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Free Masonry Grid WordPress
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16 Best Free Masonry Grid WordPress Themes 2023

This comprehensive collection covers you if you search for the most sophisticated and easy-to-use free grid WordPress themes.

A website can be built in a hundred different ways. But most websites look almost the same aesthetically because of design patterns. How confusing would it be if everyone suddenly started to go crazy with design ideas on the web? Every website would be so different that we would have difficulty finding a balance between the design and content. As a result, concepts like “masonry,” “standard,” and “grid” have been born.

Most of all, these concepts are in particular very popular amongst WordPress bloggers. Because WordPress uses elements/components to display most of its content, having a choice of display types is helpful for unique purposes and situations. A listings type of website will want to use a grid layout to make navigation easier. But a blogger who writes about food might prefer the standard layout because it feels familiar to the reader.

If you’re in the market for grid themes or templates, make sure to check out some of our other lists of grid-related content:

Grid themes are particularly famous amongst photographers, portfolio owners, and creative design artists. These creative people use the web to promote and publish their work. Their need for simplicity and minimal design comes from the distinct emphasis on the creative work itself. As a result of this need, many grid themes rely on minimal design principles that strip away clutter or other annoying web elements. In the following roundup, designers have a unique understanding and ideas about the “grid layout” and portray it in numerous unique and genuine ways.

Best Free WordPress Themes With Masonry Grid


Shapely is one of the free grid WordPress themes you can currently find on the market. While the tool costs nothing, its features in store for you are very many. It is ideal for single-page websites, but you can expand beyond that. Also, you need to know that Shapely supports all the most popular plugins, like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, and more. Of course, Shapely is also mobile-ready and retina-friendly, ensuring your content appears stunningly on all screens.

Additional Shapely features include footer editing, hero image, Font Awesome icons, unlimited color options, and many more. You can also translate Shapely to any language you want and localize your website. Make things work out for you and your project with Shapely and see the difference.

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Antreas is a powerful and flexible free WordPress business website theme. Built to simplify your life, Antreas lets businesses shop online in the blink of an eye. Coding experience is unnecessary to make the most of Antreas. With the WP Customizer, building your sections is easy and fast. Market your content to a wide global audience with Antreas. Provide social proof with built-in testimonials. Bring business through the door thanks to the sleek Google Maps API integration. Add any functionality your industry needs with ample plugin compatibility. Convenient shortcodes let you deploy pricing tables for your services in a flash. Introduce flexible rate schemes with different tiers and options at your leisure. Antreas can adapt to suit the needs of any niche, market, or industry. Bring your business to Antreas today, and start making the right impression!

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Portum Material

Portum Material is a simple, stylish, and modern free grid WordPress theme that you can put into play right away. Instead of starting from the ground up, you now have a tool that will get you going in no time. With Portum Material, you can hammer out a fully functional and active page in close to no time. And if you dig the layout out of the box, you can even shorten the time. Of course, you can customize and adjust the default web design and make it yours at free will.

Some of the goodies of Portum Material are a full-width slider, call-to-action buttons, multi-level drop-down menu, animated statistics, and a lot more. Portum Material also includes a newsletter subscription form for capturing your visitors’ emails. Use the latter for future email campaigns and turn them into loyal customers.

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Portum Clean

I bet you already know what you are getting with Portum Clean. This free WordPress theme sure does deliver a clean, elegant and sophisticated web design that you can take to your full advantage. Before we continue, let me mention that Portum Clean rocks a one-page website layout that works great with various purposes. Whether you would like to build an agency, freelancer, or portfolio website, Portum Clean is versatile enough to work with all flawlessly.

Do not feel limited when it comes to establishing a page with Portum Clean. Sure, it might be free, but the features and functions are ready to take your online space to new heights.

Sticky navbar, animated stats and skillbars, testimonials, contact form, and back-to-top button are just a few of the amenities of Portum Clean. Incorporate your signature touch, and you can quickly distinguish yourself from the crowd.

