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html resume templates
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30 Best HTML5 vCard and Resume Templates 2022

If you are ready to take things to the next level and boost your potential, these outstanding HTML resume templates are necessary. In this collection, there is something for everyone.

The world is changing. This single constant is the one permanent element under the sun. It seems that each time the world turns, it turns on its head, and that trend has done nothing but grow in recent years. With the advent of ever more advanced technologies, the pace at which the world changes is constantly increasing, and humanity struggles to catch up with itself.

Personal brand has become more important than your actual place of employment or even professional experience. What you want—what you need, is a sophisticated, impressive website that does the introductions for you in this digital age.

To achieve that, you need to make smart usage of the latest and greatest web development technologies to present your professional self in an attractive style that invites trust. The following HTML5 resume templates have been selected for their unique resume capabilities. Have a look.

Best HTML resume templates for personal websites


dovile simple website template
Build a resume website like never before with Dovile. It’s a modern, minimal and creative template for social influencers but you can tailor it to other needs easily.

You can customize Dovile entirely, thanks to the Zyro builder, and enrich it with your signature style. Nope, you’ll never need to code for this, which makes Dovile very beginner-friendly.

Promote your services, write a compelling about page, start a blog and let everyone get in touch via the integrated (and working!) contact form. Enjoy Dovile!



brooke simple website template
If you are looking for a one-page resume website template, you came to the right place. Brooke equips you with everything necessary to start making moves online like a pro from the get-go.

The design works fantastically well out of the box, but you’re also welcome to improve it according to your liking.

Moreover, Brooke comes with a page builder, web hosting and a domain name (1st year free) – what else do you want? Go.



julian simple website template
A website is an absolute must when working on promoting yourself. You can now create a top-class resume website without breaking a sweat, thanks to Julian!

It gives you complete control over your online presence, ensuring managing and maintaining it is easy. What’s cool is you run everything from one location, which makes it very convenient. Yes, including sorting out web hosting and purchasing a domain name.

Julian is ready for big things, are you?



ribot simple website template
If you’re already present on different platforms and have lots of stuff going on, collect it all in one location with Ribot.

This resume website template is something different, giving you a chance to keep everything more organized. And it comes very handily because you don’t need to send clients multiple links – just one!

We also found that adding a short, 3 to 5 sentences long bio to Ribot works really good.



oving simple website template
Instead of relying exclusively on 3rd-party platforms to promote your coaching services, take things seriously with Oving.

Building a personal, resume page takes little time and zero effort. However, Oving also offers you access to a friendly team of experts who are always at your service. (But you’ll learn it all on the fly!)

Index and internal pages are ready to go. Contact form and pricing, too. Oving has it all available for you to just plug and play and go live (almost) instantly.



The hype and power are real when it comes to Jevelin. This multi-concept template is everything you need to craft an online resume website. While you can go with one of over twenty included demos, the new Elementor Editor allows you to take your path and create custom pages. Or even improve existing content so heavily, no one will even notice you used Jevelin. Before this scares you off, the next sentence is a must-read.

How cool is that?

Jevelin is ready and set for the most complex and minimal personal websites. You only need one tool to realize all your dreams and bring them into being a breathtaking resume page. And the tool you need is no other than Jevelin.

More info / Download Demo


divi resume cv website template

Creating an online resume website will have a much bigger impact on your potential employer than sending out a dull CV. For sure; not many are doing it to easily differentiate yourself from the masses. An email needs to contain a quick introduction and a link to your page. From then on, let your website do the talking.

With Divi, you can craft such a website quickly, including all the layouts and elements. There is no need to build anything from the ground up as Divi has you sorted out with everything.

Along with the predefined page layouts, Divi also follows all the tech and web practices of the modern web. In other words, your resume page will be mobile-ready, perfectly adjusting to smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

More info / Download Demo


webify resume website template
If you want to create a striking online resume, you better check out Webify. This is a magnificent solution for all the web design questions you have. First and foremost, Webify treats you to a complete demo which you can employ as is or improve further. Whatever the case, Webify guarantees a terrific final product that will amaze and impress just about everyone who visits it. With the easy drag and drop page building technique, you will have a breeze fine-tuning Webify to your likings precisely.

From tons of gallery and portfolio layouts to ready-made blocks, modules and shortcodes, Webify misses nothing. The bundle of features and functions is vast, ensuring everyone finds exactly what they are after. Avoid building your supreme resume from scratch and save yourself time and effort by getting your hands on Webify.

