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Wordpress Food Blog Themes

20 Beautiful and Mobile Friendly WordPress Food Blog Themes For Foodies, Chefs And Photographers 2017

Although it may seem like a niche specialization, blogging about food can be a very lucrative business venture. It is very obvious that our fascination with the culinary arts goes beyond our biological need for sustenance. The preparation of food has become an art form.

Food can also be used to promote cultural diversity. With each country having specific resources, needs and preferences, it’s no wonder that there are countless dishes to choose from. Be it foods that hail from distant continents, or charming items that are grown and produced locally, your blog can cover them all!

Food bloggers can also aid local restaurants. They can review venues, basically providing free advertisement. From a business perspective, owning a food blog is a good career path, as the topic is virtually inexhaustible. You will never run out of things to say and do. Bloggers may even attempt to take cooking lessons, chronicling their progress.

However, you will be judged on the quality of your website. A sloppy page will discourage users from following you.  Thankfully, WordPress has many high-quality, cheap, and convenient themes. These themes can enhance every aspect of your site, showcasing and complementing your content.



Few WordPress themes can ever hope to match Soledad’s quality. It product has a sizable collection of useful features, and it promises to enhance your food blog website. Countless hours were spent designing Soledad, and that investment seems to have paid off. This theme was the best-selling blog theme of the year, and many customers have praised its quality and attention to detail.  Your food blog will look amazing, and you do not have to have to be a web design expert in order to create it. Soledad has more than 250 customizable visual options, and they can be toggled off/on at any time. For the body, there are 4 variations: boxed with color, body full width, body boxed pattern, and body boxed image.

Soledad has 2 mega menu versions: Columns Mega Menu, and Category Mega Menu. In addition, there are 7 distinct slider styles, and each can cater to your demands. The theme has multiple color customization settings, making it easier for your site to match the color of your brand of logo. It is possible to implement video backgrounds, instead of static images. For those who wish to sample Soledad, a live preview was made available.

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Kale is a crisp and responsive WordPress food and personal blog website theme. Kale is a clean framework for articulating eloquent foodie blogs without any hassle. You can set up shop with Kale within minutes or move your blog to Kale as well. It’s packed with stunning blog templates and layouts for food related applications in general. Restaurants, caterers, magazines, critics and amateurs love Kale. Kale has awesome features like built-in ads and built-in recipe indexes. They make monetizing your blog and sharing your recipes intuitive and effortless.

Smart, Google-friendly structured recipe cards let your content rise the ranks overnight. Multiple dynamic blog feed displays let you mix and match excerpts with full posts at will. Built-in social media sharing features are easy to customize. Your advanced theme settings let you take control of your social media presence. The handsome integrated Instagram feed spruces up your website at every turn. With the beautiful MailPoet plugin, you can build effective mailing lists. SEO optimized to the core, Kale is both lightweight and a top search engine performer. With a completely responsive code, Kale is compatible with devices, platforms and browsers worldwide. Make it big with your foodie blogs, with Kale at your side!

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Gillion (Trending Item)

For most users, having a sprawling site is simply unnecessary and cumbersome. Gillion is a WordPress theme that understands the need for simplicity and harmony. Gillion can increase your odds of success, given that it is optimized for search engines. The layout of this theme is responsive towards mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. I

Site owners are spared from having to start from scratch, given the inclusion of well-made demo content. In a matter of minutes, you can generate a fully-functional blog. Further customization is always possible, as you tinker with various settings and features. No advanced coding knowledge is required. You can even turn your simple blog into a lucrative source of revenue.

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Gullvy is an excellent WordPress theme that can enhance your personal or company blog page. This product does all of the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on the creative aspect of your site. In addition to well-written posts, you may also include eye-catching images. An incredible Layout Builder was added, and it is powered by the UIkit Frontend Framework. This state of the art tool facilitates the creation of incredible pages. Gullvy’s minimalist approach implies that any unnecessary element is quickly discarded. This enhances your site’s speed and improves the reader’s browsing experience. Given that most users ignore slow-loading pages, Gullvy can give you a competitive advantage.

However, despite its power, this theme remains quite flexible. Site owners are able to select their own personalized color variations and distinct blog styles. The WordPress Customizer assures that any change can be implemented easily. Your posts will have 4 main categories: slideshow, featured image, audio, and video. As soon as it is installed, Gulvvy will feature a dark and light version. You can easily change this setting by accessing the theme options. Overall, this is one of the most user-friendly themes on the market. It requires no coding or CSS knowledge, making it accessible to anyone.

