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Free Minimalist WordPress Themes
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17 Most Popular Free Minimalist WordPress Themes 2021

With any of these free minimalist WordPress themes, you can create impactful and eye-catchy websites for all sorts of intentions. Simple and clean are the two characteristics of winning web design.

WordPress themes evolved drastically in the last 5 years. As a platform WordPress started out strictly for blogging purposes alone, but nowadays more and more themes act as frameworks. Tools that can power not only blogs but communities and large-scale businesses. This growth of theme categories has led to themes becoming bloated and full of fancy tools, which aren’t always required or necessary. Albeit, it’s nice to have a theme that does it all without any additional plugins!

However, minimal and minimalist themes are still in high demand. Largely thanks to the fact that WordPress has such a diverse community. Minimal design is more of a personality/style preference, and minimal designs often allow for more flexibility and customization with plugins. If you are amongst those writers who value clean and minimal design, then you’ve come to the right place to find a theme for your new WordPress website!

The Best Free Minimalist WordPress Themes


Activello from Colorlib incorporates the elements of a blog and magazine into one blend of a theme. The layout remains consistently fresh, with a clean base and minimalistic approach to styling. If you are in the market for a free theme, then Activello is one to consider. Minimal uses an advanced slideshow widget which makes it a great theme for lifestyle, travel, fashion, and photography blogs. Of course, it can be used for whatever project you’re currently planning to release.

Furthermore, the simple typography with plenty of white spaces makes Activello a great theme to tell your stories with. In addition to a versatile header, the footer area is divided into 3 columns, each widgetized, and with plenty of space for extra content. Most of all, Activello includes widgets for author information, social media icons, popular and recent posts. Lastly, the codebase is structured with SEO elements in mind, making it a perfect theme if you want something that is already SEO optimized.

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Blaskan is a blog and magazine specialized WordPress theme. It has a distinctive look with a minimalistic light concept. It features 8 categories including cinema, adventures and landscapes. This theme uses a strategically placed menu, and a beautiful top bar. Get a contact page, a recent posts section and more, integrated on a footer. Play around with the 3 columns to set your writing posts with pictures included. Furthermore, Blaskan is entirely free, downloadable and features a demo. Lastly, the search posts with its discrete search bar next to social media buttons. You will get tons of useful documentation to get quickly started.  Get Blaskan!

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Pixova Lite

Pixova Lite is a minimalist WordPress theme designed to create a fresh new experience for page building. It aims to be easy, simple and quick while being totally free. You will get to create a modern outstanding look in a one-page format. It is easily to control it, by the integrated options panel that let you customize al the themes areas. Pixova Lite comes packed with features like unlimited colors and a live customizer. You can upgrade it with a low-cost plan to get interesting extra features like CSS custom editor and SEO. It is quick and easy to install with its one-click import and gets constant updates.

Pixova Lite gives you the possibility to transform your site in few easy steps. It has a friendly interface with and it is responsive. It also comes with HTML5 markup to customize panel options and lots of Google Fonts. Forget about the lazy load themes with Pixova Lite. You will not have to wait to load any icon, image or animation on your web site. Pixova Lite offers a stunning customer support. They use a one to one email to attend all your worries and troubles. Get now this awesome retina ready tool! Try the wonderful properties of Pixova Lite!

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Portum Material

If you are on the hunt for the best free minimalist WordPress theme, we have quite a bunch here for you. And Portum Material surely is one to consider. Not only does it cost no dime, but it is also easy to use, yet the outcome will be a striking page. Whether you use it for an agency, a small business or as a freelancer, Portum Material works with everyone and then some. No need to be tech-savvy either, Portum Material suits beginners and pros alike.

The features include massive slider, call-to-action buttons, multi-level drop-down menu, responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility. Additionally, Portum Material is also optimized for search engines and speed. You can get on board right away, it is just a click what it takes to get Portum Material and you can already start making a difference.

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Portum Clean

With more and more businesses relying on a single-page website, you might be interested in building it too. With Portum Clean, a free minimalist WordPress theme, you can make it happen quickly and comfortably. Avoid editing code and doing any of the advanced tasks; with Portum Clean, anyone can hammer out the desired page swiftly. Let me mention that Portum Clean is a perfect solution for agencies and freelancers. However, if you dig the layout, feel free to go entirely against the norm, too.

From sticky navigation and animated statistics and skillbars to portfolio and testimonials, Portum Clean is equipped with an assortment of amenities that will benefit you greatly. Present your business and services in the best possible light with Portum Clean and shine online like a pro from the beginning.

