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31 Free Simple Website Templates For Clean Sites Using HTML & CSS 2018

31 Free Simple Website Templates For Clean Sites Using HTML & CSS 2018

Whoever is looking for a quick start of his online project, these free simple HTML templates are the perfect tool to start with. No need to look further if the minimalist look is what you are after. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the way to go. No clutter, no distractions. Just straight forward incredible content which helps you attract new visitors to your site. In case you plan to promote your work and services, this is a perfect method for scaling up your business. An online presence built to perfection.

The fantastic collection of free HTML templates speed up your web design procedure and ensure excellent results. With a ready-to-use website template, you can have a fully functional website ready quickly. And even if you are a newbie, you can still achieve the same levels of professionalism. However, having the pure basics of HTML and CSS comes very helpful.

Modern web design tends to be clean and minimal. While all the fancy stuff might look cool, it does not have the best impact on the overall user experience. Plus, it might be that it causes your website to load slow. In this day and age, when folks use their mobile phones to browse the web, they leave early if the website does not load correctly. Don’t be a site owner who is losing traffic and potential business due to the slow load times. Enjoy and benefit from our best free simple HTML templates for crafting polished websites.

“Simplicity is the glory of expression.”- Walt Whitman


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Dup is a simple and stylish website template which brings a ton of joy to building your first or thirteenth website. No matter how many you create, Dup will never cost you a dime. It is a free simple website template which you can use for all sorts of intentions. However, it is best suited for digital agencies and small businesses. But you will not face any issues if you plan to use it for a personal website. It is all possible with a beautiful theme like Dup is.

A one-page template where you will find all the necessities to present business in the shiniest light. Make sure your online presence is not lacking quality, ever. That is something you do not have to worry when building and designing with Dup. But there is not much of the latter needed. Dup is a gorgeous tool that will help you skip doing it all from scratch. Let Dup share your achievements, your services, a video presentation and your portfolio with a cool slider. For those willing to stay in touch, the template also comes with an eye-catching subscription box. Moreover, if you are actively engaging on Instagram, make sure to connect your Insta feed with Dup, too.

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Although it was built with simplicity in mind, Boxus is one of the most unique website templates you have seen so far. You will not be able to stop scrolling up and down the preview page. Why? The way how the menu moves with your scrolling and how it highlights each section is superb. It truly is very innovative. And maybe it is all due to this outstanding feature why you will pick Boxus template for your website. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then Boxus is definitely the way to go. Hey, it is free after all. All it takes is your time and effort to put things in order and set it live on the web.

With Boxus, you are able to promote your skills and expertness, showcase your portfolio and tell more about your company. Integrated into the template is also a fully workable blog and contact form. The former will help you share your story and write about news and other whatnots. With contact form and Google Maps, you can get those interested in your industry to get in touch with you straight away. Let the bright colors and experimental web design bring your business to an entirely different level.

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If you are thinking about the sport, nope, that is not what this Bobsled is all about. It also does not necessarily need to be for something to do with bobsled in the online space. But use your imagination and make Bobsled work for you. Anyhow, to finally get to the point, Bobsled is a free and minimal website template perfect for creating landing pages and one-page websites. From startups, creative individuals to all sorts of other firms and companies, Bobsled is here to treat you right.

The simplicity of the template plays a big part in achieving success with your page. No clutter and not too much animations and special effects is definitely a good path to take. Especially when you are starting out. If you do not know what would work best for your site, just go with something simple and clean and you are good to go.

Bobsled, along with all the required goodies, also comes with a working PHP contact form. You do not need come up with your own design, you do not have to build the contact form and on top of that, Bobsled is free. What else do you need?

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To test the waters and see how far you can come with a proper website, free Glint template will help you create one. There is no need to pay a premium price when amazing free tools are available with which you can achieve expert levels, too. Although the footer credits will reveal it, no one will notice your page was built using a free template upon the site load. They will be inspired by the relatively plain design but still with just the right amount of life to it. Speaking of which, animations are present throughout the whole website for some additional entertainment.

