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21 Best Food Website Templates That Satisfy All Food Lovers 2018

21 Best Food Website Templates That Satisfy All Food Lovers 2018

The need for a website is raising in all business domains. Restaurants and other food business are one of the top competitive business in the world. To stay in business, it is essential to remain updated and use latest trends.

Following are the best food website templates in HTML and WordPress. The benefit of using a WordPress template is you can add food delivery service to your theme. Always try to choose mobile friendly responsive website template for your site. Most of the food website templates mentioned here are mobile responsive.

HTML Food Website Templates

Premium HTML food website template gives you an advanced option for template customization, and you also get prioritized support from the template authors. In the free food website template, you only get limited options. If you are on a budget, you can go for free templates. Most of the food website templates listed use HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.


freshia food website template
Are you tired of worn out ideas and website designs? Do you need something freshly prepared and uniquely tailored for you? Then try Freshia, a food website template that is guaranteed to be reliable with its fully responsive layout. This template is ideal for nearly any type of food-related eCommerce page but versatile enough to fit other niches as well. It has a clean and tidy look, yet still maintaining originality and systemizing. New to the market, it has been showing a lot of promise with its excellent features and there are even more to come in the future.

In the kit, Freshia includes three different demos, mega and sticky menus, unlimited colors, cool animations and product carousel slider. Easy documentation and customer support are also available to every Freshia user for smoother website creation.

More info / Download Demo


organive food website template
With Organive, you can very quickly and expertly craft the required online food store, as well as a blog. You can combine the two or make two separate pages for two entirely different projects within the niche. Organive comes with more than thirty HTML files, all pre-made and ready for you to utilize and take to your advantage. The web design is contemporary and simple to skim through so the end user can quickly find the content they are after.

Six beautiful home page designs hit you with all their glory. Go with the one that suits your needs best and start the journey strong. No need to do much work to have a solid web space complete in as little time as possible. Organive is also Bootstrap based for flexibility, retina ready and compatible with modern web browsers. Other traits are Revolution Slider, smooth CSS3 animations, a functional contact form and Google Maps.

More info / Download Demo

Restaurant Chef

restaurant food website template
Class and elegance provide an inviting ambiance that any diner must experience for those involved to come back for more. Get a kickstart by choosing Restaurant Chef appetizing web design and take them on a journey through your food delicacies starting online. This food website template is the ultimate culinary tool for virtually any restaurant or other food business that needs a proper web space. With many orders being processed online, customers will see your website more often and that is why it has to be even more appealing.

Competition is cutthroat in the food industry and by trying Restaurant Chef template, your restaurant will surely stay as the cream of the crop for a very long time. Restaurant Chef is also SEO ready, has a tempting parallax effect, food menu, Google Maps and newsletter subscription form.

More info / Download Demo

Pizza Cafe

pizza cafe food website template
For a pizza place, cafe or restaurant, Pizza Cafe is an all-around food website template that will do you well. The tool is packed with numerous goodies that will serve you and your business right. It will grab everyone’s attention and make them hungry for more. Before they know it, they are already booking a table over at your place or even ordering food delivery straight to their place. Regardless of what your business is based on, Pizza Cafe handles it with ease.

Six super customizable index page designs are at your service to utilize them however you see them fit best. Moreover, Pizza Cafe has three food menus, three different blog styles, three contact pages and two original about sections. The template also supports full-screen gallery slider and testimonials section.

More info / Download Demo

Steak In

steak in food website template
Sumptuous food will always win you customers, but how do you go after attracting new ones? You need a page that is delicious to the eyes. Steak In is a food website template that provides a complete package when it comes to design and optimization. It is, indeed, rare to see templates that are well-done to meet high standards. Still, we managed to compile only the top-notch items, so you do not need to look elsewhere for other website canvases.

Steak In blends well with restaurants, coffee shops, pizzerias or simply any other food-based business. Steak In is powered by Bootstrap and all the latest web and tech trends. It has a great attention to details, offers flexibility and solid performance. Steak In delivers a super professional look with a clean and modern layout that works smoothly on all devices.

More info / Download Demo


restaura food website template
With Restaura, you can create all sorts of different pages that are perfectly suitable for the food industry. That said, whether you are a restaurant owner or a freelancer helping others craft their ideal web spaces, Restaura is a fantastic solution for you. With its thirteen predefined homes, you have loads of different options and possibilities to construct the perfect online presence to spark the interest of even more potential customers and grow your business.

Moreover, Restaura has eleven inner pages for just about every section of your website. Nope, there is no need for you to do anything on your own. Just go with what is at your disposal and you are ready to roll. Other features of Restaura are responsive and cross-browser compatible design, modular code, eight color presets and engaging CSS3 animations.

More info / Download Demo


granny food website template
Elevate your concepts and dive into unlimited design options, buffet style. Granny will surely satisfy your needs but most importantly, your customers’. It is a food website template that comes with everything you need to create and manage a stunning restaurant website. Menu management, blogging, active contact and online reservation forms are just some of the great assets Granny brings to the table. In one kit, there is all you need for a successful launch of your site.

