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20 Top Resume Website Templates For Online CVs 2017

20 Top Resume Website Templates For Online CVs 2017

To make an impression on the employer or potential new clients, you, as the professional, should not be missing building an online presence for yourself with resume website templates. It unlocks a whole new horizon of possibilities which can help you win big times.

Just imagine, you being the only one who goes against the grain and sends a link to the website instead of the boring old CV to the employer. It will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. Not only that, it might even be one of the main reasons why you got the job or landed the new project deal.

Create something extraordinary for yourself with the best resume website templates. You can keep things simple and straightforward, or you can bring it up a few notches with an advanced and feature rich resume page. These tools allow you to take whatever path you prefer.

The fully functional products for building resume and CV websites are perfect for displaying your portfolio, skills and experience in a professional way. Share your achievements and bring about a unique online CV that will help you score new business deals with ease.

In minutes time, you can have a personal website set up and ready to start attracting potential employers and agencies. You will be surprised how many job offers you might get straight to your email. Link it to your Linkedin profile and you have even more chances to wow those interested in working with you, picking you over the competition without giving you a second thought.

Are you ready to develop your very first resume website with a dedicated template? Even if you have little or no prior knowledge regarding constructing a site, you can make it happen. Responsive resume website templates are here to simplify the process.


certy resume website template
Certy is a template that is powered by HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery with a valid code for customization. Students, teachers, brokers, consultants and just about any other (soon-to-be) professional individual can construct with Certy. What you get is an outstanding resume website template which will make you look even more advanced than you already are. Even if you are new to making websites, you can do it with comfort when picking any of the resume website templates you see in this collection. Including Certy.

The resume site building tool, Certy, is SEO optimized with the main focus on mobile users. Now, even search engines will be able to find you and bring you forward. In other words, help you spread the word about your experience for others to benefit from it. Tell about yourself, share your education and work experience, skills and stats and make your completed projects appear in the ultimate portfolio grid.

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alpha resume website template
While you already stand out from the rest of the applicants with an online resume, you can take things beyond that. In other words, make your web CV as unique and creative as possible. To avoid coming up with the design all by yourself, just pick Alpha template and be amazed by the number of valuable features it treats you with.

Twelve one-of-a-kind home pages, nine astonishing portfolio pages, six product detail pages, full blog and other super elements for you to find the right combination for your resume. Alpha uses Bootstrap Framework 4, is adaptable and customizable to suit every person and agency’s needs. In total, Alpha comes with over 38 HTML pages, original navigation and thorough documentation. It will be a breeze working and building with Alpha resume template.

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smith resume website template
Smith is a resume website template with clean and minimal design what makes it exceptionally elegant. It comes with several predefined demos for a quick launch of a one-page CV/resume website. You can even use Smith for other personal pages for pushing your work and expertise and spread the word out. Pick the one demo you prefer most, choose light or dark version and start crafting. But you can come up with your own style, too, and fine tune it to meet your personal preferences.

What you see is what you get. Smith is a responsive and retina ready template with just the right amount of animated elements. Not too much and not too little, just the perfect blend of both. You might need that small detail and the resume website you put together feels more than ideal. With Smith, you will not have a problem achieving just that.

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penelope resume website template
Penelope template focuses on mobile users but is flexible enough to display your resume website even on the largest screens. There is a template for her and a template for him. The former is more colorful while the latter is dark and elegant. However, whichever you go with, the level of professionalism will always be top-notch. Penelope follows all the latest web technologies for the best site performance and user experience. If you like the demo data as is, you only need to add the information and visual content and you have a resume website ready.

Neat timeline, a light gallery with video support, contact form, compatibility with browsers and parallax background, Penelope is no joke. Typewriter text effect and other animations are tasty additions to Penelope resume website template.

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ultra resume website template
If you make a product called Ultra, well, then it must really be something that clearly does not disappoint. Developers of Ultra resume website template are aware of that and created a terrific product for online resume and CV sites. vCard, too. And no, that does not mean it has an extraordinary design. Ultra template is keeping things simple, yet feature dense. It is a modern tool for personal pages where you will shine in the best light possible.

Ultra is based on Bootstrap Framework, compatible with any browser and has rich documentation. Moreover, there are two versions available, one with horizontal and the second with vertical scrolling. You can choose horizontal and distance yourself from the majority right off the bat. Ultra has an off-canvas menu, clean experience and education timeline along with a straightforward portfolio. Google Maps integration and contact form are also part of the template.

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rakia resume website template
If you would ask a Southeast European for RAKIA, you would get a totally different answer compared to the RAKIA we have here. Ours has a ton to do with online resumes, CVs and vCards. It is quite an artistic template for making original resume websites. If that’s what you are after and not the other RAKIA, you came to the right place. Start promoting yourself, your business and your services in a unique way to attract new clients and employers. A lot of new business opportunities might pop up when you go live.

