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15+ Awesome HTML Grid Website Templates 2017

15+ Awesome HTML Grid Website Templates 2017

Grids are super friendly to look at. Photographers and creative artists have all managed to find a liking towards grid design. It makes sense. Photography and vector art have always been simplistic. It’s the idea of looking at art, rather than reading about it. But, there can be pitfalls in finding a good grid HTML template. Perhaps the most distinct pitfall is finding a native grid template. You can use plugins or other forms of tools to transform a business template. But, it’s fair to say it won’t be the same.

So, for that reason alone, we give you a roundup of the best natively supported HTML5 grid templates. You can forget about the painful process of writing code and simply focus on your art, or photography. Whatever your plans for using a grid template, please check every single demo before you purchase. We say this because we learned that some templates have complex features, while others keep it simple. You might not like jQuery animations, or you might look for a template that has them. It’s a bit of everything with this roundup, so pay attention to your design requirements.


Stash is a trendy and dynamic WordPress theme made for everyone with the dream of a website. It is good looking, flexible and open to customizations. Stash has a primary offer, 48 incredible specialized homepages. It is made to act through Visual Composer and hundreds of featured builder blocks. Non the less, options panel is ready to customize all aspects. Stash gives you freedom to play as you will not need to code at all. Use integrated plugins such as Essential Grid and Revolution Slider. Make amazing multimedia arrengements and build stunning page content. You will also get 7 portfolio styles and a complete set of inner pages.

Stash is focused on making every detail matter. Thus, you will get the best for icons and fonts (Google Fonts and Font Awesome). Other amazing trades include compatibility with WooCommerce and WPML. In case of handling a business of any kind, set shops and go worldwide. Stash is responsive and has a modern concept meant for all markets. Already its demo give you options! Client engaging can be done through Contact Form 7. Everything should be easy to set from the very quick installation to its most complex posts. Read the detailed documentation available and you are set to go!

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Gillion is a WordPress theme dedicated to all blogs and magazines. It comes with many well thought specialized features and awesome plugins compatibility. It is an awesome Shufflehound themes design. Gillion has an intuitive bookmarking system and lots of cool stuff displayed on its top bar. Play along with its 4 sets of headers, tons of custom widgets, and awesome customizable panel. Share and get social with its integrated icons! Get documented through images, texts and with a great support team. It even has the aid of Google Analytics! Use Gillion and enjoy the simplicity of its very well focused features. Use Gillion!

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Color Grids

Color Grids - Responsive Creative Portfolio

Color Grids is as precise as you can get for the title of HTML GRID templates. This massively colorful and simplistic template uses a one-page concept, with a practical codebase, and the right approach towards photography websites. Although professionals in any creative field can easily transform their existing portfolio into a Color Grids website. Yes, it is mobile responsive and resizes flawlessly amongst tablet devices. The theme has nine pre-determined color palettes and some unique features like social feeds for Twitter. It has its personal custom contact form using AJAX, CSS3 animations, and custom portfolio filters based on specific settings.

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LIVE GRID - Responsive Interactive HTML Portfolio

Live Grid is a super dynamic HTML5 template for hosting your creative portfolio. It is perfect for photographers, digital artists, painters, and anyone who specializes in producing works of art. Using a combination of modern JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 capabilities; the Live Grid template gives a new look for your portfolio website. Live Grid divides your site into sections. However, it always emphasizes the items that you have into your portfolio already and effortlessly highlights them as background items.

Apart from that, Live Grid has its custom navigation menu, custom animations for visual grids, full-width portfolio option, proofing pages for clients, social sharing icons. Finally, all of the lovely features of Live Grid are put within a user interface that doesn’t feel clunky. In fact, this template has one of the smoothest browsing interfaces we’ve seen!

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Hydra - Fullscreen Portfolio Grid HTML5 Template

Hydra is yet another highly successful HTML5 grid portfolio template, perfect for creative and corporate businesses alike. It’s currently supported by over 200 customers and has that distinct modern design that even a fashion agency would be pleased with. It’s powered by the Bootstrap Framework and has thorough code optimization for maximum website speed performance. The performance improvements lie in methods like lazy loading of images, and concise compression of redundant files.

