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21 Best Hotel Websites (Examples) 2023

Are you ready to witness some of the most gorgeous hotel websites from hoteliers around the world?

We were impressed to see how many pages use a hero video/video background after scanning 200+ hotel sites. It’s an excellent, attention-grabbing effect.

While the video isn’t necessarily a must, it’s highly advisable to have some kind of online booking sorted out – preferably directly on your front page.

This will significantly improve your conversions, plus you don’t need to pay fees to a 3rd-party platform.

However, let’s first enjoy the beautiful designs that’ll surely influence your creativity.

Hint: You can create any type of accommodation website either by choosing a hotel WordPress theme or a hotel website builder.

Best Inspiring Hotel Website Examples

1. Aman

Built with: Drupal

aman hotel website

Aman is an elegant and modern hotel website with a hero video that’s so gripping that you just want to watch it to the end. What’s also interesting is that they didn’t add any text or a call-to-action (CTA) button – it’s for pure enjoyment.

The floating header is always available with a hamburger menu, a search bar, a language switcher and a booking button.

Another handy thing is the sticky bottom screen online booking bar to check availability quickly.

Note: Create a promotional video and embed it into your website for enjoyment. Don’t be too salesy.

2. The Berkeley

Built with: Optimizely

the barkeley hotel website

Like Aman, The Berkeley also uses a video above the fold, no text and no CTA. Beautiful.

They use a top bar notification for a special offer and a clean header with a hamburger icon and a booking CTA button.

This hotel website example also has accessibility options that appear as a sticky icon in the bottom left corner. Lastly, the scrolling animation really makes this page much more pleasurable.

Note: Introduce the accessibility configurator so your visitors can modify their website-viewing experience.

3. Blue Lagoon

Built with: Contentful

blue lagoon hotel website

Blue Lagoon’s design is modern and minimal, with lots of white space to ensure excellent readability.

It has two CTA buttons in the navigation bar and a footer with multiple quick links, business/contact details and a newsletter subscription form.

Additionally, the “live” chatbot is also available for improved customer service.

Note: Add CTA buttons in the header section and enhance click-through rates.

4. Gaia Retreat

Built with: Elementor

gaia retreat hotel website

Gaia Retreat is another superb example of a retreat and spa website with a full-screen video above the fold. The video also has the option to turn the volume on or off.

The floating header with a black background stands out nicely, always giving you access to other pages, a clickable telephone number and a bookings button.

Some of the menu links have a unique hover effect function that we haven’t seen before and might give you new ideas for your website.

Note: A sticky or floating header/menu can improve your hotel site’s user experience (no more scrolling back to the top!).

5. Scarlet

Built with: Craft CMS

scarlet spa hotel website

Scarlet has a one-of-a-kind hero section with text, video and a unique background to spice things up.

Although the website leans towards minimalism, it’s still engaging with its incredible attention to detail.

The floating navigation has a mega menu and a booking link, so all the necessary is easily accessible – always.

Scarlet also uses a top bar with a few additional quick links and contact details (clickable number and email).

Note: Make your contact details clickable.

6. Ultima Collection

Built with: Concrete

ultima collection hotel website

Ultima Collection knows how to create a strong first impression with its bold hotel website that we loved reviewing.

It has a full-screen video background with a transparent (turns solid on scroll) header to ensure a better viewing experience. The header is simple with a hamburger icon, language switcher and booking inquiry button.

One more cool detail of this excellent page is the footer reveal, which you don’t come across too often.

Note: Translate your website and build a language switcher into the header.

7. Silo Ridge

Built with: Craft CMS

silo ridge hotel website

What we’ve learned by studying all these great hotel websites is that using videos above the fold is very common. And Silo Ridge is another excellent example, with a full-screen hero video that makes the page much more engaging.

Moreover, the scrolling animations also add another layer of life to the website to make it more likable. Plus, the touch of simplicity makes the overall appearance real eye candy.

Note: Use scrolling animations and effects to make the website livelier.

8. Campbell Gray Hotels

Built with: Divi

campbell gray hotels website

While Campbell Gray Hotels might not use a hero video like many others, you can watch a promotional video below the fold.

What’s interesting is that the website doesn’t have a header and a footer. In other words, it’s a simple website with a single-page layout that you can use to quickly glimpse at their locations.

Note: Create a one-page website where all the information and detail are only a few scrolls apart.

Hey, we’re sure you’ll have a blast checking all these websites using the Divi theme.

9. Sabi Sabi

Built with: Concrete

sabi sabi hotel website

Sabi Sabi’s full-width layout, large image, plenty of white space, compelling text and cool graphics call for an enjoyable moment.

The header has a distinct mega menu functionality and a CTA button for inquiries. Another special function is the disappearing and reappearing of the header, depending on whether you scroll down or up. Handy.

Finally, the footer features multiple columns with contacts, links, social icons, a subscription form, and more.

Note: Build a mega menu to create a better site navigation experience.

10. Hotell Nordevik i Skärhamn på Tjörn

Built with: Divi

hotell nordevik i skarhamn pa tjorn

This hotel website example was built with Swedish minimalism in mind but with enough creative details to enliven it.

It has a booking form on the home page, so you can quickly check availability. The accordions are a nice feature to keep the initial look cleaner but still deliver the necessary information.