Over sixty page transitions, dark and light layouts, availability calendar, stories, portfolio and blog, RAKIA it tightly packed with plenty of great features. But first, you get to pick between image or video home page. Still, you can come up with something completely different and individualize the template to your needs.

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matresume resume website template
A little world play between Material Design and resume and Matresume was born. Of course, there was a lot more work involved but that’s the start. Matresume is a flexible and extensible resume website template, fully optimized and well commented. You can use it out of the box or perform different adjustments and personalize it entirely. All kinds of experts, artists, designers, managers and other creative and professionals people can build with Matresume.

Any website with Matresume template as the foundation will be responsive, retina ready and compatible with all browsers. Make it showcase your talent and accomplishments like no one else does it. Use your creative mind and take your resume website to an entirely different level. With any of the resume website templates you find in this article, you can do just that. Go beyond what is possible and create something remarkable.

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J.R Resume

jr cv resume website template
Digital professionals of all niches and industries, if you need to build an online CV, let J.R Resume template take care of you. It is a responsive and retina ready resume website template for photographers, designers, programmers, marketers, you name it. All can make an online CV, resume or portfolio happen.

One of the main features of J.R Resume are the compelling features which boost your site’s user experience through the roof. Smooth transition effects, five predefined demos, a working contact form and social links, all this and more is what J.R Resume treats you with. The template is built using HTML and CSS and powered by Bootstrap 3 Framework. The code is well commented and easy to edit. Customize the template exactly how you want or pick one of the pre-made styles and go from there.

More info / Download Demo


sakura resume website template
Sakura is a responsive and cross-browser compatible resume website template with two main demos for a quick start. If one does not feel like scrolling, top or left sidebar navigation will take him or her straight to the desired section of your online CV. Freelancers, creative individuals and other professionals, make your work and experience stand out with Sakura.

If you are applying for a job, all you need to send to the employer is a link to your page and your website built with Sakura template will do all the rest. Add social media links, share your story, incredible skills and expertness and benefit from the included contact form. Your online presentation will unquestionably be as professional as it can get. It will only enhance your creativity and innovation.

More info / Download Demo


profile one page resume website template
All your personal and online resume websites just got sorted with Profile template. It has an elegant and smooth web design with which you will hook everyone who comes to your page instantly. The template was constructed on Bootstrap 3 with HTML5 and CSS3 and is fully customizable. Across the entire template, you will find a few awesome animations which will only spice things up regarding UX.

Profile is an extensible template to meet every professional’s needs and requirements. You can also tweak a few things and use it as a business portfolio. All is possible with Profile resume website template. There’s a lot of solid features included which will only speed up your page building process. Pick the elements that you are in need of, exclude the rest and start improving it with your content. Profile is a crisp clean, responsive and user and developer friendly template. Meaning, use it as is or enhance it per your request.

More info / Download Demo

Modern CV/Resume

modern resume website template
Create a home for your education, experience, skills and other professional information without breaking a single drop of sweat. Although putting together the desired CV or portfolio site will be quite easy, the professionalism stays intact. That is exactly why you want to go with any of our resume website templates. And here is a Modern CV/Resume template to get things going quickly.

With a practical tool, you achieve the level of experts even if this is your very first page you are about to bring about. Most of the work is done anyway. If you like the looks, you do not have to do anything regarding the design. Just add texts and visuals, links and other whatnots and you are ready to roll.

CV/Resume template is an easy to customize template with eight color presets for banging online CVs. It features an off-set menu, typewriter effect, animated skills, testimonials, client slider and a fine collection of other features.

More info / Download Demo


redsume resume website template
Browsing the entire web for the best resume website templates might be a tedious task. But since you are already here, you know how much time and effort we saved you. We gathered all the top and most promising tools for constructing fantastic CV and resume pages.

Redsume is a template with all the needed characteristics of a solid resume site. To kick it off, you can go by choosing light or dark version. Moreover, state your skills and experience, display your work with a categorized portfolio and add testimonials. Luxuriate visitors with on scroll animations and share your amazing awards what will be persuading enough for guests to jump right in and contact you. Working contact form and social icons are also included in the template along with Google Maps.

More info / Download Demo


smart resume website template
Smart is a premium portfolio and resume website template ideal for freelancers, athletes, dentists, politicians and even celebrities. It is packed with features to cover every necessary element you may need. But feel free to cut some stuff out if you believe you can miss it. Due to the well commented code, modifying Smart will be quick and easy. Still, like with all other resume website templates, basic knowledge is required.

For something a little different, Smart is the right option. It comes with four completely different home page demos what will help you get started swiftly. You can expect a lot of action going on once you click the live preview button. Smart is a responsive template based on Bootstrap 3 with a touch friendly slider. Smart does not miss a thing.
All mobile device users will have a blast browsing your personal website. Make employers and clients amazed by the level of professionalism you have.