More info / Download Demo


niko resume template
Niko is a striking solution for online resumes and vCard websites. It comes with two main demos, which you can employ or improve according to your preferences. Bear in mind, if you would like to build a page quickly, keep things simple and use Niko out of the box. The layouts are already top-notch, all set up and ready to present you on the web in the best possible light. The dark mode of Niko makes the appearance very elegant and sophisticated. However, you can also go with the light layout if you prefer more.

Niko has all the must-have sections for a complete page, like resume, about, contact, portfolio and even a blog. Other treats include ACF Pro plugin, one-click demo import, child theme, support team and regular updates at no additional cost. Start on the web like a champ with Niko.

More info / Download Demo


kriativ resume cv website template
Kriativ is an all-around solution that offers you to building a first-class resume or CV website. With all the very many goods that it has in store, you can now bring into fruition an online presence that will trigger everyone’s curiosity. There will be no need to be tech-savvy either, as there will be no coding necessary to make a page with Kriativ. The drag and drop method ensures everyone gets the most out of the tool without sweat. How cool does that sound?

Still, there is tons more to Kriativ.

The tool comes with an array of sample pages that you can mix and match and blend into an outcome that suits your signature style best. Beautiful portfolio layouts, blog section, online shop, you name it, Kriativ truly covers it all and then some.

More info / Download Demo


myour wordpress resume theme
Myour is a stunning and original resume WordPress theme that helps you start working on your site immediately. You do not need to have any experience with web development and design. Myour comes in dark and light modes, as well as supports the creation of both one- and multi-page websites.

Moreover, it features testimonials, pricing tables, five different home backgrounds, six lightbox portfolios and Contact Form 7. You can also freely localize it, aka translate Myour to your language. Stand out from the masses and raise your potential easily with Myour. It is a tool full of excellence that will make a difference.

More info / Download Demo


solonick resume template
Solonick sure is a tool you need to check out due to its fantastic approach to web design. When you need a creative and unique website, all you have to do is download the Solonick HTML5 resume website template and let it do the magic. This easy-to-use solution comes with eight different home pages to choose from. Bear in mind, Solonick goes very artistic, still, you can edit and improve it as requested.

There are another eight portfolio styles and nine different portfolio single pages in the kit. No matter what you want your final product to look like, you will have no issues customizing it to match.

More info / Download Demo


arter resume template
Even though you have your LinkedIn profile sorted out in full, take things to the next level with a modern website. You can now build one with ease by utilizing Arter. This resume template ensures a solid and impactful outcome that will professionally present your resume and all the other details on the internet. Always aim for the best, and that’s what you can achieve with Arter. A sophisticated resume website will move mountains and inspire potential clients and employers.

Moreover, Arter comes both in dark and light mode, supports RTL languages, and accepts any customization tweak you would like to perform. As for the latter, you use Elementor to make changes via dragging and dropping. Other highlights of Arter are testimonials, pricing tables, the ACF Pro plugin, and skills, to name a few.

More info / Download Demo


breezycv resume template
BreezyCV is an all-around solution that works for resumes to CVs and vCard websites. The entire procedure of establishing a website with BreezyCV is just as simple as it sounds. In a mere two minutes, you can have most work done already. From then on, you only focus on the refining touches, importing your details, and you are ready to roll. And yes, you do not need to have experience with coding to make the magic work for you with BreezyCV. It is a solution that will never ask you for any design and tech knowledge.

Let’s talk about some of the features. All these different samples come in dark and light modes, allowing you to quick-start your project like a champ. Additional amenities include over forty shortcodes, pricing, page transition animations, accordions, testimonials/references, and full support for RTL languages.

More info / Download Demo


ryan resume template
Go straight to the point with Ryan, a neat and sophisticated HTML5 resume template. The tool is best suited for coders, photographers, web developers, or other digital professionals. Ryan also comes with six different color schemes and allows you to edit colors of elements at free will. It is all carefully packed into one design for you to benefit from it tremendously. Make it follow your brand and let your web presence stand out.

Ryan is responsive, optimized for fast loading speeds, and compatible with all modern web browsers. Besides, Ryan supports four different portfolio types, has cool filters, and allows you to set gradient, solid color, or an image for a background. Another superb feature is the blog integration it comes with. Regularly update your website with fresh content and attract even more potential clients.

More info / Download Demo


cvio resume website template
If you want to establish a strong and memorable first impression, you better take a peek at Cvio. This wonderful, elegant and modern HTML5 resume template is packed with amazing web design and loads of features. You get to select from six different home page demos right off the bat. You can keep things super simple or enrich the atmosphere with a slider or a video. Anyhow, whatever you dig the most, Cvio guarantees a striking result. Once you land on the live demo page, the rest becomes history.

