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22 Minimal Parallax Website Templates With Smooth Scrolling [HTML & WordPress] 2018

22 Minimal Parallax Website Templates With Smooth Scrolling [HTML & WordPress] 2018

The internet is a vertiginous marketplace of ideas, products, services and culture, where nonstop information makes its way around the world billions of times every day. Empires rise and fall in months, at scales that took mankind thousands of years to achieve and to crumble, in our distant past. It is the last great frontier, and man, ever the explorer, gleefully ventures into the unknown depths of this newfound permanent global connection in search of thrills, adventure, fortune, and entertainment. As the web matures and as Moore’s law pushes the envelope of what a machine can and should do, standards are adopted and abandoned one after another in an endless iteration of increasing potency, functionality, versatility, visual quality, polished feel, smoother experiences, and so on.

As web design itself matures, designers have a better understanding of the science and the art of delivering all sorts of content to users in an effective manner. Now, the emphasis is on the polished feel. Enter HTML5 and CSS3, the powerful combination that moves the modern internet at dashing speed to hitherto unforeseen degrees of artful elegance and visual sophistication. And then, meet Parallax technologies, the immersive, engaging effects that can add depth and substance to any site or page with the most understated minimalism. The following collection of website templates consists of the most outstanding HTML and CSS3 Parallax Website Templates on the market today. Enjoy.


Stash is new well praised and 5-star rate WordPress theme. It is a tool from High Grade that has come to adjust your views on versatility. You will find it completely documented and ready with 24/7 support. The creators also made Stash to be multipurpose and easy to craft. It offers 48 specialized demos and Visual Composer page builder. Additionally, you can do customizations without needing to code. Layout is responsive and image adaptation is the best! Stash will give you some interesting pre-built options to move around. 7 portfolios, multiple headers and dark/light skins.

It also features unlimited color picks and +800 Google Fonts to get creative. Moreover, you will find lots of trades on graphic display. This is a retina ready and pixel perfect creation that suits anyone looking to sell. Furthermore, it is great for PR, business, and shops. Stash also offers +48 niche demos to look for the options that go with your needs. Third party compatibilities include WooCommerce for all economical transactions to make. Texts and translation readiness is sort out with WPML. You will also get dropdown MegaMenus and video backgrounds. Try and see it, it is the best way to start your project and dream. Whatever you need it will have it! Go for Stash!

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Jevelin is a WordPress theme that handles anything from large companies to blogs. It is the definition on website building for versatile. You will get it with a modern, edgy and clean concept that can adapt to your personality. Jevelin also offers several demos, each of them with ready for a one-click install. In addition, it comes with a malleable layout and +4 columns that completely set all elements in motion. To achieve this, you get a Drag & Drop page builder and +40 shortcodes. Play with +10 portfolio layouts and 6 blog layouts and a well packed library of designs to import. You will even get Parallax effects for videos and customizable backgrounds!

Jevelin is also a multipurpose design that can support logos, different headers and footers. It relies in tons of custom widgets to make beautiful and clever customizations. Moreover, you will get it ready for business with WooCommerce and translation ready with WPML. Other premium quality plugins included are Contact Form 7 and Slider Revolution. You also enjoy the Google Maps and RTL support. The developers made Jevelin SEO optimized and fully documented. If you are a beginner, get help from both tutorial videos and a custom support team! Try it out now! Try building your project with Jevelin!

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Elementy is a completely gorgeous, professionally graphically designed, visually stunning and inspired, simplified and streamlined, clean and pristine, clever and resourceful, original and creative, powerful and tech-savvy, engaging and dynamic responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one page website template. This template has been decked out with expansive visual features and a strong, reliable HTML5 framework in order to empower webmasters of any background or skill level to easily and effortlessly churn out incredible and professional looking one page Parallax websites.

Elementy includes an incredible array of Parallax powered sections, elements, and features, which are apparent across a host of diverse one page demos included within Elementy for all sorts of different and unique purposes, so you can hit the ground running with your Elementy website in full Parallax visual glory right off the bat. Elementy is also very easily customizable at every level, from backgrounds to colors to content disposition and presentation, and includes the premium Isotope Filtering feature for advanced navigational capabilities for your audience. Moreover, HTML5 Video Playback capabilities are ever-present and powered by Parallax into incredible backgrounds. The creators also included an AJAXified Working Contact Form, as Is MailChimp integration out of the box. Elementy is simply a full package for building gorgeous one page Parallax websites.

