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29 Best Free One Page WordPress Themes 2019

WordPress is largely based on a multiple page layout schema, which wasn’t typically the case. When WordPress was first launched, it was only a blogging platform. Nowadays, it is actively being utilized for enterprise needs, and many businesses have transitioned their digital presence over to WordPress as well. Business websites, portfolios, and agency-related web pages are typically run on a landing page, or strictly business style, theme. But in some cases, you see WordPress run websites with only one page.

One-page websites have no fluff of additional pages — what you see is what you get, everything within a single page. Product-based businesses can greatly benefit from one-page themes, as they allow for product owners to focus only on one thing: to explain the product thoroughly, and get the visitor to convert into a customer. They’re also great for graphic designers or other creative artists, because they solely focus on getting the visitor from the top of the page, to the bottom; and whatever happens in the middle is the key focus point for any visitor.

We have covered some brilliant free one-page themes for WordPress, but at the same time we’d like to encourage you to take a little bit of your time, and explore our other roundup: best premium one page themes for WordPress! That collection has more choices than what we have gathered here, and those themes have a higher chance of having the type of a design that you’d wish to use on your professional business website.


Shapely is our very own WordPress one-page template, perfect for those of you who enjoy working with professional design layouts that are easy to customize. Shapely’s structure ensures that business owners, as well as creative artists, will have no trouble setting up a concise product or portfolio page that can narrow down what your projects are all about. Shapely uses Bootstrap 3 as the back-end of the design, which equates to a fully responsive design, and a very customizable theme codebase that you can plug and manage at any time.

More info / Download Demo


Illdy is a mesmerizing multi-purpose WordPress theme built with the Bootstrap 3 framework. Its design is pristine, and easily competes with some of the best premium themes in the market, needless to say. It is our very own theme, and we take pride in our ability to offer free themes such as this one, with the functionality of a premium design.

Illdy is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a professional outlet for their digital website. You’re welcome to leave your feedback on our customer support forums in the event of encountering any bugs. Lastly, we have included a concise documentation into the theme files to help you set Illdy up straight away.

More info / Download Demo


MedZone is the newest medically specialized Macothemes invention that will blow you away. It is a WordPress theme with a flexible layout and fast performance. It comes with an easy to set up one-page format. One-click demo option is also available! MedZone is ideal for large institutions looking to get ahead into the XXI technological trends. It will help you set up information such as physicians’ expertise, opening hours or appointment booking. It even provides specialized medical icons and pages like admission to a center and contact pages.

MedZone has a very clean and clear concept that imitates the ones of health institutions. It is sober and professional, but allows for personalization. It also comes with unlimited Google Fonts for texts and colors for layout design. MedZone is translatable too! Reach patients with language barriers, thanks to its WPML compatibility and po. files. Commercial transactions can be easily set with WooCommerce.

All in one! Present your business into the new digital area with this tool! Use MedZone!

More info / Download Demo


Ascendant is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is versatile and features premium plug-ins. You will get 3 different versions to suit your needs. Ascendant also comes with a responsive layout to adjust in any scenario. Screens and browsers are not a problem at all. Pages are completely customizable and are unlimited. Ascendant uses Google Fonts for awesome typography and has multiple sidebars. Play with its countless color combinations pallets and use its many custom shortcodes. You will also get WooCommerce compatibility to add shops as you wish. Get this awesome tool right away…Use Ascendant!

More info / Download Demo

Regina Lite

Regina Lite – Medical WordPress theme-min

Regina Lite was originally created as a WordPress theme for the medical industry. Although, Regina users have not hesitated to use the provided template framework for sites related to business, creativity, sports, and general agency services. The extensive customization options make this theme accessible to any kind of a website, given that you’re seeking a template outline that focuses around services, team members, and news announcements. Those are the three areas in which Regina Lite excels the most, thus providing a one of a kind experience for you to create a truly appropriate business website. Lastly, its WooCommerce support lets you open up your own digital store.

More info / Download Demo


Expansive – Just another CPOThemes Collection site-min

Expansive is a free one-page WordPress theme that is being frequently utilized by creative artists, photographers, and agencies that focus around portfolio oriented business services. It was designed from the ground up to reflect modern design trends, and include a responsive design functionality that would effortlessly adapt itself towards different types and sizes of devices.

The full-screen hero slider is where you can make a lasting impression for those visitors who have come to your website for the first time. And you have lots of ways to use a portfolio grid-layout to outline your achievements, services, and anything else of relevance in those situations.

More info / Download Demo

Portum Material

Portum Material is a free one-page WordPress theme for agencies, small businesses and freelancers. It is a page canvas that you will have a breeze using and altering to your needs and wants. On the other hand, if you fancy the layout out of the box, feel free to use Portum Material exactly as is and shine online in a snap of a finger. Of course, Portum Material also practices responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility and retina-friendliness. What’s more, the theme is, as well, search engines and speed optimized for your convenience.