Some useful amenities include a pricing table, testimonials, skills section, over 1300 icons, and a fully functional contact form. Different portfolio styles, ten color schemes, mobile-ready layout and fast loading are other goodies that will do you well. Have in mind, with Cvio, you can hammer out either one- or multi-page website.

More info / Download Demo


prorez resume template
Building your online resume or portfolio is a great way to show potential investors, buyers, or employers who you are and the professional abilities you have to offer. Using the resume template, Prorez, will let you create the perfect page in close to no time. You use the tool out of the box and experience a swift page realization. However, you can also utilize the drag and drop ability from Elementor and fine-tune Prorez with ease.

Prorez lets you showcase your work and any particular services you want the online world to know about. You do not need coding skills to go live, which is a big plus. This design is responsive and will look great no matter what device your visitors are using. Prorez also treats every user to regular updates and professional support, so you never feel lonely.

More info / Download Demo


leven resume template
Creating a personal online presence can make a tremendous difference with winning over potential investors, buyers or employers. Using Leven, a premium template, is vital to create something unique. This resume template is easy to use and looks clean and professional on any modern device.

Leven comes with a drag and drop page builder, so your content gets uploaded to go live without coding. Regardless of your experience with establishing websites, with Leven, everyone succeeds. The great thing about Leven is you do not need to hire a professional to do your page. Do it on your own and end up with a professional-looking page. And that’s how things roll when you gain access to this superb tool.

More info / Download Demo


volos resume template
A one-page resume online is perfect to work with when you are looking for a job, placement or recruiter. It will help you create a page that will make you stand out in a crowd of other professionals. Heck, even if you are bringing a website for your freelancing business, make it happen with Volos. This resume template has ready-made demos with great color combinations, headers, images, and video. Each blend is different, so you can decide what suits you best.

There are lots of predesigned areas to highlight your skills and portfolio. Elementor will make creating your page simple with its drag and drop abilities – Volos will never ask you for coding knowledge. You will be live quickly, entering the streets of the online world with a bang.

More info / Download Demo


patrick html5 resume template
Patrick is the HTML5 resume template you should consider putting into play to differentiate yourself from the masses. With the stunning design that Patrick brings to the table, you will surely create a strong and lasting first impression. Let your fresh new website represent your works and skills and experience in the best possible light.

Moreover, Patrick comes with various features to help you win the online game. From stunning dark design and multiple home variations to six color skins, RTL support, speed optimization and CSS3 animations, Patrick has it all and then some. Of course, the page canvas is also very simple to use, perfect for both beginners and professionals.

More info / Download Demo


Are you ready to go against the norm and stand out from the masses? That should not even be in consideration – you are! Take the right approach with Glitche HTML5 resume template and bring things to an entirely different level. Your agency or freelancing business can now reach a wider audience and increase its potential to new heights with a refreshing page.

Glitche is a simple to use template that instantly acclimatises to all devices and browsers. It is fully responsive, mobile-ready, entirely customizable, with a unique web design that will help you win over new clients. It comes with six preset color schemes, optimized for insane performance and packed with a working contact form and blog pages. Once you unbox the Glitche kit, you find all the must-haves to create a spectacular online presence that will move your business forward.

More info / Download Demo


mat resume template
Mat is a vCard and resume template that practices all the latest technologies and follows modern web trends. No matter the device and the web browsers they use, Mat is in tune with all of them. With Mat, you are always on the safe side. Your website will always perform supremely and deliver remarkable user experience.

Once you fully commit, Mat unlocks the doors to expand your potential to the extreme. First, it offers you to choose between the ready-to-use samples. Mat has them all from default to more niche demos, like doctor, musician, realtor, photographer, and model. Moreover, Mat has a lightbox photo gallery, Google fonts, more than twelve widgets, and an AJAX ready contact form. There is little work required on your end to start witnessing the effect your freshly crafted page has on the community.

More info / Download Demo


aboutme resume template
AboutMe could not go more straightforward both with its name and its design. It is an HTML5 resume template with thirteen home designs to choose from and a good deal of other assets that will wow your visitors. AboutMe is for anyone out there who needs to build a personal page. For freelancers and job seekers, AboutMe is a great tool to create a space on the web where you can tell more about yourself and the talent you have. Speaking of which, engineers, designers, marketers, bloggers, architects, photographers, chefs, dentists, you name it, AboutMe is for all of you.

It gets even more exciting.

While you know its gist already, we need to mention a few extra goodies. Bootstrap, MailChimp subscription form, mobile-friendliness and dedicated support, AboutMe provides all the necessities.

More info / Download Demo

Portfolio & CV

portfolio and cv resume template
If you are one of those folks who just do not want to complicate and like to simplify everything, then you need Portfolio & CV template. This superb HTML5 resume template comes in two variations, light and dark. Just like the name goes right to the point, so does the look of the site skin. Choose accordingly and start improving it with your data.