Granny is also packed with user-friendly starter tools to conceptualize and update your own menus quickly and easily. It is a large template with over sixteen home page variations to choose from, each unique, modern and nifty. Loads of different pre-set menu layouts, Revolution Slider and simple to modify it to mix and match it to your heart’s desire. You can also start a blog for your articles to effectively market your business.

More info / Download Demo


luxury food website template
No need to look further if you would like to luxuriate all your visitors and returning customers with something out of this world. Luxury is a food website template with an awe-inspiring dark and innovative layout that will fire up everyone’s curiosity and make them intrigued to learn more about your space. Best for restaurants, Luxury can also fit other food-related businesses that are in desperate need of finding the best solution for their internet presence.

Luxury has a one-page website layout with a full-screen parallax look and a one-of-a-kind structure. While keeping things super simple and to the point, Luxury provides just the right amount of space to display only the needed information about your company. That said, avoid overwhelming visitors with too much content rather put front and center only the must-haves.

More info / Download Demo


star food website template
Are you ready to spread the word about your dishes, even across the heavens? This might sound too good to be true but with Star, you can achieve the impossible. This food website template offers premium HTML5 mobile features which are responsive in its entirety. Star is based on Bootstrap Framework to provide flexibility and seamless experience no matter where your users come from. The design of Star is very clean, just like the code is neat and easy to customize.

With home pages exclusively designed for restaurants, bakeries, pizza shops and fast foods, you are assured that your website will not look out of place at all. Star is fully optimized for fantastic performance to always makes sure your pages work butter smoothly. On top of that, the user-friendliness of Star ensures anyone to start their own site in minutes time.

More info / Download Demo

Spice ‘n’ Steam

spice n steam food website template
Whether you run a food, drinks, restaurant, cafe, bar or any other business that has something to do with the food industry, Spice ‘n’ Steam is what you need to investigate further. It is a professional, clean and smooth food website template that will take care of your web presence and help you boost your business through the roof. You do not even need to hammer out any designs or special tricks yourself since Spice ‘n’ Steam has it all at your service.

The Spice ‘n’ Steam package contains over 25 pages, twelve colors and loads of other goodies, like headers, menus, grid and list shop views and more. Spice ‘n’ Steam is search engine optimized, supports video background, comes with an active PHP booking form and has three stylish contact pages. Bring your business online today with Spice ‘n’ Steam.

More info / Download Demo


aahar food website template
Do you want a look that is festive, yet not too heavy on the eye? The Aahar template will cater to your needs perfectly then. Aahar is a food website template designed and developed for anyone in the food delivery service business, especially banquet halls and catering companies. Even if you would like to go slightly against the norm, you can do that easily, too, with Aahar due to its versatility and simplicity.

Aahar has a clean, nifty and adjustable design with over nineteen HTML pages of which four are home and six blog pages. Of course, Aahar is a fully responsive template optimized for all devices and popular web browsers. Get creative, enrich the tool with your individual touches and make your website stand out a mile without breaking a single drop of sweat.

More info / Download Demo


difood food website template
If you would like something a little different and attractive to the eye, DiFood is probably the one food website template you should look into first. It has a stunning web design that will definitely appeal to a wide audience and get them intrigued. With two different homes, one for a restaurant and the other for a cafe, DiFood gives you two stylish and fully customizable options to sort out your web location in full.

But that is just the beginning.

DiFood has two styles of menus, three headers, allows you to change color and has fully working order, callback and reservation forms. It is responsive, retina ready, has three varying navigations and a filterable gallery. Other assets are testimonials slider, blog, newsletter subscription, as well as Google Maps and Google Street View.

More info / Download Demo


foody food website template
Every restaurant business wants concrete results to their websites as this is their portfolio for the whole world to see. With Foody, you will get that assurance for sure. It is a food website template with a cool and up-to-the-minute design, as well as vintage ones that make it look timeless and engaging. There are four different homes at your disposal and ready for you to utilize right off the bat. The four alone are more than enough to find the right face for your food business.

Foody is truly responsive and highly compatible to fit many browsers and even accessible with all mobile devices. It has 1170px grid system which ensures that resolutions are always crisp, clear and high-standard. With eye-catching typography and a ton of free fonts, you can create a fantastic experience for all your fresh and loyal customers.

More info / Download Demo


teaser food website template
Teaser is something a little different compared to what you are used to seeing in this collection of the best food website templates. It is a multi-purpose landing page tool which you can use to push all sorts of different products, including foods and drinks. Teaser comes with four landing pages which you can use as they are or improve them per your or your client’s request. After all, all four are entirely modifiable to give you the freedom you deserve.

With Teaser, you can create 100% responsive and mobile-ready product landers to attract a horde of new clients and scale your business above and beyond. The layout is pixel perfect and in tune with all modern web browsers for an always smooth browsing experience. And if you need any additional support, in-depth documentation will come super handy.