Glint offers you to display stats in a lovely animation and so do other section appear smoothly on the scroll. An elegant portfolio section advertises your work with hover effect and opens images in a popup. You can then click back and forth to check other work or exit by clicking anywhere on or outside the image. Display the clients you have worked with, share customer testimonials and connect your page with social media accounts. Regarding visitors getting in touch with you, Glint’s working contact form will take care of them.

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Boldness and brightness are a big part of the Dinomuz free template design. You get hit with beaming colors and crisp clean layout which comes ideal for forging the most creative websites. Take advantage of each sector of the template and get the most out of it. From the nice introduction section to services and works, Dinomuz attracts the visitor in a pleasant way. There is no need to be scrolling to find what the company is all about. With Dinomuz, you can have your website get the guests familiar with what you do straight away. All the rest comes as a pleasant addition that will help you convince visitors to pick you over the competition.

Share your story and get on a personal level with everyone interested in your services. Show that you care and put extra effort into each and every project you successfully finish. Use Dinomuz free creative business template to bring your website to the top of the list of the best businesses in your industry. It will help you show your professionalism and expertness. Isn’t that something you strive towards?

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Go Crepe

It sounds so tasty and delicious, yet the only thing you can feed with Go Crepe are your hungry eyes. It is a simple, creative and free website template to cover all your artistic needs. At least when it comes to building a website for your online projects. You will not have any issues using Go Crepe for sites for mobile applications, search engine optimization agencies, local businesses and a whole bunch more. Perform quick few tweaks and you can have Go Crepe tailored to your needs just how you fancy it. With an interactive slider, there is no question whether or not your visitors will be intrigued by what you do. To cut a long story short, they simply will be, period.

Who would have thought that you can cover it all with one simple page? Tell what your business excels at, share your incredible works and persuade potential clients with a compelling story. Add logos of the brands you work with and place a beautiful image as a background. Plus, capture everyone’s email who is eager to get your business updates with an awesome subscription box. And you can do it all with a free and ready-to-use template that goes by the name, Go Crepe. How luscious does that sound?

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The things you can do with MobApp free mobile app website template is not solely limited to, well, mobile applications. However, hence the name, we will focus on these only. MobApp is a free and fully responsive website template for technology websites. If you are developing apps for iOS, Android, Mac and other PC software, this template is the ideal tool you need. After all, once you want to further promote your much-needed application, you need to build a website for it. Tell all about why mobile users need your app and how it will benefit them. Showcase app screenshots, tell them how it works and features pricing tables if it has premium plans available.

The simple, yet bright and vivid, free website template has all the necessary call-to-action buttons with one located in the menu section. Due to the sticky menu, users will get a chance to click the download button at any time. Or access it at the bottom and get redirected to Apple App Store or Google Play. The experience of browsing and checking different content of a website built with MobApp template will be an unforgettable one.

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Creative Agency

The name speaks for itself. Creative Agency is a free website template for everyone in the creative, digital and media fields. Building websites for agencies in the mentioned industries will be a breeze. Still, if you find the web design of Creative Agency template to your likings but you have nothing to do with creativity, feel free to use it anyway. You do not have to feel limited. You can always go against the grain and make things your way. The flexibility of Creative Agency allows you to build one-page websites for a variety of companies.

A big, full-screen photo with text and CTAs greets visitors and arouses their curiosity. It makes them scrolling to get familiar with what you do and how they can benefit from your creativity. Creative Agency has dedicated sections for portfolio, services, prices and even team members. Clean and basic blog section also comes with the template which users will be excited to read. When they know your business and talent are the one, they can get in touch with you directly from your website. Meaning, CA does not lack a 100% working contact form. All in all, Creative Agency is the free template with all the features to construct the best business page.

