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15 Best HTML5 VCard And Resume Templates For Your Personal Online Portfolio 2017

15 Best HTML5 vCard and Resume Templates For Your Personal Online Portfolio 2017

The world is changing. This single constant is the one permanent element under the sun. It seems each time the world turns, it turns on its head as well, and that trend has done nothing but grow in recent years. With the advent of ever more advanced technologies, the pace at which the world changes is constantly increased itself, and mankind as a whole struggles to catch up with itself. The generations born and raised in such a world inevitably have developed a resiliency and an entrepreneurial quality that lets them conceive of successful roles and identities they can fill out in an indeterminate, evolving landscape where there are no givens—here today, gone tomorrow.

In this world we live in, your personal brand has become more important still than your actual place of employment or even professional experience. What you really want—what you really need, is a sophisticated, impressive website that does the introductions for you in this digital age. To achieve that, you need to make smart usage of the latest and greatest web development technologies in order to present your professional self in an attractive style that invites trust. The following collection of HTML5 website templates have been selected for their unique resume capabilities. Have a look.


Stash is a fun creative versatile WordPress theme. It is a tool meant for diversity, customizations and visual appeal. It is meant to offer every possible demo you could need on all needed subjects. Stash has incredible pre-built options for all layout elements. This is despite, promoting customizations on all ends. It is a balanced mix of lazy and creative. Stash has tons of awesome layout trades such as unlimited colors and dropdown menus. Make awesome video backgrounds with Viemo or YouTube as source! Play with CSS3 animations, Parallax and tons more. Everything will be displayed in a retina ready quality with responsiveness. Browsers and screens will be no problem.

Stash comes with Google Fonts and RTL support for texts. Icons can be set set with Font Awesome pack. This truly a wonderful design made for any possible need. It is even fast thanks to SEO and speed optimization. Stash is based on Visual Composer block builder and +260 blocks. It provides amazing Slider Revolution integrated to build galleries too. Use it with compatible plugins such as WooCommerce, WPML. +8000 have validated its efficiency. It even has regular updates, documentation and a child theme! Have fun and get inspired with Stash!

More info / Download Demo


More info / Download Demo


Pofo is a flexible HTML5/CSS template designed for anyone who wants to show their accomplishments. Maybe you are an artist, photographer, scientist, researcher or you need a general résumé. In any case, Pofo is your perfect ally, with 25 ready demos and eight portfolio homepages. It offers chic and SEO-optimized page title styles with much material. You find title, summary, breadcrumb navigation, image and video background.

Pofo has polished graphics, with interactive animation and full-screen image slider. It has page layouts with one or two columns, left and right sidebar and dual sidebars. Also, it has a smooth scroll with one-page homepage ready demo. And, you can count on rotating image and content boxes.

Even with so many special features, Pofo is remarkably easy to use and customize. Thus, you can design an idyllic, beautiful and attractive portrait of yourself. And, for the visitors, Pofo is Bootstrap responsive, Retina-ready and fast loading. It is also cross-browser and SEO optimized. Free updates, professional support, and great documentation complete this amazing list. Build a very unique and professional website with the smartest choice! Get Pofo!

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Split is a clean and crisp, serious and professional, graphically seamless and polished, visually impressive and highly customizable, functionally precise and perfect and extensively flexible and pliable, fast-loading and search engine optimized responsive HTML5 personal CV and vCard website template. Split is a handsome and deeply stylish template, developed with a profound sense of taste and austerity, with a minimalist graphic design that speaks volumes with no needless clutter and with soft-spoken, but minutely refined and sharp visual elements negotiated through cutting edge HTML5 frameworks and CSS3 dynamic scripting technologies along with gorgeous Retina-ready graphics, icons and fonts.