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MedZone is a specialized medical WordPress theme. It works as a professional setting for formal institutions to provide online services. It comes fully responsive and built to adapt to all screens and devices. MedZone has been enhanced in speed and it is ready for translation. It also offers premium quality typography with unlimited Google Fonts! MedZone has WooCommerce integration to set up shops of all kinds. It is a theme thought to provide services both online and on the actual institution. You will get an appointment booking system, staff pages and contact pages. You will even find a section to call for a doctor on emergency cases!

MedZone’s one-page design highlights information of all services including physicians’ specializations. Other cool additions include a blog and comment threads. Have a look at all things with its search bar. MedZone is built on a clean code and with great standards that makes it run smoothly. It has a large selection for colors and customizations on the spot. Get it now with constant free updates and a very dedicated support team! Don’t hesitate to get, it is that great, because it is made just for your business. Get it now! Get Medzone!

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Sarada Lite

sarada lite free minimalist wordpress theme
Sarada Lite is an excellent blogging theme with minimal and feminine touch to it. If this is the style you are after, you will want to employ Sarada Lite out of the box. Still, feel free to personalize it by introducing your creative touch to it. With Sarada Lite, you can create food, parenting, beauty, health, fitness, fashion and any other blog that comes to mind. The versatility of the theme knows no bound, so make it yours and style it appropriately.

You can effortlessly alter the color scheme and typography, and you can also upload your custom logo. The responsive and mobile-ready layout guarantees smooth operation on all modern devices. Sarada Lite is also Gutenberg-compatible. Last but not least, you can also monetize your blog with the convenient introduction of Google AdSense.

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New Blog Jr

new blog jr free minimal wordpress theme
New Blog Jr is a light, clean and simple free WordPress theme that bloggers will enjoy using through the roof. There are seven main sections to this site canvas, making it effortless to use. From header and footer sections to blog post, sidebar and social parts, this allows you for quick editing and customizing, making the outcome resonate with you best. Still, at any time you find yourself in need of even more goodies, you can always go with the pro version of New Blog Jr.

A few other specialties that you will find in the free bundle are posts by categories, WooCommerce support, background color customization and more. Even though a free minimalist WordPress theme, New Blog Jr still offers you support via email. In case of any questions and concerns, you can always hit up the author.

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Minimal Lite

minimal lite free wordpress theme
For everything blog and news site-related, Minimal Lite is the free minimalist WordPress theme you should check out. It is a modern and refreshing web design that creates a nice atmosphere. Everyone skimming through your content will have an unforgettable experience. Minimal Lite is also mobile-ready so it works on all devices like a dream. In fact, you need not worry about any of the technical stuff, Minimal Lite covers it all out of the box.

Minimal Lite also includes day and night mode, several headers, author bio, related posts and great font and color configurations. It is also compatible with WooCommerce plugin, in tune with search engines and ready for Google AdSense ads. On top of that, if you will ever find yourself in need of additional support, Minimal Lite’s team of experts will do the trick.

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Minimal Grid

minimal grid free wordpress theme
Getting your word out is easier than ever before. You simply pick a free minimalist WordPress theme and all the rest becomes history. With Minimal Grid, you can speedily hammer out a blog or news page of any type. Whether it is generic or niche, let Minimal Grid do its trick and create a striking online space for you. With the exception of creating compelling content, you do not really need to perform much work, as Minimal Grid did the majority of it instead of you.

Sure, you can fine-tune the layout, but Minimal Grid also gives you all the rights to use it exactly as is. The tool is already search engine and speed optimized, retina-ready and cross-browser compatible. By the way, Minimal Grid even comes with additional Polish and Spanish language packs just in case.

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intuitive free minimalist wordpress theme
Intuitive is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme with a creative and minimal touch to it. If you would like to build agency, corporate and other business websites, you can with Intuitive. The entire setup will take you little to no time, allowing you to start introducing your touch and custom content to the theme ASAP. The outcome will be very appealing to the eye, sophisticated and professional. With this in mind, raise your potential to the next level with a well-thought-out page.

Some other specialties of Intuitive are testimonials, blog, social media buttons, slider, hero content and more. Even if you are doing the work for the very first time, it is important to note that Intuitive will never ask you for programming knowledge. In other words, you will end up with a top-class website, regardless of your experience.

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Shutter Up

shutter up free minimalist wordpress theme
Shutter Up is a neat free minimalist WordPress theme for all the photographers out there. If you would like to create an online portfolio in conjunction with a blog, this is the ideal solution that you should go with. Of course, you first need to dig the simplicity and the minimal design. But this comes more than perfect, as Shutter Up beautifully displays all the photographers and other content that you plan to push on your website. Let everyone focus on your masterpieces first and foremost.