Hotell Nordevik i Skärhamn på Tjörn has a floating navigation bar and a back-to-top button to minimize scrolling.

Note: Integrate online bookings into your website, so potential customers don’t have to visit a 3rd-party platform to make a reservation.

11. DDD Hotel

Built with: Nuxt

ddd hotel website

DDD Hotel is a unique and minimalist website with a novel overlayed menu function and a custom cursor element.

Everything about this hotel website is incomparable to anything other we added to this collection.

The parallax effect and the animated text are pleasant details that make the experience more dynamic.

Note: If you want to do something different, you can gain many creative ideas by checking out DDD Hotel.

12. Constance Hotels & Resorts

Built with: Umbraco

constance hotels and resorts

Constance Hotels & Resorts has a hero video with text and a CTA button that promotes their exclusive offers.

The categorized hotels and resorts below the fold are handy for picking/finding the perfect location easier.

This hotel website has a top bar and a navigation bar where you can find all the quick links, a language selector and a booking button.

Note: If you have multiple locations, organize them with categories/tags in a handy slider/carousel.

13. The Corner Hotel

Built with: Laravel

the corner hotel website

The Corner Hotel’s clean and modern page design takes you on a journey, starting with the hero video that’s very gripping.

Right below the video is a search form, but you can also access the bookings via the CTA button in the header. Speaking of the header, it reveals a hamburger menu with a drop-down, plus it has a drop-down language selector.

The page has a back-to-top button, so the tedious back scrolling is unnecessary.

Note: If you don’t use a sticky header, a back-to-top button is a smart function to improve UX.

14. Hotel Provincial

Built with: Elementor

hotel provincial

Instead of a video, Hotel Provincial website has a clean slideshow without text or CTAs. The page has a minimalist feel with random sections full of helpful information and visual content.

The header has a cool language picker and two CTA buttons for booking a room or a table. Moreover, the footer is clean, with business details, opening hours, quick links, CTAs and a subscription form.

Note: Create a stunning presentation of your location with a slider (try going without text and CTAs for a more appealing look).

15. Hollywood Hotel

Built with: Webflow

hollywood hotel

Hollywood Hotel welcomes you with a classic background image, text, a scroll-down button and a 100% transparent header, which becomes solid and floats when you start scrolling.

This hotel website has four more sticky elements: one for rewards, one for ratings, one for the live chat widget and one for the accessibility menu. It seems a lot, but it’s done in a way that doesn’t cause distractions.

Note: Use sticky elements if you’d like to promote something and put an extra shine on it.

Don’t forget to peek at our comprehensive list of the greatest Webflow websites.

16. Kempinski

Built with: Next.js

kempinski hotel website

Kempinski is another fantastic hotel site example with a full-screen background video above the fold.

While they use overlayed text, it’s minimal and unintrusive. Plus, the transparent header ensures your viewing experience isn’t distracted.

Meanwhile, the hamburger icon opens full-screen navigation with quick links and a “footer.”

Note: A hamburger menu icon helps eliminate the links if you want to create a neater navigation bar.

17. Maistra

Built with: Hugo CMS

maistra hotel website

Maistra has a very actionable above-the-fold section with contrasting CTA buttons for checking rates/online bookings.

This responsive web design has an elegant, clean, professional appearance with on-scroll content loading. An approach like this is handy if the (home) page is lengthy, like Maistra’s. And a floating header is a MUST.

Maistra thicks all the boxes.

Note: Use contrasting CTA background colors to get more eyeballs on them.

18. Nordis Hotels

Built with: Gatsby

nordis hotels

Nordis Hotels has an individual approach to the header section because it doesn’t feel like a traditional header at first glance.

The navigation only appears when you hover over the top part of the site, which gives the website a slicker look. And it floats!

Furthermore, the switch from a dark to a light background is very stimulating.

Note: Let your navigation bar hide and show on hover.

19. Alleys Hotel

Built with: Drupal

alleys hotel website

Alleys Hotel keeps you focused with the captivating full-screen video background upon landing on the page.

The hamburger menu icon showcases full-screen navigation (it also features Facebook and Instagram icons), but you can also go straight to the bookings. Remember, the header disappears and reappears depending on the scrolling motion.

The background changes colors, some images zoom in and the slider showcases the place through nice-looking images – together, creating a very engaging experience.

Note: Make the header/menu disappear (for a cleaner look) and reappear (for better UX) depending on scrolling down or up.

20. One & Only

Built with: SiteCore

one and only hotel website

The unique function of One & Only is the hero video that plays automatically, but when it ends, it transforms into a slider. Or you can click it, and the slideshow will appear immediately.

The header has two parts, one for contacts and languages and the other for menu links.

Also, One & Only is one of the rare hotel websites (like Ultima Collection) with a catchy footer reveal function.

Note: Get the most out of the hero area by mixing a video and a slider, like One & Only.

21. Nobis

Built with: Craft CMS

nobis hotel website

A few seconds after you land on the Nobis, a popup window hits you with a special promotion, which you can participate in by clicking the CTA button.

Nobis is a hotel website with a simple layout where you can quickly find all the necessary info or make an online booking.

But for any questions, the live chat widget (in the bottom right corner) will do the trick.

Note: Use an entry, delayed or exit popup window for subscription forms, special deals, bookings, etc.

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