More info / Download Demo

Khadok Restaurant

khadok restaurant food website template
The name Khadok may sound exotic and it definitely is in a good way. Khadok is a food website template with a clean and minimal style suitable for any restaurant, cafe or bar business. You can easily tailor the web design of this remarkable tool to your need and make it display your content in an original and distinguishing way. Moreover, regardless of the final look of your page, it will look attractive on all devices, as well as browsers.

Khadok comes with 26 unique pages and a mega menu with multi-column, too. In the bundle of predefined pages, you will find three homes and three single-page layouts. All the material that Khadok delivers is of 5-star quality with unlimited color options to please even the most meticulous clients. It also has Google Web Fonts and Font Awesome icons for an added touch and simple personalization.

Treat your customers like royalty with Khadok’s included reservation feature and get them to book their table straight from your page. Even more goodies are in store for you so make sure you use Khadok to its full potential.

More info / Download Demo


monde food website template
While your physical location might already be of the highest quality, you better make sure that your online presence is at the same level of professionalism as well. To easily achieve that, look into Monde food website template. The tool is packed full of goodies and impressive features that make sure your outcome is advanced and first-class. Monde even has five ready-to-use index pages which all are original and sophisticated.

In the kit of 23 HTML files, you will find all and everything that you need to complete your website ASAP. Bear in mind, you do not need to hire someone to do it for you since Monde is super simple to use and effortless to adjust. Make it follow your branding and enrich Monde with your personal touch. For your information, Monde also includes 24 PSD files for your convenience.

More info / Download Demo

La Boom

la boom food website template
Zoom your sale with just one click and make their hearts go boom with La Boom. This food website template’s versatility is remarkably supreme, being a mega food and beverages HTML template for all sorts of food businesses. Speaking of which, La Boom works with restaurants, wineries, coffee shops, organic places and nearly any other similar business. You can use La Boom to introduce your restaurant, team, services, as well as to showcase images of your specialties.

With the five stylish homes alone and other internal pages and blocks, you will quickly find the right combination for your comprehensive online appearance. You can also write blog articles to add more information about your products and services, as well as for content marketing. Besides, La Boom is fully convertible to nearly any CMS platform you would like like to use. La Boom is responsive and modifiable with all elements and sections perfectly organized.

More info / Download Demo

La Carte

la carte food website template
Realize your dream website with La Carte food website template and have a web space all sorted out once and for all. No need to be doing all the hard work yourself and spend countless hours refining your web design. With La Carte, all the major work is done for you. All there is you need to do is to put the predesigned material and all the spectacular features and assets to use. Little do you know, just short moments later and you can have a fully active page ready to go live.

La Carte has three different color schemes which are at the same time three different demos, one for restaurant, one for cakes shop and the third one for pizzerias. The tool is Bootstrap based and enhanced with all the latest technologies for excellent performance across all platforms. CSS animations, working contact form and on scroll content load are a few of the extra condiments of La Carte.

More info / Download Demo

Deep Soul

deep soul food website template
A good website must be able to communicate with customers as if it has its own consciousness. This is what Deep Soul is extremely good at. It is a food website template with a creative, stylish and functional design the is easily readable and finely structured. Deep Soul is a tool that is best for blogs and online shops or a mixture of both that can relate instantly to potential clients. It comes with six different interface styles which all are absolutely phenomenal.

Deep Soul takes pride in its blog pages which include powerful features to share not only your posts but to sell your products or services online. Some of the assets are mega drop-down menu with different slide transitions, AJAX live search, various header styles and full-width Instagram feed.

More info / Download Demo


restora food website template
Modernistic, sophisticated and clean, that’s what Restora is all about. It is a food website template with 22 organized HTML5 files, five home pages and one single-page layout. Restora also supports video background and allows you to choose between boxed or wide layouts. On top of that, the tool is entirely customizable for you to alter it to your regulations and make it follow your food-based business’ branding. Do not hesitate and enhance it with you creative tweaks at free will.

Showcasing content and all your food and drink creations with Restora is fun and exciting. With Restora, you can also fully sort out online ordering and allow those interested to dine over at your place to make a reservation using the integrated form with date picker. Different color options, three food menus, detailed documentation and customer support are all part of the Restora kit.

More info / Download Demo

The Zayka

the zayka food website template
The Zayka is a multipurpose restaurant, cafe and food website template. The page loader animation effect itself will get one’s attention easily. You get five types of web page template variants with this premium food website template.

All the five pages are clean and professional looking. Each web page template is designed for various purposes. Based on your needs you can quickly select one. Trendy icons, colors, and fonts are used in this template.

Since Zayka is a premium website template you get unlimited customization options and premium support. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is mobile responsive and supports all types of browsers.

More info / Download Demo

What’s Your Favorite Template

Both HTML and WordPress food website templates does their job perfectly. Since all the templates mentioned in this template are premium, you get unlimited customization options and premium support from the theme authors.

If you have the budget, it is wise to go for premium templates. If you are on tight budget or just starting your first website, it is wise to go to free website template first. After you get familiar with your site needs, you can opt for a premium version.

You can use these food website templates for both professional restaurant & food business websites and also for the food blogs. What’s your favorite food website template? Let us know in the comment section.

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