You can effectively turn the provided layouts into individual grid variations, and image pages themselves have a ‘blog post’ type of page design. In those types of posts, you can put more of the photos that come from the same gallery. Remember, to keep your performance results high — compress and optimize your images before you publish them online. Ideally, provide a download link to the full resolution image separately, so as to save bandwidth for mobile users.

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Tiles - Animated Grid-based HTML Theme

Tiles are not the typical grid based HTML5 template. The Tiles template is targeted at content based websites, in particular, blogs who wish to accept multiple authors. The back-end of Tiles was built from the ground up to be minimal, and performance based. You will not find any jQuery on the Tiles design, yet the template manages to provide features like preloading, content windows, and smooth navigation all the same. All pages use organic optimization for SEO (search engines), and there’s a beautiful comment section that keeps all the discussions in check.

With the Tiles grid template, you get to have a custom contact form (which can filter out spam). It’s capable of highlighting code syntax, and it has native support for many of the modern Google tools. Tools such as Maps, Fonts, and Analytics. Upon the purchase of Tiles — you get access to all the source code files, including the necessary build tools. So, in turn, you can take charge of your new website instantly.

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GridFolio - Grid Based Single Page Portfolio

GridFolio goes way back regarding when this template was created, and then published. It’s not that developers have stopped creating these types of templates, it’s just that GridFolio provides the right amount of features. And content grid types, that keeps people coming back to this one template. What we mean to say is, this HTML5 grid template goes all the way back to 2010 — yet still attracts regular sales and users. Because the layout is using the 960 Grid System — you can configure your site in a nearly limitless amount of ways. For photo management, you have the option of enabling a lightbox, a gallery, and also a photo slider based on a JavaScript library known as jCarouselLite. Finally, the content form is PHP based and fully functional.

More info / Download Demo


Meshable- A Grid-Based Multi-Purpose Template

Meshable is a clean grid HTML5 template with multiple purposes. Customers of Meshable are using the template to host their grid portfolios, blogs, and eCommerce stores. Most of all, the design is adaptable to any content situation where a grid layout would be required. The navigation of the user interface itself feels grid oriented, and the layout isn’t spread out too much. So, naturally, the focus remains on the few elements that dominate each page.

The use of a concise grid enables you to create well defined website types. The likes of a digital store, where you can position products in the middle of the page. The design remains beautiful, while UI elements can be quickly accessed for product checkout.

The codebase is pure HTML5 with a semantic styling guide, including lots of design tweaks towards small details. Meshable has a retina-ready user interface and a mobile-responsive design. Customers filters are accessible for both portfolios, and stores with multiple categories. Custom scripts including a contact form, Google Web Fonts, and Font Awesome for further visual support.

More info / Download Demo


Juno - Photography & Magazine Site Template

Juno is a recently published HTML5 template for portfolio and magazine websites; it can be used to create a professional business landing page or a truly stunning grid photography website to host your wedding party; imagination is your limit using a sophisticated and professional template as is Juno! We were thrilled to learn that the author of Juno (Elemis) has not hesitated to include 10+ demo layouts that showcase just how capable Juno can be in real world situations, we know that those same layouts are going to inspire you to think about the ways that you might wish to design your website.

Since the elements are separate from each other, you have unlimited number of ways to create one single design, and you have a pick from 10+ color schemes to go alongside with each of those custom creations. The codebase is well-managed and with a clearly written code structure, ideal for those who can create customizations based on their programming experience. Juno embraces concepts like search engine optimization and has an individually optimized design structure to meet the requirements of SEO standards.

More info / Download Demo


Finch – Photography & Magazine HTML5 Template

Finch is maintained by the same author was the template we just saw above, so once again — you are looking at some of the best work in this field. Luckily for you, the author managed to push out an update in late March, whereas the template itself was released all the way back in October of 2014. It has not put any brakes on more than 300+ people who are using the Finch template though. We love designs that stand the test of time, and come out on the other end stronger, more reliable, and with higher capability ration than anything else.

Customers of Finch include photographers, creative artists, magazine owners, bloggers, graphic designers, and freelance workers who seek out a smooth grid based web design for their website needs. With Bootstrap at its core and more than 30+ custom HTML5 based pages, you have all the flexibility in the world to make Finch do the things that you need to get done the most. Finch has five unique layouts for content sliders, three unique layouts for blog posts; you can switch between boxed and full-width variations, it’s mobile-first, has parallax effects, custom elements like pricing tables, and fully SEO optimized for maximum search engine traffic.

