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20 Free Parallax Scrolling WordPress Themes With Parallax Background, Header Images, Sliders And More – 2018

20 Free Parallax Scrolling WordPress Themes With Parallax Background, Header Images, Sliders and More – 2018

Parallax is an extremely versatile and useful technology that is use in WordPress themes. It creates a user friendly and interactive experience that is sure to skyrocket any business or personal web site to the heights of success. Its implementation assures an astounding 3D effect while scrolling. When using Parallax, Web Developers are given a virtual sandbox of possibilities, opening the gates for continuous innovation and improvement. Here are just some of the advantages that Parallax could bring:

Scrolling enhancement- the most widely used applications of Parallax, is in giving the user an impression of 3D, without the use of special glasses or displays. It is only an illusion, but the effects are incontestably authentic. Even the most plain Parallax coding allows the customer to alter the size of the icons, task bars and buttons, and move them at will. If several layers of this effect overlaps, it makes room for a series of plugin design innovations. Each Parallax plugin offers a different perspective, such as the jParallax, which uses several overlapping design features in order to simulate a sensation of depth.

Another important plugin, is the jQuery Scroll Path. The user can influence the speed, position and destination of said movement, creating a dynamic viewing experience for anyone that is interesting in browsing that specific site. It would be impossible to list them all, because new ones are constantly being developed. True 3D technology is not here yet, and the genius of Parallax is that it makes good use of what we got. Just like the artists of old, today’s developers use layers, motion and perspective in order to create vibrant, lifelike experiences.

Distribution Platforms

Even the best technologies are useless without a good distribution platform. Developers require a medium through which they can advertise their product, and experiment with new ideas. WordPress and Parallax, a perfect match. Online communities often provide the most democratic and encouraging free market in the world, where users actually get to vote and provide feedback on their favorite product. For those who fail to adapt to the new technological environment, fading into irrelevance will be their business;s ultimate fate.

Art websites, personal blogs, and even business portals can gain a lot from implementing such an inventive feature. A good developer’s job is to make sure that nothing stands between the owner, and his imaginative vision. As a business owner or artist, you do not need to be concerned about the complicated technical side.Programmers are often aware that not everyone is tech savvy, as they design easy to use WordPress themes. Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress Parallax themes:



Few WordPress themes can ever hope to match the quality of Shapely. It offers a streamlined and efficient design, coupled with a sizable list of useful features. There are many customization options available for all users, as they will be able to design a Parallax page that matches their vision. Multiple homepage widgets can be hire in order to add Parallax sections, testimonials, information regarding products, or portfolio details. For those who want to learn more about the core features of their site’s theme, a documentation source is available.

Almost all premium and free WordPress plugins can be fuse at any moment: Jetpack, Contact form 7, Gravity Forms, Google Analytics or WooCommerce. Of course, you will also want to increase the number of followers and expand your target demographic. Shapely is fully translatable, and it allows users to craft popular multilingual sites. It should also be mentioned that your page will be optimized for search engines, making it easier to obtain a good position on search result pages.

More info / Download Demo

Pixova Lite

Pixova Lite is the ideal WordPress theme to build any kind of page. It provides a new experience to make cool one-page formats. Its retina ready quality gives incredible and sharp details on images. With a highly dedicated customer support. It handles issues with one-on-one email responding to assist you in everything needed. It also counts with clear documentation and it is very intuitive for users. No need for coding! Compatible with all kind of browsers and screen due to its responsive layout. You will have tons of options to customize widgets or to change sections, colors and logos. You can add your personal touch to footer and blog sidebar as well!

Furthermore, Pixova Lite comes with CSS3 animations support and smooth parallax sections. It includes files like: CSS, PHP and Bitmap images. To get business going you get to use premium quality WooCommerce plugin. Moreovere, Pixova Lite is downloadable and absolutely free! It does, however, also feature an incredible pro-version with extra add-ons. Some of these are unlimited sliders a full SEO optimization and CSS editor. Make your project rise with this powerful instrument. Use Pixova Lite!