Split includes a set of convenient and useful template pages readily preconfigured to your benefit, with relevant and specific functionalities such as Portfolio single page, Filterable portfolio page, Blog page and more. Split has powerful shortcodes that make most website building tasks an easy and breezy matter, such as tabbed navigation, color switchers, Google Map location features and many other useful, thought out tools that will help you present your resume to employers around the world in a matter of minutes and in the most fashionable presentation in the market. And with Split’s inherent responsiveness, all devices, screen sizes, browsers and platforms can readily access your professional data without skipping a beat. Get Split today!

More info / Download Demo



Mi is a clean and crisp, polished and professional, serious and engaging, dynamic and fluid, aesthetically appealing and stylistically refined, graphically flexible and nimble, readily adaptable, modern and well developed, efficiently coded and search engine optimized responsive HTML5 personal vCard and resume website template. Mi is a powerful template because it is an extremely focused one—every element, feature, plugin and page template in Mi is entirely not superfluous, a deliberate, selected addition meant to enhance or upgrade some particular aspect or strength of Mi in handling the needs of modern, sophisticated resume websites with expansive vCard functionalities.

42 different Homepage demo versions offer you a creative trove of opportunities to present yourself to the world at large, in different yet equally gracious and elegant visual conceptions that stand out from the crowd without fail and will always leave an indelible impression upon your visitors and potential employers. Mi is polished and restrained, with a professional ambiance that seems completely modern and cutting edge, capable of giving any resume that extra oomph required to make it in the online market. With Mi’s inherent responsiveness, compatibility issues are a matter of a long-gone past. Take it up a notch, with Mi!

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Cards is a serious and professional, clean and crisp, polished and pristine, minimal and aesthetically tasteful, graphically resourceful and thoroughly thought out, technologically modern and efficiently coded, purposeful and well developed, intuitive and highly responsive HTML personal resume, portfolio and vCard website template. Cards is a smart and sharp looking template that has been deliberately designed to service all sorts of professional website requirements, making it ideal for individuals that want to make their presence known in a modern but austere presentation that is perfect for making first impressions with potential clients, employers and other related needs.

Cards is suited for showing off content, posts and media in a serious and tasteful presentation that feels youthful and fresh-faced while remaining entirely trustworthy and smooth-running. Cards has been developed on a sophisticated HTML5 framework powered by beautiful CSS3 transitions and animations, including LESS files for extensive customization capabilities right at your fingertips. Cards packs a fully commented code that is extremely developer friendly, as well as extensive documentation so you can make the most of your Cards resume or vCard website. Cards includes over 300 Font Awesome icons out of the box, and can easily include over 600 Google Fonts. Hand over some Cards!

More info / Download Demo



Definity is a vastly imaginative, very well structured, professionally graphically composed and quite resourceful, expansive and ambitious, technologically articulate and cutting edge, visually outstanding and aesthetically polished, serious and professional responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. Definity is a profoundly powerful template, built on the latest and greatest web development technologies available. From sophisticated HTML5 frameworks to dynamically loaded CSS3-powered SASS files for customizable transitions and animations, as well as modular Bootstrap design, Definity is a versatile and tech-savvy solution for websites big and small, capable of handling corporate necessities as easily and effortlessly as personal portfolios or sleek photography websites.

Definity includes beautiful mobile app templates as well as out of the box MailChimp integration, on top of a wealth of shortcodes to add all sorts of features and functionalities to your websites. Over 20 different demo websites are included with Definity, as well as over 70 HTML5 files readily preconfigured for your convenience. These features and more make Definity a total solution for webmasters looking for a way to present their resume in a stylish manner to a wide online audience. With its thorough responsiveness, Definity is perfect for reaching potential clients or employers no matter what device they are using to reach you. Try Definity today!

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LeadGen is a capable and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. LeadGen is an innovative solution for webmasters across a spectrum of industries. You don’t need to know a thing about coding to get polished, perfected results with LeadGen. LeadGen is a sharp and creative toolkit for building powerful websites. Effortless customization is available through an intuitive page builder. Put together awesome, feature-rich websites without skipping a beat. Over 300 custom modules and elements are available for you to fiddle with. 32 different demo websites let you have a broad selection to get things started. Customize your websites with ease with sophisticated admin panel settings. LeadGen lets you express yourself with creative blog pages.