But we are not done yet.

Portfolio & CV is a template rich in features to glue everyone to their screens. They can enjoy your website from the device they prefer since responsiveness is the highest quality. Besides the impactful front page, Portfolio & CV also comes with other inner sectors to best express yourself on the world wide web. Without further ado, start this moment for the fantastic goals you want to attain in your career.

More info / Download Demo


paper resume template
Paper is here to get you in front of the people you need with a performance-oriented approach. But most importantly, it puts you in front of those who need your talent. Complicated? Not really! This cracking HTML5 resume template comes with both production and development versions so you can construct the best website you can.

Paper follows all the modern tech and web trends for the stability of your website. You can always rely on it to work flawlessly at any day. It comes with a mega menu, and it is, indeed, fully responsive. When people see your site from mobile devices and desktop computers, they see it in the way you always intend them to. One more cool asset is Browserify. You do not have to keep refreshing the browsers to preview changes, it does it automatically.

More info / Download Demo


maha html5 resume template
If you can spare a few minutes to create the perfect website, then Maha is right up your alley. It is an HTML5 resume template known for its seamless and systematic features. You can now build a simple CV or online resume with wide-ranging tools and comprehensive components. Add relevant pages like technical skills, work experience, and many more. Indeed, they are all included in the kit, so you do not need to create any from scratch.

Inform everyone with your blog posts and incorporate content marketing to welcome more potential clients. You can post pricing tables and let everyone know what they can expect from the different service packages you offer. Maha is here to help you with the design part of your resume website, making sure it is striking and attention-grabbing.

More info / Download Demo


alpha resume template
Give Alpha a check and you, most likely, will be convinced instantly. This HTML5 resume template is. Full of goodies and fantastic characteristics for the online appearance worth talking about.

It gets better.

Alpha has a whopping thirteen home page variations with addition of nine portfolios and six portfolio details. You undoubtedly will find the best combination to showcase your expert work with ease. And when you feel it is the right time, you can also expand your website with a blog section and share other useful information.

What’s best?

You can always expect new sample material to drop with future template updates and have your page follow the modern practices at all times. If you are after something super artistic, Alpha template answers all your questions.

More info / Download Demo


Pofo is a flexible HTML5/CSS template designed for anyone who wants to show their accomplishments. Maybe you are an artist, photographer, scientist, researcher or you need a general résumé. In any case, Pofo is your perfect ally, with 25 ready demos and eight portfolio homepages. It offers chic and SEO-optimized page title styles with much material. You find title, summary, breadcrumb navigation, image and video background.

Pofo is remarkably easy to use and customize even with many unique features. Thus, you can design an idyllic, beautiful portrait of yourself. And, for the visitors, Pofo is Bootstrap responsive, Retina-ready and fast loading. It is also cross-browser and SEO optimized.

More info / Download Demo



Definity is a profoundly powerful template, built on the latest and greatest web development technologies available. From sophisticated HTML5 frameworks to dynamically loaded CSS3-powered SASS files for customizable transitions and animations and modular Bootstrap design.

Definity includes over 20 different demo websites with Definity and over 70 HTML5 files readily preconfigured for your convenience. These features and more make Definity a total solution for webmasters looking for a way to present their resume stylishly to a wide online audience. Definity is perfect for reaching potential clients or employers no matter what device they are using to reach you with its thorough responsiveness. Try Definity today!

More info / Download Demo


LeadGen is a capable and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. It is an innovative solution for webmasters across a spectrum of industries. You don’t need to know about coding to get polished, perfected results with LeadGen. LeadGen is a sharp and creative toolkit for building powerful websites. Effortless customization is available through an intuitive page builder. Put together awesome, feature-rich websites without skipping a beat. Over 300 custom modules and elements are available for you to fiddle with. 32 different demo websites let you have a broad selection to get things started. Customize your websites with ease with sophisticated admin panel settings. LeadGen lets you express yourself with creative blog pages.

Keep the content flowing and let your voice be heard. Establish a social media presence with integrated sharing features. Powerful cross-compatibility lets you reach users across every device and browser out there. LeadGen lets you take charge of your website’s look and feel without writing a line of code. Modernize your business or bring your projects to the 21st century overnight. Feel at ease knowing that LeadGen can handle any traffic volume you’re picking up. Let your visitors land in style with LeadGen, today!

More info / Download Demo

If you are looking for templates that integrate some Content Management System such as WordPress, you might want to check this resume theme collection. HTML offers great flexibility for developers and tech-savvy users, but WordPress is a better and simpler alternative for everyone else.

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