There is a full-width slider that pops up as soon as your page will open. Use it strategically to capture their attention right off the bat. Also, Portum Material includes a multi-level drop-down menu, back to top button, call-to-action buttons and fully supports video content. Last but not least, capture their emails with included newsletter subscription form and start building a list.

More info / Download Demo

Portum Clean

For all the minimalists out there, here is Portum Clean. This free one-page WordPress theme is all you need for super quick and straightforward website creation. It is a tool that works best for agencies, freelancers, professionals, job seekers, you name it. With Portum Clean, you can create a striking online presence that will take your business to new heights. The time has come to step things up, push your services and talent and impress folks all over the world. You have it all ready and set to employ and adjust accordingly.

Portum Clean includes many features, yet keeps the design as simplistic as possible. From sticky menu and animated statistics to contact form, testimonials and skillbars, it is all in the epic Portum Clean bundle of goodies. You can now rapidly speed up the web development process with Portum Clean and have a page all set up swiftly.

More info / Download Demo



Enclosed was originally a “showcasing” WordPress theme. However, it sits on a One Page design layout, thus making it an accessible choice for your projects where you need a single page design. The uniqueness of Enclosed lies in the boxed layout grid that sits within the full content area of the website itself, making a more “special” kind of feeling. If you are a designer or a painter, you can count on Enclosed to give you the necessary tools for creating a solid portfolio of your work, and any of it that you’d like to sell. Enclosed is packaged with numerous custom page templates, such as contact forms, etc.

More info / Download Demo


Transcend – Just another CPOThemes Collection site-min

Transcend is a custom-built WordPress one-page theme from CPOThemes, with the intention for it to be used by professionals and small business owners. It has the necessary components that websites of that kind would require. Starting with a flexible content slider, which isn’t stretched out to take over the whole page, but also the beautifully designed elements for displaying portfolio items and services that your business is providing. Transcend is a mobile-friendly theme, with quite a bit of emphasis being put towards a colorful user experience, so if you like some color variety in your designs, check this theme out!

More info / Download Demo

Business One Page

Business One Page-min

The peeps at Rara Themes know what they’re doing when it comes to one-page WordPress themes, and Business One Page is clear proof for that. This is a modern and clean theme that is of great use for small business websites, digital agencies, corporate businesses, individual freelancers, those who own a portfolio, and even bloggers themselves. One Page’s design is focused around content, whether it’s individual components that display your service offerings, or a full-width testimonial widget. It’s all about putting the content first, so readers can quickly get from point A to point Z.

More info / Download Demo


safha free wordpress theme
Safha is an exclusive free one-page WordPress theme for businesses of all sorts. It is a modern, sophisticated and professional looking website canvas for pushing your company to new heights. With a compelling single-page layout, you can now create a strong and lasting impact on all your site visitors and raise your potential significantly. Safha keeps your professionalism intact across all devices and platforms thanks to its 100% fluid layout.

Safha rocks cool hover effects, portfolio, animated statistics, pricing plans and Google Maps. Moreover, you can also translate the theme and make it suit your local audience smoothly. What’s more, you will find blog pages which you can use for a successful content marketing strategy. Safha is a full-blown solution for newbies and experts, making sure both get the most out of their online presence.

More info / Download Demo

One Page Portfolio

one page portfolio free wordpress theme
One Page Portfolio is a free WordPress theme with a single-page layout which is best fitting for designers, artists, agencies, freelancers and anyone out there who is looking to build an online portfolio. Instead of lurking around, brings yourself forward with your talent and impressive works and make a difference. You can now bring into being a wonderful web space where all the magic happens. Even as a job seeker, surprise your potential employer with a nifty website instead of a boring old CV.

Import One Page Portfolio theme with one click and you can already start editing and customizing the default layout. Change colors, fonts, add a custom logo, adjust the background and link your page to different social media accounts. Also, One Page Portfolio is flexible, mobile-ready, compatible with browsers and retina-friendly, too.

More info / Download Demo

One Page Agency

one page agency free wordpress theme
As the name suggests, One Page Agency is an ideal fit for agencies. However, if you fancy the design, you can utilize One Page Agency for your freelancing business, too. It is clean, modern and highly adaptive anyway, a great solution for all sorts of projects you have going on or plan to launch. In other words, with One Page Agency, you can also go entirely against the norm and start something refreshing that will help you stand out a mile. No need to follow the existing layout to a T, make it yours instead.

You can style different sections, change colors, create a slider, introduce parallax effect and add a background image or color. One Page Agency also rocks sticky navigation, back to top button, CTAs, testimonials and a functional contact form. One Page Agency is also compatible with 3rd-party plugins, mobile devices, retina screens and all modern web browsers.