More info / Download Demo


Illdy is a gorgeous and visually neatly structured website theme. Conceptualized to be a universal and free of charge website building toolkit that empowers users from any background or skill level to handcraft impressive, professional quality websites in a matter of minutes, without having to write a line of code.

Webmasters with more coding expertise, however, will appreciate Illdy’s readily modifiable, developer-friendly Bootstrap-based modular design, which is extremely human legible and can be effortlessly built upon, expanded or customized to suit the most stringent requirements. With out of the box compatibility with the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite, marketing your tech wares or services through your website has never been simpler, and handling newsletter subscription and SEO aspects is as intuitive as fiddling with the powerful theme settings. Try Illdy today, and dazzle by its techy might!

More info / Download Demo


Ascendant is a high quality multipurpose WordPress. You will get it in 3 versions for different targets both economical and of usage. To start, you have a demo and the downloadable free version. A theme that provides numerous shortcodes to customize operations and include elements on panel. Special features include WooCommerce for businesses and Google Fonts for writing posts. Furthermore, this theme is perfect for any kind of website, though it has a good inclination for one person projects. Lastly, the other 2 paid versions include a great custom support and more features. Get your blogs, portfolios, small online business or else to bloom with Ascendant!

More info / Download Demo


Antreas is a potent and reliable free WordPress business website theme. A thorough and competent theme that can take your business to the next level. With Antreas, rookie webmasters can make professional-quality websites in no time at all. Compatible with the full range of WP plugins. Or deploy Antreas’s built-in shortcodes that streamline most business needs. Appealing testimonials give your product the social proof you need to capture audiences. Furthermore, the flexible layouts and presentations keep your content interesting and your users engaged. The amazing WYSIWYG WordPress Customizer makes section fine-tuning a breeze. Set up shop faster than you’ve ever dreamed with Antreas. Take your business to the web and start bringing in new customers, with Antreas!

More info / Download Demo

Portum Material

More info / Download Demo

Portum One

More info / Download Demo

Portum Clean

More info / Download Demo


hemingway blog theme

Developed by Anders Noren, Hemingway is a thinking man’s theme. Popular among the most creative bloggers, the page offers simplicity and versatility at the same time. Build around a plain two column design, assuring you that your content will not be overshadow by excessive graphical quirks. Yet there is beauty to be found in simplicity, and Hemingway is not exception to that rule.

Thankfully, this theme will make your page accessible to a wider audience, given that it has incorporated a translation ready code. Currently it is able to translate between Swedish and English, but future incarnation may include other languages as well. The retina ready display guarantees that any image that’s watch will be a quality one. Regardless of the resolution of the device, the pixel ratio will remain at an all time high.

Furthermore, the plugins are require in order to adapt your page to different browser configurations. However, Hemmingway has a responsive design that facilitates instant compatibility with any mobile-based browser. The theme also features a full-width header image that includes the famous Parallax scrolling effect. You may also create a custom logo and upload it, and take full advantage of the theme’s custom accent color feature. Enjoy some high quality page templates and customer widget for Dribbble, video and Flickr.

It features a support system which allows customers to post all types of questions.

More info / Download Demo


inkzine - theme with slider

Developer Rohit Tripathi has plenty of experience in developing innovative themes, with over 20 current publications. Inkzine is one of his best, given the large amount of personalization options that it brings forth. The layout is fully responsive, as it can be render on any screen, on any device. Custom widgets and theme options give you unlimited variation, allowing for the creation of unique pages. No two magazine sites or blogs will ever look the same, if the customer takes full advantage of the theme’s capabilities.

With Full Width page display, and a Parallax header that facilitates an impressive and captivating experience. The developer has chosen the Twitter Bootstrap 3.0, which is by far the best option for this type of application. It is ready to translate any language, as .pot files are readily available. This multilingual support gives your page wide appeal.