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Appro is an amazing WordPress template, designed using HTML5 and CSS3 language. Its building process was based on Bootstrap framework, making it easy to use and navigate. You will get a template that is compatible with all kind of devices. Additionally, Appro has a simple and clean design, perfect to give to your business a professional look. With smooth transitions and effects, you will get a dynamic site in minutes!

You can ideally use this template for marketing company or creative agencies. Business of all kinds or personal blogs can also relate. In addition, you will get a powerful and adaptable tool to improve appearance with 10+ different demos to play. Use dynamic videos as backgrounds to make many good looking pages.

Appro also comes fully packed with incredible typography and shortcodes! This template supports Font Awesome & Google fonts and customization process is super easy! It also works well with Contact Form. If you are looking to build a landing page, you can Appro as your ideal specialized tool. Furthermore, it is mobile friendly and responsive. Lastly, you will get extensive documentation, a clean code and outstanding custom support. Use this pixel perfect and awesome creative template to impress! Have a look! Use Appro!

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Carna is a handsomely developed, aesthetically thought out and well structured, professionally graphically composed and luminously vibrant, engaging and appealing, dynamic and immersive, smooth and polished, serious and professional responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax multipurpose website template. Also, his template has been developed making use of the latest and greatest web development technologies available, combining a professional HTML5 framework, magnificently pliable CSS3 styling, and incredibly advanced and enticing Parallax visual effects to enable webmasters without any coding background to easily and seamlessly create powerful, functional and refined websites.

To that end, Carna incorporates a series of incredibly powerful premium plugins, such as the Revolution Slider, the Master Slider, the Cube Portfolio and Quform Contact Form for a fantastically polished visual navigational experience that is completely functional and powerful, with a navigable and user friendly layout that is rich in features and widgets and engaging Parallax scrolling and sliders. Portfolio styles include AJAX as well as a cutting edge Masonry, with extensive Touch Swipe support and AJAX blog transitions. Moreover, Carna is a sincerely powerful template that can help you create top-notch Parallax websites in a matter of minutes, with untold amounts of customization. Are you ready to let Carna take your website to the next level?

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Pofo is a creative template meant to let your creativity flow. It offers more than 25 demos with homepage included for each. It is a design based on Bootstrap and with powerful customizations on panel. Pofo is basically a visually appealing and aesthetic tool that has the most amazing image quality and one page smooth scrolling. It even includes amazing plug-ins dedicated to multimedia, like Slider revolution!

Pofo also uses Parallax as one of its most eye-catching trades. In addition, ou will get a design that pops out from most one-page options out there. Tons of blogs pages and columns can be set with posts galleries and animations. Play with video backgrounds, FAQ or about me pages, portfolio sections, blogs and more!

Pofo is also designed for business, independent of its size. Its third party plugins include Slider Revolution and Justified Gallery. You will get to make posts in more than 8 different formats! Moreover, Pofo is accessible for navigation and displays information with stylish lists and grids. Lastly, carousels and custom headers/footers are available, too. Try it with documentation and 24/7 customer support! Get crafty using this stunning HTML5 and CSS3 tool! Get Pofo!

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Lydia is a visually stunning and wonderfully pliable, graphically articulate and technologically powerful, graceful and aesthetically pleasant, attractive and engaging, feature-rich and amazingly customizable, easy and intuitive, user-friendly and highly responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax photography and magazine website template. This template has been deftly constructed on a powerful and current HTML5 foundation powered by Twitter’s Bootstrap modular design. It packs a whole 30 awesome, dynamic and deeply customizable HTML5 page templates for all sorts of purposes general and specific, including 11 color options, three different headers, eight Homepage layouts as well as handsome One Page and AJAX Portfolio versions.

Lydia is decked out with potent plugins such as the Cube Portfolio, Revolution Slider and Vanilla Form, with tons of handy options for bloggers, journalists, photographers or online magazines to attractively present their content in unique and conceptually original ways. This template is extremely search engine optimized, so your website will quickly ascend the relevant ranks and be indexed in a logical manner, and features engaging and appealing Parallax Video and and Image Backgrounds for incredibly beautiful page designs. Lydia is Retina-ready, with tons of sharp, high-resolution icons readily available, as well as crammed full of rich styling options for the creatively inclined.

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Rhythm is a splendidly expansive, colorful and vibrant, elegant and refined, polished and professional, serious and well structured, professionally graphically composed and amply resourceful, technologically articulate and extremely appealing and engaging responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one page and multipage multipurpose template. It’s a website template created for webmasters looking for an equally youthful and polished website solution, capable of meeting and exceeding all expectations with relative speed and ease and wonderful functionality.