More info / Download Demo

One Page C

one page c free wordpress theme
One Page C is a multi-purpose free one-page WordPress theme for businesses, agencies, landing pages, product showcases and more. The site skin follows all the current tech and web practices, making sure your final product operates with a first-grade experience at all times. Meaning, One Page C adjusts to mobile-devices, retina screens and different browsers in an instant. In fact, when working with One Page C, all you need to care is about web design, as all the technical aspects are fully sorted out. Still, you might even dig the out of the box style so much, you will not even want to edit it except stuff it with your content.

Other goodies of One Page C include but are not limited to hero background slider, parallax effect, background image, ribbon section and social buttons to name a few. For a free theme, One Page C is a spectacular web design that will help you establish a magnificent website and bring your business forward.

More info / Download Demo



Onepage (not to be confused with the theme name above) by Iografica is a beautiful WordPress theme for One Page websites and projects. It was recently released to the public, making it fresh and optimized with modern features that we commonly see in popular websites. Onepage embraces things like website performance and search engine optimization, so you don’t even need to think about spending too much time trying to optimize those aspects yourself.

It’s mobile-friendly, and it’s plugged into the Live Customizer to give webmasters as much freedom as possible in terms of design customization. The creators of Onepage have put in the work so that the theme supports eCommerce solutions like Easy Digital Downloads, and WooCommerce.

More info / Download Demo

Education Zone

Education Zone-min

The Education sector is all about concise information presentation, and snippets that make the website navigation accessible. Creating an education theme that’s going to be used by many isn’t always an easy task, but the developers at Rara Themes have some sense of what they’re doing. The Education Zone theme for WordPress has an overall smooth design layout, with emphasis on component colors and their appropriate place in the design.

The codebase is clean, well commented, and provides any developer out there an opportunity to modify this theme to their own liking, without the extra effort. Amongst unique features and elements, you’ll find custom menus, promotional banners, interactive data counters, custom sections for study courses, testimonials sections, Call-to-Action banners, and ways to present social media information. We can see ourselves paying for this theme if it wasn’t available for free. But since it is, there’s no reason not to get your hands on it.

More info / Download Demo



HashOne instantly feels like a WordPress theme for business needs. The creators of this theme recommend that webmasters use this design for sites and projects related to blogging, photography, freelance, graphic design, small business, nonprofits, agency services, and corporate needs. The homepage is divided into sections, and these sections can give you the tools to cover a lot of ground for your business.

In no particular order, the sections included in HashOne are: Featured, About Us, Services, Portfolio, Team, Counters, Reviews, Blog, Client Logos, and Call to Action elements. Keep in mind, you can arrange and rearrange these sections in whichever way is most appropriate for your business type. Lastly, HashOne is optimized for SEO, is prepared for WooCommerce, and can easily be translated in other languages.

More info / Download Demo



OnePress has ridiculous popularity in the free WordPress theme library. This creative and modern one-page WordPress theme is equipped with features and tools that are suitable for websites related to business, portfolio, freelance, creative agencies, and individual projects, as well as showcase related websites. The in-built theme customization framework shows you just how far the customization options of WordPress have evolved, and how you can, within a single click, change the whole appearance of your site.

FameThemes is a well-established brand in the WordPress theme development market, and their themes are always optimized for maximum SEO exposure, as well as optimal website performance, which is a known search engine ranking factor.

More info / Download Demo

One Paze

One Paze-min

One Paze from AccessPress Themes is the type of design that instantly leaves a long lasting impression on its visitors. It has a powerful back-end to support features like CSS3 animations, custom menu layouts, full-width content sliders, and interactive Call to Action elements. The menu is initially hidden (can be changed, of course) and both desktop and mobile versions get the Hamburger menu instead.

The theme-wide Parallax support creates for some magnificent user experiences, totally worth considering for a business or app launch website. Despite One Paze being a flexible one-page theme, you can always opt for the easy solution and use the 1-click demo installation process to instantly create a fully functional website.

More info / Download Demo



When we think of single (one) page themes, we typically imagine the usual step by step layout, but hardly do we ever think of layouts such as the one being presented by HooThemes in their SinglePage design. This is some truly spectacular creative work at play here, and we wonder what inspired these guys to go the extra mile with delivering such a unique WordPress theme experience. As you will notice in the demo, SinglePage is based on a “slider style” layout, where each section of the website is divided into a full-page slider that can be populated with any kind of components, elements, and content in general.

The sections are ideal for portraying applications and general software where you’d want to include video demo’s or interactive product feature previews. Responsive design is pretty important nowadays when various devices are out there. SinglePage theme for WordPress is fully responsive in all mainstream browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc. and works perfect on mobile devices incuding smartphones, tablet pcs, and so on.