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Morning Time


Sharing thoughts is a liberating experience for both the writer and the reader. Morning Time is a superb WordPress theme for journalists, family blogs, and personal blogs. It has many interesting features, and a captivating design that is sure to attract many online followers. The theme will be installed and configured for you, if you are a user who lacks web development experience. Morning Time takes care of the troublesome aspects of website ownership, leaving you to worry about what is truly important: the writing. A child theme was incorporated, and you will never miss any upcoming downloads or updates. There is an unlimited Widget area for portfolios, posts, and page. Morning Time’s Options Panel is very powerful and versatile, yet it remains accessible and intuitive. This makes it easy to use, even for those who are not very tech-savvy.

Customers will benefit from an astounding support system, as the representatives are polite, well-trained, and eager to help. The product is compatible with the premium Revolution Slider plugin, which enables the creation of eye-catching slides. Clients can now showcase their content in a very attractive manner. It should also be mentioned that Morning Time is based on Foundation 5, implementing technologies such as SASS and Grunt.

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For website owners who appreciate elegance and attention to detail, Lily is a great asset. It is capable of improving your blog, showcasing your content in an attractive manner. With this innovative WordPress theme, any site can increase its view count. Regardless of your page’s niche, Lily’s features will allow it to adapt to the situation. With 4 beautiful home page variations, this theme is nothing less than amazing. If it is allowed to work its magic, your site will have a much better change of convincing casual viewers to become regular followers.

Lily takes care of all the unpleasant and technical aspects of website ownership, leaving you to focus on what is important: the content. Worrying about anything else is a waste of your time. This product offers several layout options for your blog: full width, left, and right. Premium plugins are included, without any additional fee. Considering that you only have a few seconds to captivate someone’s attention, you need to put your best foot forward. Slides are a great way of doing that, as they can feature your top content. Creating slides is very easy, due to the implementation of the Slider Revolution plugin. It adds pristine animations and gorgeous transition effects, further increasing your blog’s aesthetic appeal.

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Soledad is a creative and engaging, innovative and deeply stylish, appealing and attractive, colorful and youthful, fresh-faced, bright and luminous, incredibly flexible and malleable, easy to use and intuitively customizable, graphically nimble and technologically potent responsive WordPress magazine and blog theme. Soledad is a convenient and thorough theme that has been professionally designed to pack the features, resources and templates required to excel at empowering webmasters of any background to efficiently and effectively produce the most refined blogs and online magazines on the market.

Soledad’s uniquely well styled presentation is ideal for blogs that need users to focus strongly on image-centric content, with a wealth of shortcodes and icons that make Soledad a perfect theme for running elegant and modern food-related blog websites. From food critics or foodie reviewers to personal recipe websites or professional cooking tips websites, Soledad has the handsome functionality required to present your content in lavish, delightful style that will charm your visitors to no end and positively impact your traffic from day one, with its thorough search engine optimization. Soledad includes over 250 Home demo websites as well as over 250 Live Customizer options, so no two Soledad websites will look alike. Make something delicious, with Soledad!

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newsmag-food-magazine-wordpress-website-templateEnchant your visitors senses as you introduce them in the universe of passion for food and cooking. Imagine fresh ingredients, delightful recipes, the mesmerizing flavor of a sunny morning, passion and sparkling conversations, all powered by the Newspaper theme. This theme builds joy and the excitement with subtle and refined textures, hues and graphic elements, all in a dedicated fresh template called “Food Recipes” demo. Combine your website aesthetics and personal approach of design with performance to create the blog you have always dreamed of.

Newspaper is the best-selling WordPress News theme of all time. Created by a power elite author, this theme is intuitive, responsive and with the “Mobile theme” custom plugin your site will look amazing while delivering an outstanding performance on any small screen device. Built with a high quality code, and the best SEO practices, Newspaper Theme has an intelligent ad system designed to make your website AdSense ready in a few seconds.

This template comes with over 20 unique demos ready to be imported on your website. It also includes a beautiful image slider gallery, video playlists, countless post and page variations, dozens of headers, footers and more. Newspaper challenges you to create an amazing experience for your visitors!