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Gridbox is a popular three-column grid-based theme from ThemeZee. With 5,000+ active users and a stellar 4.5 out of 5 ratings, this theme is perfect for bloggers and magazines. The simple grid layout works incredibly well for blogs with a direct focus on publishing content—also, Gridbox ships with multiple grid alignment options, perfect for magazines and editorial sites. Furthermore, the simplicity of Gridbox lies in its minimal UI.

The massive footer consists of six widgetized areas, within which you can input widgets for tags, categories, archives, and relevant content. As a ThemeZee production, the Gridbox theme is naturally responsive and includes a theme customizer. All ThemeZee themes are compatible with localization (translation) and use a clean codebase with modern front-end syntax. Finally, it’s proven to work with all major browsers and includes an SEO-based structure.

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gridview free wordpress theme

GridView is a catchy WordPress theme with a grid layout that costs you nothing. Even though it comes with no hidden fees, the outcome will still be very professional and sophisticated. Also, you do not need to have any experience building pages and blogs; GridView is a tool that suits beginners and professionals. After all, you have the complete how-to-install-the-theme guide to ensure a quick start. But you can easily learn on the fly, as it’s that straightforward.

There are also some features that come with the free version of GridView (but you can upgrade to the pro plan anytime you want). Some highlights include two menus, background image, sticky header/menu, footer widgets, and a lifetime’s worth of updates. Additionally, feel free to perform customization tweaks to make GridView your own.

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gridzone free wordpress theme

A masonry grid layout with a minimal touch to it, that’s what’s going on with Gridzone. This impressive free WordPress theme can be all yours in just a click. Download it, install it and put it to work right away. All the content you plan to publish to your new website will come into view stunningly.

Gridzone uses only the latest technologies to ensure a spectacular outcome. This also makes Gridzone operate on all modern devices, web browsers, and retina screens without a hitch. Additional features include social media buttons, a multi-level drop-down menu, a back-to-top button, etc.

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Cream Blog Lite

cream blog lite free grid wordpress theme

All it takes is one click, and you can already start using Cream Blog Lite. A free grid WordPress theme is perfect for crafting blogs and online magazines. Cream Blog Lite works fluently with all news-focused pages you want to establish. For instance, Cream Blog Lite works very well with fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, food, DIY, gadgets, and numerous other topics. In addition to that, you can create a niche or a general news page without hassle.

It is a very easy-to-use theme, perfect for beginners and those who want to skip opening their wallet. On the other hand, even if Cream Blog Lite is free of charge, the outcome will still be a magnificent blog or alternative publishing web platform.

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Savana Lite

savana lite free grid wordpress theme

Savana Lite is a versatile and highly adaptive free grid WordPress theme that easily adapts to your objective. Although it does not cost a dime, Savana Lite is still amazing and will benefit you greatly. You can employ Savana Lite for blogs, online portfolios, travel pages, and lifestyle websites, the options are numerous. Let your imagination decide what you want to use Savana Lite and start on the web with a bang.

It is no secret that Savana Lite also ensures a mobile-ready experience. In other words, all your works, contents, and details will look impressive on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Lastly, Savana Lite also works in harmony with page builders, like Elementor and Gutenberg, to name a couple. With this in mind, you know that no coding knowledge is necessary to work with Savana Lite.

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Minimal Grid

minimal grid free grid wordpress theme

As the name suggests, Minimal Grid is a free grid WordPress theme with a clean, elegant, and minimalistic look. It is ideal for blogs, news pages, online magazines, and other entertainment projects. If you are all about delivering outstanding content, let Minimal Grid present it on the web in the best possible light. By the way, you can use the free version for as long as you want. However, if you ever feel like you need more features, upgrade to a pro whenever you want.

Modify Minimal Grid with live customizer and make corrections on the fly. Some other amenities of Minimal Grid include responsiveness, author bio, related posts, footer widgets, Google AdSense support, and preloader. Little do you know, once you import Minimal Grid, it only takes minutes to restyle it and make it practice your signature feel.

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We were seriously amazed to find out how fast the Napoli theme loads! The process of loading the homepage and blog posts is pretty much instantaneous. ThemeZee knows how to optimize its themes for impressive results. And we are impressed indeed! The design of Napoli feels familiar, perhaps because of the traditional grid display. Napoli’s theme category is “food magazines.” We didn’t see any specific food post types in the demo, but as you know, the WordPress plugin directory is full of plugins that can add those features seamlessly. The red colors strike a chord of balance between technical elements and your blog content.