To truly understand the potential that Shutter Up has, you can also visit the live demo page first and go from there. But once you see it in action, all the rest becomes history. Shutter Up has tons of amazing features for bringing to fruition a photography website that will wow every visitor.

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minimalistblogger free wordpress theme
It is all in the name when it comes to MinimalistBlogger. This free minimalist WordPress theme is an ideal web design for bloggers of all niches and topics. Food, fashion, travel, DIY, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and all other subjects are welcome. And if you would like to go entirely against the norm, you can do that, too, with MinimalistBlogger. The tool ensures a distraction-free reading experience with an emphasis on your content. You will not really see any interruptions and special effects when it comes to MinimalistBlogger. It is all about keeping it simple and bold.

If you would like to start a new project or redesign your existing blog, let MinimalistBlogger do the magic and turn your idea to reality. Last but not least, MinimalistBlogger works with all devices, browsers and search engines, making sure your content is visible to a wider audience.

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Portfolio Lite

Portfolio Lite

Starting out as an artist, or anyone in the creative field isn’t an easy task. The first steps in the journey are always the hardest, as you frequently find yourself starving for more work. And more often than not, starving for some solid income. But, the grind is necessary to build up a solid portfolio for yourself. And eventually, you can launch a portfolio website to showcase what you have learned, and what your real expertise is. Once you reach that point, you can consider using Portfolio Lite, a smooth portfolio theme from Organic Themes.

The Organic Themes team is not so different from all other creatives, they had to start from zero themselves. And with that in mind, the Portfolio Lite theme reflects the design features that a freelance artist needs to display his work in the best way possible. The theme emphasizes minimalist design with a professional outline. So, your readers can focus on seeing your work and presentation, rather than be distracted by clutter. And if your readers are coming to your site using an Apple product, the retina-ready design can truly make your work shine!

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Blog Way

Blog Way

Even though free WordPress themes can often be limiting in their diversity, it is still possible to find many amazing gems. And Blog Way is one such gem, an impressive theme for bloggers and writers. The best way to describe Blog Way is by comparing it to a wireframe. Within a wireframe, you have a blank page upon which you can draw anything. For a blog, the first thing you are going to draw is the header, sidebar, and content list. Blog Way is exactly that. A wireframe with three core principles drawn on top of it. Post borders are properly in dark colors, as is much of the sidebar, and the margins between elements are big enough for everything to feel united together.

The premium versions of Blog Way is available for purchase on ThemeForest and comes with many more features. But don’t let the premium talk discourage you. Free versions of Blog Way is still rich in features and can be customized through Live Customizer endlessly.

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Teletype is a Bootstrap theme which uses retro typography to install a retro-like feel to your blog. Bloggers who prefer the clean layout and a masonry grid will find Teletype an excellent companion. With Teletype, you can control things like element order, font types, and colors for individual buttons/sections. Furthermore, using theme options you can change header images, customize background colors, and adjust sidebar display. The menu’s in Teletype are plentiful. A primary menu can be displayed in horizontal display on the default location, while a footer menu is a great place for displaying social media information.

The ease of adding social media menu’s is astonishing and makes for a joyful experience to edit things so quickly. The front page, core homepage, is based on Sections and can be rearranged using Customizer. It’s as simple as enabling or disabling a specific element. In short, Teletype is a theme for professionals who wish to promote their services and work using a digital medium. There are enough ways to display a portfolio, to write blog posts, and even host an eCommerce store.

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Did you finally find a minimalist theme for you? It’s not clear if we could have made a roundup like this more diverse. And needless to mention that 30+ themes are already a big number. Sure, the WordPress theme directory includes a few more, but our preference is to mention only the best of the best. And not all themes that you can download on are frequently updated. Maker theme’s last update was late last year, but it hasn’t stopped 2,000+ bloggers to continue using Maker for a portfolio or otherwise a photo-blogging website.

Maker has a flexible portfolio grid that supports two, three or four-column layout. Choose the one that suits your content best. With Maker you can easily change the color of background, text, headings, and links from the Customizer. Documentation is one place you want to bookmark if you want to become an expert at using Maker for any sort of portfolio site.

More info / Download Demo

Whenever in doubt, go with free minimalist WordPress themes

Let’s face it, if you are unsure about the design of your website, avoid the hassle and always go with such that is clean and neat. This ensures an excellent experience, as it will not distract the user with any of the special effects and other whatnot. With that in mind, a minimal WordPress theme is always a great decision, whether for a blog, an online portfolio, a business website or an online store.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

Alex Ivanovs

Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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