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Sage is a creative and expressive, eloquent and refined, aesthetically polished and visually stunning and flexible, graphically bright and colorful while flexible and nimble, functionally diverse and resourceful, technologically modern and cutting edge, well structured and highly pliable responsive WordPress food and restaurant multipurpose website theme. Sage is an incredibly well developed theme capable of servicing the needs of a wide range of different website archetypes and applications, and it comes readily packed with over 40 unique, niche, fully functional and completely fleshed out demo websites for all kinds of purposes, specifically centered about the food industry in general and food websites in particular.

Sage is perfect for webmasters that want a modern, smooth and polished food website, whether a recipe website filled with mouth-watering galleries and custom post styles, while remaining an intuitive, easy to use theme filled with incredibly powerful plugins readily available for you to create pretty much any layout, page style and functional configuration you could possibly dream up. Sage offers a plethora of demo websites for all sorts of food related applications, and with its 21 custom Visual Composer plugins, you can effortlessly transform them into anything you need of your Sage food website. Try Sage today!

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Paperio is a resourceful and responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. Paperio is a capable theme built to handle an assortment of industries and interests. Whatever your niche is, if you’ve got something to say, say it with Paperio. Effective SEO tools help spread the word and drive traffic through the roof. Sleek, lightweight coding keeps server costs down and performance flawless. Bloggers from all walks of life find everything they need in Paperio. Powerful social widgets let you bring social media feeds into your blogs. Foodies, food critics and food magazines love Paperio.

With slender Twitter and Instagram feeds, staying relevant is easy and effortless. And awesome post layouts and styles let you keep things interesting. Tell complex stories with gallery and video posts. Deploy attractive masonry and grid layouts to make your content pop. Awesome featured content sliders keep your finest critiques on rotation. Engaging your audience in a memorable way is what Paperio is all about. Make the right impression. The WP Live Customizer lets you brand your blog on the fly without breaking a sweat. See results live and choose from hundreds of settings and combinations. Let the world know what’s cooking, with Paperio on your side!

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The Voux


Regardless of your blog’s niche, The Voux can enhance and improve your page. It is an amazing website theme for WordPress, and it includes many innovative features. We live in an age of social media, and every business must think of ways to harness the massive potential of these markets. Although many sites will lazily include some social widgets, few themes will go all the way. Thankfully, The Voux cares about media integration, and it can display social sharing data in the theme backend.  By accessing the Theme Options, customers can select the cache period, and target specific networks for sharing.

With this product, users will be able to watch articles loading as they scroll through the content. In addition, the URL from your browser will change according the featured page. The Voux includes an amazing Mega menu and header. Sub-categories, tags and categories can be determined by site owners. You work hard on your content, and you deserve a theme that can properly showcase its beauty. Full screen galleries are available for those who install The Voux, maximizing the aesthetic appeal of every image or post. It should also be mentioned that this theme is fully responsive, and it has a live preview for those who wish to sample its features.

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Meridian Recipes

meridian-recipes-wordpress-themeMeridian Recipes is a visually stimulating and aesthetically crafted, modern and elegant, highly responsive WordPress food blog and magazine website theme. Meridian Recipes has been constructed to empower webmasters with or without any coding experience to easily and quickly put together amazing cooking blogs or foodie blogs, impressive food online magazines for critics or reviewers, or just about any sort of food related blog or magazine website project imaginable.

Meridian Recipes brings you the power of cutting edge HTML5 features and CSS3 styling to create handsome websites capable of performing at a very high level regardless of audience size and scale. Lightweight and fast-loading, Meridian Recipes features multiple dedicates modules for you to make the perfect foodie blog or magazine, with useful widgets for ingredients, steps and recipes, with a wealth of customization choices at every turn. The MeridianStyler and Live Customizer provide a robust framework for you to make Meridian Recipes look and feel just the way you want, while built-in post styles and layout choices allow you to separate your Articles and Recipes at your will, or mix them up as desired. Beautiful custom made social sharing widgets spread your recipes in all directions. Try Meridian Recipes today!

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Tulip is a beautiful, modern WordPress theme for websites. Its design manages to be aesthetically-pleasing, while maintaining a great degree of simplicity. It has a large number of useful features, each implemented in order to increase your view count. It is an ideal choice for writers, photographers and artists. It allows any creative person to distribute his photos, articles, and videos. Resizing and compatibility errors can plague many websites. Thankfully, Tulip is completely responsive, guaranteeing that you content will look great on the screens of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs.