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Are you looking for a solution to build your online brand image others will envy? BBS is the free simple website template for small businesses and one-man-bands, too. BBS might be the abbreviation for Big Bold Succeeder, or maybe that is something I just came up with. Nevermind, what is important is the ultimate features BBS template treats you with. At some point, you will start to wonder if you are really looking at a free tool. It feels so premium. That is how BBS rolls. Free of charge, yet the characteristics are like they would be of a paid template.

To describe BBS template in the shortest way possible, it would be: Simplicity mixed with sophistication. That is exactly what you get when you download it. In the modern age we are living, the online presence of your business is highly important. Make it poor and you might not see the kind of success you would when using BBS. If your page is outdated, refresh the layout with BBS template or pick it for building your first page. Your final site will be organized and optimized to the T. Start driving in more deals and scale your company.

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Creatives and everyone that has something to do with their artistic minds, your online appearance just got sorted with Datarc. This is a full-screen template that helps you bring your work and services to the web space. Digital agencies, tech-oriented startups and pretty much any business in between can build with Datarc template. The first thing that appears in front of your eyes is a big image. That’s the feature which you can use to impress visitors. In one or two sentences share what your startup is all about and add a call-to-action button. If this gets them scrolling and checking out more about your services, you are on a good way to score yourself a new business opportunity.

Datarc template is broken down into different sections where you can add all the additional information you would like to share. Of course, services and portfolio are two of the crucial ones. Moreover, introduce your hard working team members, start a blog and provide pricing tables. They might not even need to use the fully working contact form rather pick the plan they find beneficial right away. Grow your business above and beyond and become the leader in your field.

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Ca App Landing

Mobile app developers, to showcase your work in the most refined way, Ca App Landing template is the ideal option for you. No need to do the web design from the bottom up. You already have it all available for the fastest online presentation solution possible. Before we continue, you do not have to be an app developer to use Ca App Landing. It is still quite a flexible free simple website template for various other technology sites. And the modern and colorful look will surely convince you to start downloading it without giving it a second thought. Dive in and start building the required website now.

OK, let’s briefly talk about what Ca App Landing template brings to the table. First things first, the big image of your app with a short description and a CTA. The first few seconds are of utmost importance. Further down the page, tell what is distinctive about your product and why it will help others. Does it solve a problem? Make sure you mention it. State the excellent features and implement the promotional video. Slider for screenshots, pricing plans and get-in-touch form also come part of Ca App Landing. And if you would like to link it with your social media, you can do that, too.

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Labs will make any website in any industry an outstanding one. It has all the modern elements, as well as uses all the finest technologies what makes the template flexible and looking sharp. From the header to the footer, everyone browsing your newly crafted website will have a great adventure. Labs features a big slider which is connected to three boxes which you can use to highlight your services. With just these two sections alone, you can get visitor aware of what you do and what you are the expert off. But with your site development, you do not end here. You can use the free simple website template, Labs, to go in-depth, almost on a personal level with your potential clients. Heck, why wouldn’t you want to be as personal as you can be?

Build company trust with testimonials, and let others do the talking. People like to read what others have to say about you. Some even decide whether to pick you or not solely on testimonials. Expand your three main services with a comprehensive list of features that will be hard to resist. Labs template also has a team section and a functional contact form. You will find Labs bright in colors with a great deal of features to cover many business sites.

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Photographers, you are welcome. Yaseen is a one-page black and white free HTML template for everyone which photography is his or hers passion. But you do not have to be a professional to use it. Everyone in the photosphere who wants to showcase the marvelous work can do it now and have a website setup quickly and efficiently. Even if you are taking photos as a hobby, who knows, maybe someone stumbles across your work and is so impressed by it he or she wants to do immediate business with you. A few extra $$$ never hurt anybody, right?