More info / Download Demo


Agility - Responsive - Minimal - HTML5

SevenSpark is a design and development agency that specializes in WordPress development, however, from time to time, they will release custom HTML5 templates to show their skills in converting styles into many different formats. In the case of Agility; they combined their existing knowledge of web design standards and listened to what the most common pain points were of those who could not find the right template for their website, and the result was a professional HTML5 template that has nearly 2,000 sales.

Agility works like a framework. It’s divided into sections and templates, each with their unique purpose. You can stitch together sections like a portfolio, blog posts, pages, and anything else that you plan to showcase on your homepage. Using the Skeleton Grid System — the layout has the limitless capacity of being adjusted to a pixel ratio that meets the goals of your or your client ideas.

More info / Download Demo


Bonno - Responsive Multipurpose Template

Bonno is the work of Aisconverse; this is a very simple, minimal, and elegantly organized multi-purpose template for professionals in any field. Businesses and creative agencies alike can all use Bonno to showcase their portfolio reel, that’s mostly what Bonno is splendid for anyway. With a state of the art mobile design and charming content pages — you will have hardly any problems to captivate and engage the attention of your website visitors.

Custom pages that come pre-packaged with Bonno are content slider, portfolio, project highlight, services, company information, team members, client information, pricing tables, contact page, error page, and shortcodes. Bonno’s documentation has lots of juicy information on how you can use Bonno to create your page designs, based on the back-end framework patterns that Bonno uses for the rest of the site. Designs like this are not easy to come across in a crowded marketplace.

More info / Download Demo


Lenze - Portfolio Photography HTML Template

Did you guess the main use of this Lenze theme? You guessed it right; it’s a template for photographers! It’s quite authentic, too. Lenze has been attracting plenty of clients to itself for the past four years. And not because the number of choices is slim. The Lenze template does something that many templates don’t. What is it? It’s a platform within which photographers can truly showcase their work in its full capacity. In some ways, the Lenze template acts as a digital directory of your best work.

Yet, the design maintains that easy navigation experience. A type of experience that you’d expect from navigating your favorite photo management software. And it’s rare to see designers go this far with their designs nowadays.

It’s the features of Lenze template that get so much appraisal. For example, you can show image galleries on your homepage, and use full-screen presentation method if you require. Next, the galleries have their own transition effects. You can also show video files from sites like YouTube, or you can upload your own. With an abundant list of premium plugins, you can enjoy the luxury of a premium template.

More info / Download Demo


HALFCREATIVE - Responsive One Page HTML Template

HALFCREATIVE isn’t just for indie creative artists; this is an elegant HTML5 template for professional design agencies that need a touch of grid based elements for their homepage. The demo site feels clean, easy to navigate, and in fact, easy to understand how the different elements of the homepage are coming together to send out a message about your brand.

You will find some uniqueness to HALFCREATIVE too when visitors visit your homepage and click on any of your showcased portfolio items — instead of taking the visitor to a new page, the portfolio item opens unfolds right there on the same screen. In that screen modal window, you can put inside things like project descriptions, vital links, and other information that would be helpful for the visitor.

More info / Download Demo


Matrix - Responsive Tile-Based Template

Ever heard of Microsoft? Know their Metro design type? Well, Matrix is something similar to that. It’s a tile-based mobile-responsive template with a clean HTML5 codebase. It’s just as good for blogs as it is for creative portfolios. The whole of your website is turned into a visual extravaganza as you keep unloading your latest creations onto the website. Matrix doesn’t discriminate, and will gladly accept your video content uploads as well. In particular, from sites like Vimeo and YouTube. All pages and HTML5 elements are structured to meet the requirements of a good SEO etiquette.

More info / Download Demo



Sympathique likes to keep things simple. Enough with the bloated design patterns, and why not just focus on fresh colors and clean patterns. Either way, it’s the best thing for creative artists. The clean design lets them focus more on the actual work that they are doing. Sympathique’s catalog consists of 25+ unique pages, each with their variations and customization options. For widgets, you have custom streams for Flickr and Twitter — showcase your latest activity on those sites. Furthermore, all PSD files are included. So, you can play around with creating an even more personalized design that what this template is already giving to you.

More info / Download Demo

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