The Pro version of Napoli adds new features and plugins. For features, you get in-depth customization tools and prioritized email support. The Pro version adds a mega menu, social sharing, related posts, breadcrumbs, custom widgets bundle, and the official ThemeZee Toolkit for plugins. Because it’s free to download anyway, why don’t you take it for a spin for a few weeks or days and see how you feel about Napoli becoming your main theme overall.

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Palm Beach


It’s quite fascinating how the grid-style themes have taken off. Traditionally the WordPress blogging systems displays posts in a list format, but a list format isn’t viable for websites with a daily schedule of posts. When you publish two, four, or ten posts per day, they can easily get lost behind walls of additional pages. Whereas a grid layout is flexible for displaying multiple columns of posts with minimal UI requirements. The Palm Beach is a free WordPress grid theme for travel websites. But, as you know, it’s never about a single niche with WordPress.

If you like Palm Beach and want to launch a site other than travel, don’t be afraid to try modifying things to your liking. It does have a Theme Customizer. As far as the travel theme goes, we can see that Palm Beach would be most ideal for travel websites with reviews or stories. Blog posts are full-width (no sidebar) with full-width featured images. Both combinations make for a great platform to tell your best travel stories.

More info / Download Demo



Maker is a classical-style WordPress grid theme for Designers and Photographers. The Maker portfolio theme separates your site’s blog by giving it a separate page. As a result, you can spotlight your portfolio on the homepage using several column grid layouts. The Designers demo uses a super lightweight color and font configuration. On the other hand, the Photography demo uses a darker layout/colors. But, once you start using the Customizer you can change everything that doesn’t fit your criteria. The documentation explains how you can upgrade Marker to the Pro version, it also includes suggestions for best plugins to use with Maker theme and covers the basics of template/menu/widget management.

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Theme4Press brings out the Evolve theme as two different versions, the Lite (free) and the Pro version. The free version (Lite) has 30,000+ active installs. The Pro (premium) version extends features and other components into a more creative workflow. The Evolve theme uses two separate header styles, which are supported by the beautiful colors of Bootstrap. Evolve theme provides a neat Parallax slider that can display multiple images per slide, including posts!

Furthermore, because Evolve uses a grid system for most pages/posts, you can speedily modify their appearance or position on the main website. More in-depth features of Evolve are functions like ‘infinite scrolling’, which allows users to scroll content without ever having to load a new page. Another interesting feature is Animate.css support, a professional CSS3 library of animated/interactive effects. With such effects, your site will not fail to attract attention.

The Evolve theme is flexible enough to support BuddyPress, bbPress, and eCommerce stores through the WooCommerce plugin. So, in essence, you can use Evolve for a simple grid website as much as you can for a community platform.

More info / Download Demo



The motto of ThemeCot is to be as simple as possible with as little effort as necessary. As a result, their themes are popular amongst bloggers, writers, and those with admiration for simple minimalism. The Keratin theme in this regard couldn’t be any simpler than it already is. The layout of Keratin is primarily understood through three different parts. The first is the header, which includes a logo and your website links. The second and third parts are your post lists (two-column grid) and a sidebar.

The only recommendation for using Keratin theme is to make the post lists number even. Because Keratin uses a two-column grid list, an uneven number would make the UI look crappy. It’s a simple theme, but it can open doors to endless possibilities with the help of useful WordPress plugins.

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You probably noted that many of the free grid themes in this roundup are somewhat focused on content, at least in some form. But, Electa is a more eclectic theme. It’s an elegant combination of elements that perfectly fit personal portfolios and commercial projects. Artists, in particular, have used Electa to create their photography sites, personal blogs, entertainment sites, and general sites with a portfolio as the main purpose. Alongside an intuitive blocks layout, the Electa theme supports SiteOrigin’s website builder for a quicker design workflow. Most importantly, Electa caters to the needs of commercial projects/portfolios by allowing you to sell your creative art directly from your site by using WooCommerce.

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