A sticky post slider was made available, sparing users from having to create post categories for sliders. You only need to designate a post as being “sticky” and it will save you a lot of time. In addition to the Original Customized Widgets, Tulip has added 7 custom widgets. Any setting can be easily changed via the WordPress Customizer tool. It allows users to upload personalized logos, add distinct favicons, and implement background images. You may also select your own color scheme, and customize your typography with over 600 incredible Google Fonts. If you wish to experience this theme for yourself, be sure to check out the live demo.

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Today’s internet-driven marketplace can greatly reward those who become bloggers. Not even massive media companies can ignore the potential of a well-written blog, given that most newspapers and TV stations have their own sites. Blogging is a product for those who value quality and consistency. This is an incredible WordPress theme that can facilitate the delivery of amazing content. It will surely attract a large number of followers. Blogging includes many practical features, resulting in a theme which is capable of enhancing both personal blogs, and massive company sites.

Any good artist knows that the art is dependent on its delivery. Indeed, this theme also cares about presentation, showcasing your posts in an attractive and unforgettable manner. The layout is highly intuitive, unique and addictive. The personalization and installation process is quite user-friendly, due to the addition of CSS3 and HTML 5 markups, along with customized widgets.

Considering that most blog readers will browse your site during their free time, it is essential that you maximize their convenience. Thankfully, Blogging is capable of displaying your content on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Also, it will work with most major browsers. For more information regarding this theme, be sure to check out the live preview.

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Interactive is a gorgeous, modern WordPress theme that can enhance your well-written food blog. If your goal is to create an amazing website that can attract many viewers, this theme can help you out. It has a large number of customization options, allowing you to personalize your site until it matches your vision. If you want to sample the theme without committing to a purchase, you can always access the live demo. Interactive has added a practical Off-Canvas Mobile Menu feature. It makes the most out of the limited screen space of mobile devices. The menu interface will automatically hide if the viewer is not using it.

In order to achieve greater Google rankings and lower bounce rates, this theme has greatly improved its speed. Followers will certainly appreciate the lightning-fast blog pages. With the Options Panel, you will be able to control every site feature. Of course, this makes customization easier, allowing all users to design an amazing blog. Although it is extremely powerful, the Panel implements a user-friendly, intuitive interface. This product does its best to accommodate every viewer, given that it is entirely responsive. With Interactive, mobile device owners will not have to worry about resizing or compatibility issues.

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WordX is a visually stunning, modern WordPress theme for ambitious online entrepreneurs. It is quite versatile, capable of adapting to any niche. However, it specializes in magazine or blog websites. WordX understands that art also relies on delivery. This product has implemented many practical features in order to improve your view count and your bottom line. The fluidity of the layout is impressive, given that it can be resized in order to fit any screen. Smartphone and tablet users will not have any issue displaying your content.

People don’t like it when you make them wait. Slow loading speeds can ruin even the best sites. Thankfully, customers who purchase WordX will never have to worry about that. The theme is well-coded and optimized for high loading speeds. Adsense support was integrated, providing a steady source of income from online advertising. However, your ads will never be intrusive or bothersome, guaranteeing a pleasant browsing experience for customers. Without SEO support, your food blog will never earn a good spot on Google rankings. Thankfully, WordX is optimized for search engines, maximizing your chances of success. In addition, sites that choose to implement this theme have reduced bounce rates, managing to retain most of their followers.

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If your goal is to design an excellent food blog, be sure to check out NewsPaper. It is a gorgeous, classy theme for WordPress that will surely increase your view count. It can enhance content-rich sites, complementing their posts and pictures. The layout design is stunning, offering both functionality and great aesthetic appeal. Those who prefer mobile platforms can easily access your pages, without having to worry about resizing or compatibility issues. NewsPaper works great with laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs.

In order to increase your exposure and improve your odds of success, this theme was optimized for search engines. Your food blog is sure to obtain a great spot on Google rankings. Most site visitors can be discouraged from following your activity, if they experience slow loading speeds. Thankfully, WordX is one of the fastest themes on WordPress, guaranteeing a pleasant browsing experience. Both your content and your page can be translated in order to reach out to a broader demographic. Hosting multilingual posts can increase your view count and your profit margin. If you experience any problem, be sure to contact the excellent support system. Their representatives are well-informed and eager to help you out.