Rhythm has been decked out with over 175 custom made HTML5 template pages that cover pretty much all bases out there, ensuring that you will always find the perfect template to hit the ground running with Rhythm. Rhythm has been built atop a solid HTML5 framework and has been styled with dynamic CSS3 scripting and amazing, smooth and jaw-dropping Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling features that will dazzle and enchant your audience right off the bat, so that your website makes an indelible, powerful impression on all those who come across it. With dozens upon dozens of shortcodes, widgets, complete demo websites and sophisticated plugins, Rhythm is a template that is dead serious about high-quality website design. Are you ready to feel this Rhythm course through your website?

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Skrollex is a completely professionally composed, visually stunning and immersive, smooth and flexible, intuitive and powerful, technologically advanced and seamless, fast loading and nimble, cleverly coded and immensely attractive responsive HTML creative one page Parallax website template. This template has been handsomely decked out with the latest and greatest web development technologies, masterfully packaged into a polished, professional all-inclusive suite of tools, features, plugins and demo websites with the highest standards of quality and utmost user-friendliness.

Skrollex is based on a solid and reliable HTML5 foundation and it is gorgeously styled and animated through CSS3 dynamic scripting technologies, while making extensive use of incredibly smooth, beautiful and completely immersive Parallax visual effects and scrolling in all sorts of elements and features, presented in uniquely creative and original layouts that  make Skrollex an excellent template for creative agencies, freelance photographers, professional portfolios, app showcases and any other sort of creative enterprise that needs to strut its stuff online while making a bold, expressive statement in a dashing, hip and trendy fashion. Skrollex is based on a modular Bootstrap design, with a legible, commented codebase that is very developer friendly and inherent, thorough responsiveness across the board. Get up on Skrollex and feel the new wave!

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Conrad is a completely gorgeous and deeply functional, luminous and bright, colorful and vibrant, youthful and fresh-faced, pliable and nimble, highly customizable and very user and developer friendly, serious and professional, modern and engaging, immersive and deeply responsive HTML CSS3 Parallax multipurpose website template. It’s a very accessible template that is easy to use and highly intuitive, with deeply powerful features at your fingertips. Packing over 25 sophisticated and one-of-a-kind layouts, Conrad will let you get going with your website’s design within minutes, offering 8 custom built plugins and over 20 in-house developed components integrated into the powerful Timber framework, upon which Conrad’s page building process relies.

Powered by cutting edge HTML5 elements and CSS3 stylesheets and featuring the awesome and engaging use of Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling in the most effective ways, Conrad is built to last, and continuously updated for your convenience. Conrad is a perfect template for creative design agencies, professional portfolios, freelance photographers, creative enterprises and projects of any kind and pretty much any website that wants a completely different approach and a unique visual spin on website design. With thorough Bootstrap responsiveness and cross-compatibility with all browsers, devices, and platforms out of the box, nothing is out of reach for Conrad!

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Hygge is an aesthetically minimalist and sophisticated, visually stunning and elegant, technologically savvy and resourceful, functionally flexible and nimble, fast loading and efficiently coded, developer and user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax single and multipage multipurpose website template. It’s an ambitious and vast template that has been decked out with the sheer strength and raw flexibility that enables it to easily and seamlessly service the needs of a wide set of different and diverse website archetypes and applications across all industries and fields.

Whether you are a webmaster trying to build a portfolio website, a business website, a personal blog or any other sort of website, Hygge has the tools and features you will need to hit the ground running and create gorgeous and professional looking websites within minutes. 10 professionally designed color schemes are available, though customization possibilities are endless, and with ample Header and Slider options, tons of different Blog and Portfolio layouts and out of the box Disqus integration, Hygge makes for a very versatile website template, featuring over 40 search engine optimized, pixel-perfect HTML5 page templates, ready for you to deploy and fiddle with as you see fit. Amazing and immersive scrolling animation features are readily available with Hygge. Engage your audience today!

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Volar is an incredibly beautiful and very well polished, aesthetically conscious and minimalist, professionally graphically designed and completely immersive, easy to use and highly intuitive, technologically sophisticated and extremely customizable responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax minimal one page website template. It’s a website template that has been carefully composed with painstaking attention to detail in order to create a wholly inclusive and potent toolkit that is visually seamless and deeply engaging, with ample customization capabilities and a thoroughly sophisticated atmosphere that is free from distractions and cluttering.