Yaseen template reaches your requirements and goes beyond expectations. It is all in the simple and to the point web design which helps you realize the photography website you always dreamt about. That said, start acting ASAP and little do you know, your page will be up and running in no time. Use the Yaseen template out of the box or do a tweak here and a tweak there. But for the fastest solution, bring Yaseen into play as is. As you will see from the live demo, it is very eye-catching and comes with a bunch of cool features. Two different sliders, contact form, social media icons and all the other mandatory stuff. Just the right amount of features photographers need to share their work online and bring it in front of future clients.

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There is a lot you can do with Impact and building a simple and clean website with it is one of them. In general, Impact is a free and multi-purpose template for bringing into being just about any type of website. You can choose between one- or multi-page layout and start from there. From animations to large images and plenty different sections cover all the aspects of your website. Share images of your work, testimonials, start a blog and take to your advantage the cool animations. Impact uses Bootstrap what makes it fluently adapt to any screen size instantly.

When constructing with Impact, you will first begin with the full-screen image. Sure, the menu is important just as well, but it is the large picture what everyone will see first. If you get them attracted by it, they will also check at the menu and all other parts of your page. Putting extra time into choosing the right visuals is helpful and might even make or break the business deal. The categorized portfolio is easy to navigate through your work and find the exact projects quickly. Pricing tables further vivify the whole experience but that is something you should see yourself. Little time will pass from initial set up and customization to the launch of your new website.

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bronea free simple html template
When simplicity meets beauty a stunning HTML template is born named Bronea. You can use it for a variety of different purposes like business, portfolio and personal use. Bring into being your online project once and for all and start attracting visitors and potential customers and get the business going. With a free tool, you can only test the waters or actually go serious with it and have long-term plans for your project. On the other hand, you can also use it for educational purposes. Whatever suits your needs and requirements.

The free simple HTML template, Bronea, sports a responsive layout with 4 columns. The menu at the top of the template is for awesome navigation which everyone who is visiting your website will find it super useful. It allows drop-down sections and text links, too. From then on, it is all about displaying the content, introducing yourself or your company and more. Without any fancy effects and possible distractions, everyone will have a pleasurable experience browsing your website and learning more about what you excel at. Give yourself the opportunity to represent yourself in the best possible light. Or if it is that you are building a website for a business, ensure an impressive web presence which will amaze the guests.

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gogopo free simple html template
Full layout responsiveness and other cool stuff for speeding up the process of website crafting is what you get with Gogopo free simple HTML template. No need to start from complete scratch, there is already plenty of work completed for you. If it is that you fancy the look of Gogopo, you do not have to spend much more time on the web design. Rather invest it into your expertise and promotion. Sooner rather than later, you will start seeing results in the form of website traffic what also translates to lead generation and business deals.

Whether you are a creative professional or an agency, Gogopo free website template comes equipped with the needed features. The basic and minimal look will easily grab the attention of visitors. But there is way more to it than just gaining people’s interest in your work. With a thorough and compelling representation, you will turn them into loyal clients and that is what matters most.

Start taking things into your own hands and put together the desired website. Use the gallery to display your work, add testimonials for customer trust and include social media buttons for others to easily get in touch with you.

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free simple html website template
You cannot go wrong with a template using Bootstrap Framework which calls itself Simple. For agencies, business websites, landing pages and personal use, this free simple HTML website template covers you with all the basics. Still, you get a cool feature here and there to spice up your web design with extra entertainment. One of it worth mentioning is definitely the parallax effect. Full-width images appear even prettier and might even be the focus of your page. Depending what you are constructing the website with Simple template for, use high-resolution images to persuade visitors with your amazing works.

Above the fold is a minimal menu with a large image and text which helps you create an impactful first impression. Tell more about your craft further down the page, share what you are the expert of and more. With Simple free HTML template, less is more. Let your work do the talking and promotion and keep all the rest as simple as possible. By far one of the easiest ways to grab the attention. Let everyone put their focus on your content rather than the special effects, animations and such. These can cause visitors to forget what they came to your site for in the first place.