Keep the content flowing and let your voice be heard. Establish a social media presence with integrated sharing features. Powerful cross-compatibility lets you reach users across every device and browser out there. LeadGen lets you take charge of your website’s look and feel without writing a line of code. Modernize your business or bring your projects to the 21st century overnight. Feel at ease knowing that LeadGen can handle any volume of traffic you’re picking up. Let your visitors land in style, with LeadGen, today!

More info / Download Demo



INSTA is a bold and innovative, creative and powerful, flexible and malleable, outspoken and stylish, lavishly designed and graphically impressive and gorgeous, aesthetically accomplished and navigationally intuitive, gracious and attractive, charming and engaging responsive HTML5 one page resume website template. INSTA is a cutting edge, modern template that has been designed to allow webmasters with little or no previous coding experience to deck themselves out with impressive, functional and beautiful HTML5-powered, CSS3-styled modular Bootstrap websites to present their professional resumes in a delightful, pleasant presentation that gets professional going off on the right foot and offers an optimal first impression to future employers or clients.

INSTA has been gifted with a natively responsive design that always looks its best regardless of what device, platform or browser your audience is accessing your website with, maximizing the reach of your resume and your professional options. INSTA is very easy to use, so webmasters without any coding experience should have no problem finding their way around with INSTA’s extensive documentation. Six different color styles are available out of the box, and hundreds of gorgeous Font Awesome icons make page building a breezy task. The beautiful Owl Carousel rounds off this full featured value package of a template.

More info / Download Demo



Material is a modern and fluid, flat and professionally graphically designed, technologically nimble and resourceful, innovative and cutting edge, visually intuitive and easily navigable, user and developer friendly, flexible and malleable, colorful and fresh-faced, highly responsive HTML5 CV and resume website template. Material is the result of applying the latest and most powerful HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap technologies available through a seamless interpretation of Google’s own Material Design philosophy, all deliberately optimized for professionals that want to show off their resume to the world at large in a serious, unblemished, flat and attractively modern style.

Material makes use of the potent Material CSS v0.97, and includes a host of LESS CSS3 files for ultimate ease of customization. Layered PSD files are also included so you can go deep in your fiddling with Material’s look and feel. 5 inner color schemes are included to your benefit, as well as a host of expansive, functional shortcodes that can help you make the most of every page on your site. Material has been extensively commented at the codebase level, making it quite human legible and developer friendly, on top of being inherently responsive and mobile friendly, rendering perfectly across all known devices, browsers and screen sizes.

More info / Download Demo



Bionick is an advanced and highly polished, technologically versatile and pliable, fresh-faced and youthful, powerful and modern, cutting edge and innovative, fresh and enticing, engaging and functionally dynamic, easy to use and intuitive responsive HTML5 personal portfolio website template. Bionick includes several different homepage and individual page layout styles and options, as well as unique and powerful shortcodes, plugins, elements and features that can make short work of any website building task you can throw at them.

Choose from Slider, Slideshow, Static Image and YouTube Video styles for your homepage. Try the three different Portfolio and four different Portfolio Single Page styles included and you are sure to find the right fit for your website and your resume’s tone and character. Expansive fullscreen backgrounds, modern and engaging YouTube video backgrounds, useful and convenient AJAX-powered Contact Form functionality, Bionick really is the full package. Magnific Popup and other subtle and stylish jQuery plugins and features are integrated out of the box and work smoothly from the get-go, with plenty of customization options to boot, on top of Font Awesome icons that are Retina-ready and beautiful, while the premium Isotope plugin offers all sorts of powerful functions right out of the box. Get Bionick today!