Your audience will truly focus on what is most important—your content and works, which Volar has a knack for presenting in the most favorable and fashionable spotlights. Volar makes very effective use of handsome HTML5 elements styled with dynamic and beautifully animated CSS3 scripted stylesheets, incorporating the most attractive Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling available on the market today, decking your website with tech-savvy tools and features readily preconfigured and easily customizable to suit your needs. Tons of different, polished and engaging Homepage templates are included, brimming with deep-running functionality and handsome stylishness that will make your website soar to new heights. Try Volar today, and you will never look back!

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Ark is a bright and luminous, eclectic and stylish, hip and trendy, pliable and malleable, clean and modern, visually stunning and impressive, professionally graphically designed, efficiently coded and extensively commented, developer friendly and highly creative responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax creative agency and portfolio website template. This template has been developed to be extremely easy to develop and highly intuitive website-building solution for webmasters of absolutely any skill level to quickly and effortlessly generate sophisticated websites in a matter of minutes.

Ark is an elegant template, perfect for creative individuals that need a beautiful canvas with which to express themselves or showcase their works to the world, which makes it ideally suited for applications such as creative design agencies, freelance designers, photographers, fashion designers and similar, related, creative enterprises and endeavors. This template has been flawless coded on a rock-solid HTML5 foundation and presented through dynamic CSS3 scripting, with the smoothest and most amazing Parallax visual effects and scrolling effects around readily available with a couple of clicks. Ark is also very easily and profoundly customizable so that your Ark website will always be a perfect reflection of you or your brand identity, making Ark a great match for personal, business or corporate environments.

More info / Download Demo



Oshine is a conceptually unique, innovative and creative, clean and pristine, original and memorable, technologically proficient and visually impressive, functionally expansive and graphically polished, easy to use and intuitively customizable, pliable and nimble, clever and responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax creative multi-layout multipurpose website template. It’s an amazingly developed template that is jam-packed with features and resourceful plugins and shortcodes spread out over 18 completely unique and conceptually diverse demo websites, each a different interpretation and approach to website design and completely customizable in its own right, decked out with full inner pages and everything you need to set off on the right foot and have your own website up within minutes of setup.

Over 150 distinct and purposefully built HTML5 template pages are included with Oshine for just about every usage imaginable on websites of any kind, featuring expansive and amazing Parallax visual effects that engage your audience and immerse them in a smooth navigational experience, along with malleable and easily customizable CSS3 stylesheets and a responsive, modular Bootstrap design that makes Oshine render just as gorgeous across all browsers, devices, platforms or screen sizes. Oshine is a pixel-perfect, Retina-ready conceptual crown jewel of website templates. Are you ready to shine?

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Blink is an elegant and stylish, resourceful and feature-rich, aesthetically accomplished and visually stunning, cleanly designed and very modern, technologically powerful and articulate, bold and creative, expressive and flexible responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one page creative multipurpose website template. The developers designed this clever template to be a pliable toolkit for webmasters without any coding background. Everybody can seamlessly and effortlessly create the most advanced and professional looking one page websites imaginable. This can range from purposes personal or commercial, business or corporate, with equal skill and polished, finished feel.

Blink is a template that combines an understated visual framework and an explosively bold and brazen visual language on top of it, to create a high contrast, loud and clear website that is graceful while being extremely memorable. They carefully crafted Blink with painstaking attention to detail. They thoughtfully designed every nook and cranny for utmost functionality and a clutter-free graphical environment where your content can truly shine. With incredible Parallax visual effects and the smoothest scrolling features and animations on the market, Blink is a template for all sorts of creation to take place, and is perfect for digital studios, freelancers, designers, photographers and more.

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Make is an incredibly dynamic, creative and unique responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one and multipage multipurpose website with Page Builder. It’s also highly interactive, intuitive and easy to use, powerfully coded and very developer friendly. The developers made it light and fast loading, nimble and quick, visually accomplished, very customizable, expansive and vast. It’s a truly comprehensive website making toolkit. It’s a potent and versatile tool that enables users of any skill level to produce websites. This websites are professional looking, sharp and clever, that look and feel right. You also have the right to customization capabilities of every single element in Make.

Over 80 custom built, professionally graphically designed HTML5 page templates are included with Make, so that pretty much any website necessity you may encounter has already been covered, or can easily be taken care of by fiddling with a page template’s advanced customization options. Make has gorgeous, CSS3-powered animated transitions that make for an engaging navigational experience. Couple it with exquisite Parallax scrolling and visual effects and you can create a completely immersive environment for your visitors. Your visitors will surely feel at ease and at home on your website. Make is perfect for blogs, agencies, portfolios, eCommerce websites, corporate applications and just about any other archetype out there. Build the world you dream of, with Make!