More info / Download Demo

Business One

Business One-min

Business One is a sought-after theme option for industries like consulting, health, finance, small business, startups, creative agencies, marketing, social media, and multiple others. The modern design with a mobile-friendly layout is what makes Business One so attractive.

With thoughtfully designed website sections and components alongside them, the Business One theme puts your content in the spotlight, every single time. The complete documentation will explain how you can customize colors in unlimited varieties, how you can take advantage of hundreds of free fonts from Google Web Fonts, and how to add a digital store option to your business website using WooCommerce.

More info / Download Demo



Onetone is a free WordPress one-page theme with a fully mobile-friendly design. It was developed for websites of business and personal nature. It comes furnished with elegant homepage components, custom shortcodes, full-width sliders, and scrolling Parallax backgrounds for that extra modern feel. Moreover, Onetone isn’t your typical WordPress theme in a sense that it doesn’t feel static. The MageeWP developers have done their best to include as many CSS3 animations in this theme as possible. This further creates a personalized experience for business and agency styles websites. It’s like you’re getting a marketing package as part of the deal.

More info / Download Demo



Winsome is a new flagship release from Promenade Themes, a group of developers who aren’t shy about investing a ton of time into perfecting one design. We know that Winsome is going to perform really well, in both Single Page and Multi Page scenarios; there are demo previews available for both styles. Winsome theme options are fully manageable through the Live Customizer, so you can create meaningful design changes in real-time. Winsome includes unique components like data counters of business aspects and custom call to action elements with full-background images. It also has a very unique contact form at the page footer, combined with Google Maps for maximum business exposure. Just brilliant in every single way!

More info / Download Demo



Could it be that themes of this high quality would be released for free? Well, we are just as shocked as you are, but we won’t complain. ParallaxSome is sporting some serious design chops, and typically this sort of quality is reserved only for premium themes. The demo itself is designed in a way that portrays the endless capabilities that the theme is capable of. It also gives you hints and clues as to how you can use this theme. With this, you can use it to create the perfect startup or product website for you. We mentioned product, because of the flexible ways that images can be overlaid with HTML5 elements. This allows you to discuss product features within a single hero element, without losing design space in the process.

More info / Download Demo

Eight Sec

Eight Sec -min

Eight Sec from 8DegreeThemes is a free WordPress theme with a One Page design layout. It’s commonly used by agencies, bloggers, freelancers, corporate businesses, and those with a huge digital portfolio to present. Eight Sec is based on the Live Customizer, ensuring that you can rapidly make meaningful design changes. You can also select from a Full Width or Boxed layout options, adding further originality to your website. Moreover, you have the optional choice of enabling CSS3-supported sitewide animations. The developers cross-checked this theme for mobile responsiveness, and also for support amongst the most modern web browsers.

More info / Download Demo



The NovelBlue keeps things simple. It has Live Customizer support for easy design modification, and it’s focused around large typography to get the message across. If you are a budding entrepreneur and need a minimal solution for presenting or showcasing your portfolio, then use NovelBlue. NovelBlue is also going to be of great assistance for your needs. Moreover, you don’t even need to have that much experience with WordPress. You can use the Drag and Drop interface to rearrange the homepage in ways that feels most fitting to you. Lastly, it’s totally responsive, and it’s ready to help you sell your products using the WooCommerce store solution.

More info / Download Demo


Integral is for the serious businesses who know how to appreciate design features that are self-explanatory for business purposes. This is also the Lite version of the theme. Whereas, the Pro version brings out even more guns to help your business stand out from the crowd. The core strength of the Integral theme is its ability to display varieties of content into a Single Page design. Also, you will never feel that something is missing. With the Bootstrap Framework back-end, you can rest assured that Integral will work flawlessly amongst smart devices and browsing tools. Take a look at the demo, it’s beautiful!

More info / Download Demo



NovelLite is the spiritual successor to NovelBlue. In fact, the developers used the core template of NovelBlue to support that theme we saw earlier. They built it around a more “fresh” design scheme. It also includes additional elements like pricing tables, team member displays, and a full-width contact form. If you’re a freelance or a business that plans to sell something online, the NovelLite is fully compatible with WooCommerce. It also has a custom-built designs for product pages and listings.

More info / Download Demo

Closing Words

Picking, choosing, and finally deciding on the final theme you’re going to use for your WordPress website isn’t always easy. As flexible as WordPress is, we can sometimes make the mistake of choosing a design too quickly. Later, we realize that we didn’t actually like it and now we have to find something else. With this free one page WordPress themes list, we tried to include as versatile of a selection as humanly possible.

Our focus was solely around free single page themes that would support customization and would adapt to custom code changes. We also consider its documentation so that you wouldn’t need to bother the support teams every 5 minutes. Let us know which design you decided on, and why you thought it was the best pick for your website.

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Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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