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Top 25 Best Free Bootstrap Blog Templates Coded Using HTML5 And CSS3 – 2016

Top 25 Best Free Bootstrap Blog Templates Coded Using HTML5 and CSS3 – 2016

A blog is still a website, with its own set of elements and features that create the kind of web design that we are most satisfied with. The last decade on the web has proved that blogging is a sustainable method of expressing oneself, as well as consuming content in a variety of different ways. Getting started with your own blog has also become somewhat of a leisurely experience, a good domain name and a reliable hosting company is all we really need to have our own WordPress based blogging enterprise up and running, or we may resort to alternatives like Blogger, Tumblr, amongst others.

Whether a creative looking to attract new clients, or a business that realizes the quintessential importance of a blog as a medium of generating more leads, blogging has something to offer to all types of web users; even those who have never written an intentional paragraph before. Much like a portfolio website works, we can use our blogs to advertise our talents, to express our ideas, and to connect with an audience that reaches far beyond the horizon of our expectations.

Building your own blogging site from scratch will initially require a little bit of effort, especially in the department of design. Choosing the right template for your blogging site can be a tedious process, and only because there are so many choices to choose from. Colors, font choices and alternations, navigation menu placements, social media integration amongst other things are the features one will want to pay attention to the most, while it’s easy to build a personal blog style that reflects versatile thinking, we also want to ensure that our readers are happy with our choices, though it’s important to leave an imprint of personality in every design.

The following free Bootstrap blog templates we are about to explore have all been carefully selected with the latest web design trends in mind, as well as to provide a simple templating system where you can easily make and alter any kind of elements that perhaps you feel are obsolete to your vision of a good looking blog. Whether to launch a standalone blog site, or to incorporate any of the following templates in your existing websites, these designs are going to provide an easy to consume content experience that you will come to realize is so important to a successful blogging path.

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Clean Blog

Clean Blog

Minimalistic and clean blog templates are amongst the favorites between new and already advanced bloggers. They provide an easy way to leave focus strictly on the content that’s being published, and Clean Blog takes care of this task very beautifully. It’s a great fit for business, personal and other creative projects that want to focus solely on the said words, rather than the five million widgets popping up all over the place. The template comes pre-built with a blog homepage, a page for talking about yourself, a sample content post, as well as a page for establishing a contact me feature.

It’s fully responsive which means all devices will love to work with this template, and the modern design touch with a little touch of colour adds to the overall pleasant browsing experience. Utilizes the LESS pre-processor for easier development workflow.


Blog Post

Blog Post Start Bootstrap Template

The Blog Post templates utilizes the essential Bootstrap features to provide a template system that can be used for crafting blog posts, within an already establish Bootstrap blog website; we can grab such a template by looking at the next mentioned template in this post. The main features of Blog Post are accessible sidebar widgets which we can easily customize, a lightweight comments widget for engaging our audience, as well as an example blog post that showcases an image header and the way text interacts with the rest of the design.


Blog Home

Blog Home Start Bootstrap Template

Blog Home on the other hand is a plain Bootstrap template that can be used as a placeholder for our blogging site, this is the perfect template to use for integrating the Blog Post template. Blog Home will work on all modern devices as it is fully responsive, it has a nice navigation bar that’s fixed, and also separates the blog post section from the rest of the homepage, widgets are easy to customize for your own requirements.


Coffee Break

Coffee Break a Blog Category Flat Bootstarp responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Coffee Break incorporates clean and flat design elements that will work great for personal blogs, as well as blogs for restaurants, food bloggers, travel writers and other similar fields of interest. The code base is beginner friendly, meaning that making changes to the design are going to be elementary. The lavish design is built to maintain the factor of simplicity, and the minimal grid system makes it a pleasure for readers eyes.

Works well with all modern browsers, and devices — full-responsive integration. Features an in-built slider that can be used to display a featured image at the very top of your blog, as well as a more compact slider at the footer of your pages to display more of your content.