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innovation-recipe-blog-website-templateInnovation is a delightfully whimsical and graphically capricious and inspired, visually stunning and deeply imaginative, tech-savvy and very fresh and modern, youthful and creative, colorful and engaging, extremely user and developer friendly, mobile and Retina ready out of the box, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. Innovation is an amazing tool for designing the most unique and stylish blogs you can think of, including a selection of the latest and greatest web development technologies swiftly integrated into a sleek, attractive and intuitive presentation that you can effortlessly deploy through a massive collection of over 230 unique, professionally graphically designed home page demo websites.

Innovation is perfect for webmasters from all walks of life and with any level of previous experience or coding skill, as its entirely visual advanced theme option settings and theme customizer put all the power of the strongest graphical technologies right at your fingertips. Innovation includes handsome and very appealing food blog website demos, with delightful and delicious layouts and arrangements for your posts and home pages that make short work of most website building tasks, freeing your time to worry about what matters, your delicious foodie content and high resolution imagery! Try Innovation now, and start revolutionizing the foodie blogosphere today!

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Staying true to its name, Elegance is an absolutely gorgeous WordPress theme that never ceases to amaze. It has a minimalist, clean design and a layout that is entirely responsive. This product will not suffer from any compatibility or resizing issues as it showcases your content on mobile screens. In addition, Elegance is compatible with most major browsers on the market. It can enhance any blog website, regardless of its niche: food, fashion, news, personal, or corporate. In order to attract as many users as possible, this theme has integrated the amazing WPML plugin. With its inclusion, your site can support multilingual pages. This allows you to target people from across the globe.

Elegance has implemented WooCommerce, one of the most popular plugins on WordPress. Site owners can now increase their profit margin by creating online shops from which they can commercialize items or services. For those who wish to sample the theme without spending any money, a live preview was included. Should you encounter any issue during installation, you can always visit the support forum. The topics are quite extensive and informative. Also, Elegance has many post form variations, and 5 aesthetically-pleasing Hero Banner versions. Thanks to the infinite Scroll widget, users are now able to load posts on sidebars without any limitation.

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Oxie is a streamlined, gorgeous and sophisticated theme for WordPress. Although its versatility allows it to fill any niche, it is best suited for blogs. This product can enhance travel, food, photography, Lifestyle, Family, design, and fashion pages. In terms of aesthetic customization, users can easily select a personalized color scheme. Given that there is an infinite number of colors and shades, your choice will not be limited by anything. Several other detailed display options will result in the creation of an astounding blog. Given that 600 new blogs are being created every minute, you need a theme that makes you stand out.

Site administrators will benefit from advanced typography options, considering that there are over 600 Google fonts. In addition, Oxie features 20 home page layout variations, and 30 header layouts. Your blog will be truly impressive. This theme also creates a stress-free work environment, by implementing a fully responsive layout. Users can update content from home, given that the blog will be compatible with smartphones and tablets. If you are experiencing any issues during installation, be sure to check out some of the tutorial videos. For a more hands-on demonstration, a live theme preview was added.

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piemont - minimal wordpress blog theme

This is a clean, fast and aesthetically-pleasing WordPress theme that can enhance your website and increase your view count.  Piemont is quite versatile, capable of adapting to personal and corporate sites with ease. From start to finish, a new amazing blog can be created in just 2 minutes. This theme offers a limitless number of layout and blog style combinations. It incorporates 5 blog listing layouts, 20 header variations, over 650 incredible fonts, and 4 Featured post slider layouts. In terms of color, you can either choose from 11 pre-designed palettes, or imagine your own distinct color schemes. You can control and alter every single aspect of your blog.

User friendliness is another important feature, considering that settings can be modified with a single click via the Piemont Control Panel. After the theme is purchased, the friendly support representatives will continue to aid the customer. Regardless of your issue, do not hesitate to contact them. Piemont offers a very detailed documentation source, which is quite informative. If you are still undecided regarding this product, allow the free theme Demo to convince you. Overall, this is one of the fastest themes on the market, with a User Google Page speed index of 99/100.

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Brook is an incredible WordPress theme than can fit a variety of roles. It has a practical and minimalist style that maximizes productivity. With Brook, your view count is sure to increase. It incorporates an impressive full width slider that can showcase your site’s best features. Brook has included Ajax navigation, several variations for your layouts and post, personalized widgets, and a sticky sidebar. This theme is capable of improving every aspect of your page, increasing your view count and your bottom line.