More info / Download Demo



H-Code is an incredibly resourceful, wonderfully convenient, ambitious and expansive, vast and flexible, technologically sophisticated and very well structured, efficiently developed and extensively professionally designed, dynamic and modern, agile and responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. H-Code is a serious and professional template that has been carefully and painstakingly developed over time to be an all-inclusive one-stop shop solution to websites necessities big and small across all sorts of industries and fields.

H-Code is very expressive, boldly colorful and creatively laid out, and it has been jam-packed with over 57 custom niche demo websites, over 190 total HTML5 template pages, over 6 intros, 40 portfolios and more. With its polished look and its resourcefulness at showcasing professional works, H-Code is a truly outstanding template for handling resume websites in general. Not only does H-Code include several demo websites specifically for such a purpose, but it also incorporates a tech-savvy design that will impress potential employers and a sophisticated, elegant visual styling that will engage audiences in general. Tons of portfolio options and shortcodes greatly expand the possibilities of your resume website, while a thorough search engine optimization at the codebase level makes H-Code a perfect template for climbing the ranks.

More info / Download Demo



Sility is a professionally graphically composed, aesthetically minimalist, youthful and lively, fresh-faced and colorful, Material Design-inspired, modern and flat, technologically powerful and very easy to use, navigationally pleasant and intuitive, highly responsive HTML5 vCard and resume website template. Sility is a well developed and thought out template that has been decked out with all the specific features, plugins and page templates necessary to enable users of any skill level to seamlessly and effortlessly create their own sophisticated, modern HTML5 resume websites in a matter of minutes with thorough vCard functionality to boot, on a responsive modular Bootstrap framework styled through CSS3 smooth animations.

Sility incorporates a minimalist aesthetical visual language that is in keeping with current mobile and web design trends as established in Google’s Material Design philosophy, meaning users navigating your Sility website will find themselves intuitively understanding your user interface with no effort whatsoever, while keeping page load times low and responsiveness at the top of the list. Sility includes gorgeous and current layout options such as Masonry and Grid portfolio styles for you to leave you visual mark upon your visitors’ memories effectively and attractively, and it is an all-around solid solution for all your online vCard and resume needs.

More info / Download Demo



Savvy is a fresh-faced and bright, luminous and colorful, youthful and vibrant, modern and technologically resourceful and modern, full-featured and creative, innovative and inspired, engaging and charming, professional and reliable, safe and highly responsive HTML5 personal vCard, resume and portfolio website template. Savvy is a powerful template built atop a solid HTML5 foundation and deploying sophisticated LESS CSS3 dynamic scripting technologies in order to enable webmasters of any background to easily and quickly produce professional quality resume websites. Savvy is ready to use out of the box, filled out with dummy content that needs no adjustments before going live with your content and professional information.

Savvy packs a bunch of useful and convenient preconfigured sections, breaking up your Resume into Experience, Education, Skills, Achievements and Testimonials sections, as well as Services, Portfolio, Blog and Contact and many more specific, time-saving readymade templates waiting for you within Savvy. Savvy is a perfect template for you to hit the ground running and be set up with your own resume website the same day you install Savvy, in itself a simple and streamlined process that will hardly take a few clicks and minutes of your time. Up your professional game, with Savvy, today!

More info / Download Demo



Mist is comprehensively designed and thoroughly thought out, continuously updated and expanded, vast and wide-spanning, ambitious and technologically potent and reliable, polished and high performance, professionally composed and visually stunning and flexible responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Mist is a powerful and well developed website template that has been decked out with all the features, resources and functions required to muscle the demands of a huge range of diverse website archetypes and kinds.

Mist can handle such diversity because it has been packed along with over 60 custom made, fully fleshed out demo websites, as well as over 500 predesigned HTML5 page templates for all sorts of specific and narrow applications and needs, featuring unique, one of a kind layouts and visual presentations, useful and convenient premade inner pages like Coming Soon, Under Maintenance, five different Post variants, and a slew of diverse Portfolio templates, with four different layout styles and gorgeous, beautiful Masonry Gallery and Grid layouts for dynamic, appealing websites that show off professional or personal content in a stylish presentation. That makes Mist a perfect fit for the development and maintenance of all sorts of professional HTML5 resume websites. Make Mist yours today, and feel the elegance right away!