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typify free simple html template
Simple and to the point one-page website template, Typify, is perfect for almost anything. Use it as a landing page, lead generation or other similar intentions. It sports a full-width layout what gives you a chance to feature large images on your page and big and bold fonts. You almost could not go simpler than you can go with Typify free simple HTML template. A well-defined web design with just the right amount of space and elements. Moreover, it also comes with a working contact form so you do not have to create your own one.

For everyone with a little extra coding knowledge, you can easily do customization tweaks to Typify and tailor it to your needs. However, those who are after simplicity, no need to look further, check the live preview and install the free template now. Add your texts and other content and let see the magic happen. By the way, Typify is a responsive website template so you ensure great UX for all visitors. Using smartphones, tablets and laptops all the way to large desktop screen, everyone will enjoy the plainness of your page to the fullest.

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agency free simple html template
Although the look is exceptionally plain, Agency free simple template covers all the must-haves for creating a beautiful business website. When it comes to representing yourself and your agency online, your website should focus on the large images first. A tempting portfolio gallery will do its thing taking care of your guests and making them hungry to start working with you. Second come the texts and the information about your services. Follow the saying, “a picture tells a thousand words.” That said, make sure those are of the highest class and pay attention to the detail.

For a high-standards following agency website, Agency HTML5 website template is built on Bootstrap Framework. It makes your site fully flexible and ready for every screen size to look as pretty as it can. The menu pops up beautifully and takes visitors to the desired location. Just a touch of special effect plays a useful role when offering a little extra amusement to the potential client. When executed them correctly, on scroll effect never hurt.
As far as the contact page goes, Agency comes packed with a functioning contact form and Google Maps integration. Hint: custom marker included. For a quick website solution, Agency free template has you sorted with all the needed.

Demo / Download

Pets Love

pets love free simple html template
Pet lovers, you are in for a special treat which will take care of your requirements regarding your online animal project. Let it be dogs, cats, hamsters, a mix of all, you name it, Pets Love free simple HTML template is ready for you to bring your idea online. Those super cute creatures will make your visitors go “WOW” and “OH.” Either you already are in the business, or you are just starting out, with a powerful template, you get most of the stuff pre-built and ready to use. Share your services to a wider audience, have them hooked with adorable images and cool effects.

Pets Love template was developed using Bootstrap Framework, HTML5 and CSS3 so you can use it to its full potential. Not only is it customizable, but it is also flexible, adapting to any device perfectly. It is a multi-page template with all sorts of features that you can take to your advantage. From hover animations and touching images to cross browser compatibility and custom colors and icons, Pets Love includes it all.

The process is simple: download the free template, modify it and start sharing your love for animals. You can all do it and achieve great successes with it.

More info / Download Demo


crew free simple html template
Crew is a free and fully responsive HTML5 Bootstrap template for forging business websites. With an astonishing full-width slider, you can promote your services and use it to form a top-notch first impression. Include a call-to-action and increase your business potential and scale up lead generation. Awesome on-scroll animations display different elements and content of your site in a wonderful way. Yet at the same time, the overall look of Crew template still stays as clean and as minimal as possible. In other words, simple.

A one-page HTML template which does magnificent things for your service-centered business. Tell your story, introduce your team and get visitors familiar with your services. Crew is completely free of charge, retina ready and 100% responsive. Due to its elemental features and easiness, the template is also very lightweight. Meaning, its loading speeds are lightning fast. All hail the fantastic user experience for users browsing from all types of devices.

There is also a particular sector dedicated to testimonials and press releases. Along with your work these two are almost crucial for building and growing customer trust.
By the way, 8 color presets are ready for you to put to use in case you are in a hurry but still want to distance yourself from the default color.