Quickly a Blogging Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Quickly template is a great example of how flexible Bootstrap can be when it comes to building modern websites (or blogs) using the FLAT design principle. This professional template will suit bloggers and writers who are looking for a strong ‘professional’ touch to their blogging experience. The design choices feature a lot of stylish fonts and widget concepts, all of which can quickly be erased and turned into whatever you think is necessary for your own blogging experience. An open footer area can be used to promote your own About information, to insert social media widgets or simply to advertise your other content — also the combination of all if necessary.



Voguish a Blogging Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Are you a fashion blogger? Perhaps looking for a design that reflects the feminine side of your writing. Voguish is a great choice for bloggers who want to highlight the sensitivity of their writing, as the color scheme of Voguish is perfect for expressing detail and attentiveness to the subject you’re talking about. Features a beautiful slider that will allow you to showcase your most trending content, while the sidebar widgets offer a way to collect email addresses for your list, as well as display your latest social media postings on Twitter. Takes full-advantage of the latest features in CSS3 and HTML5; as per Bootstraps foundation.



Floral a Blogging Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

The Floral blog template introduces a more sophisticated, creative, way of expressing your blogs design. The post listings offer a traditional template of Title, Image, and Content, while the major change within this design apart from others is the use of background patterns to enrich the overall reading and blogging experience. Posts are also amplified with a beautiful related posts widget that will help you rake up more views on your other content, whilst the strong menu at the top will ensure that your readers can always learn more about yourself, and your content.



Konstructs a Blogging Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Web Template Home w3layouts

Each passing day a number of new designs are introduced within the plethora of template sharing websites we encounter on daily basis, and technology oriented templates are some of the most sought after, but why pay for a premium design when we can indulge in something as beautiful as the Konstructs template which has been specifically built to reflect technology oriented website traits.

A grid style content browsing template on the homepage will naturally capture readers attention and interest in your other content, while the content pages themselves focus on a professional approach to reporting news, sharing stories, and even telling stories; post pages also feature an interesting related content widget for all your content promotion needs.



Animus A Blogging Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Animus is the first Bootstrap template on our list that utilizes full-grid templating patterns. This is what other web designers might call the “Pinterest effect” — such style choices have grown in popularity since the inception of the popular social media site for sharing images. Animus uses a very lightweight choice of colors and background color that focus on providing readers with a pleasant and laid back reading experience, whilst maintaining the touch of professionalism in case the template needs to be used for business purposes. Beautiful navigation bar that can be used to display your logo, your social media icons, as well as menu items of your choice.


Personal Blog

Personal Blog a Blogging Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Personal blogs have always been about content that you publish, and the audience that you interact with, so in that sense personal blogging templates have never been cluttered or focused on fancy widgets, instead the focus remains on easy to access content, as well as a simple commenting system that can enrich the whole blogging experience for both parties. Personal Blog is one such template that puts it all in perspective — a simple blog index page displaying latest content, and an easy to look at posts template that focuses on the written content, while highlighting a comment box at the bottom of each page. Sidebar consists of traditional recent posts and comments, as well as archives and categories widgets; a logo image can be used within the top navigation bar.



Blog Name

Blogname a Blogging Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Web Template Home w3layouts

Blog Name features a stunning header design that can be used to express your true intention behind your blog and/or writing. The flowery choice of colors will be a natural attraction for anyone who stumbles upon your writing. The style of this template features an interconnected choice of elements that all compliment each other in the bigger picture of things. The super-integrated commenting widget on each posts page will ensure that anyone who reads your blog posts are going to be keen to leave a comment. Definitely take a second look at the overall flow of posts pages, as there might be adjustments necessary as per your own requirements. (not everyone likes deep choices of font and color combinations)



Archive a Blog Category Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Home w3layouts

Archive is another spectacular work of art that utilizes a left-hand sidebar (something we don’t see that often, especially in the category of Bootstrap templates), but the rest of the design choices compliment this sidebar beautifully and elegantly. Posts pages feature a feature image slot, a strict area for content (play around with font and font sizes to improve the experience), as well as a comment box that’s visible right after the content ends. The only thing that’s truly missing in this template is some sort of social sharing option, since we feel it would be the perfect fit for such a solid choice of colors and fonts.