Downloaded over 70,000 times, with an average score of 4.2 stars out of 5. No theme or skin will even be perfect, but Inkzine walks a close path towards that goal. The support section can enhance the customer experience, as users regularly post a question regarding this theme. Lastly, if you are experiencing an issue, odds are that other people have already resolved that problem. Overall the reviews are positive, and future patches may further improve the already solid programming.

More info / Download Demo


onetone fullscreen WP theme

If you wish to construct an awesome business web page, Onetone is the WordPress theme that you should consider. Optimize and modern. Your page can include all relevant info on just a single layout. You can modify and tweak every detail, resulting in a great experience for your visitors.

Furthermore, it takes care of all the tedious operations, letting you focus on the interesting and fun decisions. It includes every important section that is a top-notch business page: services, clients, about, gallery, and so on. The admin panel can include an unlimited number of extra sections, so you can add as many as you like.

There are multiple settings that can be change. Clients can change the custom background of all pages, add Font Awesome icons, video backgrounds, and even include Parallax scrolling backgrounds. There is even an option for the inclusion of a personalized favicon and logo. This product is search engine optimize. This increases your view count, and offers to attract more clients. Onetone is completely responsive, promising an ideal experience for mobile users.

More info / Download Demo


sixteen parallax header

If you are looking for an exquisite Parallax WordPress theme, Sixteen may be the right choice for you. This artistic skin is develop by Rohit Tripathi, a promising programmer that has already constructed over 22 themes. As is the case with most products on our list, Sixteen supports header images that can be customize with impressive Parallax effects.

Online commercialization can be more challenging that its real life counterparts. The wide range of users and platforms make it difficult to establish a common ground. Sixteen tries to combat this problem as it enables the Woocommerce plugin, allowing for easy transactions.

This theme also features an option for customizable image and header footer, and a fully responsive cross platform Nivo slider. The full width pages go well with its grid layout for home pages, granting untold personalization opportunities. It is coded to support translation into every known language, a feature that you will undoubtedly need if you wish to expand to a wider audience. Currently, is has been translated into Arabic, Spanish, Russian and French, with more languages to come.

It was downloaded over 268,000 times, featuring rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Even during its worst days, it still receives nearly 500 daily downloads. User reviews are positive, as many are thankful for its efficient design and well coded interface.

More info / Download Demo

Invert Lite

invert corporate parallax theme

The author of this theme is Tikendra Maitry, which has posted a total 8 themes. It is highly customizable and it can be used in almost any situation. However, its best use is in the customization of business web sites. Invert Line does everything well, and knows exactly what features are required for a true business page.

Furthermore, if you want to be taken seriously, you must avoid an excess amount of bling and flashy effects, you should project an aura of professionalism. This mantra goes well with a minimalist, yet well programmed layout that does not distract from the main subject. It takes only a few moments for the user to download and set up his configuration. By far, Invert Lite’s greatest selling points are its 3 custom page templates and its custom favicon. You will hear the word “custom” a lot, when this skin is mentioned, because it does its best to be a blank slate through which you can express yourself.

Even the best pages are useless, if they are not viewed. Search engines are based on complex calculation, designed to facilitate the spread of information. If your page is not properly optimized for search engines, your followers will have a tough time finding you. Taking all of these things into account, Invert Lite is optimized for search engines, in order to facilitate your success.


More info / Download Demo


aldehyde parallax slider

Here we have yet another theme developed by prolific author, Rohit Tripathi. Following the trend of his other work, this skin features a minimalist yet responsive design, that includes a header with Parallax options. It has multilingual support, as it can be translated into any language. It was already translated and adapted to the most popular languages, and if the demand is high enough, more can be undoubtedly added.