Demo / Download


trufit free simple html template
For a complete website redesign or for launching a sports oriented project the first time, TruFit free simple HTML template is ready to bring your idea into being. Whether you own a gym or a fitness, you are a personal trainer or even a health coach, this template has all the necessities to reach level 11 of professionalism. It will be a breeze redesigning the template to follow your expectations to a T. Designed using the latest technologies, it is a guarantee that your website will have all the key functionalities of a modern page. You surely will not lack those with TruFit template. The colors and the animations accompany the overall web design in a distinct way. Although it is relatively simple and basic, a few extras are just additional attention grabbers.

The layout of TruFit template fluently adapts to all screen sizes which you can test in a live preview. Once you start looking more into it, you will see that you are covered with just about everything. Contact form, newsletter subscription box, social icons and all other useful stuff. With the codes, you can further improve the layout and add your personal touch to it. Install the product and start shaping it.

More info / Download Demo

Nature Spa

nature spa free simple html template
Nature Spa is a free template with a clean and flat design for a variety of beauty and spa businesses. However, if you fancy the design, feel free to use the template for other purposes, too. With an appointment form above the fold, you can easily start generating more leads and grow your business above and beyond. Some users are not interested in looking around, finding where they can contact you. They do not want to waste time, but act quickly and have you booked ASAP. If you can enable them to save time and the quality of your work and services follows high-standards, they will surely come back for more. Spa and beauty industry calls for returning clients, and that is what you can easily achieve with Nature Spa free simple HTML website template.

Adjustments are allowed with the template to build it according to your business’ branding. Introduce the desired colors, upload logo and rearrange elements if needed. Contact page with integrated Google Maps is ready and so does Nature Spa come with a newsletter signup section. Built with a responsive Bootstrap grid system, mobile friendliness comes naturally. Smooth hover effect in the photo gallery is another great feature which adds up to the web design and UX.

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lhander free simple html template
Are you ready to release into the online space a simplistic and modern one-page website to promote your app or services? Lhander is a complete template for making website building fun even if you happen to be a novice. Get comfortable with it and start modifying it right off the bat. But more or less, you will not need to do much other than adding your content and you are ready for the big launch. With several features Lhander free HTML template comes with, you will unlock a whole new horizon of possibilities. But it all comes back to the basics. A clean design without too much going on is more than enough for you to experience the best results.

Lhander template is mobile friendly and sports a retina ready design. The icons and the high-resolution pictures will take visitors’ breaths away. Especially those using retina display devices. Clean on the front-end and clean on the back-end, Lhander is easily customizable and has a clean code. If it is in your intention to promote your product, app or service, Lhander is just the right landing page/one-page template. Get busy now and let see the power of a fluid template do wizardry stuff.

More info / Download Demo


infinity free simple html template
Creative masterminds, agencies and small businesses are welcome to formulate compelling websites with Infinity free simple HTML template. Massive image above the fold, bold text and a call-to-action for a killer first impression. If nothing else, the scroll animation will definitely have everyone who visits your page to scroll down. Parallax effect, on-scroll animations and predefined sections for quickening up page building are of great use for every business owner. Be it a freelancer or a studio, even a company, everyone who finds Infinity template appealing to the eye can hammer out the ideal one-page promotional website.

The modern, minimal and simple design of Infinity template does most of the work for you. Add text and images aka create a remarkable portfolio and wait for the snowballing effect to hit hard. A functional contact form is ready to use, and you can also incorporate a subscription box in the footer. Inform all those interested in your work, about your new projects and other randomness to engage with everyone involved. For your information, Infinity template is MailChimp ready for you to be sorted with all the mailing obligations. Get the most out of the template and start rocking the online world with your professional website.

More info / Download Demo


khronos free simple html template
When announcing the launch of a new website, a beautiful coming soon page can be very helpful. It works both for those who are building their first ever page or for those who are undergoing a complete redesign. For creating such a website, Khronos is an artistic coming soon template which you can use to put together the mentioned page quickly. It comes in three styles of backgrounds, static, slideshow and particle. Pick the one you fancy most and start getting visitors intrigued by it.