More info / Download Demo


re resume website template
One-page layout with light and dark options and cool animations, that’s what you get with RE resume website template. The design of the template is outstanding and so will be your resume or portfolio page you will make with it. Stylish, elegant and sophisticated. If you have not done it yet, now is the right time to finally have a personal website which you can use for gaining new client deals or scoring your first employment.

Use RE’s timeline to index your education and experience, while portfolio section displays your amazing work. Jaw-dropping images can bring you far so it is worth investing the extra time to make them happen. As far as online presentation goes, RE template will take care of it. Bring your creativity to the world wide web with a nifty resume page.

More info / Download Demo


sira resume website template
If you need a very simple and straightforward resume/CV site, drop everything and go with Sira. Some will find it too basic while the others will absolutely love it. To each his own. What Sira template does, it assures your online resume will be quick to scan through and let users find exactly what they are looking for. No distractions, little animations, just content, skills, projects, recommendations and other needed information.

Sira has a dark and light version and fully RTL compatible. Moreover, Sira comes with ready-to-use contact form and tasty on scroll animations. There is also a resume download call-to-action (CTA), off-canvas menu, blog and integrated Google Maps. For a top-notch resume website template that is professional but at the same time keeps things fairly basic, look no further and choose Sira.

More info / Download Demo


applicant resume website template
It is clean and plain at the first glance but when you look closer, you see it has some creative touches to it. Here is a responsive HTML5 and CSS3 APPLICANT template which will not turn you down when piecing together an online CV site. APPLICANT template rocks just enough uniqueness what creates a distinct feel which you are all after. You will find all the elements for your introduction, education, skills and experience. With the filterable portfolio, you can showcase your works and build trust with testimonials/references. Animations, pricing tables, blog, eleven color variations and a total of 44 HTML pages, you get it all with the APPLICANT template. Score your next gig easily.

More info / Download Demo


crystal resume website template
Creative resume website template, Crystal, is based on Bootstrap 3 with HTML5 and CSS3, what makes it a great alternative for assembling resume websites. It is a personal vCard HTML template which will help you shine in the online space. Advertise your talents, services, experience and whatever else that will help you impress potential new clients.

Regarding the web design, one of the main features of Crystal are the hexagonal shapes. This will help you distinguish yourself easily and stand out from the crowd. And you do not have to use hexagonal images, use rectangular and Crystal will cut them accordingly.

Crystal has you sorted with three home page colors, responsive and retina ready layout, unique portfolio and blog. Your final piece of web art will be responsive and amaze everyone who visits it undoubtedly.

More info / Download Demo

Ve Resume

ve resume website template
Ve Resume rocks the resume sites world with a minimal and clean web design that uses Bootstrap Framework 3 for complete flexibility. Once you make it live, wait and see the magic happen. Of course, you would need to share your link with potential clients and employers in the beginning. However, once the traction hits, your inbox might get filled with new business opportunities in vast quantities.

You get two navigation styles with Ve Resume and a code that is commented and organized. You can pick between eight color skins so the website meets your style to the T. Choose what feels right and start adding your content to it. Moreover, along with adding education, experience and portfolio, you can also start writing an enticing blog. I know, there is a lot of stuff going on so make sure you make the most out of it.

More info / Download Demo


flatrica resume website template
Flatrica is a template based on Material Design for creating all your online resume, CV and personal pages. The template is responsive, retina ready with clean code for simple and efficient customization. Twelve color variations, CSS3 animations, video introduction and cross-browser compatibility, Flatrica supports it all. You read that correct, you can add a video to your CV or vCard with relative ease. There is all the support available if you decide to take it to the next level.

Showcase your work with a fabulous portfolio and take to your advantage lightboxes with nice animations. Single project page showcase is also part of Flatrica template. Additional features are Disqus comments, Google Fonts, single blog post and more. Flatrica is stylish and straightforward resume website template to help you push your insane level of talent and expertness.

More info / Download Demo


gentleman resume website template
If I were to pick a resume template solely relying on the name, Gentleman would probably be the one I would choose. But it is not only about the name, what makes this tool so special. Gentleman is a modern and clean product for creating outstanding online resume websites with ease. The layout is fully responsive for your personal page to beautifully appear on any device, let it be mobile, tablet or desktop. It is organized and well documented what makes customization feel very natural. Feel free to play around with the web design and see what works best for you.

Gentleman comes with two different home page layouts, one features menu on the top and the other comes as a left sidebar. Pick what feels right for you and start catching visitors’ attention in a snap. With Gentleman, you barely need to put any work into it and still have a high-class personal page ready for the launch.

More info / Download Demo


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