The navigation of the pages is made very easy by the introduction of numbered pages, a 4 page layout, and a highly responsive slider that can be used with most devices. Some of its other features include custom widgets and an easy to use time display. The admin panel is not difficult to use, as it provides a multitude of options for the customers. Each user can mold their web page into something that they think represents them the most.

Despite its versatile nature, the Aldehyde WordPress Parallax skin is best used in the context of a magazine or a blog web page. It currently has a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars, and it has been downloaded over 45,000 times.

More info / Download Demo


radiate corporate parallax theme

Blogging has become one of the most popular online subcultures in the world. It allows for the free expression of ideas, in a safe environment that is able to nurture the participant’s creativity. The popularity of blogs can also be the greatest drawback, because your personal profile is at risk of getting lost among the countless others. You need to find a way to stand out, and Radiate can definitely accommodate that specific need.

A theme that allows for primary colors options, custom css, and custom backgrounds. The WordPress customizer is easy to use a adds more features to the already impressive package. If the customer has any question that relates to this theme, support forum is the best place to get some answers.

For those that are unsure about downloading Radiate allows them to try it out without having to commit to anything. Translation capabilities have been added, for visitors that are not familiar with the English language. Currently, the theme has over 110,000 downloads and a total score of 4.9 stars out of 5. That is extremely impressive and indicative of the product’s quality.

More info / Download Demo


dellow WordPress template

Following the trend of developer’s Rohit Tripathi’s other content, Dellow is a WordPress Parallax theme that is fully responsive, giving it the ability to adapt to any display device. Mobile or otherwise, screens will be able to show your content in high resolution. Dellow also features Parallax headers, responsive sliders and numbered page navigation. The headers and footers are fully customizable.

Every single feature that is introduced is specifically designed to increase the odds that your site is a success. Furthermore, Dellow can be used for a multitude of purposes, from personal blogs to product marketing pages. However, its design features work best when they are paired with a magazine format.

It lacks a star rating, however it has been downloaded by users, over 18,000 times. This proves that there is a lot of interest regarding this theme. As far as its drawbacks go, there aren’t any obvious ones. Moreover, the obvious complaint would be that this skin plays it safe. Nothing innovative or groundbreaking, it is reliable and straightforward. For the more common issues or complaints, you can visit the Support section of the theme’s web page. Customer reviews can not be mentioned because there are no reviews on the site.

More info / Download Demo



advertica business template

SEO optimized and ready to go, Advertica is an excellent Parallax skin from author Tikendra Maitry. Its design is clean, sleek, and provides your web page with a distinguished aura of elegance that few can match. Be it for personal or commercial use, the pages that you can create using this skin are astounding.

This high degree of user friendliness and customizability is due to the skin’s wide array of features such a the feature boxes that allow the user to highlight the most important aspects of his site, or the Latest Projects section that allows the user to display his most relevant work. Thanks to its excellent bootstrap framework. Furthermore, Advertica will be able to display your site on any device screen, regardless of its manufacturer. The A-4 Parallax section adds an edge of creativity to the overall solid design. The admin panel permits easy user interaction, and does not necessitate advanced programming knowledge.

More info / Download Demo


evelvo business theme

This is one of the best themes on our list, as it opens up a world of possibility for the user. It is designed using a Parallax and Bosstrap framework, that includes 5 sliders per individual page, and 10 sliders per category of post.

The customer can choose between several enticing transition effects, while the slider is moved in and out of frame. Each slider has specific button and arrows, making it easy to cycle through the slides. This ease with which you can alternate the sliders is due to the versatile Bootstrap framework. Almost any design element can be altered, with alternatives for logos, backgrounds, colors, headers and so on.

Furthermore, the icons are Retina-ready as they are capable of rendering high resolution representations on any device, including smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the CSS interactive effects are also added, widening the possibility for a variety of animation effect. Variable font options provide further customization options, allowing the user to create a page that is truly his.