Agencies, creative individuals, corporate or anyone else who is building a website at the moment and want to build hype for the big launch can show a coming soon page in a lovely way. Khronos free simple HTML template is responsive and retina display ready what makes it work flawlessly on any device. The clean and modern design instantly adapts to the screen size of choice. Additionally, Khronos template has a working ajax contact form and is MailChimp ready. A quick solution for keeping yourself active even if your website is under construction. With the large countdown timer, you can freely use the template for product and service launches, too.

More info / Download Demo


kards free simple html template
Whether you are a freelancer or an individual who wants to represent himself or herself online in a creative way, Kards vCard website template will get the magic happen. This personal template is free of charge, yet it comes with many premium features for you to benefit from. An online resume website has never been easier to put together and the final product will be of expert look. Amaze employers and potential clients with a solid online appearance. Include all there is that shows your expertness and make them hungry for your skill and talent.

Kards free HTML template is stacked with condiments like stats section, portfolio, skills, skill bar and the needed contact form. Moreover, use the simple timeline to include your education and work experiences to show the world how much you achieved to far. The hover effect on images only adds up to the overall look of the web design. Needless to say, Kards template is more than perfect for crafting one-of-a-kind resume/CV websites and portfolios. Establish new connections soon after you get online and start sealing new business deals. A simple website can do so much for you it will be hard to believe once it begins attracting more and more guests.

More info / Download Demo


business free simple html template
You know we will talk business with a template that simply goes by the name, Business. It is a free simple HTML template to help you with your online appearance. In case you are starting your very first online project or you would just like a site redesign, Business template is here to take care of your needs. Its full-width layout looks phenomenal and will easily play the role of your business’ needed attention grabber. Use it for an agency, corporate or even in case you are an individual professional, all can benefit from Business. No need to limit yourself only to one category. Quickly do some adjustments, and you are ready to unleash to the online space a page tailored specifically for you.

Full-screen image with a CTA (call-to-action) impresses the guests and even makes them engage with you right off the bat. But that is more or less for those who are already familiar with you. For all the rest, tell more about your work and have them hooked later on. Cleanliness plays a big part of persuading guests and turning them into new clients. Give Business HTML template a go; after all, it is free.

Download Demo


resi free simple html template
Based on Bootstrap Framework, Resi is a responsive and flexible free HTML template for businesses and agencies. The clean and minimal design takes care of your visitors and guests and brings your works and services in front of them. The huge slider does the promotional work for you. You just need to add high-quality images and it will have a positive impact on everyone who comes visiting your website. With detail-focused imagery, you can do the first part of persuasion.

Different elements appear on the scroll which enhance the design of your business website. When you find yourself running a business of any kind, every sector should be as pro-level as possible. Since we are living in an era of internet, a website is a must-have. Even if you are fresh and do not feel building a page just yet, think again. It takes you very little time and cost you nothing, just your time. A template like Resi does the major part of the work for you. On your end, you only need to add the information, the images and you are ready to start taking new clients. Speaking of taking new clients, Resi comes with a contact form and integrated Google Maps.

More info / Download Demo


global free simple html template
Go global with a unique and modern free simple HTML template which does not complicate with its name and is very straight forward with it. Indeed, the name is Global and it does all the hard work for you. But this template is for those of you who are after something special. If that happens to be you and are in need of a single-page template, look no further.

For any creative, solo or agency, Global represents you online in a stylish way. It has an innovative approach to one-page website creation that you are in need for. Do yourself a favor and stand out from the crowd. The industry you are in might be crowded so let Global template do its thing and help you become the one who goes against the grain.

With a left sidebar timeline-like menu, you guide visitors throughout your entire website. However, you can jump from section to section also by using your mouse’s scroll or the off-canvas menu. So many options to get to the desired location in a not-so-common way. For creatives, this is definitely something to take into consideration. Do things differently and take an entirely different path. Only time will tell how far you get with your business.

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