Catatan si Boy

Catatan Si Boy a Bootstrap Website Template Home w3layouts

As the name suggests, Catatan si Boy is a very tasteful template that utilizes the full potential of FLAT web design, as well as the usage of big font sizes to make a distinct note of how the content flows over your blog. The grey (text) on white (background) combination works impeccably with the touches of bright orange that you can find within the blogs elements. Comment section gives each commenter his own space of expression, perhaps serving as a way of attracting more people to leave comments based on the fact of exposure and attention. Header image can be configured to be as small or as big as you wish, plenty of space for your logo; or text if you prefer.


Flat Style

Flat style Website Template Home w3layouts

This cross-platform FLAT template is dubbed multi-purpose, and is the perfect solution for a creative agency or business to use as both the default website theme, or only as a separate blogging template for the blog. There’s plenty of room to add details about your business and services, whilst maintaining the momentum for highlighting your latest content posts. Other elements of the template include Portfolio, About, Testimonials and Contact Page. Uses a lot of interactive and dynamic elements to provide a seamless one-page website (blog) experience.



Calm Website Template Home w3layouts

Calm is a beautiful and very attractive responsive Bootstrap blog template that will “wow!” your readers by the sheer beauty that they are looking at, and we mean it. This stylish and elegant theme will be the perfect fit for bloggers, photographers, and creative artists who enjoy using a grid-style templating system for showcasing their content. You can use this template for any type of website, but blogs will work the best as the majority of elements within the template itself have been built with blogging in mind. This web template is built in a Fancy style however it can be used as per the user requirements.



Free Crocodile Website Template Home w3layouts

Crocodile is perhaps the most basic blog template on our list so far, and possible will remain that way until we continue to recount the last few templates, but that is not to say that there is anything wrong with this beautiful Bootstrap blog template, Crocodile is for those who don’t need flashy widgets and bloated elements taking up all the space on their desktop and mobile screens, Crocodile is for those who want simple blog functionality at no expense.

Although the choice of colours in this template could be slightly different, we know that such fundamental settings are easy to change within this template, because it’s a work of art for those who just need a place to share their thoughts, ideas, inspiration, maybe even business schemes — you never know!



Pinball Website Template Home w3layouts

Pinball is the second true Pinterest-style template we are encountering in this roundup, and this one is just as good as the first one. Pinball features a more light oriented design approach, focusing on imagery whilst providing a pleasant reading experience on the actual content pages. A huge header image accompanied by full-width content space that ends with an integrated comment system that flows with the design naturally. Navigation bar offers an unfolding menu button, a search widget for helping your readers find the content they are looking to consume, as well as plenty of room for a reasonably sized logo.



The Swiss Website Template Home w3layouts

Swiss is a charming single page blogging template built upon the foundation of Bootstrap. This template will compliment anyone who has a taste in simple yet elegant design, the choice of colors is strict, yet effective. A huge (full width) dynamic slider will let you promote your most important content at the very top, while the template itself supports a range of different post types for quotes, traditional content, videos, and you can even choose to work with a template that helps you to protect your posts with a password. The footer of this template offers space for promoting your social media networks with elegant icons.


Share Blog

Free Share Blog the Blog Website Template Home w3layouts

Are you an aspiring technology writer? Share Blog might have something to offer to you in order to help you feel more in-tune with your writing. The Share Blog’s design is built to help support blogs that deal with more than just one post a month, as the design features elements that clearly indicate “it’s time to get reading.” Post page style is traditional with plenty of room for optimization and adjustments.



FeedLive Website Template Home W3layouts

The cross-browser (platform) blog theme FeedLive is going to leave an impact on those bloggers and writers who can appreciate how each of the websites elements compliment each other. Neatly tied together, FeedLive brings about a content experience that’s easy on the eyes, while offering plenty of room to play with the latest developments in web design and development. Seems to also be enjoyed by those creatives who are into video industry, as the theme boasts a few widgets for promoting your video content. Looks amazing on mobile devices, as you will see in the demo pages.



Premium Bootstrap HTML Blog Templates

The Mysterious Girl

The Mysterious Girl HTML Template For Bloggerss

Here we come into contact with more professional and aligned, premium, templates for creating our blogs. First up we have The Mysterious Girl; a professional and feature-rich HTML5 (Bootstrap) template that can be used to build a blog for any kind of purpose. Full responsive integration means that this theme will work on all your favorite devices. The aesthetic functionality of the The Mysterious Girl template is going to set you apart from the rest of the bloggers who originate in the same field as you.