More info / Download Demo

Parallax WordPress theme

cyberchimps parallax theme

Created by CyberChimps WordPress Themes, Parallax is an innovative theme that allows for the creation of astounding websites. It is fully responsive, and thanks to its namesake programming you are able to display wonderful background pictures. Fully compatible, meaning that your page’s content can be displayed on multiple devices.

Incorporating many plugins, allowing for the creation of drag and drop options, a touch friendly interface, and a per basis system. All of these features work together in creating the best multimedia page out there.

Currently has over 61,000 downloads and a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. For any questions regarding this skin, be sure to visit the support section of the Parallax website. There is a lack of user feedback, however, once could assume that the opinions are overall positive due to the large amount of downloads.

More info / Download

Foodeez Lite WordPress Parallax theme

foodeez restaurant theme

When compared to other WordPress skins on our list, this is a highly specialized theme. Most Parallax items are designed as an “all-size fits all” tool, capable of adapting to any commercial niche. Despite this generalist tendency, Foodez is dedicated to improving sites from the food service industry and hotels. It expresses class, through a well-mannered design that is sure to impress any visitor. Its marketing theme is brilliant, as it exploited a neglected niche that was in need of representation among the online community.

The Parallax sections that are often used to sell IT, can serve another purpose with Foodez. Simply use the sections to “Super-Specialty Signature Dishes”, or the standard “Dish of the Day”. Furthermore, that’s the whole point behind Parallax features, they give you a universal tool to promote your content. Moreover, it is only used in specific fields due to lack of imagination, not a lack of innovation. Quality, precision and user friendliness await.

More info / Download Demo



Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

This Post Has 14 Comments
  1. I like your website and often read your articles but this is confusing. Some of these themes, like Foodeez, are not free at all. Right now all I need a free theme, and browsing through other themes s a waste of time. If that was an old articles, I wouldn’t be surprised, things change, but this one was published only three weeks ago.

    1. Grazina,

      Foodeez is a freemium WordPress theme meaning that you can get it for free with most of its functionality available by default. However, you can choose to upgrade to get the most out of it. Only around 1-2% percent of users decides to upgrade but the others are using free version. There are many other freemium themes on this list as theme developers needs to make some money as well as otherwise they are doing charity work and it’s great but only until certain level.

      But there are some completely free WordPress themes here as well such as Illdy.

    1. Go with Shapely theme as it is currently the best completely free parallax theme. Others are freemium themes that are free but with limited functionality. Shapely in that regard is completely free and will remain free.

    2. It sucks, but that’s the reality we live in right now. WordPress has grown into this huge market where developers feel that they should be financially rewarded for the work they do, whereas back in 2008~ it was more about the community aspect of things. That’s just what money does, and there’s little me, you, or anyone else at Colorlib can do.

      I think investing $50-75 into a fresh WordPress theme design isn’t so bad, you get a unique design that is unlikely to be used by someone in the same niche that you are working in, and purchased themes are usually equipped with a ton of customization tools as well. But hey, you can always just grab a copy of Visual Composer and call it a day.

      1. Alex, with all the respect, but I don’t understand why you are surprised that developers should be rewarded? They’ve put a lot of time and effort to get their skills, and they have to study and learn new things everyday because the technology and trends change with a blink of an eye. Therefore, they deserve the pay. I don’t know anybody who is able to pay their rent/mortgage and support their family with a “thank you” from a community.
        Would you ask a surgeon to perform a heart surgery and not expect to be “rewarded” (as you call it) for the work, just because they are part of a community? Sorry, but I just don’t get it.

  2. wow! beautiful collection.thank you just a bit tired of running and texting on every single theme.cos im looking to use a theme that allow full page video background and that can allow transparent widget on anywhere on the home page..freemum for now!

    1. Tronia,

      Now sure how and where you looked but all above themes are free. Especially our own Colorlib themes such as Shapely or Illdy. If I were you I might get an appointment at optician and try looking again. 🙂

      For premium parallax themes we have a dedicated page which you can see here.

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