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stig-creative-fullscreen-html-website-templateStig is a beautiful and expansive, vastly ambitious and graphically versatile and polished, visually bright, luminous and fresh-faced, stylistically minimalist and aesthetically conscious, technologically resourceful and feature-rich, amply customizable and very unique and engaging HTML5 CSS3 Parallax one and multipage multipurpose website template. This template is the result of applying a strict design philosophy focusing on accessibility, navigational experience and design quality. This philosophies produced a clean and pristine template with a streamlined and simplified website construction process.

Stig includes over 40 fully fleshed out demo websites, professionally designed and fully preconfigured, decked out with inner pages and content, as well as over 150 impeccable and functional, convenient and time-saving HTML5 page templates for all sorts of uses general or specific. Stig has over 44 Portfolio pages. If you want to show off your work in a distinct and memorable style, Stig is your man. With the Revolution Slider, visitors will be in awe at your visual prowess. The smooth Parallax sections can also impress and dazzle audiences far and wide. Stig packs a punch with tons of incredibly powerful shortcodes. This greatly adds to the functionality of your pages without you having to write a single line of code. Its native Bootstrap responsiveness guarantees total reach across all devices, browsers, screen sizes and platforms.

More info / Download Demo



Kwoon is colorful and well-structured, youthful and fresh-faced, serious and professional, extremely modern and elegant, aesthetically refined and very polished, deeply functional and feature-dense, technologically accomplished and very easy to use and intuitive, user friendly and responsive HTML5/CSS3 Parallax single and multipage multipurpose website template. This template is a very clean and pristine. The creators professionally and graphically designed it to represent the utmost quality and best technological prowess of the modern web. Its streamlined and simplified package lets webmasters of any background or skill level will find wonderfully accessible.

Kwoon, a full featured template, can offer you the best tools and features currently extant on the market. It contains 3 different Headers and Sliders, integrated MegaMenus, optional One Page website support and beautifully responsive Touch Swipe support. This template can offer you an unparalleled degree of quality that permeates to every Kwoon website and page. On top of being search engine optimized, they also made this template social media-savvy, and plays nicely with feed-based services. This feed-based services includes Dribble, Flickr and Instagram. Kwoon can serve as a great template for bloggers or freelance portfolios. Its filterable searches and rich styling options, on top of smooth and sophisticated Parallax scrolling animations can create legendary websites. Kwoon is a template for the future. Are you there yet?

More info / Download Demo


Elementy is a very appealing and highly attractive, visually uncluttered and flexible responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax multipurpose website template. The developers made it modern and cutting edge, professionally and graphically designed, powerful, articulate, expansive, imaginative, clean and fresh-faced. They built this template with Google’s own Material Design philosophy firmly at the helm of the conceptual approach. This produces a modern template capable of empowering webmasters to generate the most advanced, sophisticated Material Design websites. You can all do this in a matter of minutes!

Elementy’s flat and mobile friendly design incorporates an intuitive visual language that has become the norm for the world. Visitors will find your website incredibly navigable and easy to use. It’s beautiful, Retina-ready icons can bring you to places you want to go. Elementy puts all the control in your hands, with sophisticated styling and visual customization options. It also gives you vastly modifiable layouts and a block-based Page Building process. All of these features deploys over 132 creative HTML5 block elements that you can use to make gorgeous functional pages. Or choose one from any of Elementy’s 120 custom made HTML5 page templates, and hit the road.

More info / Download Demo



MILO is a clean and pristine, and very customizable responsive HTML5 CSS3 Parallax multipurpose website template. The creators also made it well-structured and accessible, professional and polished, bright and luminous, youthful and fresh-faced, and wonderfully pliable. It’s an amazingly modern template, which looks and feels current. They continuously update it so you will always be ready for the best web development technologies available at any time. They also handsomely deployed it to great effect across a series of attractive demo websites and page templates.

MILO features the premium Revolution Slider plugin, on top of HTML5 and CSS3 technologies for incredible multimedia capabilities. They also added gorgeous line animations and transitions, as well as a Bootstrap modular design for ultimate responsiveness. They also added developer friendly features, hardware-powered Parallax scrolling and visual effects in this template. This will give you an immersive and engaging user experience that keeps them coming back for more. That makes MILO a very well suited template for all sorts of business or corporate applications. From startups and small businesses to large corporations, MILO has the class, style, and power. This traits enables MILO to muscle the demands of any kind of business website with speed and grace. Upgrade your business today, with MILO!

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