Amongst the most popular features you will find a variety of homepage styles, photo gallery styles, a settings panel to optimize colors and content, integration with the Font Awesome library for an extended list of icons to add to your blog, smooth design transitions, a variety of post formats, as well as a clean code foundation for easy optimization and modification.



AWEBlog Responsive HTML5 Template

AWEblog gives way for a fully responsive, creativity fueled HTML5 blog template that will work well with blogs within the fashion, lifestyle, travel, food and similar industries. Minimal design approach that’s optimized for mobile, and also with in-built search engine optimizations features will leave you wondering “What else is there to a great template?” — and we think that there really isn’t all that much, especially when you start taking into consideration the amount of features that AWEblog offers to its users.

Choose between wide/boxed blog layouts, take advantage of Google Fonts and Font Awesome Icons, a variety of header and blog layouts that will let you built just the kind of blog that reflects your inner vision. Choice of a range of post formats to help you create a multimedia blog, social media icons that will allow you to promote yourself on social media straight away.




NuNu is a light, bright & unique minimalist blog template, tailored to showcase your content in an snappy easy to navigate interface that engages the user. Boasting new features such as a side tab Instagram area that allows users to interact with the latest Instagram pictures without having to scroll to the bottom. With it’s unique interface and a keen eye to the user experience, NuNu’s minimalistic design is guaranteed to wow and inspire.

NuNu is a lightweight, dazzling & minimal Bootstrap blog template built for letting you display your content in a catchy way so as to capture attention, without the cost of interest. In-built widget for displaying Instagram content is also packed in this beautiful blog theme. Responsive (retina ready) design ensures full functionality of cross-platform devices, modern and stylish design will ensure user satisfaction, jQuery integration allows for a more smooth (and interactive) browsing experience, and the extensive documentation will make sure that you are always in charge of how things work on your newly redesigned blog.



Glimmer Blog Template

Glimmer is a spotless content oriented blog theme for anyone who writes about personal topics, travel stuff, hobbies, lifestyle choices, even tutorials and guides blogs can take full advantage of the huge choice of features that Glimmer brings to the table. Code structure has been developed in a way that allows even the most inexperienced to make changes and adjust the overall feel of the template; all the necessary details can be found within the documentation of the template.

Notable features that Glimmer packs within its structure are cross-browser compatibility (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, IE9+), Font Awesome and Custom Icons (retina optimized), good code with appropriate comments, Google Fonts integration, unlimited choice of colors, fifteen unique widgets to extend your blogs richness, Google Maps support, ten different post formats, and there is so much more, we will leave the discovery part up to you to truly enjoy what this theme has to offer.




The last Bootstrap blog theme in our roundup is going to be Flatness; as the name suggests this is a FLAT-design built theme, which features a mobile-friendly design, Parallax integration, number of carousels to optimize your designs, as well as a contact form that uses AJAX. Different kind of layout choices will ensure that everyone gets to use the theme for their appropriate reasons. Two different styles to choose from: darker and lighter. Watch the demo to fully appreciate the modern and glossy design of the Flatness theme.


Alex Ivanovs

Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others.

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  1. Fantastic Collection of bootstrap blog templates. I loved Quickly, Pinball and Glimmer and downloaded them to use in my future blogs. many thanks for sharing these gorgeous bootstrap blog templates.

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  5. Tried a few of these. None of the ones I tried were bootstrap at all.
    And a few of the ones I tried were advertised as responsive, but weren’t at all.

    1. Dan,

      Please be more specific as I am certain that all of them are based on Bootstrap. If you don’t see Bootstrap in source code, make sure that you have closed preview windows on which theme is loaded in iframe, so you can’t see Bootstrap loaded when inspecting source at first.
      Like I said, let me know which theme is not responsive and doesn’t have Bootstrap and will make sure to double check it.

  6. Great list, i found 2 best for me “Break Coffe” and “Quickly”. BTW i’m using this theme for my WordPress Theme Development progress 🙂

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