Users can easily upload images, and they can be viewed in vertical and landscape formats. This product is meant for travel, photography, food blogging and life style web pages. In today’s mobile-friendly age, your site can not afford any compatibility or resizing issues. Thankfully, Brook is entirely responsive, capable of showcasing your well-written posts on smartphones, laptops and tablets. Basically, if something has an internet connection and a screen, it can access your site. Research suggests that multilingual sites are much more likely to attract viewers, when compared to their monolingual counterparts. This theme has both WPML and RTL (right to left) support. If you wish to sample Brook without spending any money, be sure to access the live demo.

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Redwood can be a blogger’s greatest ally. This is an incredible WordPress theme that features a clean, simplistic and streamlined aesthetic. This product has many innovative features, each implemented in order to attract more viewers for your page. The online world is famous for the short attention spans of those who frequent it. This puts extra pressure on content creators, as they only have a few seconds to impress you. Sliders are a great way of achieving that goal, given their ability to showcase content in a quick and reliable manner. Thankfully, Redwood incorporates the Featured Slider, giving you a tool that facilitates the promotion of your best content.

This theme offers 5 different blog layouts: 1st Full Post then List Layout, 1st Full Post then Grid Layout, List Layout, Grid Layout and Classic Blog Layout. The implementation of personalized widgets allows for greater site customization. In addition, there are also Widgets for social networks such as Facebook. They allow you to market towards the massive user base of these sites, potentially increasing your view count and your profit margin. With Redwood, there are 4 post variations: Music, Video, Gallery and Standard. For more information, be sure to check out the live preview.

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falive - minimal fashion magazine theme

Falive is a beautiful WordPress theme for those with an artistic inclination. Your food blog is sure to attract many readers, given this product’s innovative features. Falive offers 5 distinct options for your header, and each can be personalized in order to suit your specifications. Every header brings something different to the table. This theme also facilitates the creation of some unique sliders for home pages, thanks to the Featured Slider. Each individual slider can be programmed separately.

The theme’s primary layout has 2 variations: Boxed and Full Width. Users can easily switch between them via the Theme Options Panel. Falive does its best to accommodate all page visitors, regardless of their device preference. Your well-written content will look amazing on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. Site administrators will also have an easier time, as they won’t have to be tied to a desk chair in order to do their job. Thanks to the Theme Customizer, you can now craft a page that matches your vision.  Also, any change that is made can be previewed in real time. You may alter the background color, fonts, and modify the padding. For those who wish to sample Falive and its features, a live preview was included.

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Airashi is a simplistic, beautiful and retina-ready WordPress theme that never fails to impress. Its design is streamlined and aesthetically pleasing, incorporating many innovative features. Upon installation, users can enjoy some excellent typography which can be customized in order to suit your site’s needs. If you are new to WordPress, do not worry. The theme comes with a detailed documentation source that explains everything in detail. In addition, the customer support system is excellent. Their representatives are well-informed, polite, and eager to help you resolve your issue.

Nothing can be more discouraging than trying to access a popular blog from your mobile phone, and noticing some resizing and compatibility issues. Thankfully, customers who purchase Airashi will never have to experience that situation. This theme assures that your content will look amazing on smartphones, tablets, or any other device. Cross-browser compatibility is also included.

Left, right, and no sidebar page variations are available, in addition to a nifty Ajax search function. A One-Click Demo installer simplifies the installation process, importing demo data to your site in a matter of moments. There are 3 distinct choices for your header layouts, and some custom 404 error page features. For more info, be sure to check out the live preview.

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Rosemary is a charming and modern theme for WordPress blogs. Its standard design has a timeless feel that complements and enhances your content. Upon installation, each footer will have its own Full-Width Instagram area. In addition, Rosemary also includes an aesthetically-pleasing featured area slider and many layout and post options. This theme assures that your site will be able to captivate its followers, turning casual readers into hardcore fans. Ever since it was released, Rosemary has received some free theme updates. Each update brought a series of improvements, including several social icons for Linkedin, full width capabilities for archives, and various page templates with sliders.

The theme layout is entirely responsive, capable of displaying your content on screens of all sizes. Rosemary has virtually eliminated compatibility and resizing errors. Your amazing blogs have several layout variations, such as: list, classic, grid. Depending on the situation, you can easily change the layout style. In addition, every post can have a gallery, music, standard and video format. Rosemary does its best to accommodate all users. Every single option and setting has been greatly simplified. You do not have to be a computer programmer in order to enjoy this theme. For more information, be sure to check out the live preview.

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