily.

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Free Dating Website Templates

The below mentioned website templates are free. The major benefit of choosing a free template is it is economical. But you have to be very clear with your website needs before choosing a free template. Because you won’t get any support form the template developer if you need to make any customizations. So try to choose a template that closely meets your needs.



Conjugality is a premium feel free dating website template. It is primarily a wedding website template, but the flexible design layout can be used for the dating website templates as well. Again it is a one-page template, so you can showcase your services to users. You cannot run a complete online dating service website with this template.

Coming to the design part, this template is designed neatly so that you will never feel this as a free template. The hover effects and other visual effects on the template is also done neatly to make the website look professional. With this one-page template, you get sections like about, planner, gallery and contact.

More info / Download Demo

Wedding Plan


The Wedding is a professional looking website template. With the usual design layout, you see on many websites. In the header, you have a static image with a text rotator. In the text rotator, you have ample amount of space to give an attractive intro about your site. This template includes both long homepage and multi-pages, so you have plenty of space for your dating website. Other useful features you get with this template are custom icons, separate gallery page, and blog page. This template does not include member login features or user managing features. So if you like this free template, you yourself have to make the customization to include membership managing features.

More info / Download Demo



Nuptials is a clan and minimal looking website template. With the flashy animation effects this template bit old dated, but the design wise this template meet the present-day user needs. Another thing to note in this template is, it is a one-page template. So if you are looking for a multi-page website template to provide your dating services, then it is better to skip this one. For simple dating service websites, this one-page template will do its job perfectly.

More info / Download Demo



Blissful is a full-width design layout template with modern web elements and casual fonts. With the big sections and smart content holders, this template handles both the images and the texts effectively. Since it is a one-page template you get a long homepage which includes important sections like about, services, gallery and contact. Other useful features you get with this template is custom icons, neat visual effects, an interactive map and a neatly designed contact form.

More info / Download Demo

Elite Match


The Elite match is a modern website template which is designed particularly for the dating and matchmaking services. So you get all the features needed for a dating site. The interactive design of the homepage page manages to give a strong first impression to the new users. With the long homepage, you get plenty of space to give an overview of all your services.

In the header section, you have a static image with a text rotator. The transition effects in the text rotator are subtle and well timed, so the user can read the texts easily. At the top right corner, you have the login and signup options. But you don’t get a separate user profile page or dashboard with this template. With the clean white and dark background, the images and the texts are legible and easy to read.

More info / Download Demo

Best Day


Best Day is a clean looking modern website template. With its lovely design and neat cursive fonts, this template gives a warm welcome to the visitors. Not only with the design, this template is also filled with useful features. With this template, you get features like search options, testimonial, program schedule section, neat animation effects and elegantly designed contact form. This template is primarily designed for a wedding but the design layout of this template can handle the dating sites also well.

More info / Download Demo

Event Venue


Event Venue is a traditional looking professional website template. With the modern design layout and neat animation effects, this template manages to meet the modern website template needs. In the header section, you have a text slider and a static image to welcome the visitors. This template does not include a long homepage, it is just of normal length which can easily hold all the major sections. Since it is a multi-page template you need not worry about the normal sized homepage. Other useful features you get with this template are parallax effects, custom icons, and neat visual effects.

More info / Download Demo

Wedding Venue


Wedding Venue is also similar to the Event venue template, which is basically design for the wedding event planners. But the website design layout and the features can also fit well with the dating website also. This is a brand focussed website template, as soon as the users get into your site, the first thing they note is your logo. A huge space is given in the header section to add your bigger version of your logo. This template also has a normal sized homepage, so make sure you only add your unique features on the homepage. Other pages you get with this multi-page template are about, gallery and contact.

More info / Download Demo

Wedding Proposer


Wedding Proposer is a full-width design layout website template. With small animation effects here and there on the site, this template manages to get the user attention easily. The visual effects on this template are done carefully so that it meets the standards of the premium template. It is a multi-page template, so you get all the basic page pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to add your content and start your website.

More info / Download Demo

These are some of the best free and premium dating website templates you can make use of for your site. In the premium templates, you get plenty of useful features and modern web design that meets the current web design trend. On the other hand in the free template, you get only limited features. Few of the templates have modern designs that are in trend now, and few follow a most generic style without any special features. However the choices are open, it is up to you to decide which template best meets your needs.

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