More info / Download Demo



Pivot is an intuitive and easy to use, resourceful and technologically articulate, well developed and thoughtfully coded, developer and user friendly, colorful and lively, youthful and fresh-faced, functionally nimble and flexible, feature-dense and extremely responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template with Page Builder. Pivot has been carefully and masterfully crafted from scratch in order to function as an all-inclusive solution for webmasters of any skill level to create incredible and engaging modern HTML5 websites in a flash, with minimal coding required, and a wealth of functionality to boot.

To achieve this, Pivot deploys the powerful and feature-rich Variant Framework, wherein page building takes place as an intuitive and streamlined process consisting of stacking block elements atop each other as you see fit, with over 70 imaginative, in-house developed content blocks to choose from at the moment. Pivot is powered by reliable HTML5 elements and CSS3 scripting presented through a dynamic and modular Bootstrap foundation, making Pivot inherently responsive and cross compatible across the board. With tons of different page headers, footers, sidebars and menu options, as well as plentiful contact forms readily available out of the box, Pivot is a great template for professionals that need to let themselves be known.

More info / Download Demo


Dream is a fresh-faced and highly attractive, visually engaging and dynamic, bright and luminous, clean and crisp, polished and pristine, professional and seamless, unblemished and uncluttered, modern and resourceful, tech-savvy and deeply flexible responsive HTML5 creative personal resume website template. uCard is a youthful template with a lively look and a smooth finish that is capable of handling the needs of a diverse set of website archetypes, from blog websites to portfolios and more, but that has been uniquely and exclusively designed with the purpose of servicing sophisticated, creative and innovative resume websites for professionals across all fields and industries.

uCard is ideally suited for creative professionals, though, as its amply expressive interface is perfect for those who have something to say and find themselves at ease with bold graphical expression, fresh and attractive layouts and color schemes, and endlessly convenient, readymade and preconfigured HTML5 page templates for all sorts of specific, relevant resume related needs. uCard includes three different header designs as well as two Blog pages and even one amazing Case Study style demo that will surely spark your—and your users’—imagination with its stimulating, graphical approach. uCard is above all things simple and easy to use both for webmasters and end users. Start dreaming today!

More info / Download Demo


emphaty-fullscreen-resume-themeEmpathy is a wonderfully creative and incredibly flexible and pliable, easily customizable and very intuitive and user-friendly, impressively resourceful and feature-rich, powerful and technologically savvy, ambitious and well developed, modern and highly responsive HTML5 creative multipurpose website template. Empathy is an amazing template that has been carefully constructed with extensive attention to every nook and cranny in order to grant Empathy a polished and professional finish that permeates every page and site created with Bo. Empathy is especially flexible among templates because it includes several custom-built, readymade HTML5 files at your disposal, on top of over 40 one of a kind niche content demo websites, with new demos continuously being developed.

Empathy includes plenty of beautiful one page and multipage demos, complete blog layouts with many sidebar options, widgetized footers for maximum flexibility, powerful Isotope filtering and more. Empathy is a perfect template for you to present yourself to the world in a customized manner that employers are sure to remember as standing out from the crowd. That makes Empathy a perfect template for webmasters looking for a simple but sophisticated solution to their resume website necessities. Easy to use and intuitive to navigate, Empathy is a perfect combination of tastefulness and feature-depth. Dress to impress, with Empathy!

More info / Download Demo

If you are looking for templates that integrates some sort of Content Management System such as WordPress you might want to check this resume theme collection. HTML offers great flexibility for developers and tech-savvy users but for everyone else WordPress is a better and simpler alternative.


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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